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Palm Pixi Features, Apps, Facebook, and Memory Limitations in Video 53

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 15 Nov 2009 10:37 pm EST

[YouTube Link]

Here's a video of the Palm Pixi, demoed to us by a Palm Rep. We skipped around to the bits that were new or new-esque, so it provides a pretty good overview of the new features and app of the Pixi, but it's certainly not comprehensive for what's coming in webOS 1.2.

The Facebook app, as we mentioned in our flurry of Pixi posts last night, is a bit of a disappointment. It's more of a Facebook Friends Feed app than it is a full Facebook App.  You can post your status and browse your Facebook news/friends feed, but viewing full profiles is mysteriously missing. On the other hand, if you can find your way to a photo gallery on Facebook, the features there are quite nice.

Hey - at least your friends are included in Synergy, right? Either way, if you're a heavy Facebook user, you're going to want to keep bookmarked for now.

Finally, we decided to go ahead and include the bit where the Pixi runs out of memory and can't open more cards - after about 6 or so. Note that even after closing all the cards the error still crops up for a few seconds until the webOS can fully clear out all those swiped-cards. It's something we've all seen with the Pre, but usually not until we've loaded a ton of cards or had a rogue app go crazy on us. The Pixi will have those same issues, just with a lower threshhold. I'm not saying it's a big problem, I'm just saying that Pixi users will want to be a little more diligent about closing cards when they're done with them.



Do you have concrete evidence that there is actually a memory limitation on the Pre, or are you just speculating because of your experience with the 6 cards?

Just saying, because there are many times on the Pre where I can't have more than 6 cards open as well.

Same. I love my Pre but run into this a lot around 6 cards, sometimes more, sometimes less. Is this not normal?

I've run into it on my Pre with as few as 3 cards open. But it happens so rarely that I'd barely consider it a minor nuisance. Now having to open and close tweed and some other apps several times to get them to fully load is an issue...

Same memory, same WebOS, why the smaller backyard for cards?

Rumor has it the Pixi has less memory and maybe a slower processor as well. Palm wants you to buy the Pre, but if you cannot afford the Pre they offer you a cheaper webos experience. You get what you pay for, if it is going to be cheaper it is going to have less features. Basically it is aimed for a different market, those who would buy the 99 dollar centro or another low end smart phone.

Hmmm.. If that's the case, why does Palm want to cannibalize the sales of the Pre? I mean I'm quite okay with the Pixi (so manly...), but I just think its a little bit early for them to release it. Also, I believe the Pre has a much bigger profit margin than the Pixi.

It doesn't have WiFi either. That alone will drive sum webOS prospective buyers to the Pre. No wifi is booty! But I prefer my pre anyway.

I also read some ppl saying that the smaller screen means apps will be complicated. Umm, I really do think the OS and apps are scalable. Am I wrong?!

I noticed that while it doesn't have a physical center button, it does have a button that lights up to click to get into card view. nice.

It seems that the presenter is the same one from the Engadget videos. And it also looks like they're using the same spiel for all the presentation (Kate in a fashion show). Dieter, was Josh T. with you during the demo or was this a one on one?

This was my first thought, too, so I was watching them side by side. You don't have to listen very closely to hear they're not the same presentation. But that's the same presenter for sure, and it's scary how identical his script recital is.

I'm a fairly heavy Facebook user and I got rid of the bookmark within a day of getting my Pre. I have been using the full Facebook page ever since and it works fine aside from having to do a bit more scrolling because of the small screen.

Wow, way to assume that what they showed was the final version of the app. Maybe they didn't show it because it's not done yet. Looking at the screens that they did show, it's clear that Facebook (or Palm or whomever is writing the app) is trying to create the WebOS experience with FB data, much like the way the FB for iPhone app looks like a typical iPhone app (example being the accordion view of the pic comments).

if you notices the other demo, they have gone through this a bunch of time (you see the same message over and over).

no telling how many times that pixie did that demo since its last reboot.

Were not going to seed deep native facebook service untill Facebook themselves get involved.

I thought FB was already involved? They were part of the presentation in the Jan CES right? So what went wrong?

Correct, except count out this Centro user: "Basically it is aimed for a different market, those who would buy the $99 Centro or another low-end smart phone." How many users jumped from Centro to iPhone?

I would have if the iPhone weren't on AT&T.

