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Palm 'Broadway' pops up in App Log - Pixi 2 coming as well? 91

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 08 Oct 2010 10:50 pm EDT

  pixi 2

At this point you'd have to be in willful denial if you didn't believe that some sort of "Pre 2" is coming before the end of the year, but we weren't sure whether or not the Pixi would also be receiving similar spec-bump treatment. We still aren't completely sure, of course, but PreCentral user dawm has spotted some interesting details in his app logs: the Palm 'Broadway,' sporting a 320x400 screen (the same resolution as the Pixi) in running two different OSes: 'Nova-Blowfish' and 'Nova-Barleywine.' We've heard of previous versions of webOS getting fish-related codenames, so this rumor rings true. Also ringing true: the Palm UK-owned IP address they came from. 

We know there are plenty of people out in the world who would use a Pixi over a Pre if it were just a little faster - perhaps the Broadway will make their wish come true?

By the by - dawm is behind Biocandy labs, which is behind such apps as Swap & Drop (whose logs revealed these devices),  RingWhere Beta,  and My Coke Rewards

Source: @biocandy & @webosinternalsfurther discussion in our forums; Thanks @dawm!



At this point you'd have to be in willful denial if you didn't believe that some sort of "Pre 2" is coming before the end of the year

Ummm.. what? I thought the announcement was "early next year"?

Which I took as: announce at CES, release a couple of months later.

What makes sense is a "new" webOS product will be revealed at CES. It wouldnt make sense for Palm/HP to announce a spec-bumbed Pre and Pixi at one of the biggest tech events of the year. I would believe that the largest seller in electronics in the world would have something better to brag about in January a less-than thrilling new Pre and/or Pixi.

I already use a pixi over a pre, but yeah, faster would be nice. I think I'm going to hold out and see what's on the horizon for the (true) second gen of webOS phones though.

I love the no moving parts aspect of the Pixi. I will not buy it though because of the name. That was WORST thing Palm did to the Pixi. What in the world were they thinking? Not only did they exclude all straight men, but they excluded any woman that hates Tinkerbell and girly preteen stuff.

BTW, some straight men have Pixis and I think you are really brave.

Wuss. ;-)

Real men don't fear names.

Really rediculous to criticize someone on their beliefs on a name of a phone. Personally I wasnt going to buy it because of its name... To be honest the Pixi was initially intended to be marketed 4 the preteen/girly crowd, so why should he be interested in it if it does not appeal to him?

Honestly, just because someone does not believe/think the same way as you does not make them wrong, nor does that make you right... just different...

he only preteen/girly thing about the Pixi is the name. Nothing else about its design suggests that. if anything it's blackberryish in the design. The name choice was yet another blunderful marketing gaffe by Palm.

this whole "i didn't buy the phone because of it's name" stuff is crazy. Lets get something straight here - IT IS A PHONE. If you're making your decisions based on names alone you really need to reconsider your criteria.

specs are one thing but the name... Come on people get real.

Then you obviously don't have any real 'guy' friends.

All my buddies own iPhones....

ALL of them. First they make fun of the Pre cause it can't do things the iPhone can. Next they find out that the other phone Palm made was the Pixi (so they simply called my phone the Pixi to constantly tease).

Last, Verizon went the whole 'Mom Phone' route, a blunder that routinely made me want to hide my phone when it rang if they were in my presence..... 'Is that mom calling wanting her phone back? She's tired of using your Pixi dust.'

Yeah, having security in your manhood has nothing to do with it. It was simply, positively, absolutely, pathetically dumb for Palm to come up with a phone named Pixi, and then let Verizon advertise their flagship as a 'Mom Phone'.

Don't believe me? Dig out of your hole and look at a Droid commercial for Christ's sake! Sales-a-plenty. Guys by gadgets, girls buy clothes. The flip side of those percentages are completely insignificant.

Wow... really sounds to me like you need new friends. At least if you're over 20... I suppose under that and most guys really are morons who would believe the name of a phone (regardless of what it looks like) impacts your manliness.

My friends couldn't give two shits about what the logo on my phone says... but then they all have jobs and wives, so there are bigger things to worry about.

Really, I think any guy not secure enough in their own manhood to own a pixi is gay. I think it's laughable that people wouldn't buy this phone because of its name. Lots of gadgets have horrible names that have no effect on how good of a device they are. Remember the backlash over the name Wii? Yeah, that lasted long, didn't it? But for some reason with the pixi the name issue really seems to stick with some webOS users, and it's stupid. Heck, if you can't stand to call it a pixi, make up a new name for it -- call it the "Ultimate Nuclear Phone of Badassery" if that helps protect your manhood. Or you could just throw the box away, forget the name and enjoy the phone. Oh, and it really isn't even that slow compared to the Pre, but you wouldn't know that from reading what all the pixi-name-haters post on the web to help justify their insecurities.

