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Palm files patent for dockable cell phone netbook tablet... thing; Update: Filed in 2001 50

by Derek Kessler Thu, 12 Aug 2010 5:10 pm EDT

  Palm dockable cell phone netbook tablet thing patent

Update: some digging by our own Jonathan Ezor and tha2nddunn in the comments reveals that this patent is actually just a continuation of a patent originally filed way back in 2001 under patent # 7054659, which means it predates the Foleo and, well, plenty of other gadgets. So while it's likely not a harbinger of things to come, it's at least yet another example of Palm's massive patent portfolio.


If there’s one thing that we always want to have made simpler, it’s hooking up our computers to our phones. While Mobile Hotspot is plenty easy, there’s still more than a few steps to set it up and make the magic happen, not to mention all you’re doing there is sharing your cellular connection, but not any actual data. That’s where Palm’s freshly-filed patent for “Compact removable voice handset for an integrated portable computer system/mobile phone” comes in. It takes the ill-fated Folio concept to a whole new level by turning the pre-netbook into a dock for the phone that acts as an input device, larger screen, and other magical things. The patent notes that while the connection is decidedly physical, the phone and computer could also communicate wirelessly.

It’s also worth noting that this patent does not envision a smartphone-type device, instead a fairly basic phone that for making calls, while the netbookish half of the combination is used for heavy productivity lifting. It’s exciting to see that the Folio (a great concept, with flawed execution like so many mid-2000’s Palm products) isn’t completely dead in the minds at Palm. All-in-all, an interesting patent is we must say so ourselves - what application do you all see for this kind of system?

Via: Engadget, Unwired View; Source: USPTO




.... Is this an article about my Pre-?

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I could rule the world with this dockable cellphone netbook tablet thing AND be the coolest kid at college

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looks like you can play the wii with it tho!

lol I had the exact same thought

I hate to say it but from the looks of the pic, it looks like you guys may actually get that toaster. With the added bonus of a remote control. To wirelessly pop up that toast biotch!

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WebOS toasters.. YESSSSS.. It could message my WebOS phone when my pop tarts are done.

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hahaha! Innovative!!

Did anyone get the feeling that 'dock configuration' setting has to do with this device?

Rahul gets way to excited for our future devices which leads me to believe that something like this is a very likely future device. Sometime around April, Palm was not in a real financial situation to just are R&D 'ideas' without some sort of concrete palns to move forward.

The phone on the 'imaginary' device, considering the lightness, may be a bluetooth/wifi adapter to 'sync' info/data/signal from our phones. (pre/roadrunner)

Remember, the thing 'everyone' @ Palm keeps reiterating, 'webOS scaled across many devices' and what wiuld you classify this as? Definitely, a 'many device' to me. :) (sorry for grammar/spelling... On Pre)

if this netbook-thing comes to fruition can we please call it the "Phonebook"

Hilarious! They definitely should

I could see it being cool if every hp laptop could dock a phone, so you could text w a full keyboard, video chat, access all your data and customize your cell phone. Of course a physical doc wouldn't be necessary.

I think having the potential to text from the larger device is a fantastic idea. The two are obviously linked together in some fashion, so why not be able to fire off some texts from your netbook (or whatever it turns out to be) that get sent through your phone.

I personally don't think I would see much use for the regular phone part, but it's a good concept. The feature is there if you need it, but the netbook does most of the non-phonecall stuff, and that's handy.

I do a lot of texting from work using google voice from my desktop. It's a lot faster and easer to write someone back really fast by just clicking an icon and typing as apposed to pulling out your phone and thumbing stuff in. All phones should have a bluetooth option for this.

Now that I was unaware of. I have Google Voice service, but I didn't realize there was a desktop application for it. I'll have to look into that.

HP/Palm needs to unveil a major teaser before or during thanksgiving, otherwise the whole concept of mainstream WebOS is dead.

I can't imagine having less enthusiasm for this product as a consumer. I guess it depends on the execution.

Palm who? You mean HP?

Palm is still operating as Palm. Not HP. Not HPalm. They are owned by HP but they are their own business unit inside HP. Technically speaking, it would be HP filing patents if Palm became an HP model name. But, they are their own business, just not independent.

