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Palm Launches Developer Purchase Program 19

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 12 Mar 2010 7:51 pm EST

Palm has finally rolled out its Developer Purchase Program, allowing developers to purchase webOS based phones without a contract for 20% off, with free 2 day shipping thrown in to sweeten the deal.  That 20% discount lets you to pick up the Pre for $439 , the Pre Plus for $479, the Pixi and Pixi Plus for $319.99 for every carrier currently selling the devices. For now, shipments are limited to US and Canadian addresses only.

There's no AT&T Pre to choose from just yet, but know that one can always purchase the UK O2 Pre and use the webOS Meta-Doctor and use it domestically with WiFi-only data connectivity.





...but you still need the meta-doctor to keep it Wifi only? Shouldn't they sell real developer phones?

Yes, it is surprising that the official US/Canadian developer purchase program either requires a second phone contract, or use of an unauthorised third-party modification.

I would have thought that an unlocked GSM QWERTY device would have made much more sense ...

-- Rod

Exactly! I'm actually starting to believe Palm is on a death wish or something!

I believe it stated that the metadoctor is for ATT phones only...Because there are no ATT phones yet. So much glass is half empty attitudes.

No. Meta-doctor is a tool to modify the WebOS doctor file, and in this case to remove the activation requirement, thus allowing it to be a WiFi only device.

These phones will still require activation (or so goes the belief), so it is expected that a meta-doctored WebOS Doctor is going to be needed to make it WiFi only so devs can use the phone without having to have a Sprint/Verizon contract.

Doesn't seem like that great of a deal. 50% seems more like it if Palm can confirm the buyer is an active developer, not somebody new trying break in and get a phone at a big discount.

Doesn't seem to make much sense to get a Sprint Pixi Dev Phone as you'd have no WiFi to test anything with.

SOMETHING is better than what they had before, which was nothing. I would have loved to have seen unlocked GSM phones for sale. But at least it's something..

or, you can buy one for 39 with a plan. They should be elling them to developers for 50 or less.

SOMETHING is better than what they had before, which was nothing. I would have loved to have seen unlocked GSM phones for sale. But at least it's something..

It's the Palm US/Canadian Developer Purchase Program.

Not available to anyone outside of the US & Canada.

No unlocked GSM QWERTY devices.

A great step for US/Canadian developers, but still not focused on the global market.

-- Rod

I just bought a Pre with a bad ESN off of eBay for $50. A little meta-doctor and voila!, perfect developer phone (which is why I bought it). Who cares if it's beat up, has bad radio, etc. Wi-Fi and screen are fine, that's all I need.

Best platform to develop for. By far.

sprint and verizon still have to pay hundreds af dollars for each phone. that is why you have to get a 2 year contract and pay a 350.00 early termination fee if you stop paying to pay for the phone. i also would like to see a unlocked gsm phone so i can get one with my t-mobile contract. i hope all carriers can get the phone soon.

Errr, I was just downloading their PDK developer tools and noticed this just tonight, went to purchase one of their developer phone, only to find out its darn carrier locked. How stupid! Uhmm, Palm, that's one foot forward - one foot backward.

Soooooooo...... these phones wont werk on sprint/verizon???

SO you can't buy a Pre + to use on a Sprint account? =/

No. Well, there is always a VERY slight chance you can get someone to add your ESN/IMEI to the internal database at Sprint to allow you to activate it (like a few people did with Pres on Verizon mid June 2009), but it is HIGHLY unlikely you will be able to get them to do so.

You're better off waiting for either:

a) Pre 2/C40/whatever to show up in Sprint in June (speculative that it will be June)
b) buy an unlocked Pre Plus when it comes out on SFR (France) and activate it on a compatible GSM network (in the USA, to get 3G, you would need AT&T because T-Mo uses different 3G frequencies)

I suggest option A, because you will get a better phone and the Pre Plus won't launch on SFR until next month I think and even then, the cost will be high.

I'm looking into the possibility of getting an unlocked Palm Pre from Germany (O2) but I can't get clear on what I'd be able to do with the phone and what would not be working.

So if I'm understanding you correctly, getting that kind of device, I should be able to activate it from any existing GSM operator in the world (as I've seen mentions of otherwise).

As far as the normal usage of the phone goes, using 3G network would have to be preceded with me adding my operator's APN data in the phone and what about being able to download/buy apps? Should that work then as well? Palm's services like automatic backup?

Regarding the Developer Purchase program, I really got excited thinking I could finally get a Pre here in an unsupported country as a developer... oh well... at least I hope they make it possible before they officially come to my country...