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Palm Job Listings Hint At The Future Of WebOS 19

by Jason Robitaille Sun, 19 Jul 2009 8:22 am EDT

VPN Job Listing

Oh how we love job listings that reveal tantalizing details of upcoming plans.  We especially love these two listings that just recently came to our attention.

First off is a job that was apparently listed way back on May 8th on Palm's career page:

VPN Network Engineer

To work with the Linux networking components to create a great networking experience for Palm's WebOS platform. This includes modifying open-source software to meet the needs for an embedded device, developing and maintaining WebOS specific VPN networking components.

Looks like those who wanted VPN on the Pre may get their wishes. It is a bit distressing this listing was posted back in May yet still hasn't been filled.  Hopefully Palm will find a developer for this soon.

The second job listing in question was posted on the Mary-Margaret Network and really is just what the doctor ordered:

Game Frameworks Engineer

Palm is looking for developers who are passionate about gaming, handhelds, mobile communication and the possibilities for Palm in the gaming arena. The software developers we’re looking for will have strong mathematical/analytical skills and will be effective team members in a small, focused initiative.
Design, implement, debug, and optimize frameworks for game development

Wow!  This job listing is pretty fresh, being posted only on June 29th, but once the position gets filled, it'll really give something for developers to look forward to. Then disgruntled iPhone developers won't be able to brag how our Mojo SDK is bad for gaming (even though from the start Palm's been upfront about that). Aw, who are we kidding? They'll probably still complain anyway.

The way I see it, either Palm plans to create some gaming framework that has access via HTML/CSS/JavaScript but is run via a native graphics engine, or this our first hint of a native Linux SDK in the works. Though, as much as I'd like a native SDK, chances are we won't be seeing one for a while yet.

Thanks to Lisa and crazytexan for the tips.



YAY!!!! ??? I LOVE YOU PALM ??? :-D

Go Palm Go!


This makes me far more confident about how they really want to push the newborn WebOS and how they care about it.

Cant wait till Pre comes to europe.

I'll repeat my post from the forum...

OK, I'm not a programmer, or a hack, or anything of any significance in the world of computers and gadgets, but this is something I've been dreaming about. Who needs a 32gig pre if you can VPN to your multi-terabyte video/song collection at home? I'm so glad I bought this phone!

Oh, maybe people that don't want to pay the electricity for a 24/7 music hosting PC. Or deal with the network issues that might arise. Or want to eat up their bandwidth hosting the stream. Or..?

Maybe I'm a bit more forgiving, but a 4GB-8GB iPod loaded with a variety of songs I like rarely disappoints. At least not enough for me to waste resources to the degree of hosting my own music server in case I absolutely can't wait to get home to hear a specific song. Hardly worth the war and oil to power it.

Of course, 8GB (7.5 or less usable) is a very low limit for a sustainable music player *AND* smartphone. Especially when you're locked out of any possibility of internal memory expansion - something available to 95 percent of all other cell phone users.

Programs also take up chunks of memory, and though you can probably leave your home machine on to host a VPN session to pull down the program you desire that instant too - there's something to be said for building a smartphone from the beginning with enough memory to handle such basic tasks well enough to work for most people without crazy wasteful workarounds.

OK maybe I'm alone on this one but in one of the many articles that I read filled with rumors and whatnot about the Pre before it was suggested that there might be support for external hard drives. I may have misread or dreamed it up but the idea could open a whole other level of the amount of portable media that you could have. I remember time and time again looking at external hard drives and thinking what do I need one for. Then I started recording records on my laptop with an turntable pre-amp and the added storage and convenience of transferring MP3s to my desktops a must have. Now I've removed a majority of my media files from my laptop and work desktop and just carry the hard drive with me. If I could hock it up to my Pre I would have access to over 20,000 media files at all times. 500g would blow anything out of the water and not waste bandwidth. The problem would be powering the drive which I'm sure is why it has been done before. There is going to be a point where flash and hard drive support will become part of stereo equipment. It will basically take the MP3 player out of the picture. All the stereo device will need is the software to play the media file and a usb slot.

I just hope they find somebody... since it has been a while since both job listings have been posted, right?

One in May and one at the end of June...
I guess it takes longer than my patience can manage.

Hopefully this post may raise some publicity for the job openings and they'll get filled quicker. So spread the word :D

I'm wondering if it's possible that someone has taken the VPN networking job, but Palm wants more than one person working on the project. I haven't bought a Pre yet because Sprint 3G doesn't exist in my area, but if I could use the Pre on my university's wireless network (which requires VPN), then I would be much more ready to purchase one.

OMG!!! A dream come true! This phone is going to rock even more!

I hope they're adding to an existing team and not looking for one person for each task so far into the task (and still looking for one of them).

Do you have some sort of content-sharing agreement with Their article at credits this article, but it's basically just a slightly rewritten version of what I read here. Maybe there's a good explanation, but it seems a bit odd to me...

Here's a listing of open source Linux VPN packages...

If you need VPN, you can always stick with a good old PalmOS 5 device for now:

Nice that Palm has decided to take internal ownership over VPN rather than leave creation and support to random third parties. Probably 2010 before it's ready for release.

So I am curious, 1.02 came out on a saturday, .03 was also on a saturday and .04 on a monday... Right? Double check that. So why on a wednesday?

well I think what they were really looking for was a date the ended in "DAY" so as far as wednesDAY is concerned sounds like a great idea...

haha I'm just kidding... but in all fairness it did the the 22nd (or near to) so I think we should just be happy that there is an update coming soon!

Lol agreed... But my concern even tho its not that much difference I hope it comes out august first with the NFL thing and maybe new apps in the app catalog... You know like so it all comes at once... Seems like pre owners would be happier. Also I don't want them to skip anything just because they feel an update needs to be released.

So let's see...Palm is looking for some software guys who will design and implement the software that external game developers can then use to implement their game software.

'Bout 2012 when it's ready?

...for those of you with F5 VPN's: