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Palm buyout rumor du jour: HTC out, Lenovo back in? 43

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 23 Apr 2010 4:49 am EDT


Despite what many had hoped, the latest rumor right now is that HTC has stepped away from talks to buy Palm out. This according to a Reuters report, which further suggests that Lenovo might be back in the game. As for HTC bowing out, the ever-popular 'source with direct knowledge of the matter' said 'There just weren't enough synergies to take the deal forward.'

I've thrown it out there before that I think Lenovo would be a great candidate to buy Palm - but that's me. What do you think? Does the fact that Lenovo successfully purchased and transitioned ThinkPad convince you that they could do the same with webOS?



Lenovo is my first choice. Specifically because of what they did with Thinkpad. I believe that if Lenovo bought Palm, then webOS and webOS devices such as Pre and Pixie would continue to evlove and be promoted and that the Palm in general would continue on just with a new name.

Lenovo's my last choice for exactly what they did to the thinkpads. Have you ever tried supporting those POS's in a corporate enviroment. Bloated with bad software and buggy drivers, pain to image, or reimage and cheap hardware. None for me thanks.

Lenovo behind a WebOS tablet? What better way to leverage the brand and for Lenovo to have a unique brand against the gaggle of upcoming Chrome devices.
I'd like Palm to go it alone but reality makes a significant Lenovo investment or licensing a very attractive alternative.

though a webos tablet would be the bomb.

I think in the palmcast you dissed the idea of Cisco buying palm on the premise that Cisco doesn't have any consumer facing products. But that's incorrect. They have linksys.

I don't have an opinion on lenovo. I want HTC hardware. I use a lot of linksys product, so cisco would be fine. Given that, I still want it to be HTC. Maybe Palm licenses WebOS to HTC giving them long enough life to survive until a WebOS based HTC phone comes out, then HTC buys them... ? Well that's what I'd like to happen.

And they have the Flip camcorders. HTC was first and then it was a tossup. Oh well, doesn't look like they want to sell anyway, so...

IMO, I feel that Cisco would make a great parent company. The Cisco name is a premium product in the business community. The fact is; the Palm name needs to be rebuilt. Allowing Cisco to create a communication solution for corporations I think it would be a good way rebuild the Palm brand name. I think there is opening for someone to take RIM

If you want HTC hardware, then go buy one. Even if HTC bought up Palm, I'd lay money 2:1 that they drop WebOS. HTC's primary interest is patent protection, why spend money developing an OS when they currently get one FREE from Android?

cisco also has the cisco valet, supposedly a super simple to set up wireless router and wifi adapter

I like many wanted HTC only because they make beastly hardware

HTC has no takeover experience, while Lenovo probably already has a team that looks out for M&A's and helps in the transition processes. I think Lenovo is definitely the better suitor that will do justice to the Palm brand.

What worries though is that almost all bidders barring Lenovo are out of the Palm really that worthless? Otherwise they would have atleast put in a bid..

I love lenovo. Researched them a lot before I bought my laptop. I'm very familiar with htc and their phones are decent, but to mix palm with them just doesn't seem right considering htc is the android king. My laptop is awesome, it was affordable, and it felt cool getting something 'alternative' to a dell or a vaio. Plus I really like lenovos face recognition for login, maybe palm can incorporate an eye unlock on it's next device, which would have dual camera lenses to utilize actual skype video calls. Anyways, I'd be stoked for lenovo, check em out, they are a good company.

Nice try, Lenovo CEO.

I plan to buy this palm next week,can any one suggest me some good apps for my palm.
Heel Tastic

Would we get IBM style clones of the existing products but named the WorkPre and the WorkPixi? (Perhaps in silver instead of black).

Whilst on the subject of PDAs, Lenovo could launch a range of clamshell devices & tablets running webos, and include wireless. I'd like something the size of a Psion Revo, but with colour screen, wifi, bluetooth etc.

I think cisco or as rumored before intel should purchase palm. They are not in the handset business or have little invested in phones, and would probably leave palm how they are and possibly add new talent to the company. Also add money too. I also think that either company want to gain marketshares quick also palm will make lots of improvements at a faster rate to webos. I would like to see palm go a it alone but if someone comes along to purchase palm, let it be someone that wants to strengthen the brand.

Well, both HTC and Lenovo sells mobile computing devices.

WebOS is a great OS for mobile computing. Pre is just an example, but it could be anything: tablets, multimedia players, high-end car audio, set top boxes, and mini netbooks, too.

HTC, as far as I know, makes only smartphones, and it could be reasonable for them to buy WebOS to put it on their phones... But they are so successful with Android phones that the only reason they could be trying to get their hands on WebOS is to put it away of the market, as said in precentral before.