LOL. I just can't. I hate getting sand in my slider Pre (Florida), but I can't share with others that I would own a Pixi. The name Broadway is a little better, but still kind of feminine. It's like naming a tampon - The Crowbar. I would go with a name like the Viper or the Surge. No big deal though. I like the Pre.

i'm sorry, but that is totally idiotic. are you really that insecure and/or homophobic?

Sure, but I have millions of men like me in the US that think the same way, which is my point that Palm picked the wrong name for the Pixi.

Most men are concerned with their image and it's as natural as a peacock trying to impress a peahen or a lion trying to impress a lioness. I'm not ashamed of washing my hair, trimming my nails, or carrying a phone that doesn't embarrass me. No, I wouldn't like driving a pink car and no, I don't like holding my wife's purse. As do most men in America. If the Dodge Viper only came in pink, I suppose you would think that was a good move and you would call men idiots for not buying it because of the color.

Ridiculous but true. There are men worried about there image, unfortunately. Palm needs a more straight forward name that doesnt single out one specific demographic. Thats what commercials were invented for: to sell to whoever they want! I own a Pixi because I liked the form factor better than the Pre but Palm needs to generalize their phone names, like, uhh, TREO! lol

More European love! Hope to see some love move over the globe a bit. :)


This global strategy is the way to go, hopefully the hardware doesnt dissappoint.

Pixi 2 is great, but don't name it the Pixi 2!

If they had a Sprint Pixi with Wifi I might consider it, but I'd still like 512MB of ram and a reasonably sized size, as in at least as big as the Pre's. The Pixi's keyboard is amazing and it seems more durable. A Pixi with a 1GHz CPU, 512MB+ RAM and Wifi on Sprint would be the perfect phone for me.


I know the pixi isn't for everyone, but for those that want a small footprint, the pixi is a great phone.

a reasonably sized size would be awesome indeed

Huh. I hadn't even considered going Pixi-style next go around. My neighbors jumped on Pixis when they saw my Pre. The lady of the couple has said she wish she'd gotten a Pre instead for the slight edge in screen and under-the-hood power. Hmm.

Wow I can't believe that Palm still has faith in the Pixi. Sometimes you have to just realize failure and move on. I was told by a Sprint employee (when I was having my Pre repaired for the 6th time in one year) that the Pixi had absolutely no interest from customers. She said they would even try pushing it as sales people and the biggest complaint was that the keyboard is way too small and it had a whimpy look to it. She said everyone was choosing the Hero at the time. I think that the candy bar phone has a place in the market but with all the tough looking smart phones on the market it is hard for the twinkle toe Pixi to compete. Even the female market didn't jump on it. That should tell you something.

If they made a pink version with a mirror like the Pre the girls would buy them in droves.

I actually like the keyboard from playing with it at the Sprint store when I've had to exchange my Pre's. I went today for Pre #4, to replace #3 which came with a smudgy screen (not really Palm's fault, Sprint gave me a crappy refurb phone). I wish my Pre was as durable as the Pixi and had the Pixi's keyboard. I think a combination of both phone's best features would have made the perfect phone.

My dream phone is Pixi's form factor and durability, Pre's screen real estatem, 1GHz CPU, 512MB+ RAM and Wifi, on Sprint.

I will agree with you there. When I have played with the Pixi at the Sprint store I did like the "clicky" keys as opposed to the gummy, hard to push keys on my Pre.

keyboard? Really? The pixi has one of the best keyboards around. Everyone always compliments the pixi when they first see me using it.

The biggest failure is the lack of marketing and dumb sales people who don't take the time to learn about the products they sell. Fix that and sales would be different.

my 2 cents

If only Sprint had the Pixi plus model for the wifi. Not having wifi on the Pixi is what killed it for me >:( Love the form factor but Sprint was dumb to keep wifi off the device.

nice how the UK and most of Europe seem to be up to get a new phone. They've been screwed for over a year to be honest (due to app catalog handcuffs and 1.4.5 delays).

I understand that this is just part of the roadmap, but if that's the case then what the hell? Did the roadmap really set itself up for Sprint to get the crap Pre, Verizon and ATT get the better Pre, then overseas gets the Pre we all shoulda got?

