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Palm to finally sell unlocked developer device, Pre 2; Updated 11

by Derek Kessler Tue, 19 Oct 2010 9:47 am EDT

Palm Pre 2 dev phone After what has felt like an eternity of prodding, Palm is finally going to be releasing unlocked developer devices, and they’re taking advantage of the Palm Pre 2 launch to do so. The new top-tier webOS phone will be available unlocked in the United States (sorry international devs!) in tasty a UMTS variety suitable for unbridled GSM phoning fun. This follows on Palm’s discounted-but-still-carrier-locked Developer Purchase Program from March of this year. Needless to say, we’re thrilled to see Palm finally offering a proper developer phone free of the burden of a contract. And we can’t be nearly as pleased as the developers out there looking to snap up a Pre 2 for developing without switching to another carrier (or locking themselves into a new contract) to get the best that webOS 2.0 has to offer.

Update: Palm has posted up a page about the developer program. We still don't have a date or exact pricing, but this bodes well:

HP is excited to announce that developers will be able to purchase an unlocked UMTS version of the new Palm Pre 2 smartphone in the United States to be a canvas for your creativity. And qualified developers will be able to purchase the unlocked Pre 2 at a substantial discount! [...] We will be announcing more details of the program as well as device availability shortly. Stay tuned! (To be notified when the program starts, send an email to .)

Read the Press Release


So ... if I'm reading the other posts correctly ... this is sorta the only way I'll get a Palm Pre 2 on Sprint?

Edit: Wait, does this say it will be GSM only?

Come on Sprint, throw us a bone!

Yeah, it's terrible that the earliest adopters have been left out in the cold so far.

T-Mobile USA 3G or no?

"earliest adopters" = people who kept Palm in business

right..i am so angry about that

I don't quite get the righteous anger of Sprint owners. Yes, they bought the phone. And then Palm went bankrupt. And?

Palm has pretty much died and been reborn, and the truth is all those people who went and bought Sprint Pres just weren't enough to save them.

You haven't been paying monthly fees to Palm. You've been giving your money to Sprint. If we'd all been giving money to Palm for a few months, then maybe I'd understand your anger at being spurned.

Palm hasn't cut you off at all. Redirect your anger.

So we have a Sprint Pre. (Pre Minus) That has half the memory of the Verizon Pre Plus. (Both half the RAM and half the storage.) So the CURRENT Pre on Verizon is vastly superior than our current Pre.

You don't get why we are angry that the carrier that ALREADY HAS A BETTER PRE THAN US is getting an even better one?

My anger is 90% at Sprint. However, we won't know how much HPalm has in getting the phone on the carrier.

Sprint has the best Data pricing, hands down. It sucks that we must use a 16 month old phone to stay with it.

Palm didn't get bought until AFTER the Pre was released on both AT&T and Verizon. It wasn't just the Sprint sales that are to blame.

Substantial discount: 20% off the MSRP, in which the MSRP is 82% higher than actual retail.

Case in point: AT&T Palm Pre Plus.

unlocked world phone is the way to go. Maybe sprint is getting the pre2 plus with an extra camera for the front. They did change up the epic to be the only carrier with a slide qwerty keyboard. Sprint might add a front facing camera; heres hoping.
I love the idea of having an unlocked phone from hp.

Given that the Pre & Pre Plus seem to have bombed in the UK, I can't imagine O2 (the only UK carrier to take that poisoned chalice) will be carrying the Pre 2. So that means that the only way I'll get a Pre 2 in the UK is either buying the Frenchie/German model (SIM unlocked if I can and paying through the nose) or a Developer model. Of course, it's US-only. So various things won't work properly. (The crappy App Store is locked to the type of the phone, at the mo', so I can't buy any apps on my Pre, as I haven't a US credit card, and the phone stupidly can't be changed from the US mode.)

So why did it bomb? See above.

Does this affect the app catalog availability in other countries at all?