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Palm Hires Ex-Nokia Meego Chief Ari Jaaski 34

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 14 Oct 2010 10:44 pm EDT


After a very large number of Palm employees headed to Nokia to work on Meego, perhaps its only fitting that somebody from Nokia heads to Palm. So reports John Paczkowski of All Things D, who writes that that Nokia's head of the Meego division, Ari Jaaski, will move to the bay area and become the new Senior Vice President of webOS for Palm / HP.

Paczkowski also notes that Palm is pulling in Victoria Coleman from Samsung R&D to oversee platform and app development as well as a few execs from within HP to run product marketing, sales organization, and product management.

webOS has perhaps been lacking engineer leadership since Mike Abbot, Matias Duarte, Mike Bell, Peter Skillman, and many others left Palm after the HP acquisition.

Back to Jaaski, we don't know much about him (yet), but the most linked piece on his blog happens to be this PDF white paper on "Building consumer products with open source" where he describes the basic work behind creating the Maemo OS for Nokia tablets (the precusor to Maemo). In it, he brings up many points that should get developers (and lovers of open source) excited, including sponsoring the development of existing open source projects, hiring open source developers, and jointly developing code with the open source community. Some of our faves: "it is very beneficial to use open source in consumer product creation," "Licensing is simpler with open source," and, "we can combine open communication and product confidentiality."

Here's what Jaaski had to say about the Palm Pre in May:

I used to use a Palm Pre a lot. What a great device. What an astounding software. I was so disappointed to see it not getting the traction it deserves. I really hope that now that it has found a new home @ HP it will rise again! And by the way, I have an extra sweet spot for Pre. It shares a lot of stuff with Maemo and N900.

Welcome to Palm!

Source: All Things D



Donsumer? XD

I was wondering if it was a typo or a mix between two words that is explained in the pdf.

...I'm pretty sure he meant 'Consumer.'

Quiet, all of you!


...and thanks.

Well honestly, the fact that meego's user interface sucked ass i just hope this guy doesnt do anything stupid with webos. Its beautiful as it is and i wouldnt want to see its friendly user interface fall in the wrong hands. Not saying he sucks. Im judging based upon what i have already seen on Meego. I assure you that 70% of you on here would agree.

The current Meego interface is not the shipping one. Its just a reference for the time being while the "under the hood" stuff gets completed. Don't judge Meego yet by the releases on the still has a long way to go. Furthermore, Meego is just the reference OS for manufacturers to put their own spin on, just like Android.

Palm picked up a very astute guy in Ari Jaaski. You only have to pop over to the Maemo forums to see how disappointed Nokia fans were when he announced he was leaving. He was the leading light for a renaissance of Nokia, and I think he was tired of headbutting the wall with the direction Nokia was heading.


They take Skillman and we take the person they replaced from Palm?

Samsung VP would be a good choice as they did very good marketing for Galaxy. Though Galaxy sold for itself, with that beautiful super Amoled screen, wish palm made a hardware with 720 resolution before iphone or droids bring it out.

no shit it has a lot in common with maebo. you copied its friggin OS with the cards you butt! and RIM did the same sh!t !

friggin wow


nice. :) good job, palm.

Holy shit! Palm hired Agent Smith from The Matrix.

Well they did have those cool spring loaded slider phones in the movie. Maybe they hired him to fix the slider wobble.

yes put this guy to work and fix the pre

Say goodbye to Palm. HP is getting all their folks in the key positions over at Palm. Probably a big boost for sales, but not a good sign if you like seeing the Palm logo hanging around past this first year or two.

goodbye palm, welcome competitive company

good. now palm can pick this guy's brain to see what the competition was brewing. beats having everyone else poach palm's ip rights.

Nice to see people joining Palm instead of leaving...

All those product managers that Palm lost are more or less easy to replace. The only person I really feel sorry for leaving Palm is Matias Duarte, WebOS UI Designer.
Without him on board I am afraid that webOS might loose on consistancy and I hope, really do hope, that noboady messes with webOS fonts they are currently using. Best typeface I've ever seen on mobile device period. Altough they could use better character support for bold type (incoming notification bold font).

I definitely agree with you on all points. Preface is an amazing font and is still unmatched on any mobile platform, though you are right about bold type.

re: the UI consistency point, they already have a pretty solid style guide for the 3rd party devs, I'm sure there's an even more complete and detailed one for the internal teams, too. Though, yeah, I was saddest about his loss from the team and the possibility that the UI could lose its consistency is a real worry. We'll see, but I think it'll probably be ok from here on.

Since I'm not one of those executives who makes decissions, then there is pretty much nothing I can say or do about it - right? I think they know what they are doing. I give them that much. :-D

I wouldn't call this a great hire. Nokia is probably the one company more rudderless than Palm before the HP merger. They are relatively clueless about smartphones (more concerned with hardware than software), which cost the CEO his job. Wasn't sure this guy wasn't shown the door as well....
SIncerely hope this guy does a better job at Palm than Nokia....

Yeah, because HP does not know how to find talented people for a role that has an SVP in it's title, they should consult with you before they make these hires. I am just speechless when an average Joe that has no knowledge of the situation would criticize a company like HP for making an executive position hire.

I would say HP does not. They have a rather poor track record, you must admit. Nokia is as jacked up a company as there is in the tech world. Nokia has made several mis-steps in the smartphone arena as of late. Specifically with their OS. I would think the guy in charge of this would not be the guy you would want to manage your OS. I don't need an HR degree to know that.
Stop being an HP fanboy.

You may want to read before assuming Nokia's lack of direction is all his fault.

Hopefully he was just a good guy in a bad place in Nokia and now he will be able to do great things for HP.

Rudderless? This is the world market champion in the middle of a difficult transition from symbian to meego. Large companies without really dominant leaders go through this often. Usually works out fine, but with short term political/management collateral damage.

Comparing them to Palm, which had nothing, and poorly managed the nothing that they're giving Palm a little too much credit by comparing them.

Wow, I didn't realize that Maemo was a recursive OS (para 4: "[Jaaski] describes the basic work behind creating the Maemo OS... (the precusor to Maemo).")

So it's re-precusive? Or did Jaaski use his favourite phone to make it Pre-recursive??

We're ruthless, merciless and pitiless, Dieter :-)

So, what does this mean for Jon Rubenstein???????


Jon still runs the Palm division. This new guy is responsible for the OS from what I understand.


Thanks.. that makes sense, and I kinda like that he has the software OS expereince from Meego from Nokia, in this capacity - new, innovative and refreshing ideas can come out of left field from someone with his type of experience.

Meego has many elements of webos that i liked and it has many that i liked that webos doesn't have... perhaps this guy will beable to impliment many of the cool aspects of Meego into Webos. i see nothing but good to come of this. iv been telling people that webos is going to be the OS to get into, i think this guy is going to help me prove myself right

Hopefully this guy is gong to be in the Precentral news alot for the good he is doing, and I wish him well, but there has got to be a picture of him that doesn't look like an alternate cover for "the Forty Year Old Virgin".

Pardon me, but the man's name is Ari Jaaksi not Jaaski :)