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Palm Bluetooth Keyboard leaks - to go with Codename 'Topaz' Tablet? 52

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 17 Dec 2010 4:36 pm EST


Looks like HP and Palm are thinking ahead, preparing a keyboard to go along with the PalmPad. Engadget snagged the above slide which points out that the keyboard is "ultra slim" and lacks a number pad. It also sports "WebOS [sic] function keys."

The keyboard is designed to work with the tablet, which is reportedly codenamed "Topaz." As we expected, the tablet won't have any buttons on the front. It's said to "echo" the design of the keyboard.

Source: Engadget



Awesome!!! cann't wait to get one.

Yay, finally some 'real'rumors. Looks like things are heating up. Maybe I shouldn't be so sceptical about CES hardware news after all...

My interest is officially peaked.

Does that mean your interest only can decline from here on? ;) BTW, you are probably trying to say that your interest is piqued which means aroused.

:D You know, I've never actually seen that written down. Thanks for the heads up!

mine is only piqued

Well, we've all asked for new hardware. So here it is...a keyboard. go with the PalmPad hardware, duh!

Well - let's assume for a second that HPalm is sitting on the cool infos because they want to make a big splash at CES (duh).

OTOH getting a bit of buzz and speculation going is always good.

So they leak info about a nice keyboard. Keeps the real stuff fresh for CES - but still makes people wonder what it will eventually connect to.

Good stuff. Over on webosroundup, they were saying the Engadget insider noted Palm would be releasing the "castle" as a teen-focused keyboardless smartphone. If the tablet looks like that keyboard (without any hardware buttons on the front), that thing will be dead sexy.

"Castle" was the codename of the original Pre.

Very true, but the tipster specifically mentions that "castle" will be a Pre-like keyboardless "teen" phone. So he either mixed up his codenames, this rumor is bogus, or Palm is re-using codenames.

I wonder what they meant by "echo" the form factor of the tablet...

Will it kind of mold itself against the tablet in some way?

I think they mean it'll be black, sleek, and have a matte finish, as the keyboard appears to have. Not necessarily that it means it'll be curvy or look like the keyboard.

I am hoping HP is positing to have more peripherals in place by the time the tablet is out, that would be wonderful...and also make me broke buying everything.

And you guys said HP will never leak anything before CES...

Leaks happen. Apple does intentional 'leaks'. This is not an intentional leak.

You can almost hear HP's war machines gearing up.

that should be title key features that are lacking.

that list has more stuff that it doesnt do than that it does.

the only negative? no backlight. and no mention of it having a stand for the tablet or the next pre.

My guess is this is an intentional leak, maybe even for us, but the intent is to get people talking with out revealing too much and with out building false hopes, hence all of the negative aspects in a slide along with the positives. Why else would you make a slide like this?

I believe this is a review sheet. Complaints from the upper command maybe?

cool beans. Now bring on the tablet and the highend 4" webOS phone with a landscape keyboard.

It would be nice if it also worked with the Palm Pre!

I'm pretty sure it will. It almost certainly uses the BT stack of webOS 2.

That looks very cool, but I'm more interested in a dual purpose keyboard that I can use for my computer, and then flip a switch and have it now paired to my Pre to do a little work, then flip the switch back to computer input.

Assuming webOS 2.x has enhanced bluetooth capabilities to allow an external keyboard, and I'm hoping it does, then this should work with the Pre, right?

Speculation here. But if a BT keyboard will work with a tablet running WebOS, I would think that it would connect to the pre as well with future updates that will give us more BT options. Also, since more BT options are obviously coming, hopefully we can expect to see some BT file transfer options.

AA batteries so last GEN we need some pow wow in there with backlit keys

First time I've seen anything official with a capital "W" for webOS. Also, it seems like HP is pretty hip on putting their company name before it lately. Plus there are "."'s in the second bullet point but none of the others. Either it's a bad fake, or the person at HP who put this together needs a proof reader.

Maybe they released it that way to give it a leak-ish appearance.

the main webos 'function key' will be what some of us know to be the glowing nipple. a way for the user to go to and from zoomed-out card view. you can use the arrow keys to switch from card to card. this will be useful when using the tablet propped up.

It says that it will use AA batteries. I'm not real fond of nonrechargeable batteries especially if they will add an extra thickness to the keyboard. I think they could have gone with a replaceable lithium battery instead of AA batteries. That's just my opinion. I'm still super excited about this and can't wait. I know I will be one of the first few in line to pick this bad boy up. :)

You can get rechargeable AA batteries from almost anywhere. I have 4 with a wall charger that cost about $15, and I use them to power my 360 controllers. Having a rechargeable Li-ion battery would require either a separate charger or a cord to plug it into the wall, which would defeat the purpose of making it a wireless keyboard.

