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Palm Kills TealOS 25

by Jason Robitaille Sat, 28 Mar 2009 4:21 am EDT

Most of us knew it seemed too good to be true: TealOS, a full-featured WebOS UI for the good ol' PalmOS.  Well, Palm has finally brought down the ax.  According to a post from TealPoint Software on their official messageboard:

I'm sorry to say that at Palm's request, as of this upcoming Monday, March 30, we will no longer be selling or distributing TealOS.

We really appreciate the help and unprecedented enthusiasm so many of you have shown for this product. It's been a long time since we experienced this kind of customer cooperation, and the program's success came at a badly needed time. We wish we could continue contributing to this great community.

For those of you who have already purchased the product, your copies will continue to function, of course, but we encourage you to download the latest beta copies to insure you have a stable version you are happy with and back it up to a safe place, as you'll no longer be able to download it after Monday.  We'll continue through the weekend to try to get as many bug fixes and requested improvements in as we can before then.

While I can't say this was unexpected given Palm is betting their company on the Pre and the WebOS's unique UI, this certainly is saddening.  If you haven't picked up your own copy of TealOS yet, I highly recommend giving it a go (especially the latest beta versions), as it'll be the last hands-on try of a WebOS-style UI for a few months to come.



...what the!! Downloading latest updates now! Sorry to see this come to an end, it was such a great launcher.

Really good UI. If I had a PalmOS device, I purchase it. But now I still wait for the Pre. :)
I understand that palm don't want a new competitor of the Pre.

I thought tealOS was pretty cool, but honestly, I had way more problems with my treo than I ever had before after downloading tealOS. It's probably for the best that I don't use it.

I love this application. My Centro feels like a completely new device with a new OS. People see it and "ooh and ahh", including iPhone users. One of my friends who has an iPhone said that the TealOS looked very cool.

Too bad, but I can see Palm's point. TealOs may keep some people from moving to the Pre.

I'll still be getting a Pre once it gets to Verizon (hopefully by Christmas)

Wow, Palm, that's really sad. If anything, this would make people want the Pre more so! I know it did for me at least...

Tealpoint did a great job of breathing new life into my seriously outdated 700p.

Yea, this is really a shame.

Given the fact that it won't be updated or distributed anymore, I would hope Teal will put it on sale for the weekend. Maybe $7.99?

Come on guys, lighten up. It comes down to the very basics of copyright and patent law. You can not selectively go after infringers of your intellectual property. If you want them to be valid you have to protect them.

IANAL, but copyrights stay valid even if you don't try to enforce them. Patents generally stay valid, but limits how much you can sue for in damages if you've been sitting on them for a while.

Trademarks are the only ones that have to be aggressively enforced.

sad to see this happen, but I can dig what Palm wants to do here.

lol@the reminds me of the auto-pilot from


LOL@the reminds me of HAL in 2001, A Space Odyssey. Wall-E ripped it off.

It is HAL from 2001.

yep, it's HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I'm glad people got that reference or they'd think I have some strange red light fetish, lol.

Very appropriate graphic, well done.

I see this as a good sign. Palm/Sprint must be getting closer to the release of the Pre or they wouldn't bother shuting this down.

Or, they see their most effective use of resources to hassle developers that are actually promoting WebOS creatively...

is there a posibility to use that flash square on internet aplications?
Google Mobile will use it?

is there a posibility to use that flash square on internet aplications?
Google Mobile will use it?

Palm makes me sick. I was not planning to migrate to Palm Pre with webOS as it is in this first version because this combination of hardware/OS does not speak to my needs, to whit:

- no expansion memory available
- cloud concept does not make sense to me (no desktop? no back up? what if I'm not connected to the web? what will the data transfer charges be, and will I be charged for every time my Pre checks some online source for a change to a phone number? speaking of which, will Pre be automatically logged into my Gmail AND Facebook AND Yahoo mail and this and that? How is security going to keep my data secure? If it's not always connected, how much time will it take to connect each time? Way too many questions remained unanswerd for me to see a "clear walk" from my Treo 680 to life with Pre and webOS
- screen still isn't big enough

As such, TealOS made my 680 feel new again, and it is frankly a great launcher (with features I'd been looking for for a long time). It would have HELPED me remain a Palm user until Palm made new offerings on the webOS that made sense vs what I'm accustomed to now.