Isn't palm a Sunnyvale based company? Why are they flipping off the US, or am I just reading too much into the whole EU thing in the model number?

remember in the US the FCC is still keeping the new palm phones under that confidentiality. but leaks are surely about to start appearing over here too.

Uh... europe got 1.4.5 well before anyone in the US got it. There are certainly things European customers can complain about, but that sure as hell ain't one of them.

I would have bought 3 Pixis this year if it had wifi on Sprint.

The only phones I was able to get others to buy was the pixi, 3 of them in fact. Still haven't been able to sell someone on a pre yet, oh well. New hardware of any sort is good news.

Eh! I like lots of new hardware, small small upgrades to CES 2011 superphone....hahahaha

Why dont they put left over pre plus stuff in Pixi-2?

I bought my teen a pixe last xmas. She beats the hell out of phones. Her pixie has not had one single issue,both physically and operating. I don't care how popular it is or was,does not change the fact that it is one tough little smartphone.


Why couldn't Palm have built the Pre as tough? I am extremely gentle with my Pre and it has been back to Sprint for repair 6 times. All 6 times were for hardware issues, never have I sent it back for system issues. Although I have had to run webOS doctor on my phone about 1-2 times a month for the past 4 months. Ever since I have overclocked and added patches it has given me problems. But the only reason that I still have my Pre is because I have been able to do some incredible things via patching and overclocking. Luckily webOS doctor is so easy to run and get my Pre back in working order. Just wish there was a doctor for the hardware.

Palm improved the Pre with the Plus versions, but Sprint for whatever reason never dropped the original to replace it with the updated and higher quality version.

Remember, just because Sprint doesn't have a given phone does not mean the manufacturer didn't release a fixed or better version.

i am sure they can fit a slightly bigger screen without over shoting the footprint, alot of wasted space near the keyboard

I agree. I see the Pixi phone being about half an inch larger all the way around with the keyboard pushed to the bottom.

The gesture area can be shrunk a bit to accomidate the screen size bump (as small as most android capacitive button areas) and they'd have a 3.5 inch screen easy.

Or they put out a thicker version of the pixi but in a slider format. Drop the Pre's curves altogether and just use the pixi format with a keyboard underneath and larger screen.....

Damn, I wish I was good with photoshop. That phone would kick ass.

who knows maybe they could release two kinds of "Pixi's". Meaning one like the one we already know of, and another sans physical keyboard. Just a wild thought from my mind. 'Cause if you look at the Pixi in design not the tech, it's a solid phone. And a Pixi with a full screen might make me go from my Pre Plus to the pPhone. (no that's not a typo, just trying to give the idea of what to compair it to).

Give me a Pixi II with wi-fi, 512 mb RAM, 1ghz and a camera of 5mpx and I'm sold.


I have held off buying a new phone for what?... I for one am done with palm.

see ya

i'd use it if it were spec'd like the Droid Pro!

I'm getting convinced more and more that HP/Palm plan to release three phones and the PalmPad at CES 2011. Mansion, Roadrunner, and Nova-Blowfish/Brandywine are probably the phones. I doubt Derek is right about the Pre2/Roadrunner being a spec-bump to the current processors--why the hell would you name it roadrunner if that's the case. Rather, they probably have 4G and the new OMAP4430 processors.

Instead of a piece-meal launch, they want to make a splash at CES followed by a quick launch (the mistake they had with CES 2009). Four form factors would turn heads and would bring lots of customers in, regardless of their tastes.

I love hearing all the whiners talk about being done with Palm, though. I care. I really do.

Remember for all that knock the Pixi, it is the evolution of the Centro which Palm sold 2 Million of by itself. There's still a good wave of Centro owners out there who could become new Pixi owners. (The Pixi upgrades the Centro specs in every way, faster cpu, more storage, bigger screen, etc.)

I have both a Pre and a Pixi and my only complain for day to day use is the smaller screen

I would love a Pixi2 with the Pre's resolution

The pixi form factor is still viable but should/must be upsized a bit. Otherwise it was a solid device. Just don't deliberately give it a weaker processor or take out wifi.
Has everyone noticed the trend of every phone getting bigger and bigger. I think the form factor started by iphone and continued by android is so boring. And every android slate looks the same. Hopefully US users will realize that different sizes and shapes are good for the market. I see some petite women sporting a hulking android and it looks odd. What happened to the thin and light aesthetic? Good thing is HP/Palm doesn't need to hit a homerun on both pre 2, and pixi 2. The old Palm was running fumes and desperately needed to everything to be a success. Which of course didn't happen. If the pixi 2 is the same size as pixi then that has to be palm's old design when they couldn't afford to go back to the drawing board and could only do a spec bump and minor manufacturing changes. (hope I'm wrong though!)

