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Palm to be present at MobileBeat 2010, we'll be there too 28

by Robert Werlinger Sun, 11 Jul 2010 9:26 am EDT

We've already given you the heads up that we're going to be reporting live from VentureBeat's annual MobileBeat conference in San Francisco starting on Monday, where the theme will be "The year of the Superphone and who will profit". There's quite a line up of presenters from many of the major players in the field, and HP CTO Phil McKinney is set to kick things off by giving the keynote speech for the event.  

McKinney won't the the only HP employee active in the event, as Palm's developer portal blog lets us know that they'll be there, too:

Palm and HP will be participating in MobileBeat 2010. First, Phil McKinney, VP and CTO of HP Personal Systems Group will be giving the keynote address Monday morning. Then Ben Galbraith, Palm’s Director of Developer Relations will have a “fireside chat” with moderator Matthäus Krzykowski on Tuesday afternoon. They’ll be discussing the future of webOS and its developer program. 

In addition, Ben is one of five judges of the Startup Competition in the Consumer Applications category on Monday from 9-11a.m. Ten finalists have been selected in the “Consumer Applications” category, and Palm will be awarding them with Pre Pluses. Each finalist will have 4 minutes to present their startup company and idea for a killer app. Congratulations to those who made it!Look for Lisa Brewster and other Palm reps to be on hand, raffling devices and generally having a great time. Hope to see you there!

It's a sweet event that just got a little sweeter with the addition of Palm folk, and it's still great to the still-intact Developer Relations team out doing what they do best. If you're thinking of attending the event and haven't bought your ticket yet, be sure to follow this link and use the promo code “SmartphoneExpertsVIP” to receive a sweet 15% off the normal admission price.  If you are going to be there, drop us a line!

Otherwise, keep it locked here for the latest from Palm and HP at MobileBeat 2010.

Source: Palm Developer Portal Blog


It would be great if they unveiled the C40 for Sprint in the fall.
We can dream, right?

Actually I think the likelihood of new hardware being unveiled is quite high. The iP4 hype has started to die down a bit (and has been marred by the left-handed debacle) andit's a high profile event that much of the tech world and most of the smartphone community will have their eyes on. As a keynote speaker they'll be well positioned to steal the whole show with new hardware.

The iron is hot HPalm.... Strike!

I really don't see how their going to explain the future of Palm without showing or talking about new hardware.... Fingers X'd

come on Hpalm!!! Deliver!! There's nothin else for you to talk about other than the new hardware device with webos to steal the show!! Steal it like a thief in the night, like stealin 3rd base,like stealin from a robber. Take it by force

I totally agree! New hardware now! Let us know what's coming... I'm up for an upgrade with Sprint and I am holding out, hoping and waiting for HP/Palm to let us know something.

I'm with you. I'm also up for an upgrade and my pre is getting older everyday. Still waiting on and hoping some better apps to come with. My birth day is 9/15. A new webOS device would be a great present.

I agree. New hardware must be unveiled. It would be a great opportunity to do so. C'mon Phil, it seems like you've been showing your face a lot. Do the damn thing already!

And too late for anyone who bought an EVO before June 12 to return it under their 30 days. Another colossal misstep for Palm.

Not to late for eBay and Craig's List and any android nut. I will be in my comfy chair watching this spot and twitter for any news. The timing is right so anything can happen. *dancing*

The Wholetime I was reading this I was thinking new hardware.. But that will be too soon. Why would they give away phones if they would show up new hardware? Maybe hp/ palm will have they own press conference in the future.

My thoughts as well, but what if they were to be giving away the new hardware instead? I know the article says Pre Pluses, but what if they were to say, "oops, we left the Plus at home. How about this shiny new C40?"

That would be sweet, and it would get those developers stoked about working with webOS.

" HP Product Chief Phil McKinney will deliver a momentous keynote on the future of mobile software innovation."

I'm crossing my fingers, as is all webOS users, on new smartphones being announced. However, it would be strange to see anything be announced by anyone other than JR. It would be odd especially if he is still in charge of the H/Palm mobile division, you know? Anyhow, I am still stoked about the keynote speech =)

Good point. So this guy is going to announce the new smartphone hardware that Palm has been working on and not Rubinstein? That doesn't seem to make any sense.

it won't happen people. Not yet. To many let downs tell us that.

that doesn't mean they won't talk about new hardware though. I just don't think they'll have a working unit to show off. Think about it. Why show off new hardware when they don't even have WebOS 2.0 fully baked yet?

Here's to eating crow though! I'd relish the taste of being wrong.

Good point, although they may give us a glimpse. Especially since that major update to webOS is supposed to be out in approx. 3 months.

I for one hope it's not the C40. That has been in sprint's system too long and would be outdated. :) I believe that started showing up around the time of the pixi unveiling. I hope it is a new superphone that they've actually ramped up to outperform the competitors instead of just meeting the bar that's been raised by apple & android phones.

my pre is becoming ancient :( ..Good Lord.

As is mine!


well the keynote is only 30 minutes long, not nearly enough time to show off a new device with all it's features. But I do think it is possible that he will go through his presentation and then at the end say "and with this innovative software we need great hardware" and then just give a glimpse of the hardware without turning it on. So just like a leak, not a release.

Well, he does seem to favor black shirts. Maybe he will end with a "One more thing..." like a second-rate Steve Jobs.

Not so ancient. The Pre has heretofore undemonstrated powers (gpu). There remains untapped technological goodness in this device.

Well, its about time they fire that damn thing up!

There is no way something we don't already know is getting announced. HP is probably going to say something about having a broad range of interconnected devices or something to that effect. This conference is to talk about where they see the industry going. This is not the place to announce hardware/software. Have you guys read anything about MobileBeat 2008 or 2009? If so, then you would know what to expect. Calm down, people.

Any place is good as any. Even if its mentioned. Even if screenshots of webOS are shown on a new device during a presentation.

$929.05 for a ticket?!? Paul McCartney played last night at Pac Bell Park and that was only $150. Why the hell is MobileBeat so expensive???

There was an article posted here several months back were Rubinstein talked about some of the mistakes with the Pre. He mentioned soon after its release the Droid came out and stole the Pres thunder and if the roles were reversed Palm's fortune, at that time, would have been different. Who knows?

Brendilon and others (not just in this post) make great points why HPalm needs to announce something sooner rather than later. There is nothing really great happening right now with RIM. The Evo is out and now with new Droids coming out seemingly every other week it