Lenovo, on another hand, makes servers, workstations, tablets... but not smartphones. Well, not until November 2009, when they bought Lenovo Mobile (, a large mobile phones company in China, that not only sells them but actually manufactures them. A quick view on its products website ( reveals that they sell phones sporting Windows Mobile, and other models with other operating system, but... no Android or whatever other Linux based models.

And being a large mobile company in China means having the largest market in the world.

So... Last year Lenovo bought Lenovo Mobile. And this year, instead of putting Android in their phones, with all the troubles Google has in China, they could be buying Palm to sell (and/or manufacture) Palm or Lenovo branded phones in China, sporting WebOS.

So for me, Lenovo will be the one. I don't think Cisco is entering the mobile phones market with Palm. They have enough with routers.

I'd love to see a Lenovo-Palm merger. As Dieter has said they did such a great job keeping the integrity of the ThinkPad brand (great kb's and construction plus the unique eraser navigation option on the hardware side plus the strong enterprise security and manageability features) while expanding their lineup to make them even stronger. I think they could do exactly the same thing with Palm while improving things that are lacking such as the build quality of the hardware.

I was hoping a wild card like Cisco would buy Palm and put R&D and $Billions$ behind WebOs. I thought about Cisco because Palm would stand a chance of remaining an American company. Lenovo would be a good fit if they could do the same. Something in the culture of Palm needs to change though. WebOs is by far the best mobile Os available but Palm is not seizing the moment. They are allowing the competition time to catch up. Palm needs to push WebOs, and make use of their new slogan. "Life moves fast, don't miss a thing" They need to promote palm WebOs in print on TV where ever, to build mindshare. Make people wonder what is this Palm WebOs?

I think HTC is making a big mistake betting on Android longterm. In the short term it has worked out brilliantly for them because Android is still fresh and new and when we think Android we think HTC & Motorola. But in the coming year we wil see Android devices from nearly every manufacturer on the planet (motorola, dell, toshiba, htc, samsung, LG, and on and on) and it will be virtually impossible to create a flagship Andriod device because a new one w/ better specs than the previous will be released every 2-3 months!

HTC needs to develop it's own software in order to maintain it's distinction as a major player, Sense UI is not enough, and Palm provides the perfect opportunity for them to do that.

With that said I'm pulling for Lenova. I think they are a great fit and have produced some beautiful hardware that I'd love to see WebOS on! Lenova makes Palm a true player in the mobile computing market! Let's hope for the best.

DITTO!!! stink pads are impossible to support. Any routing for lenovo have never had to support or work with them in any way. Andriod here I come if lenovo wins.

I'm really starting to believe Funky dislikes Lenovo. Sounds personal.

Go Palm!

No offense to anyone, but I've worked with the IBM ThinkPad series for about the last ten years and I have to disagree with the statement that Lenovo successfully acquired the ThinkPad line. I've worked with a good deal of IBM's server platform hardware and they've really lost touch with reality. Their servers are too modular (and we always said this was such a good thing) to the point where there are too many components and any one of them breaking causes a potentially catastrophic failure. No only this, but IBM's markup on parts and labor is about 1,000%. I am not making this figure up, try comparing a replacement power supply that you get through IBM and an IBM technician replaces it, versus getting it yourself through another vendor and replacing it yourself. It takes about 15 minutes tops. And while I've worked intimately with Dell, HP and IBM server and storage equipment, the IBMs have always been the most troublesome.

But we're not talking about IBM now are we? We're talking about Lenovo and their line of laptops, which are quite possible even more dismal failures than the server line. I realize that laptops are all by-and-large still very proprietary in nearly all the hardware that is used, but Lenovo takes the cake. We purchased a few dozen ThinkPads and just using my own as an example, I've had to replace the fan myself, found out that there is a glaring problem with the GPU not being adhered to the heat sink, so I had to do this myself with a "penny mod"...which immediately dropped the temperature about 15 to 20 degrees. Then when the laptop was still under warranty, I spent about two months constantly shipping it back to the repair facility (try getting work done for two months without a computer) during which time they replaced a hard drive, the motherboard, the CPU, and one or two other components, none of which (except for the hard drive) were throwing an error. My problem? Constantly blue screen errors...and I'm talking between 2 and 10 blue screens a day. My coworkers who were the unfortunately recipients of similar Lenovos have almost all suffered a similar fate with their machines.

My point is, if Lenovo were to purchase Palm, I'd drop my Pre in a heart beat and go with some other phone. The Lenovo acquisition of the ThinkPad line was anything but successful. The quality control in their designs is just not what it should be, and the same goes for their manufacturing process. It's just a poor quality machine at a premium price. I'd hate for Palm to be lumped into this category.

I've been rooting for Lenovo from Day 1. They've done a fantastic job transitioning the Thinkpads, as I've owned them both before and after the sale. I think Palm WebOS would provide them with a jumpstart to the Tablet business. I do think we would lose the Palm name, though.

