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Palm continues to court iPhone developers 44

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 10 Jun 2010 1:44 pm EDT


Palm isn't just throwing parties and giving away cash to woo iPhone developers into porting their iPhone apps to webOS (a process that, seriously, is easier than it seems), they're also putting together practical articles explaining how the SDK and PDK work to people whose development proclivities tiend more to the Apple frame of mind.

The first (well, we hope it's just the first of many) explains the SDK and webOS's web environment to somebody who is used to developing for the iPhone:

We hope we've demonstrated that webOS enables you to take advantage of the expertise you've established creating applications for the iPhone. You can leverage and upgrade those skills by building applications for the webOS. Now it's time to turn your iPhone applications into webOS applications and open them up to another platform and a new audience!

Source: Palm Developer Center via Palm Developer Center Blog



Need some new hardware to attract more users & developers. Hard to "sell" a year old phone - even with a killer user interface.

Agreed, when I saw the iPhone 4 hardware I was like...ouuu thats sexy...too bad the OS still blows. Palm has until the end of July to start telling me what the C40 is...or tell me of any hardware on the horizon...I think that's fair. Or somebody figure out a way to get webOS on an EVO.

yea I second that. Palm is a little quite. Each passing day the Evo and even the HTC Hero looks like a better and better choice. It could take years before HP builds a beter hardware (if they are even willing to) for the new Pre. Come on Palm. Don't stop, keep moving w/ the trend. I'm using the regular Pre not + on Sprint. Everytime something new comes along better than the original Pre. I feel like I get kicked in the face and left in the dirt by Sprint.

You might say that Palm is "quite" quiet.

+1 The Iphone 4 is beautiful like most of apple's hardware but yes unfortunately ios still sucks pretty hard compared with webOS. The EVO is way too big and chunky, 3.5-3.8" is optimum.

Basically there are 3 things that Palm HAS to get right on their next gen device.

1. Bigger higher resolution screen (3.5-3.8" and at least wvga doesn't batter if its AMOLED/IPS or whatever as long as its good and works.

2. Faster Processor - We don't really want all this snapdragon rubbish, Tegra or at least a well clocked A8/A9 Cortex processor so that webOS really flys out of the box.

3. High quality hardware. Palm's design and formfactor is awesome on the Pre and Pixi and shows real innovation but they need to through the bad name they got with the launch Pre over build quality. Sturdy keys, reliable quality, glass screen, maybe even some metal. Get up to Apple/HTC standards.

WebOS on the EVO.... I like that Idea! Android is on the Motorolla, LG, HTC. So why can't WebOS be on other phones. That would make Palm happy (Cuz they can't compete in the hardware category). Just let them stick to the OS like Android, and get in the game!!

I'm seriously afraid that it would be the Pre ++. I've got an EVO because I don't think Palm can pull it off. That makes me sad by the way, but I think the past (The Treo 755p was tops for how many years?) indicates it'll happen that way.

oh god here we go on the new hardware kick. Are people that bitch about new hardware as retarded as Hurd from HP with his George Bush speaking skills?

Palm has been in the smartphone business longer then any of these companies out here... Including Apple.. Palm is the company that put smartphones on the map like Lee Iacocca introduced his concept of a minivan.

in turn that would also mean they were already designing new hardware within a month or 2 of the Pre being released a year ago. There is a good reason why they named it the "Pre". It's a beta unit if you will. A test unit to see how WebOS would do. Seeing they know how WebOS is doing in the wild and out in the general publics hands they turned focus on the hardware.

Rubenstien is just taking a page out of Apples books on being hush hush. If it wasn't for the "bar" incodent with the new iphone no one would of known about it until now a month before release. Certain loose ends had to be tied up first before an announcement of new hardware.

First being AT&T being a new member of the Palm carrier family.

Next being a HP buyin Palm. Smart business would be wait until the purchase is complete then announce the new device as the new HP/Palm device and put HP/Palm on the front page of every tech blog and other media sorce.... Free advertising.

for the time being the game plan would be get as many developers on board now so when this is all released it will turn into a second wind and explode out the gate under new flags HP & Palm..

it's all about business. All you complainers of hardware you want to see Palm and WebOS make a strong stand and shake things up? Then you need to stop complaining about hardware and focus on telling everyone about WebOS.

"if you build it they will come" well WebOS is built.. And with PDK to help convert apps and make writing apps funner and bigger...... Well they will come. When they come the developers will be talking about WebOS and like a virus it will slowly and quietly infect the smartphone world.. Until the time is right.. Then new awesome spec hardware will jump up and surprise everyone like a lion hunting a gazelle.

I completely agree!

Wow! I am impressed.

Ignoring punctuation errors, your comment accomplished no less than the following:

1) Take God's name in vain.
2) Use the non-PC term "retarded" to refer to people that have a different opinion about hardware.
3) Insult a former President of the United States of America.
4) Misuse "then" rather than "than".
5) Refer to a thirty year old event regarding Dodge products.
6) Misspell "webOS" as "WebOS".
7) Make a wild ASSumption regarding the name of the first webOS device.
8) Omit the apostrophe in "public's".
9) Misspell Rubinstein.
10) Omit the apostrophe in "Apple's".
11) Omit the hyphen in "hush-hush".
12) Misspell "incident".
13) Misspell iPhone as "iphone".
14) Misuse "of" instead of "have" in the phrase "would have".
15) Misspell "buying".
16) Misspell "source".
17) Use the term "funner" which is not an English language word.
18) Compare webOS adoption to a viral infection.

Remind me exactly who is the "retarded" one?