I tried to buy a registration key for the trial version I was using. If I'm too late, I'm going to be unhappy about it, and what loyalty still remains after such a long string of disappointments may be dead altogether if there's no hope of a next generation Palm (NOT Windoze on Palm hardware) OS that makes sense to a longtime OS5 user.

I guess Palm couldn't stand the heat of a program showing them that Garnet's still a very usable OS and competitive with their all-new (and incompatible) WebOS vaporware. I had a sense this was coming, wouldn't bother tossing away the money for a license key. Seems short sighted of Palm, though.

As much as Palm has continually tried to stifle the fact, third parties have *always* driven innovation and implementation of their products, far better than their silly NASCAR promotions. This software product should have been FREE - written by Palm - to tease people into getting used to the transition to WebOS. Instead they screwed up a good thing and squashed it.

Palm should have just *licensed* the right to this thing and let it grow. If people LIKED the interface enough to buy a license, it means there's viability in the WebOS GUI and these people might stick with Palm instead of going elsewhere when their Treos die. Now they've pissed off their PalmOS customer base, and a major software developer for their products. When iPhone's cut-and-paste firmware (v3.0) comes out this summer, it'll take away one more reason to stay with Palm. Nice move, geniuses.

Wow! You really are stupid.

"I guess Palm couldn't stand the heat of a program showing them that Garnet's still a very usable OS and competitive with their all-new (and incompatible) WebOS vaporware."

LOL. You sound bitter...and ignorant.

I've changed my mind, I'm not going to get a Pre when it comes out unless:

1. They include a flash player in the web browser
2. All other applications run smoother than my current palm.
3. It's less than $119

My hope for the pre is that all the apps will be as cool as the OS interface. If the launching interface is the only thing improved on the pre from past palms then why bother? I do like this TealOS (although I'm screwed because I didn't know about it till after March 30th) but the OS is only cool when you launch your applications, once launched you still have that PALM look'n feel and honestly fx(Palm)Coolfactor = Low.

I know this probably a mute point by now, but I just picked up a Palm Centro (used) and was looking@ apps for it and came across TealOS. I understand wanting people to go to the Pre. But I've got AT & T and who knows when they will release the Pre for them, since AT&T seems to just want to sell the Iphone's. I would have kept my Palm Centro, If I could have gotten the TelOS and then wait for the Pre. But I guess I'll just go over to the Dark Side and get an Apple Iphone instead, when my contract in up for renewal in September.

Palm, for someone who wants to dominate over Apple Iphone, or at least put a dent in it, you have missed you're mark w/ this.

Just my .02 cents!

So... For all the hype of the Pre, Palm kills WebOS. Well since the Pre sucks, shouldn't they re-release the TealOS? I think that would make sense. I mean, I love my phone, treo 680 even more with the TealOS that I downloaded today... I would hate to see it go because it's not sold anymore... I don't think teal OS would prevent anyone from buying the Pre. The WebOS runs smoother on the Pre and has a somewhat bigger screen. The resolution on the pre is better than most treos so everything looks more clear.

Anyway, if someone wants to buy the pre, they are going to buy the Pre. I think that they should bring back Teal OS for the simple fact that some of us like the WebOS, but can't have the Pre.

Teal OS is officially back! I went to there site today, and it is once again available to download. it shows release date as "January 3, 2012". I guess, with the announcement of Web OS being open-sourced and all, Palm (Now owned by HP and branded as HP) has no reason, legal or otherwise, to keep them from selling it. I am so happy, since i like this software, and i own the palm centro.
(Off topic: BTW: Apparently EVERYONE in america just about had a palm centro at one point. Practically everyone who sees me with my phone says, "Hey, i used to have that phone!")

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