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Palm hiring senior smartphone product manager 37

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 15 Jun 2010 10:30 am EDT

If all that hubub stirred up by HP's CEO Mark Hurd two weeks ago still has you unsettled about whether HP is truly interested in making smartphones, we can't blame you for finding HP's statement on the matter something less than a definitive commitment to putting smartphones at the forefront of the webOS ecosystem.

However, here's a good sign: Palm posted a job on June 11th on LinkedIn for a "Senior Product Manager - webOS Smartphones." Although the buyout hasn't officially happened yet, but we have to assume that at this stage of the game HP has a cursory, advisory, or even a dictatory role in deciding which important positions to fill at Palm.

From the job description, it appears that the position is important indeed:

In this fast-paced, highly visible, challenging and coveted role, you will oversee the definition, launch and lifecycle management for our smartphone products. You must be an effective communicator with strong technical skills who can drive the definition and execution of our next generation smartphones. The ideal candidate will balance business acumen and a technical understanding of mobile operator & end user requirements with Palm's capabilities & strengths to deliver world-class, innovative smartphones to both the domestic and international markets.

We wish Palm success in finding the right candidate. It appears that smartphones will remain a crucial line for HP's Palm division.


GREAT!!! AWESOME!!! FANTASTIC!!! Now get me my next generation smartphone PALM.


I say they hire the WebOS Internals guys!!

This isn't a development role... sounds more like product planning and design rather than software.

This is great news!


Me me me! I've Made some mockups! :D

I think Dieter Bohn should apply! Then we could get a really great smartphone that has everything We want!

+ 1

+ 1000000000000000000000000000

Maybe we'd get a little more information too. Feel like I'm in the dark with Palm. Would like to know what is in the works.

Just for clarification, this isn't (most likely) a single position. There are many product managers.

Agreed. And the hired could easily be responsible for USB cords, or Pixi exports to Slovenia.
This is likely a mid level marketing job or overseer of manufacturing.

maybe you should taken the time to read the whole article including the job decription. I really don't think this person would be in charge USB cords or anything like that. I would really know what Palm has been working on just like everyone else on here. With this buyout soon to take place I'm sure Palm may not be able to give us any details on any up coming devices but the fact that they posted this job on June 11 is a clear sign that HP will at least at first alow Palm to be Palm.

Well, maybe I did read it, twice. Upper management candidates are not solicited on the company websites or job boards. Middle management positions are done that way, and they always "play up" the candidates role within the company. One of the first things that happens early in the first interview is a redefinition of what they're really looking for, with an explanation that "this position is a springboard to...". Rubi didn't get his job from, or

No, not at all. I don't know the specifics of Palm's positions and structure, but at many places, product managers are on the same level as and analogous to software engineers and testers. This is likely the PM equivalent of "senior software engineer." Product manager usually means someone that works on requirements engineering and the business side rather than actual development, though they still need to be technically qualified.

I'm just trying to clarify since "senior" might imply to some people that they are somehow managing a department or something, that's not really the case. If someone's a "senior software engineer" it doesn't mean they are head of engineering, though it might mean they're heading up development of a specific team or project.

I'm pretty sure Jon Ruby will be leaving after the HP buyout, and they need someone to take his job.

I agree. This is Jon Rubie's replacement.

Ah, it says Product Manager, not CEO.

HP doesn't need a CEO of Palm they have hurd(turd):) for that

In my opinion Sprint is to blame for most of the problems.

Sprint promised the world with the Instinct "iPhone Killer," spent millions advertising and advertising features that never happened. 6 months later they could care less about any updates to it.

Sprint did a poor job advertising the webOS. Now a year later they are throwing Palm under the bus.

Guess which phone goes under the bus next, after poor sales, hardware issues and slow firmware updates? EVO

um I'm pretty sure a ceo type position would not be posted this way but who cares!! I definitely think the whole homebrew community would more than qualify for these positions. They know what the current palm market base is looking for in a smartphone. Apply homebrew guys and let us know how it works out.

I'm certain when Rubi leaves, nobody in the Palm subsidiary will have any say in who replaces him.

I nominate Rod Whitby and Jason Robitaille

I Agree

For a Product Manager role? Isn't that a demotion of sorts? LOL

This posting really doesn't reveal much beyond a continuing interest in smartphones; my early "handler" at Palm was the Senior Product Manager and he left last month. (He'd been around since the PalmOS days.) It would seem to me that all this posting does is indicate they're filling the position he vacated.

(A "handler" is a person developers talk to at Palm regarding any questions on webOS, capabilities, and etc--basically he was helping with developer relations really early on last year in addition to being Sr. Product Manager. Also, a Sr. Product Manager is nowhere near the level of CEO.)

I didn't know R.K. Left Palm,

Is no one else concerned about the meaning behind this? Why do they need an external person to be a "Senior Product Manager - webOS Smartphones"? Doesn't this seem to indicate a ship at sea advertising for a captain?

Don't get too excited. Product Manager is NOT a high level job, and typically the person may be one of several PMs each handling a different product. He will not be some executive driving an entire product area. But who knows? Maybe this guy is being hired to manage the elusive C40 !!! ;-)

I agree a product manager is not a high level position but it's an important position. Especially when that product is a smartphone. That just lets us know that Palm will continue to make smartphone and we know they will run webOS. For me this is a good news.

Well, it really does not matter if it is a high or low level job. To make a business run you need low level and high level. What this shows is that they are STILL highering and showing a continued interest in smart-phones. You people sure like drama!

What this shows is that they are STILL highering and showing a continued interest in smart-phones.


How much does the job pay?

Pre or Post buyout? :-)

truth is a good company doesn't have to seek employes the good employe finds the good company

Yaaaa! Palm is going to hire someone for HP to fire!