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Palm knows EAS support is lacking, fix due within 60 days 41

by Derek Kessler Thu, 11 Jun 2009 3:12 pm EDT

EAS support lacking, Palm working on it There are a few areas that Palm could stand to improve webOS and the Pre. One of the most glaring are the holes in their implementation of Microsoft Exchange Active Sync. As undoubtedly many of you have discovered when attempting to hook your Pre up to your corporate EAS server, the Pre does not support EAS remote wiping or EAS pin locks (though such features do exist via your Palm Profile and on the device, respectively). Without those security features that many corporations demand, the Pre simply won’t connect, meaning the investment was for naught.

Thankfully, we’ve received word from Jon Zilber, Director of Online Communications at Palm, that they’re working on it:

Palm understands that some business customers need support for specific Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) policies. We are working to develop support for EAS PIN and password enforcement, as well as EAS remote wipe, for webOS and hope to announce these new features within the next 60 days. We will deliver the features through our over-the-air update system, which Palm has already started using to bring new updates to Pre users as they become available. Until then, Palm Pre customers can enable a PIN or password directly on a device, and can also remotely wipe a device via a Palm profile.

We’ve also heard from a source within Palm that they are aware that many are having problems with SSL connections (in that their server doesn’t support it but the Pre demands it anyway) and are working on a solution that should hopefully be out in the near future. These changes should hopefully fix the vast majority of Exchange server issues we know that many of you have encountered. Just hold on tight, the fix is coming!


Good to hear for the people with issues... though I suspect that 60-day timeframe might be too late; many will return their Pre before then if they have this issue.

Just got my Pre and, as you would guess, can't get to my Outlook at work. Have you heard anything new on this?

Thank god! Even if I have to wait 60 days, as long as I know it's on the todo list, i'm happy.

Yesssssss! This is the way things ought to be. The "old Palm" would still be stonewalling us for weeks, waiting for the return period to expire, and maybe then accidentally leaking a fix somewhere out there in a less-than-obvious place we'd all have to dig for on our own.

Having someone actually come out and acknowledge the seriousness of the issue will produce much happier customers and corporate acceptance of the device -- this is great news.

Way to go, Palm! Thanks to Sprint, too, for pushing them on this issue (which I know they have). I can definitely handle a 60-day wait, I just can't handle hushed silence.

High fives for Jon Zilber!

60 days??? If it's not here in another couple weeks, I will return the Pre and get an iPhone GS. I came to Sprint from AT&T, and Sprint's coverage is already a problem. I can't get IT to install SP1 on their exchange 2007 server, so I am isolated from the corporate network (I am still carrying around my old AT&T BB).

I absolutely will NOT wait past the Sprint return period to get this fixed. IT is already giving me crap about the Pre because of the time they've spent trying to get me running.

After AT&T gets the Pre I will probably try it again - hopefully EAS will work by then. I really love the Pre, but HAVE to have my work email running on it!

What has EAS to do with bad coverage?

I would suggest that even if the EAS policies were there today but signal strength was still weak you would not put up with it as connectivity to Exchange would still not work.

As far as I am concerned WAY TO GO PALM !

Within a week of releasing the phone they have committed to fixing it and communicated as much. You wouldn't expect or request more than that.

That is real customer service!

Now if they can only fix the other glaring holes in EAS
Sort out formatting of replies - MY Goodness people will really get a bad impression of the Palm WebOS EVERYTIME THEY GET A MESSAGE - This is really bad for Palm
Add local contacts to diary appointments
Mark diary appointments private
Mark contacts private

there were a few others which are on this web forum - see bug list sticky thread

60 days?! Well, at least we've gotten some kind of update from Palm, which is nice. Looks like I made the right call on returning it though as it doesn't look like the fix for non-SSL would have been under my 30-day trial period w/ Sprint. Definitely gonna keep checking back though. I miss the little guy.

I am having trouble connecting to EAS as well, yet my problem doesn't seem to be occurring for others. If I enter an abridged name of the domain, it seems to connect to Exchange but only shows an outbox under the email account on the Pre. Nothing syncs and I cannot send mail. If I enter the full domain, it tells me the username/password is incorrect when I am 100% sure it is not. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?

Same thing here. I'm using IMAP until this is fixed. I get all my email, but not my Calendar and Contacts.

