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Palm giving away 500 phones to help support good causes 49

by Derek Kessler Thu, 07 Oct 2010 4:32 pm EDT

Palm Connections Inspired by the stories of the webOS community, Palm is stepping up to the plate of good causes with a whole ton of phones. The folks in Sunnyvale have decided to offer up 500 Verizon Palm Pre Plus phones with $150,000 of service to support community efforts and charities across the United States. The program is called Palm Connections, as we noted a few weeks back, and it’s now running at full tilt.

Each Pre Plus will come with $300 of Verizon service to aid in the cause. Palm says that they’re hoping to support a variety of “good causes,” including charities, sustainability advocates, and eco-entrepreneurs (those pioneering eco-friendly businesses). Palm is posting the stories of these good causes on their new Palm Connections Facebook page, with videos and links for more information on the charities and eco-pioneers.

Several groups have already signed on, including the Niemann-Pick Children's Fund and One World Futbol Project, among others.

Said Palm Connections’ Ryan Chamberlain, Palm was inspired by the grassroots advocacy power of the webOS community. They decided to harness that kind of energy and social media interactions to “help out a bunch of good causes [and] broadcast their efforts and achievements.” And honestly, that’s something we’re 100% behind. Interested parties can apply to take part in Palm Connections, and make the world a better place with Palm.

Source: Palm Connections, Facebook


Good stuff...

that's a good way to promote the pre

Palm just giving pres away..

Good Job HPalm!

500 new Verizon accounts with the GPS issue unresolved. Yay!

Howsabout some Sprint lovin'?

GPS issue only occurs if you have the overclock kernel patch installed.

Way to turn a business loss into a tax write-off. Let's just stop pretending that it has anything to do with charity.

yet it's still more than what you've probably done for your community!!...end result is still the same HPalm giving back to the community!

Personal attack? Why?

same reason you would knock their offense intended but it just gets to me when company's/people do good things and there's always a comment about they're intentions. Whether it be religious, spiritual, monetary, etc., there will always be "hidden intentions" for one's actions.



Sure smells like hidden intentions. P|C has reported that these phones will be pulled from VZW inventory in 2 weeks. Therefore, the phones have been written off by VZW and have zero book value. VZW had a few options with the discontinued product: dump them in a land fill, flood eBay with cheap competition for their current active line up, give them away. If they give away phones with no value and they offer a "starter" subsidy of the ongoing cost of owning the phone, I see that VZW will "give away" about $300 per phone and earn gross income from each phone of about $1,100. That assumes a minimum airtime and data plan for 19 months if the recipients take on a two year contract. Now, if the recipients already have Verizon service and already have data plans and this gives them a cool phone and saves them $300, that has value. And, if that's what is going on, they should explain it that way. It's not a bad thing to look behind the curtain on this allegedly charitable stuff and challenge whether it is truly charitable.

Ok, so your saying that when a company gives away things to charity that have no more substantial value to them, and they get a tax write-off, that's a bad thing?

Anytime a business does something, they try to make a profit or increase their bottom line. That is not evil, that is smart.

They have extra phones that aren't selling. They give them to people who can use them (benefits those charities) and they get a tax write off (benefits them). Win-win. If a charity does not want the phones, they can refuse. Plus, they have a phone. They don't NEED to sign a two year contract.

My mom works for a charity that gets day-old bagels from the local Panera Bread. Those evil jerks probably get a tax write-off too. We should picket them.

No. I am saying that even if the phones are worth $500 and the total contribution is $400K, when you do the math compared to Verizon's earnings, it is roughly equal to a guy who makes $100k tossing 50 cents into the Salvation Army kettle and issuing a press release about it. As a marketing strategy this project=Brilliant. As corporate philanthropy this project=Fail.

Good for VZW that they did it. But, let's now swoon over it.

This has nothing to do with Verizon's earnings. You could say the same thing about a carrier getting money if they did this for Sprint or ATT Pre phones. Regardless which carrier they did this for, the carrier would end up getting some kind of money. (BTW, its a good bet that most companies or charities have some sort of phone and are already paying one carrier or another, so your point is not really solid.)

If I buy a new TV and donate my old one to a charity, am I evil because I get a tax write-off? Is the Power Company evil because they will make money off the power the charity uses with the TV?

HPalm is making a donation of a phone and enough money to use the phone for 2-3 months. No contract is necessary. After the money is used up, the company/charity could sell or auction off the phone.

HPalm is doing something good. They benefit with good PR and more people using the devices, Verizon benefits with more customers, and charities and companies benefit with free phones and some extra money. Everyone wins.

And yes, you should praise HPalm for charity work. Just like you should praise Microsoft for their charity work or any other charitable company for that matter.

You are free to believe whatever you want about this. I have simply expressed my opinion and, when challenged, explained it.


