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Palm to operate as a "business unit" within HP 30

by Derek Kessler Wed, 28 Apr 2010 6:10 pm EDT

HP Business Units

There are two huge questions we had with regards as to how Palm would be merged into HP. First: what would happen with webOS (they’re going to keep it - that's why they bought Palm). Second: what would happen to Palm the company?

Here’s the word, straight from HP during today’s conference call: “We intend to operate it as a business unit, which is in line with the way we’re structured today.”

So the question is, what is a business unit with HP? Hewlett-Packard is currently organized as a series of loosely inter-connected ‘business units,’ including the Imaging and Printing Group (printers, scanners, and cameras), Personal Systems Group (desktops, laptops, handhelds, and miscellaneous ‘personal’ connected devices), Enterprise Business (servers and networking), Software & Solutions (corporate software), and the Office of Strategy and Technology (research and development, marketing, and mergers and acquisitions). Judging by this hierarchy, we’d say that Palm is due to operate independently of but alongside the Personal Systems Group. That’s not to say that Palm will be operating with any degree of autonomy, but given that the majority of Palm staff, including CEO Jon Rubinstein, look to be staying aboard, we wouldn’t count on any major changes in the way Palm operates.



Besides the merger news, this was probably one of the most important. The cash too of course.

I just got an HP pavilion elite in january. When I get home from work tonight, it'll be great to hook my matching phone up to it via USB. Stoked for the new HPalm!

Agreed. It's great Palm will get to keep up their own projects.

Besides the merger news, this was probably one of the most important. The cash too of course.

Givemme the casshhh! Great news to see Palm will have some autonomy.


yes, agree with the above, the big difference is now they will be operating with deep healthy pockets and a bigger, broader range of partners to make deals with in the hardware manufacturing, advertising, and carrier relm.

basically palm has now assimilated with voltron.

Let's just hope HP continues to support the Homebrew community.

This news just keeps getting better and better!

What does this mean for Palm stock? Do my shares all belong to HP now, or will they continue trading under "PALM"?

you will be given HP shares.

Actually, the press release described the transaction as a cash deal. Therefore, PALM shares will be exchanged for $5.70 in cash, not HPQ shares.

how much does Bono make on this deal?

If I'm a developer for WEBOS I have to assume I'm thrilled with the $$ being invested. Think APP Catalog expansion comes more quickly?

Great news for sure!!!!

this is great news! Now Palm will have the money to put out some good avertising!!!

the new palm ads are pretty good and the new at

what happened to the IPhone lovers who constantly blasted the Pre and WebOS... They are shrinking back to the shadows.. I used to work in an HP div.. Great Technology company.. They will have a blast with Palm and Vice versa.Yea Palm & HP..

Happy Palm found a partner in Hp. Now webos will get the development and recognition it so deserves.

I'm really pleased with this actually. HP is a very competent company. They do terrific tablet pcs (I'm just about to buy their new touchscreen tablet). This will give them some cash. It should push apps. HP has always been very attentive to customer service - something Palm has not done well, despite all the customer loyalty they have and have squandered.

Much better than an independent company on the edge of bankruptcy.

And this will expand HPs line into phones. This could be a great deal all around.

Being bought out by HP will also get rid of all the hesitancy of people who don't want to sign a data contract for a phone made by a company on the edge of death.

Great news!

does this mean no moar webOS updates for pre? Are we obselete? D:

I don't know if palm as a brand can survive this but you can bet that webOS will. I can imagine the marketing will be HP webOS smarphone line and the HP webOS slate line.

Suck it, Apple and DataViz. Palm just gained a shit-ton more market exposure. Vice la WebOS!

I am inerested in seeing the new palm phone, b/c I am very close in buying the EVO this summer... hopefully HP+Palm can change my mind! I really like the WEBOS but it has a been a slow process with the pre so far, to say the least.... anyone even know what the new palm phone is going to be??? and when is the Update coming??

I think the big takeaway from all this is that they will certainly develop printer drivers for webOS.

does this explain that guy who left for twitter?

This looks like a good arrangement and better than any other buyout option out there

since HP makes cameras, i wonder if the camera on the next gen webos device will have a sweet video/cam unit.

Very much doubt it, if the lousy cameras on their iPaq smartphones are anything to go by.