BROADWAY is the Palm codename for a third formfactor. My friend, who did high level consulting for Palm used that name nearly a year ago with me. It is NOT the same phone as a spec bumped Pre or Pixi.

Why would they have a small screen for another phone? It would have to be something totally different, like a wristwatch or a necklace or something.

BROADWAY is the Palm codename for a third formfactor. My friend, who did high level consulting for Palm used that name nearly a year ago with me. It is NOT the same phone as a spec bumped Pre or Pixi.

I hope you're right

Say it a third time and then I know it will be true!

I think that HP would be wise to introduce 3 phones serving different levels. An upgraded Pixi FREE for younger/first smartphone money saver. Pre 2 for $100 and new super phone for $199. This is what android's manufacturers have had success with and Apple kind of does it when they keep the old version for a few months after a new launch.

The biggest problem with "cheap" smartphones for teenagers like the Kin is that the monthly plan is still just as expensive as a real smartphone. In the long run it's really not worth they $100 you save up front. I think the Virgin Mobile smartphones (Blackberry and newly release Samsung Intercept) will do much better because they are prepaid and the plans are cheap, $35/month for the blackberry, $25 for the Intercept. That's right and Android phone, albeit a crappy one, for only $25/month.

this is exactly true. Palm needs to make a cheaper smarphone that can be used only with wifi and without a dataplan if people like. That way people will actually be able to afford the plans that come with the cheaper phone

The problem is the carriers, they won't let you get the phone without data. At least AT&T lets you get a cheap data plan, even if the cap is so low that it's pointless. Verizon went the other way, they require a cheap data plan on feature phones and won't let you get the cheap data plan on smartphones. I've met people with Centros who won't upgrade because they don't want data.

You are right about the long term costs but people still buy based on upfront costs not long term costs over 2 years. So sometimes you have to sell to the consumer based on what they're buying ; not what they should buy. A "free" phone like a pixi could be a device that attracts interest.


I'm hoping for the best.. It's about time we have something different to brag about. :-)

1-pixi screen too small!
2-no wifi on sprint = epic fail
3-Pre keyboard > Pixi keyboard

pixi isn't for me at all

the name is not a concern for me, just lie and call it the killer or something if you think people are calling you gay 'because of your phone' lol

I agree on every point except the keyboard, the Pixi's keyboard is much nicer, the keys are nice and clicky. I thinkk neuturing the Pixi's wifi was the stupidest move ever. Why would Sprint want it removed? Having wifi on the device would have reduced load on their network and made the device easier to sell.

I know alot love the pixi keyboard. But I had the pixi for a loaner phone for a month (not just playing @ the store) and can say I like the pre keyboard more =)

Is anyone other then me not at not exited or better yet disappointed? I understand they may want to keep us happy until the next year but to bring out something with the same specs or a little better is is unacceptable.They could have done better with all this time they had.Palm should have been working on this before after or directly after the pre was released.So I hope theses phones wasn't supposed to be the next phones they were developing before they were bought by HP.


It seems as if everything Palm did for the past 4 years has been a poor decision. Waiting so long before releasing a fresh phone with a new OS. Using such crap materials on the Pre. The slow development of webOS. The horrible marketing of the Pre. Carrier exclusivity. Releasing the Pixi, and naming it that. Palm will continue a long streak of FAIL if they actually release a Pre2 and Pixi2 with the same form factor.

Wasn't the pixi codenamed "pixie/eos?" Where did "broadway" come from? I think these are all new phones instead of spec bumps.

Im not happy about a spec bump Pre but i just thought about Unixpsycho (Marco) getting a hold on the new OMAP 3460 or whatever. Would it not be nice if he could get it up to 1.5ghz?

i've been begging for a spec bump Pre for months now but now that I know there will be other phones coming out soon also I will wait to see what they have to offer!

Though I think HP has gone Palm retarded, I guess it does make sense to launch even a bit better hardware for the new OS. This reminds me of the venture HP made into the digital camera field.