As soon as I saw this story, I wondered how long it would take for someone to turn a nice gesture into a negative.

Congrats sir, you are a douche.

You know.... an to think when I posted "Good Job HPalm" I almost added this question. "Who will be the first to knock it?"
I still say Good Job!

I think it would be great if PreCentral/Community jumped in and did something to go along with those 500 Palm Phones. To show how great of a community backs these devices.


If Palm was just giving phones away, then maybe they are just getting rid of overstocked phones, but they are also providing a $300 service credit. Very Charitable. Great job Palm!!

I know! If a company/charity already had a dumb phone with verizon, then they are getting a free smart phone and enough money to upgrade their service to a data plan for about a year ($25 a month for 12 months).

ummm i need a new pre.... a pre plus would be awesome to hold me off for the new stuff comming BUT NOPE! they r gonna give some to verizon.... androids pushers and webOS haters.... FANX GUYS ;)

edit: nvm i think i read it wrong oh well im tierd and lost interest.... zZzZzZzZz

$300 bucks of service??? On Big V that's not alot lmaooo >:-)

It's enough to upgrade your service for about a year to a data plan. (assuming you previously had a dumb phone acount)

with this news, think Pre 2 would be with Verizon first...

So they are gonna release a new Palm phone around the same time verizon is getting the iphone? uh oh... People are already waiting on verizon for their devices. Its already been confirmed that it's coming. So Palm is really gonna take huge loss on verizon this time... The writing is on the wall.

Umm, Verizon isn't getting the iPhone, at least not until 2012. That's when Apple's contract with AT&T runs out. People have been saying a Verizon iPhone has been coming since like, 2008. Hasn't happened yet and it won't happen for a while yet.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that VZW will have the iPhone early 2011.

Sorry, but I'm not impressed. This is no gift. I have been a VZW customer for a long time and they give nothing away. $300 worth of service with a mandatory data plan and minimum time plan will last a few months. Then I assume, because we are not told otherwise, the recipients will turn off the phones or pick up the monthly bills themselves.

Want to impress me? Give them the phones and a minimum of 2 years free service so that the funds of the charitable recipients can go to their charitable purposes and not to VZW. VZW will make more on this in data and airtime charges than the value of their "gift."

If the recipients can even turn off the phones.

Requiring them to sign contracts with VZW for this "charitable act" would be pretty dirty.

I am assuming that once the $300 credit is used, they are on their own nickel. If that's wrong maybe someone from VZW can tell us.

It's on Verizon's Prepaid service. Prepaid service has no contract agreements. When the account runs out of money the service stops.

I agree. They have got the phones. Why would they need to sign a two year contract?

This gets WebOS out to more hands, gives HPalm good PR, charities and businesses get a free phone and a little free service, and HPalm gets rid of older inventory. Sounds like a good plan to me. I am surprised more phone companies don't do this.

I've actually found the CS reps to be pretty accommodating about bypassing "required data plans" as long as you use kind words with them.

Whatever the "intent" may be, lets just hope that these free phones don't end up getting the needy into more financial troubles after the $300.00 runs out. Hopefully this isn't something like ENRON.

The contracts are "no commitment" contracts. You can continue with Big Red if you want, but otherwise it just ends.

Recent Developer podcast episode 9, discussing webos 2.0 sdk

I'm part of the program, my personal chef biz (Bourgeoisie Brunches) also has an interest in creating home aquaponics systems and spreading the word. Regardless of any corporate intentions, it really is a great way for other people to leverage it and turn it into something GREAT!!! It will only be as good as the people involved, our contact, Ryan (mentioned above) has been AMAZING at getting us what we need and keeping us updated - not just with emails, but personal phone calls. Plus, I get three free phones ( I could've gotten more) all with the service contract. I get one and can give the others to whomever I want to. It's a great promotion for WebOS (which we all want so they stay around), a great promotion for all the businesses involved to be seen, and a great way to spread the word about what we are trying to do to better the world - and HOW we can do it with our phones. I have a Pixi (Sprint) which I've been using, and now get to try out a Pre Plus for awhile! I think it s a great thing, check out the page AND get involved, they are still looking for participants to join in. Email Ryan, he's been stupendous! WebOS FTW!!!!!

i am involved in a community based organisation, it would of been great if this was extended to organisation outside the US. All the sceptics here need to know companies like sony, samsung, apple, nokia who have a big presence hete in europe have done nothing similar to this.

I wonder how many of those ''new'' phones are re-furbished?


And this matters why?

Personally, I don't think it makes one bit of difference, but I felt obligated to answer this persons question. :)

My screen is dead, I want to get my music off the phone, what is the button sequence to but the phone in media sync? Thanks on advance

"Thats Fantabulous" hooray for Palm.

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