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by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 01 Jun 2011 6:49 pm EDT

We've already seen the Palm logo removed from its place on the back of webOS devices, the App Catalog and even from the corner of the Palm website. Perhaps one of the biggest blows to the Palm brand comes today, as HP has removed the URL altogether, and replaced it with You can still reach the website by going to the old URL, but you'll notice immediately that the URL changes in your address bar to reflect the new name. 

As we've oft talked about elsewhere, we hoped that the Palm brand would be sticking around in some way, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The only thing left to change are the Palm branded batteries that power the Veer (which most people won't see anyway), a few social networks that have been used by the company, and the developer website (which still uses the URL, but can be reached by going through Long live Palm? Palm, the brand, is very sadly dead. 

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The end of an era! :-(

Sigh, Goodbye Palm :(

Weird, I just went to a few minutes ago, but didn't notice the redirect and URL change.

In response to bdot1276, let's hope this is the end of an error. As much as I love my Palm devices, the company was a Silicon Valley soap opera and I think they suffered as a result. HP seems really focused on this, by gauging the corp-speak and the advertising campaign.

I'm not a fanboi, but WebOS works best for our two companies and we hope to see it survive and succeed in the market.


Yeah right. palm will never die. I just bought the veer in white... hp logos all over the place. then i open the box and what do i find, big PALM branded charger. Its funny too that my friends that don't even have palms all have that charger now. Must be really cheap.

damn ;(

tis true people. clear your cache and try the site again.

On an up note though, the site doesn't look too bad.

ah yes the second bit of bad news today...but they will go on and be fabulous :)

Hi all,

It's the beginning of a great NEW era!

Take care,


Wow, that really sucks.

Well that sucks :(

R.i.P Palm!

Palm label might be gone but the company is still there. Palm is still responsible for WebOS and the handsets.

I think HP is removing the name for marketing reasons specially if they want to closely integrate it with their other products. Having two different names may not be a good thing.

Many people still don't know Palm is now owned by HP and will be confused.

i've talked to hPalm employees who have been expressing how they're unwilling to give them more resources, employees, etc.
but they are willing to spend all kinds of resources removing palm branding from everywhere imaginable? Color me united and nervous about all this..

Palm users will never die......
they just get HPre'd... in the coming months...
So now when someone asks "What device do you have"? how do we answer..????
An Old Palm device....
An old Palm/HP device...
A new HP/Palm device....
An HP device.....
Uh not sure......
Uh I think Hp, but made by Palm....
Uh... Sh**.... It was made by Palm, who was bought by HP, who is not making phones, but is making tablets that you can touch with your New Palm PRE3 phone 2 or 3 months after you get a HP Tablet, or you can get the Palm Veer made by Palm but sold by HP on ATT and not sure if you can touch your HP TouchPad(Tablet) if you can get the HP touchpad in June, with WEBOs by Palm who is not HPWEBOs...
IM CONFUSED... me toooooooo

People will give you minuses, but I support your anger. The fan boys don't get it.

If HP took a sh** on a plate and told the fan boys it was chocolate pudding they would eat it and send their compliments to the chef as the wiped the plate clean with a piece of bread for the final bite.

Chap, you got some serious issues. Every time I read your posts I remember the real Rambo's crying scene with Richard Crenna at the end of the movie. Except you sound like there is nobody to hug you.

His name is Colonel Trautman, Chap.


Man Rambo just let it go. You don't like what they are doing/did just move on to another platform. Android and iOS are no slouches. I just hope they don't make any "promises" they don't keep.

When Richard Kerris has a one on one with me in this forum, and answers my questions I have for him, then I will be done.

When Kerris comes out of hiding I will "let it go."

>So now when someone asks "What device do you >have"? how do we answer..????

Easy, "An HTC EVO 3D with WiMax" on Sprint.



Call me when you release a Palm phone that is not 6 months (or more) behind the power curve.

The Pre minus should have been 4G....

the Palm Nation is still intact . . . its just become a secret society . . . that may again rise ~

Palm is only dead on the outside. It still resides in our hearts (I still say Palm Veer, Palm Touchpad, etc.)

Honestly, I dont do it intentionally but I say Palm Pre 3 all the time and have to correct myself. TouchPad and Veer no problems saying that correctly

I do too but in reality they are built by Palm. They just have the HP logo on them. Well except for the TouchPad which is being moved to HP laptop division.

Meh, I started with a Handspring, running PalmOS. It is time for a new era, I will always love Palm... but "HP WebOS" needs a new start away from "Palm WebOS". I can live with it.

BTW, what is the new name for PreCentral gonna be? WebOSCentral? Sorry if I missed this somewhere.

(and yes I still have my Handspring floating around somewhere)

Don't forget the Palm Charger that comes with the Veer!! :)

Wow first Dieter and now Today is the death of the old guard.