I was interested in the Foleo. Not sure I would want this or not. I love the idea of linking a phone and a small netbook type device. But I wouldn't want to give up my smart phone and become reliant on opening that netbook every time I wanted to do a smartphone type task. So I guess I would have to see more...

i highly doubt that would be the case. smartphones are here to stay as they are the simplest/most efficient means of taking care of business

But it still says... "It

Funny.. I thought that only me that have this kind of idea. :)

I already imagined that one day there is a phone that can docked to laptop or tablet, so they can share battery power , beside sync feature :)

Seems like a concept similar to Verizon Hub from last year.

It can probably do VoIP if it connects wirelessly.

This has the potential to huge, particularly to the 20s age group. Consider this: smart phone with a jack to a larger battery, screen, and touch screen keyboard. I know what the idea now is a simple phone, but imagine what this could do to the market. Imagine wrapping a phone, an Ipad, and an mp3 player in a same device. HP, make it happen and I will be the first in line!

This is not a new application, its a continuation of an application filed in 2001.

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that's ok, it is a great idea, phonebook

I think HP and Palm are headed in the right direction. But, to be honest, I want a new cool smartphone. Seeing all this other future stuff is not very comforting right now. I am forced to wait on Palm because "hands down" no other OS can come close to the polish and style of WeOS. I've been playing with an EVO with the new Froyo software and it's just not efficient as WebOS, especially since I'm patched and overclocked to 1 gig. Android is clunky hardware. I love the idea of having setting or preferences for each app that I'm in. Android is not like that. It's cumbersome to work on the phone. The Pre is very intuitive. With the exception of using keyboards, the Pre's UI is buttonless and awesome!

Couldn't have said it better myself. :)

I second that.

if this netbook-thing comes to fruition can we please make sure it does not allow double, triple, quadruple and quintuple posts? ;-)

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I need a full featured phone. So I would love it if that phone could dock to this to add stuff like bigger screen, keyboard, etc. So like when it's combined together it's at least comparable to a simple netbook. I hope that's the intention.

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It's pretty, but physically docking is no longer needed - use bluetooth or 802.11 - unless you're in a wireless-hostile environment. I hope you don't need to find all your pieces to dock to the charger - hassle.

True but then you would need to have 2 power plugs, one for the phone and one for whats being tethered. Assuming that the phone would maintain a charge or use the larger objects power source (palm parasite?) then you would only need one source of power.

Why would you make a device that dock to a phone that is so specific? How many people change there phone out every 12-24 months but keep there net book for longer? I think the whole idea of

touchstone charging and bluetooth/wifi connectivity! AMAZING! the possibilities are seemingly endless!

THAT'S IT a tochstone dock. It could then work with all future phones!

As a Pre owner I'm getting depressed by the 'created' news on our WebOS front (like this - not even that juicy and then further embarrassment when discovered dates back to 2001) while the other guys are in the year 2010 (see Android/Google voice commands announced today).

Hanging on with faith in this whole thing but boy are we behind the game....webOS 2.0 and the Pre2 better be great

Funny, I emailed that idea to Apple 2 years ago so they would hook up their iPhones to their laptops for service.

Of course, it makes even more sense on Palm now that we have WebOS. Sure, you can share the signal and the data with WiFi and other wireless technology, but you use a lot of smartphone battery power to do so. Imagine the power savings if you just hooked up something like a video cable (or inserted the smart phone into the base of the Folio), plus it then runs whatever is exactly on the smart phone directly (but scaled) on the big screen with a big keyboard. At least, that was my idea. Plus, you don't have to pay for 2 wireless accounts (though, that is accomplished with Hot Spot smart phones now).

I have yet to see Palm implement the patent ideas I sent them in Sept of 2009.

Years before I owned my Pre (and moved to Sprint) I would use my brother's BlackBerry (Sprint) with my laptop via USB data sharing. The internet was as fast as my WiFi connection back then, and I could use it anywhere. And of course the phone was charging, and if I remember correctly calls would still come through. But the calls knocked you off the internet, like dial-up used to do. Dial-up... You remember that!