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by Travisml Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:44 pm EST
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-80 MB of space

1. Download and install theme
2. Download and install "Switcheroo Free"
3. Download
4. Unzip folder and connect pre to computer (USB mode)
5. Drag "Date" folder into DCIM folder in pre
6. Open Switcheroo and set:
-switch timing: once a day
-album: date
-image sequence: random
7. Turn switcheroo on and click "switch now"
8. Keep clicking "switch now" until background becomes a date that is close and has already passed. (e.g. if today is December 13 then keep switching until it says 12/4 or something like that)
9. Change "image sequence" to: sequential.
10. Click "switch now" until it shows todays date.


Hints: Best to perform near midnight so date changes at the right time of day. Be patient, there is no other way to do this that i am aware of, but once you get it done, it's quite nifty :)

p.s. sorry the background has to do with ultimate frisbee... its kind of my thing. and i started a league in orange county.

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:) Oh good theme, good theme.

Nice... But I'm with Bell Mobility. :(

Can't wait to try it once it hits preware... Does the date actually work???

Good looking theme. I know I'm asking a lot, but any chance you can get the date to work? Otherwise, this would be a 5 star theme in my opinion. Thanks for putting this theme out there!

So, I have not downloaded it, but if the date doesn't work. It just has the 11 11 sign up there without changing it? Is it possible to make it work. I would download it FAST if this would work.

how do you download this man i dont

i love this

Good looking theme, but the home screen disappears after you load it.

too many sprint logos .. it's a bit too much.. i won't waste my time downloading it....

Working Time with this will be up soon. :)

cool, looks good

I hope you don't make it work by having the wallpaper change every minute to a different wallpaper with the right time.

Otherwise, it's lookin good.

That would explain the 200MB size.

when will this be available in preware?

4 stars without the clock, ten with it. This will definitely be my theme once everything's working, regardless of the file size...could you post more pics of the icons, boot screen, launcher pages, etc?

EDIT: could you also create a forum page for this theme so members could talk about it?

nice app

Dang, if the wallpaper will change every minute then won't that affect the lifetime of the battery and shorten it?

Looks good, but, is all the sprint texts necessary? Where is says Sprint. The now network and the palm pre texts are too much. Without them, I would think the home screen would look better.

its not letting me download.

i might just have it show the date then... because the switcheroo app doesnt work if your pre is sleeping (or whatever you want to call it when it's inactive) so it throws it off constantly. i basically have it on my phone (both time or date) and am testing it out. So it's done.

And sorry that i got lazy, but i am an avid ultimate frisbee player and i started a league in orange county so now on the left it says palm pre, under it: the now network, in the middle is a sun with a silhouette of a guy laying out for a disc, and on the right it says oc ultimate.

the million different dates/times was tedious so yeah. and it's finals week so maybe ill make it more general later on.

ill have it up soon once i figure out how to get the date or time permanently synced up. another prob im having is setting the date to the right one... the app won't let you choose which wallpapeer to start with (i can make it sequential) but i have to start off going with random until it sets one close to the one i want, and then put it to sequential and click switch until it's on the right one. Is anyone good with modifying apps? or writing a new one? Make this theme a team effort haha. i dunno.

Great work on this Theme. The work you do here may open the door for other theme builders to add 'date' and 'time' to the home screen?
I 'm a Bell customer so a more generic theme would be nice, but I know you have priorities before that happens.

the WEATHERMAN app is able to put the weather on the home screen I would assume something similr is able to be done with time instead of changing the stupid home pic every sixty seconds

200MB of space!.. im down.

Eh... not like I really used up my 8gb.

wen does this come to preware? i really want this theme.

whoa bud, chill out, its not an app like weatherman, it's completely different. you go ahead and mess with the internal coding of your phone if you like.

how do you install this

Pretty cool...frisbee is fun to play but not really something I want on my home screen.. I passed on this theme because of it.

Anyway, thank you for posting and nice work!

yeah, im not expecting to get the top rating or anything, i just kinda wanted to make myself a theme, and figured, hey why not just share it just in case, and if i get some time ill make a few more backgrounds :)

Hey! Im not tring to be picky, but can you make another theme without the frisbee? This is seriously the BEST theme ive seen yet...but removing the frisbee would be awesome!

Where Can You Download Switcheroo . Please HELP

yeah ill come out with a new background eventually. once i gather the patience. haha.

and you can download switcheroo from filecoaster, preware, or webosquickinstall

is file coaster a website ?


no idea how to put it on there.

Hay, just putting it out there, but this is a GREAT theme.The date changing is so innovative, yet simple. I can't wait to see the time changing, and did I read that you said it would be time AND date??? If so then go you, because that must have taken A LOT of time. I hope people can use your idea and implement it to there themes. Also, I think the friesbe man looks B.A. Keep it up and cant wait till the time part theme to come out.

Thank you a ton! Yeah, im still letting the ideas float around in my mind. i love coming up with simple creative ideas for themes such as the switcheroo thing. We'll see how this theme evolves :)

theme is cool, but just changing the wallpaper dailey seems like the easy way out. still good work though non the less. Lets hope a real hero theme comes out or a patch to put a real time or date on the home screen

Thanks, nice work.

I can't download the theme via webos quickinstall and when i try to install it via preware it installs it but it doesnt work. I've got the date and background on it and everything but the app's picture doesnt change nor is there a silver bar at the bottom.

P.S. I thnik the app would be better if instead of the date, it should be the time changing. Or maybe the date and the time! That would be the coolest theme on the market :)!

I'm using palm pre from bell mobility,,y is that I can't download it??add me in facebook

Nice work Dude. Got installed using WebOS quick install. However your dates are missing some digits. from 228 thru 301. I like the theme,even though it's has the Sprint Love. Please update your date folder please. Big Up's!!

On a second look man, you're missing 30 mins from all your times. Please correct this.

Can I use this theme on my Palm Pixi? I love it but it sounds like a lot of trouble to get installed and working correctly. But I would still love to have it if I could figure out how to get it to work. It does not say anything on here about Pixi Themes?

Johnny - a veteran of AT&T iPhone (yuch!)

it's supposed to be the date since the time is already displayed by default.

it's supposed to be the date since the time is already displayed by default. and i dont know if it will work on the pixi. sorry.

Hey i was wondering is it still the same way u install it cuz i cant add themes on quick install it has preadded thems on there and urrs is on there but i cant download it cuz it gives me a error like alot of the themes on there help me oplez bye

what is switcheroo free?

yes its free

WOrk on the pixi ????

How can i Install the them, It's just a zip folder
and I can not find the Switcheroo Free

how do you download this?

what is switcherroo ?

does anyone answer comments and questions on there own themes, if not take this carp off