Try "for naught" rather than "for not" i.e. "All their work was for naught." ;)

Haha... quite.

"...the investment was for naught."

/grammar police

Has any one else had a problem syncing their Contact's folder sub folders. It only syncs my Contact folder main folder which contains only 28 entries which means I would have to dump all 389 contacts into one folder instead of having them grouped. If I am incorrect please let me know if there is currently a solution.

I just wish they would address the problem of the formatting in email chains that you respond to with the Pre being a mess. The Pre makes Outlook responses from the Pre look so bad that I don't even use it. It is talked about a lot on the plam support fourm but with no response from Palm:

I hear you on the reply/forward formatting on EAS. My Gmail account replies/forwards fine. My iPhone co-workers are giving me some ribbing over this...

I'm somewhat still in disbelief at how poorly EAS appears to have been written for WebOS. I'm at least able to connect to my corp Exchange server and sync, but what I find really obnoxious are the glaring holes where features USED to be on my old Treo 700 and 650. For instance:

- Can't create a meeting and add participants
- Can't suppress the email reply when accepting/declining a mtg invite
- Can't edit the email reply when accepting/declining a mtg invite
- Changing a meeting on the calendar sends NO update to participants

I mean COME ON - this is basic stuff that the majority of business users need!!

The biggest thing for me is that when I accept/decline a meeting request from my phone, it doesn't send a response to the organizer. I thought I was just missing a setting, but it appears that I'm not. All-in-all though, I'm very happy with the phone. It's not perfect, but have you ever seen an initial release of ANYTHING that is?

@Cstriffer - This is actually one of the things that should work, as it is on my phone. When I Accept, Decline, or choose Tentative, the Pre sends an email automatically to the meeting organizer and also updates the response tracking. My beef is that you can't edit the email before it is sent or prevent the email altogether.

Have you tested this with someone other than yourself as the meeting organizer?

I don't even get an option for accept or decline! I've no idea why.

I think the reason why these features and any other WebOS PIM features are missing is because Google does not have those them. If you noticed, the structure of the WebOS PIM applications match the structure of Google's PIM applications.

I really hope they can get exchange with SSL setup within a couple weeks. I could see the PIN security taking a little bit longer to work on, but I just want my exchange (withou SSL) to finally work!!!

I took this to mean that the fix for features like pin and remote wipe support will be out within 60 days, while the fix for SSL support will be much sooner. "The near future," to me, is not the same as "within 60 days," and I see them covering each issue differently in this piece.

I want to be able to access my work email over EAS WITHOUT having any issues with our self-signed certificate.... F'ing retarded...let me choose to accept or not and be done with it. Getting our IT person to somehow send me a root certificate ISN'T A SOLUTION.

I'm glad they are addressing these issues. The documentation does not cover this in depth and the users in the forums simply don't understand what they are doing. So I haven't been able to get a clear picture of what exactly EAS could or could not do. I had a hard time understanding how the device would allow for a PIN number to lock it, but not allow an EAS policy to enforce this. Now it all makes sense. not good sense, but at least its clarified.

It's good that Palm is coming out with a fix for this. Whether it's during the trial period or not, it's good. If you are so quick to jump to another phone (iphone or whatever) because you absolutely can't wait at all, then good luck to you. One poster said here he still had is bb to do that stuff. Well, just keep using that then until the problem gets fixed. Nothing initially works the greatest.. need I remind people of the iPhone debacle with the battery issues on their initial roll-out. Give it time, people. The Pre is a brand new device, not even a week old and you're crying like it's never going to happen. Palm understands the needs of it's users and is working as quickly as they can to fix the problems, but at the end of the day, remember, that it's still new, and the team working on it has lives and probably needs sleep too. Also, if you have bad Sprint coverage, CALL AND TELL THEM. They ARE listening. They may or may not have a solution for you right that second, but again, give them some time to investigate it. It could be just a tower that is not working at full capacity like it should.

Will this also address the fact you can't trust certificates that are "invalid"? In my case the certificate common name is different than the physical web address. All other devices let me add an exception - will the Pre?