FYI "God" (Capital G)'s name is not "god" (little G). You should have made that your last point, then I wold have been obliged to read the other 17 points.


"...........Palm is the company that put smartphones on the map like Lee Iacocca introduced his concept of a minivan........."

And Just Where is Lee Iacocca and the minivan located now? Also, the Pre was Palms "Last hope" if you remember. They were fading, and thought the PRE & WebOS would revolutionize the market. Well "webOS" did, but the PRE has not. "Speed to Market", because in this world of short attention spans... you can't logically rationalize a person to focus when he/she has A.D.D.

You know what, I'm sick of you "OMG I NEED NEW HARDWARE" fanatics.

It just means that your gullible and you buy into the marketing hype machine.

Calm down, choose your hardware, use it, and shut up already. We don't care that you're impatient.

I don't understand the old hardware comments the pre has shown time and time again it is equal to or faster than the the iphone 3GS in every aspect except startup times. It has 500 mhz processor overclockable to 800. The 3GS has a 600 Mhz processor. So it is on par with the lastest iphone. So any speed issues are solely hardware related which will get better with the new update. What's the problem.

Sprint's Pre needs to be increased to the + specs. The biggest limiting factor to Sprint's Pre is the ram. It limits open cards a whole bunch. It becomes very annoying and starts to feel "non" multitasking if you can't open any cards.

hey check out the new Compache Overclock patch by unixpsycho I think. It awesome. I've been able to run deer hunter, facebook, tweet me, 2 browsers, email, and the phone app without a sweat. No TMC errors. Hope it helps.

The current release of webOS does not utilize the GPU. Even with the exact same hardware running at the same speed, using the GPU can make a considerable difference in GUI performance.

solely software related*

solely software related*

exactly what does this article have to do with hardware...hardware was never mentioned on this article. Thats great palm the more developers we get to work on webos the better for all of us.

people need something to wine about, so they just sort of make up stuff not related to the article.

Without hardware - what do you expect the app to run on???

solely software related*

is it smart for a company that just had to sell out to give away cash to the competition's dev's to influence them to port their apps to a platform that, although awesome, isn't selling?

I don't develop nor am I a business geek, but wtf??

as much as I love webOS, I gotta believe they're focusing on what's hot, that being (yuk) android and (yuk yuk) iCrap..

astraware said it took 35 minutes to port a game to webos. Wether WebOS is HUGE or not, it seem cost effective to port to a new audience to me.....

if one was to guess how many developers do you think came by how many do you think will actually make apps and how many apps will come of this

If it was that easy, why don't D2G or QuickOffice just take a few minutes, half a day or even a week to port their stuff over??

Sorry for putting that bad taste in the mouth again. =/

Game apps are much easier to port since most use the OpenGL framework that is used on every platform. Have you noticed that every fast port from the iPhone has been a game?

Non-games require user interface elements that are platform specific. Unless the app was originally coded using a cross-platform framework like Phonegap, it is not a trivial effort to port it over.

Exactly! The soon-to-be-released hybrid PDK support will allow apps to use the webOS GUI with a compiled language backend. As long as all of the APIs are available, this should allow developers to produce some very compelling, and competitive, apps.

From the Palm article:

"Ajax (Asynchronous Java and XML) is an enabling technology that helps the developer make use of webOS capabilities."

Confusing Java and Javascript is not the way to court developers.

Only a non-developer who's lacking the ability to google, yahoo or wiki readily available information, would need an explanation of the AJAX acronym and it's meaning.

Thusly, said person is confused to start with and not the group Palm is currenly courting.

Therefore, the lack of proofreading on Palms part is moot.

Well, we ARE talking to iPhone have to type slowly so they can keep up.

Guys ease up on the we want new hardware... Palm/Hp are aware of this. Same old song everytime you read the reply. New phone will be here SOON!

"New phone will be here SOON!" based on fact, or wish?

once the iphone apps are available to webos users. This would shut alot of people up. Think: 3000apps in a month or so to thousands of apps available to us. Because Palm is pretty set w/ the hardware w/ the +( because speed and memory wise it is on par w/ every1 else except for the Evo) the only things they need else are apps.

Even though this is a Software post....
to all developers: I & many like me will buy FEW if any more Apps till we have NEW HARDWARE that we all know is due out WHEN? I MUST HAVE MISSED THAT POST...

I wouldn't make my app purchases contingent upon the arrival of the next hardware.

That is ridiculous.

If I need or want an app, I'm gonna' buy it.

I am not going to punish the developers in the hopes this 'boycott' threat would somehow get Palm to release their next phone any faster.

+1 The prior poster is an idiot. You HAVE a phone but don't want new Apps? Tard.

if one was to guess how many developers do you think came by how many do you think will actually make apps and how many apps will come of this


Yeah because a 3G radio 128MB more RAM and 16GB more storage was radically new hardware when crApple did it.

The iPhone 3G was essentially an iPhone2G+ and iOS2 was when they could actually develop apps and didn't have a problem.

Parties? Where are they taking place? Certainly not in NYC.

I don't know a single developer in the Big Apple that is or has plans to write for WebOs.

Every time I mention I have a Palm Pre Plus, marketers and tech people look askance.

IMHO, Palm/HP should worry about the frustration of their current users with the App gap. Perhaps they should work on porting successful iPhone Apps to start.

I think this is a great strategy. while iOS devs a sitting around iFarting in a corner while waiting for Apple to jerk them around the AppStore validation process, they'll be able to port a 5 or 6 apps.

If a dev did have to do minimal work in order to open up a whole new market, why wouldn't they? Unless they fear Apple would spank them...