And a Centro really isn't low-end, even though you'd think it should be. It's an updated, slightly faster version of the formerly high-end 755p

Palm sees the Centro as their low end model. They ran, not walked, away from PalmOS. It has those lousy gummy keys that are hard to read, tinier screen and worse battery life, so not really an "upgrade" to the 755. On the positive, it has PalmOS, now ships with twice the memory of a 755, has location API which Palm shafted 755 owners out of. As bad as the Centro is compared to the 755, I'd still take one over a WebOS phone that phones home to Palm with my every move.

Yes, I agree with all you've said. A strange mix of better and worse. It's the keyboard and screen size that is keeping me from getting the Centro. I just upgraded my Treo 650 to a 755p for $25 via eBay, though. I so desperately want to like the Pre but I just can't yet.

COME ON! All this time and just a limited Facebook feed?? I'm a huge supporter of these devices but this is just silly. I thought WebOS was easy to write for??

(I believe that was referring to their shills in PR).

Youtube link isn't workin...I'm on my pre @ work and wanna see!

Did anybody notice that the demonstrator mentioned just at the start of the video that they are supporting Yahoo IM?

Any idea if they'll make a touchstone back for the Pixi?

read the other posts. You'll find your answer.

yes -- with 5 different colorful designs as well!

Focus. What's up with these videos? Were they shot with a cell phone?

Yeah actually, they were shot on a Pre.......................

Why must you tease like this!!! NOooooooooo!

Did any one else catch the fact that he said it was 3 months away form launch!!! That means it comes out in November....

why are they doing almost the same demo they did for the pre?


First Q: Does WebOS allocate memory specifically to applications? is that memory fixed or dynamic?

Second Q: Can one of the PreDevelopers find a way to change that memory allocation whether it is fixed or dynamic. We already know that 8GB is onboard with 7GB available to the user. Meaning somewhere around 1GB is possibly reserved for the OS, programs, apps etc.

Do you mean RAM not disk space?

you mean disk space not RAM right?

I had the out of memory issue with my Pre with only 3 open cards. It really depends on what you did. At that time, one of the card was a browser for which I went to some news site, big pages, etc. So I guess the browser card hate up a lot of memory. I huess some application are eating a bit of memory the longer they are used, so this may also cause issues.

I concur. Several open browser apps will noticeably start slowing webOS.

Hmm, definitely looks like a Facebook Friends Feed app; Can't get to my profile?! What about my wall?? Well, what I do want is integration with FB chat in the Messaging app, that would be AWESOME! Anyone feeling me there? [pause]

+1 on FB chat in the Messaging app.

Youtube link not working on my pre. Any suggestions?

Youtube link not working on my pre. Any suggestions?

Youtube link not working on my pre. Any suggestions?

So r those apps only for the pixi?
and is there going to be a Myspace app later on 2?

looks lovely for anyone who is with Sprint.

IDK Y Yu Wouldn't Just Spend Da Few Mo Dollars 4 The Pre

this phone will be great for the high school crowd too, which is where a large portion of iphone users are, or will be.

Honestly I've seen many more Blackberries (notably, the Curve) in that group. But yeah, I think this is clearly targeted at high-school to college-aged people.

Hasn't that been Palm's target for the past 7 or so years? They tossed off WinceMobile for the "Enterprise" crowd, but kids were picking those up too. Tinier keys, worsening battery life, unreadable tiny screen fonts all add up to courting 16-year-olds who can nag their parents for the latest toys. If it weren't for the innovation of TRG, Sony and others, Palm would probably still be trying to pawn off 1MB devices with 160x160 monochrome screens as "good enough."

I'm not surprised at all that Palm would skimp yet again on memory on this "pixie." good idea to dump the slider, as it seems Palm learned nothing from their Tungsten slider fiascos.

Well, Well, Well.. Looks like the memory problems on the Pre (That several of us have) were caught on video with the Pixi. Damn right you need to take it back to engineering.

Honestly, what is the point of Pixi? If the Pre is already $150, why bring out another product? The 8gb Pre will be free soon enough.

Palm, dont work backwards, move forward!

I'm attracted to this phone. I currently have a 755p but have been reluctant to get a Pre due to my basically LOATHING the keyboard. I keep trying it in the store every few weeks and simply can't get any speed on it (I can basically touch type on my 755p and fast). If the pixi has a better keyboard feel, I'm interested. I also like having the KB available all the time, without needing to constantly slide it open.

Downsides for me, I still can't place the cursor reliably on a Pre (or iPhone) so that means editing text is a pain. On my 755p, with the fieldplus extension I can easily select whole words, jump up a line, or skip a word at a time. Doing all that with my finger on a Pre (or iPhone) is maddening. So anyway, I'm attracted to the Pixi.

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