I can wait 60 days if a fix is coming but I just need to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel...

the reason that some Microsoft Exchange servers arent working on the pre is due to cerificates. When i first got my pre i was not able to log on to microsoft exchange and it defaulted to IMAP. You must download your server's certificate onto your phone. Plug in your phone via USB to your computer, find your server's certificate and drag it anywher on the phone. Make sure you eject your phone properly before unplugging it from your USB. After that on your Pre go to "Device Info" in the launcher. Scroll down to where it says "more info" and click it. After hitting "more info" go to the menu tab at the top left of the screen and hit "Certificate Manager..." Once in "Certificate Manager" hit the little start with a plus on it at the bottom left of your screen. If the certificate you put onto your phone via USB was a valid one it should show up as a doc. If not you need to contact you microsoft exchange customer support and have them send you a certificate for the pre although this is most likely unnescary


Now to convince the IT Dept of the Fortune 20 company I work for to allow the Palm Pre....wuahahaha.

Where are my pushed subfolders? Come on Palm! If you want to compete with Blackberry, this is a requirement! I'm in IT, and this is an absolute necessity.

Lack of pushed subfolders I can deal with. Lack of exceptions on SSL certs (and thus lack of EAS support for me), not so much.

I'm tired of hearing all the complaints about self-signed certs. You'd have the same issue on a WinMo phone requiring installation of the root cert. I did this, and it took five minutes. Fix your own damn phone.

I'm with GatorFan above. Fix the things that I can't fix myself!

- Can't create a meeting and add participants
- Can't suppress the email reply when accepting/declining a mtg invite
- Can't edit the email reply when accepting/declining a mtg invite
- Changing a meeting on the calendar sends NO update to participants

** Let me select subfolders that I want automatically refreshed/pushed, the way I can under WinMo.

I can view participants on meetings that already have them, but I can't add/modify on my own. This CRIPPLES me. I want full EAS functionality before I want anything else on the Pre, which otherwise is a very nice phone.

This is one of the reasons why I went back to the Blackberry 8900.... to little too late. It is ridiculous in this day and age to have to wait up to 60 days for basic functionality of a device.....who did they market this device to anyway?

Besides, now that the Iphone 3Gs is coming out Palm is out of business in a year. bye bye Palm.


anyone know how to foward text messages!!!!

How about adding proxy support to the web browser while you're at it? I am sure a lot of "business users" are behind a proxy on their corporate networks. I am surprised they missed/ignored/forgot this.

these updates better come before July 6th (30 days) or it's back to Blackberry for me. Don't say this makes me a bad/fickle person...i camped out for 16 hours for this thing-I simply need a device that supports these features

Self signed certs are worthlesss. Why even bother? The whole idea of using certs is to verify the identity of the server and to encrypt a SAFE session. If you are wearing a blindfold, how do you know where you are going? Simply take their word for it? This is what you are doing when you use self-signed certs for your Exchange server.

I think the lack of complete EAS support by the Palm Pre has been become ulcerated by the simple fact that Exchange servers are not being secured or configured properly by IT personnel. I see it as a combination of LAZINESS and CHEAPNESS. Still no excuse for Palm to not roll out EAS correctly, but the majority of you want Palm to simply "fix" thier software to work with your "half-assed" Exchange setup.

Don't you think the fix should be implemented on BOTH sides here? FIX YOUR EXCHANGE SERVERS!!

oh, get off your high horse, sweetheart. Those of us who work for large companies may not have the power to change our IT setups, whether or not we agree that they should be SSL encrypted, PIN locked or not. Half assed or not, my IT dept won't change because I got a new phone.

Exactly! It's like some people don't quite understand that not everyone has the power to change things server side. "Oh, just go change this setting and shut up". Uh..yeah, not going to happen.

I am just a tech user, not a tech expert! How do I get my server's certificate? Do I need to be a tech administrator? Will I need special permissions to access the certificate, because my IT person doesn't want to be bothered with personal requests!!

So is this there any update on this ahhh, update? kind of need this functionality on this device...

Quick Fix but took forever to find - When setting up EAS, include all regular information except LEAVE THE DOMAIN BLANK! This is how my EAS worked:
Mail Type: Exchange (EAS)
Incoming Mail Server:
Domain: (Leave Blank)
Username: XXXXX
Password: XXXXX
Hope this helps. First time ever using a forum but thought it may be of use to anyone having the same problem.