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Palm giving 100 developers a free Pre 2 54

by Derek Kessler Mon, 07 Feb 2011 8:26 pm EST

Palm’s been making steps towards a solid developer support program, with hopefully even more to be unveiled come Wednesday. In the meantime, Palm wants to make sure as many developers can get their hands on webOS hardware to test their apps. As such, they’re giving a free unlocked GSM Palm Pre 2 to one hundred webOS developers. The phones are going out on a first-come, first-serve basis to webOS developers that have expressed “interest” in getting a developer device (we’re guessing that means you signed up for developer phone notification or code request but haven’t yet bought one).

If that’s you, we recommend checking your email to see if Palm’s dropped a line in your inbox. If so, you'll have a shot at seeing if you qualify. If not, well, there's always the discount program.

Thanks to Brad for the tip!


It's unfortunate that normal users who have had to get multiple Palm Pre replacements and still keep having problems with the hardware are stuck having to upgrade and pay full price. :(

Yea, I am on my eleventh Pre. However, this one is pretty solid.

Good to know, I only have 8 more to go. :S

Tell me this buddy! If you are on your eleventh phone, what makes you think that one is so solid. i bet you to throw it up to the air and let hit the ground, it won't break this time. but if it does, just go and get another one that'll be no.12 for you. But android and the iphone makes solid phones. You would only have to buy it one time and heave noooo problemmmzzz.

So why are you HERE?

Well buddy, it's time for you to move on, palm hasn't heard your cry, but if you have the will power to move on, there is many other smart and intelligent phone that can soothe your hardware pain. REALLLLYYY I'M SAAUUUURRRRY!

I guess not enough developers bit on the $200 rebate.

Well, thats only for the US guys. Developers from Europe are not getting any discount right now.

Yea I knida don't know why Palm decided to make a slide phone if it was just going to be a milk's best friend.

That's good news maybe more developers will realize that WebOS is a great OS. Plus hopefully more apps for every one

Sure. Expect 100 new crappy apps from developers who chose not to spring for the cost of a device.

Bought an iPad over the weekend - been browsing the store - some nice apps but the majority of it is CRAP. Plus the lack of gestures is really annoying.

I'd like to see Flipboard on a webOS tablet :-)

And a decent MSN client.

Well I requested a coupon code a week and a half ago but haven't received more than the boilerplate reply so far...

Hopefully I'll get one but I'm not holding my breath.


Is that really the phone you want to be giving developers? I'd much rather have developers working with phones that have a higher screen resolution. 320x480 is not exactly the sort of resolution you want to have in the modern phone market.

One can always increase the DPI and/or just buy a new phone. It could be just an entry/intermediate level developer phone,

I asked for a Developer Coupon about a couple of weeks ago, I got a email saying they got my request but haven't sent me the coupon. My friend is another developer, he got his coupon about week after he ask for one. I really hope I am one of these developers who get a Palm Pre 2 because I really want one.

Am I the only one who sees this as not good news

This would mean the best phone they can come up with is the same rehash we have been waiting for for all these "Coming months"

I really was hoping for something more in the phone department.

Like maybe something to keep me in the Webos fold as opposed to a Android phone/tablet, or dare I say it - Iphone/IPad

How does them giving away 100 phones that they have sitting around on a shelf mean that it's the best phone that they have?

They have better phones, but they can't offer to give them away--they haven't announced them yet.

Actually, the glass may be half full. If the U.S. carriers have decided to skip the Pre2 for the new hotness "coming soon", then HPalm may have a surplus stock of them to get rid of.

What about SDK?

You can either join the Early Access Program or wait for it to become public.

No e-mail here.
I wonder what the qualifications were to be sent the e-mail.

They should give away 1000 pre 2's on wednesday to everyone.

so they are revealing a palm pre 2 for all carriers on feb. 9, I knew it. Nothing new. It's like Super Street Fighter 2 turbo plus max etc., same crap new wrapper.

God I hope not.... at least not as the flagship device.

So in other words, yes.

How did you get from, "100 developers are getting free Pre 2s" to "No new phones from Palm"?

