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Palm App Catalog Tops 30 Million Downloads 32

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 11 Mar 2010 10:20 am EST


Checking the data in our webOS App Gallery, we noticed today that Palm has topped over thirty million downloads from the App Catalog. Palm provides three ways to download apps directly now (and we have App Galleries for them all):

If you total up the downloads for all three app distribution models, Palm has served up a total of 33,749,305 downloads as of this writing. If you add in the 5.8 million downloads from PreCentral's own Homebrew App Gallery and the many patches and other homebrew apps served up by WebOS Internals via Prewar, the total number of apps and patches downloaded by webOS users easily exceeds 40 million. Updates to apps likely count as another download, so that number isn't necessarily a good indication of the number of webOS devices out there.

The most-downloaded app in the Official App catalog is Pandora, with 1.2 million downloads - see the full list of most-downloaded apps here. Unsurprisingly, the apps that make up the most popular webOS apps have all been around for a long time on webOS - which is to say that the new 3D games have yet to even crack the top 100 most-downloaded webOS apps (Asphalt 5 Free clocks in at 104).




Absolutely great work. Kudo's to the HomeBrew Crew Also.

There are some super talented people there

104 downloads? No wonder folks are reluctant to develop for WebOS.

I believe if you read the sentence directly before that stating that none were in the top 100, you would realize that they meant 104th place.


104 downloads? No wonder folks are reluctant to develop for WebOS.

not 104 downloads. 104th most downloaded app in the catalog

the download counts are wrong, since they include updates :(

Yes I agree. I think these should be unique counts. I don't know if that is easily tracked though, from an upgrade to an actual 'first install'. Also keep in mind all those people that Dr. their phone. That also makes a download count when you reinstall the app again, that is if it didnt come from your backup... If there was a way to pull out unique download counts based on phone device data like serial number, that would be awesome!

I am with you! Although really great news, I really wish that these 33 million downloads meant unique downloads... unfortunately they include updates etc. so they are not terribly accurate. They are still good for trending and things though...for example put more emphasis on recent download trends, comments and ratings to show people popular apps than the most downloads overall. But to make all the catalogs out there better everyone should contact Palm and tell them that we want unique download counts!

Do Apple and Android app stores count any differently?

Could the reason 3d games haven't made the top 100 is because they don't work as they should. I certianly won't be buying anymore games until I can play a 3d game without resetting my phone. Also my games don't save any progress. I start over every time. smh.

not everyone obviously has the same good experience as I do, sorry to here of your misfortune!

This is nice. Kudos to Palm.

When I get the supersonic, I'll still keep my Pre :)

Everytime one doctors the phone, more downloads ;-) or is this excluded? I am just sayin'...

This is great for palm keep them coming and I'll keep on downloading. Great job palm and developers!!!

Well, the average webOS users are 36yrs of age. We have 3D games from 4.99-9.99. Now, people of such age groups doesn't want to pay for such prices, regardless of any 3D games of not. People here are too cheap,complaining about prices. I bought almost all of gameloft games, & some paid Tweets apps. Support the developers&they shall bring well establised apps. I'm not rich,but if I see good games & apps, I'm gonna buy it. So, to all those cheap webOS users stop being cheap,& show some money support,not just talk.

I find this new emphasis on low cost apps for that age group strange. Considering most were at least aware of the Palm OS/Windows Mobile era, I would have thought $4.99-9.99 would look dirt cheap to them. Heck most of the best apps for Palm OS usually cost $15-40.

this is very true. Good point.

I'm ready to spend some sterling as soon as paid apps come to europe by the end of the month...fingers crossed. With europeans having access to paid apps surely things will start happening in the app store. Loving monopoly on the Pre but like you said restarting the phone everytime is kind of annoying

They will happily pay $60 for an XBox 360 or PS3 Game, but not $5 for a mobile game? Sorry, it is happening.

Asphalt 5 is 104th place, of ALL APPS. Paid or Free. That is a TON of people paying $5 for a game.

Not to be a debbie downer, but... Asphalt 5 Free is 104th place. Asphalt 5 paid is somewhere deep down in the 300s with only 15,511 d/ls

Ah, good catch. :)

congrats to the developers and palm. how about a ustream app now?

I'm surprised that Pandora was downloaded so many time when it comes standard on the phone..

I'm a launch pre costumer and my phone did not come with Pandora, that was my first download from the App Catalog.

I guarantee,if Pandora was priced,it wouldn't had made such an,outstanding download.

Making a paid app for a free service wouldn't make much sense, especially with other free competitors out there.

I have downloaded a few, most have been deleted. The apps for the UK are not that great and most apps don't work outside the US so when paid apps do come they need to be worthwhile. There are no apps such as BBC, London Underground, UK travel apps or other apps by big UK companies and i doubt very much people such as Sky will bother. I only bother looking once a week and then there isn't much to download. My contract runs out in 12 months and i may pay it off early and go elsewhere as i was told that the pre would have great apps to rival current platforms by o2 when i took it out. The fact that o2 have now decided to give the pre away on all tariffs says as with other phones that they can't sell them, want to get rid of them and if they can't sell them there will be very few apps written. Games aren't important but things like travel apps and news apps are. I have 7 apps that i use and 3 games apps. RSS News app, Flixter, Weather, Facebook, Convert,Back of the net, 0870 and Battleships, Monopoly and Air traffic. The UK user is in need of some very good transport / utility apps pronto. O2 haven't even written an app for it! Palm need to butter up the likes of the BBC,Sky, Transport for London and National Rail pronto! It has been out in the UK for 6 months and not one of the above apps are out yet. Palm should of had some of them ready before the Pre went on sale.

Typo in the 2nd paragraph. Prewar instead of Preware.

I like it.

I don't have to restart when i play 3d games must be something wrong with your phone