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Palm Eos / Pixie Confirmed 12

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 09 Jun 2009 11:59 pm EDT

In case there was any lingering doubt that the Palm Eos (code-named Pixie) was coming -- our code sleuths in the forums have found refereences to the Pixie in the webOS code, so says niteice:

Interesting. Take a look at /etc/

# Start novacomd service
if [[ "$hostName" == "castle" ]];then
modprobe g_composite product=0x8002
elif [[ "$hostName" == "pixie" ]];then
modprobe g_composite product=0x8012
modprobe -q g_composite

Looks like a second webOS device.

/lib/modules/2.6.24-palm-joplin-3430/kernel/drivers/usb/gadget/composite/g_composite.ko doesn't reveal anything terribly interesting but it looks like Palm did quite a bit of work on it...and curiously that's a GPL driver...

The future of webOS: bright.  As a side note, we're starting to suspect that Palm knew this day of webOS hacking goodness would come -- a quick visit to redirects you to a download of the very file that our forum members have been so joyously picking apart. Mr. Poe taught us that hiding things in plain sight was very effective, sure, but this is pretty extreme.



agree with u,everything need planning

If you follow this link you will get to a page that asks you for the phone serial number to download " webOS

Well poop..... i'd rather have the Eos..... I came from a centro to the pre and I am not the biggest fan of the slider.

Anyone got an Amiga?

Do you remember the DiskDoctor?

Now here comes webOS Doctor! ^_^

I said that Pre and webOS are revolutionary as the Commodore Amiga was!

I can't wait to have the Pre here in Italy!

Stay palmed! ^_^

Boing! Ball for Pre?


Hurray for the Boing! And for the Pre!


Anyone have issues with their Pre deleting emails? If I get email in from more than one account in the same "sync", then the latter of the two accounts in my list has any of it's emails erased. I shows the email notification on the notification bar, but when I go to view it, it doesn't exist. This is a huge issue if it's widespread. How do we send bugs to palm?

so what phone is the castle? the pre?

castle is the Pre
pixie is the Eos
And zepfloyd is yet another WebOS device we haven't heard anything about yet.

_This_ is the Pre I am waiting for. Not a big slider fan, and I like this form factor. Plus, a lot of the bugs will be worked out by then, and hopefully the forced upgrading of plan may temper off by then.

(I'm not SERO, but if I have to switch my current family plan, it's going to run me over 100% more for the same service. Can't fade that. Too bad - it's a nice device.)

The pixie looks nice but I've always been a little disappointed with palm phones, as they are usually bulkier and less versatile than their smart-phone peers. Hopefully the pixie will do for palm what the iphone did for apple