Remember, they went stupid with thinking all they could ever be is a producer of low-cost cameras. And, they then produced cameras that even Wal-Mart shoppers wouldn't touch. Maybe Palm OS ends up being the Fisher Price of phones? Just kidding. The rev'd Pixi is going to kick ass and be the must-have flag ship of all carriers.

someone please explain to me why I want to get another palm phone when there are only 4000 apps in the app catalog?

you don't belong here

+1000! hahaha


really don't get peeps obsession with total # of apps. If the phone you use/want has the apps you need, does it really matter then if there are 500 Fart apps and 15000 book apps?


The 2 biggest Apps we're currently missing are Skype and some sort of video chat. I don't really need either one, but it's really hard to compete against the new Android phones and the iPhone 4 without them. They certainly could get Skype to work with the current hardware if they provided the necessary APIs, like a Microphone API and if Skype is willing to make the app.

Shazam? yes!

well that's exactly my point. This phone doesn't have the apps I need. Other than that I love this GD phone!!!

I was thinking that the concept of a Palm2/Pixi2 is reminding me of the history of the treo. Difference of course was the Treo 600 was a groundbreaking (well built) device. After that, only marginal advancement followed. Each new Treo was a mild improvement over the prior version, but never anything to significantly raise the bar.

Have to say I am not disappointed with the turnover in the Palm execs. Since that Treo 600 its hard to saw what they got right (hardware wise).

Alas, as a Palm fan to the end, who is weary of the Pre Plus' low quality hardware, I'll be upgrading (but just to have a device that's not a POS).

As a pre plus owner, I would easily move to a Super PIXI for work purposes. It has to be atleast as fast as current Pre Plus. I need a keyboard. Droid Keyboard etc just not right.

I love my pixi. It is pocket sized, nice looking, easy to type on. 4000 aps? I have about 20 on my phone and it more than covers all I need. I dont get the appeal of 250K apps when it means I have to dig through 2000 news readers to find the one I like.

I am also very manly. I ooze masculinity from every pore of my lumberjack shirt wrapped body. I could change my first and last names to pixi and I would still be a hunk of

I just don't know. I favor the Pixi but the small screen in today's market just doesn't appeal to anyone. Maybe 3-4 years ago. Were I director of marketing at HPalm I would start over again with a touchscreen only and a large screen keyboard phone. One piece each with no moving parts. Lessons' learned.

One day, yes, one day, we shall look back on these heady, hard times, and we will chuckle. Then, our eyes sparkling with tears of joy, those chuckles will turn to giggles, then to chortles, then to cackles, then to hysterical hoots of laughter, as we hold up our latest generation webOS Palm pones, with Wifi, tethering, 1ghz processor, amazing battery life, 3.5 inch screen, ingenious keyboard, InvenSens gyro/accelerometer/compass, 8 mp camera, and portable apps from any platform on the planet!

Oh, we will will laugh! Hopefully, our grand kids won't be staring at us and wondering what's the joke....

Along with many others, my contract is up in 11 months, and by that time, the 1Ghz Pre2's specs will sound as outdated as the original Pre's now. Therefore, I really hope for a third phone that can compete with what's coming up down the line in 2011 for competing companies.

As for the form factor/real keyboard, I'm split. I'd like an Epic type keyboard for phone #3 but then again I feel at home with virtual keyboards too. In other words, Palm, I don't care what you do with it, just announce something!

Why's there so much friction between Pre and Pixi owners? We're all part of the same community people, the Pre has more features & a bigger screen but the Pixi is tougher & has the better keyboard, everyone needs to deal with the pros & cons of their device and stop boasting about how much better their phone is.

I wish it were that simple, but it's not.

Palm's biggest mistake was making two phones that were separated by more than just formfactor. They neutered the Pixi (...insert joke here) and kept the Pre as the sole flagship.

Treo's never canibalized themselves in this way. My Centro was able to do anything any Treo could do, and it could do it in a much more compact formfactor.

By segregating their two phone's capabilities, they segregated their userbase.

Something they obviously realized late since the Pixi can now run most of the 3D games the Pre can run.

I actually blame Ruby for this. The old Palm never would have made that mistake. I was super eager to get the Pixi at first, despite the girly name, but when I found out it couldn't play all the games the Pre could, had a slower processor, and had no wifi (Sprint user here), I was pissed. I loved my centro. I want the same formfactor.

Love my Pre though, but they better impress at CES.

I tested the Palm Broadway and it runs WebOS 2.0
It is a much smaller version of palm pre and it is harder to type. The form factor is the same as palm pre 2 except smaller in size.

There is no effective cryptanalysis on the full-round version of Blowfish known to the public as of 2011. A sign extension bug in one publication of C code has been identified.-Garrett Hoelscher