The reason I say this is because we've been waiting and waiting for some sort of awe inspiring device from H/Palm. All we have is 2 re-hashes or the original Palm Pre and a teaser device that already looks like a Pre 3. Well, according to the shape, round edges, button placement, and possible slider in teaser video.I really hope I'm wrong on this but I feel like I'm being set up for a disappointment.

Remember, this is a heavily discounted (or free) developer workhorse device. This is not advertised as the new flagship device by any means. I prefer to think of it this way: HPalm realizes that the carriers want the new hot devices that will be announce "soon" and so are left with a supply of Pre2s to get rid of. Why not make them available to developers?

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Before the Pre 2 came out, there was a period when they gave out free Pre Pluses to Devs.

Palm, Palm please Palm. Pretty please!

Pre central reported a while back during the integration of Palm and HP that all HP employees were getting Pres. Not only did they say that HPs developers ranked in the thousands but they were working on new apps and had an in house app contest. I believe HP is now ready with those apps for the launch of the tablet/slate and expect many big names to come with it. Giving away Pre 2 to developers is a way to garner more awareness and creativity to the platform and can only be a good sign of HPs belief in the webOS community. Wednesday is almost here.

I wish all HP employees got Pres.
I wish all webOS developers at Palm got their own Pre2's to use.
I don't wish this because i work there, i don't. I wish this because it NEEDS to happen. If you can't built mindshare within the company, then..

I thought the same thing as you bob. M bad for also believing the things i read on Precentral. sigh.. :(

Man people overreact.

Palm has been giving away phones for a while.
They gave tons of developers Pluses a few months back.

And if you're "suffering" with a Vintage Pre on Sprint, a GSM Pre2 won't help you much unless you switch networks.

A giveaway does not reflect future hardware.

They'll have cooler phones than the Pre2 to announce.

Unless of course you swap the comm boards then have a Pre 2 on Sprint.

why doesn't HP/Palm give away 100 Pre 2's to their loyal followers. We deserve that much.

Why is it Palm and not HP?

got my coupon code a month er so back. I'd like the free one :) but barring a sprint phone announcement wednesday, i'll be ordering my pre2 the same day.

I wonder what a developer needs to do to get one?

Dear Palm, Let me know where to pick mine up on Wednesday. I'm sure you sent an email to me and it's just caught in a spam filter. I will even develop a category dominating hello-world app on the phone as an expression of my appreciation. Thanks!

I hope the Pre 2 is just for the developers to get the hang of WebOS 2.0. I truly, truly hope that the announcement in two days will knock my socks off, cause the iPhone on Verizon is calling my name.

I Wish I Could Get A Phone.

Hey dudes,

Pre 2 looks awesome ! I'm dying to hold it in my hand someday soon.

I'm not a developer, but I love my palm pre plus. Love it. I'm on the AT&T network and I've had an iPhone 3gs, a Samsung Captivate, and recently even a Samsung Focus Windows 7 Phone. As soon as the 'ooooh pretty' wears off I find myself missing webOS so bad that I go right back to my palm pre. (Anyone want to buy a mint condition Focus? J/K, mostly). My question is: Will 2.0 be available to pre plus owners as an update?

They have already stated that legacy devices will be included in the update.

Why GSM only? They obviously have CDMA.

Why GSM? Mostly because of the sim card. You can easily swap one phone account between several test devices at will.

In the early days of bluetooth, I worked for Widcomm making BT headsets and car kits. We only used GSM phones for that reason. We would have a gaggle of phones to test with - and just a few sim cards. Also, that same phone works in Europe as well.

You know, I dreamed last night that I got one of these.

100? Really, that's it?
c'mon palm!
microsoft, google, are giving away TONS of devices. Are you afraid of success or something? Give EVERY developer on EVERY platform your NEXT-gen device!! (the companies mentioned earlier never give out old devices, in fact esp in both cases they gave devs devices BEFORE consumers.. What a novel concept!!)

sigh.. Maybe nothing changes as a result of the HP acq..

awfully quiet in here today being what's around the corner...

Does anyone have more details?.. I applied for the developer discount coupon months ago, I received it and bought a device.
Is it possible for me to apply for a free device in any way? Or, have the 100 devices already been assigned?

I got my free palm pre 2 today. thanks hp & palm

Got my free Pre 2 today as well. It just showed up, I had no idea it was coming. What a nice surprise!