PALM probably didnt like HTC's offer; in this market, HTC was likely bottom-fishing, and PALM didn't bite.

Probably. I don't know for sure.


PALM will license WebOS to a hardware mfr for use in other devices than smartphones. Candidates would be:

Hewlett Packard

You get my point... :)

IMO of course.

Lets try and keep Palm independent. I really dont want to see them dilute further with another organization right now. Hopefully all this talk is just talk to appease some of the larger shareholders or more about a partnership than a buyout. i.e. build us a tablet that makes the ipad more ijunk.

I agree. I think that if Palm does not remain independent, we'll see WebOS locked down. Just like Steve Jobs, "The Man" always knows what is best for us, right?

Not enough sysnergies=Palm reluctance to be fold in to Android.

Palm needs someone who can market and create mind share. That's Palm's only problem.

Wow, I was SHOCKED to read some of these comments about HTC and their great hardware. I hate HTC and their hardware and hope that this rumor holds true and that HTC does NOT acquire Palm.

I'd be okay with Lenovo acquiring them.

To me -- and I'm a network engineer, not a market analyst -- the best bet would be Nokia. Nokia rules the wireless world... outside of the US. This would give them a foothold and a strong platform to build on. But who knows.

Ideally, I guess, Palm would survive (and thrive) on its own. :)


I think HTC's hardware is okay, but their phones all feel like bricks in the hand and they lack any sort of design sense in the form factor. In other words, they're kind of ugly. While the Pre has build issues, there's no denying it's a beautiful phone, as is the iPhone. The Hero, Droid, EVO? Not so much. Like Android itself, they feel like they were designed by engineers, instead of by product designers.

We have to keep our minds and our options open. Just because a company or merger went bad in the past doesn't mean that it will now. Lenovo or Cisco could buy Palm and knock it out of the park. I personally hope that it's Lenovo and they just financially support Palm and provide solid hardware for phones and a wicked tablet. It could make huge waves in the market.

If Lenovo buys, I walk away from Palm & won't look back.

I'd rather support companies that are not majority-owned by the Chinese Govt.

If a chinese group does not buy Palm, it won't be long before you have to move on anyway.

If Lenovo buy's Palm, at least the Chinese Gov will own all Palm's patents. It is a great idea to let the Chinese Gov sue Apple for patent infringement, along with everyone else. [Sarcasm]

I agree with you. I would rather let Palm die than have the Chinese Government own them. I am surprised Cisco hasn't made a play.

If Lenovo buys, I walk away from Palm & won't look back.

I'd rather support companies that are not majority-owned by the Chinese Govt.

i'd walk just cause they suck sooo bad.

Finally got the Pre last week. It's a great phone with a very shitty battery. I assume that will be fixed down the line.

My one concern with Lenovo is that their marketing is worse than Palm's. I work in marketing and have worked with Lenovo and it is amazing how much their execs in China control their US marketing. In short, there is none. It's all about China. They are not trying to grow US marketshare at all.

On another note..after having my Pre for a week, marketing execs and their agency should be ashamed. It's a great UI that if properly marketed would have been bigger than the Droid. Girls with flowers in a field do not sell phones.

...And finally, someone needs to start making some apps that actually contribute to productivity. What's up with the quote apps and fart makers...seriously??

If they get bought I would actually like the purchaser to be Cisco for two reasons. Cisco has been on there whole unified communications kick for awhile now adding Palm would compliment that quite well.

It would also be funny for palm to return to its roots as part of a network infrastructure company since they started as part of 3com.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad (T61p), and I think it's a great laptop. The aesthetic design of it is something to think about though. For a laptop it's great. It has a matte black finish, nothing shiny and over the top; it still looks like a Thinkpad like they used to in the old days of IBM. As far as hardware inside.. I haven't had a single problem with it, it's been great and has lasted me for quite a while. With regards to the software it came with.. I quickly solved that proprietary issue by upgrading to a dual-boot Linux/Win 7 setup. I only download the drivers I need for Win 7 and it does exactly what I need it to. And Linux.. well we all know what Linux lets you do.

With that said, if Lenovo were to acquire Palm, I think they would keep WebOS and manufacture smart phones with it. If they would make phones with better hardware and keep the developers of WebOS working on updates to it.. I think this wouldn't hurt at all.

I would love for Palm to remain independent and build itself back up again, but I don't think Lenovo would be a bad choice if it came to that.

Frankly, I'm ambivalent about the HTC thing. I think that they have done some beautiful things with sense, but I don't particularly like the aesthetics of their phones. For all their supposed hardware issues, I think the Pre and Pixi are beautiful devices that Palm clearly spent a lot of thought designing (whereas HTC didn't recognize what a bad idea it would be to only allow headphones through the USB slot on early Android phones). I am open-minded about Lenovo, as I don't know much about what they have done with the Thinkpads.