Agree that there are rechargeable AA batteries, but I don't want the extra thickness. With a Lithium battery the keyboard can be thinner. My Motorola T505 bluetooth gets used daily for about 3-4 hours. I only charge it once a week. A battery like that would be just perfect for a keyboard. I know you would have to connect it to charge but if the battery lasts long, you should only have to charge it once every few days depending on how much a person uses the keyboard. Just my opinion.

Fake. No one makes a slide about how many things a product does NOT have. This almost reads like an exam on proofreading:
"Ultra slim design" -> "Ultra-slim design"
"foot print" -> "footprint"
"WebOS" -> "webOS"
"boarder" -> "border"
"Chiclet" -> "Chic" ??
"low profile keys" -> "low-profile keys"
"backlighting" -> "back-lighting"
two spaces after "backlighting" instead of one
"Full pitch" -> "Full-pitch"

That, and the claim that anything that requires AA batteries is ultra-slim is laughable. If they really wanted to hold costs down but still make it slim, they'd design in with AAA batteries. I seriously doubt HP is that incompetent.

I'm pretty sure "chiclet" is how you spell that word. Like the gum.

"Boarder". Hah. I missed that one. Lame.

I caught the "boarder" typo, but missed some of the others. Yeah, to me, it looks fake. The only way it could be real is if they had one of the tech/engineering guys write it up, or someone who wasn't a native English speaker. But I can't imagine that copy from someone like that would make it to an actual presentation slide. There would almost certainly be proofing done beforehand.

This could have been written by some marketing moron. If so, I am amazed they got so much right.

bout time we see some glipse of the future for palm, ready to see that tablet

Stoked about the news and leaks...but then I realized there is a Windows key on the keyboard >=/ I guess this is a "multi" platform keyboard.

No Number Pad
No Palm Rest
No adjustable tilting
No Back-lighting

Yeah! What else doesn't it have? Not exactly persuasive salesmenship there.

Battery Door

is that really a feature that needs highlighting?

Same specs as the wireless keyboard for my iMac, except I like the curves of this one better.

i don't care what specs an imac keyboard has. The point is about how you sell a product. And this is not the way you sell product. You don't emphasis what it doesn't have unless its benefits you like, fat free or something.

You don't see car adds saying:

"The new Mercedes E class; without premium Mark Levinson sound system, without a V8 engine, Does not get 30 miles per gallon, Doesn't have a 8 year warranty, doesn't come with carbon fiber brakes."

good to hear (see.. kinda) that they'll be keeping the same sort of look & feel as current palm devices. I was really hoping that hp wouldn't influence the design aspect too much (other than perhaps making quality/sturdiness a bigger focus), and so far they seem to have a good sort of 'hands-off' approach. Wasn't sure about the coupling at first, but I really like how hp has been handling things so far. I guess we'll know for sure if it was a good match come mid-january.

I guess this means a word processor is in the works.

I agree with the previous poster saying it looks fake. First of all it looks waaay to skinny to fit AA batteries, AAA, yes, but not AA's. I actually don't mind using batteries, though would prefer it be integrated.

Also I am the only one who wishes frogpad keyboards had taken off? The old ones aren't ideal as they are much larger than need be, however if they actually made a modern frogpad with chiclet style keyboard (like in the picture) the thing would be pretty damn awesome/tiny (once you got used to it).

Real question is - how big will be the tablet version of touchstone (lets call it touchboulder for now).

well touchboulder-charging of tablet and keyboard would be nice...

with the ability to put palm phones on it too.

to me this slide also looks not very official, not even internal. If it should really be an hp device perhaps some not native speaker wrote down some notes for it and made a slide.

I agree with the "fake" look of this slide, unless we consider this could be a pre-production slide, maybe meant for internal marketing folks. I can only imagine having this many negatives on a list of "features" if they were still in the process of designing the thing when this slide was generated, and wanted to bounce ideas around internally.

One thing is guaranteed... Either Palm's BT keyboard will look just like this, or it won't :)

What I can't believe is that after this many posts no one has suggested the obvious? What if there's two keyboards, a basic and a deluxe? Suddenly this leak makes more sense, especially if the deluxe is listed right above or to the left of this one. Since the deluxe has an internal Li-Po battery, back-lighting, adjustable tilt, and number keys the description for the budget model next to it clearly explains the differences. It also has a palm rest and larger trim - and it specifically says "smaller" trim, isn't that odd? Smaller than what?

It's also the perfect thing to leak. It obviously suggests newer webOS devices without revealing them at all, and it fails to reveal the business-class high-end BT keyboard they have coming as well. But it gets people talking a bit - good move HP/Palm. Keep it coming.

Chicklet keyboard? No... No no no... Visions of the original IBM PC jr keyboard come to mind, and that keyboard became famous (and ruined a good product, imho). IBM followed with a better keyboard (first wireless? It was infrared) but the damage was done.