What's really funny is... if you click that, it actually redirects you back to

It isn't easy to change a domain name in databases. Most likely they will keep it the way it is until they redesign the whole developer site.

i think webOS might be in trouble with windows 8 around the corner.
RIP Palm and webOS the greatest always falls.

why does this suck? why a bad thing? It wasn't a merger, HP bought Palm outright. I find this a good thing.

For me, my first PDA was a Palm IIIc and I went through many iterations of devices with Palm. I have always loved their software (especially WebOS) and no I really hate to see the brand die.

To quote Dieter (fitting on his last day): "Palm is dead, long live Palm". This is just another step on the same path since July 2010.

Do I miss the Palm branding? Yes, but, what really matters is WebOS. I think of this similar to the days when I had my Clie' --> Even though it said Sony on the box (and was in many ways better than the Palm-branded devices at the time), it was still a 'Palm'.

Call it what we may, as long as the spirit of Palm and WebOS continues, we're in for a fun ride with the new, better-funded, owner.

Riddle me this then...

Im just saying... Someone wasnt paying attention... lol

While it will be sad to see the Palm name go away it's truly not so sad. Palm came into this world as a division of US Robotics who made Palm Pilot PDA's. My first Palm device was a Palm Pilot. I didn't shed a tear when USR was purchased by 3COM. I cried a little bit when 3COM mismanaged Palm causing the founders to leave to form Handspring. That was the era when Handspring's Visor had the expansion slot which enabled it to become the first PDA phone. Then, IIRC, the combined Handspring-Palm came out with the first Treo, which was pretty much a Handspring phone rebranded as a Palm phone.

The Treo has a good life. I had three of them. That Palm had a good run but never was able to turn the corner. They sold the OS but were never able to advance the smartphone because of that bad decision. In the market, RIM caught and passed Palm until Elevation took over.

That led us to where we are today. So while the Palm name will disappear and we all have fond memories of it and it's products the history was not all that good.

HP has had an excellent history with it's recent acquisitions. It became the leader in PC's and servers by adding Compaq (which had earlier added Digital). More recently, adding 3COM to the Pro Curve unit has allowed HP to not only take on Cisco but to begin to dominate in networking.

The addition of Palm is only at its early stages. I don't thing that the relaunch of webOS is only about hardware. My sense is that there is more to it - far more than legacy Palm could have done even with Elevation/Bono's money. And just because we will see something new 'in the days ahead' doesn't mean that there's nothing left on the horizon. I trust that there is much much more.

So, today we may toast the loss of the Palm brand but tomorrow we'll see far more from webOS.

It still has "About Palm" in the footer.

So Palm is fading out as a brand, but it still exists as a business unit inside of HP.

moment of silence please

@ Rambo.

You, sir, are a tube.

Why don't you buy a Chevvy and drive it 'till the wheels fall off? That way you won't be here.

A tube? Come on, insult me like you are a man, not a kid in his mom's basement afraid that she might read his posts and ground him for using bad language. still exists!!! At least we can still see "palm" in the SLD there!


This is old news. The site's been like that since the Veer launch. Once the Pre 3 gets launched I believe the transition to will be complete.

Here's a business idea. Get a manufacture in China to build a replica back cover for the Veer and Pre 3 (assuming they are removable) with the Palm logo and sell them on eBay.

I thought this was a dumb idea at first blush, but then thought it through and consider that is actually a pretty good idea. I mean, we 'skin' everything and there are cases galore out there.

Of course, there is a little problem with trademark infringement....Maybe HP would let someone use the Palm trademark, since they're not using it any more. :D

It is a little humorous that the SDK for Enyo (3.0) for Windows says or similar, but the file for Mac's says PalmWebOS.someMac'ish extension...

Also that at, there is a little HP icon in the address bar by the name when using Firefox.

Either way, it's social evolution. I liked Amiga and AmigaOS better than Windows for several years. But it is dead and gone. I'd rather have a live HP webOS than a dead Palm webOS.

Long live webOS! (and EASY phone/PDA/handcomputerthingy use!)

Someone said Palm came into being as a division of US Robotics. Not quite. Palm started as its own company, originally formed to create software like Graffiti. When they couldn't find any buyers, one of their VC backers told Jeff Hawkins that if they knew what to do, Palm should create the hardware itself. They approached USR with a prototype, looking for them to invest, and USR said "How about we buy Palm?" Jeff and Donna Dubinsky opted for that and that's what launched Palm on its rollercoaster ride of spinoffs, mergers and buyouts that we've all been along on.

End of an era!!

Saw this yesterday, brought a tear to my eye. But makes sense as to what HP wasn't to do. HP will be hardware maker and webOS is strictly software based. Now bring on an webOS powered HTC phone! :D

I told you so.....

HP bought PALM to get rid of PALM and use WebOS to take over corporate Enterprises etc...

Christ I up and leave WebOS for Android and look what happens! Bloody HP think they own the OS ... what next... a tablet or phone with an HP logo...its a phone not a printer...Bah!