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Palm Pixi gets 806MHz overclock 37

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 21 Jan 2011 9:42 am EST

The Palm Pixi (aka the only webOS device you can reliably purchase on three carriers) isn't exactly a speed demon, so while Pre 2 overclocking is interesting, Pixi overclocking looks to be of a lot more benefit to users. Making good on a project started back in October of last year, WebOS Internals has released a version of the UberKernel for the Pixi capable of hitting 806MHz. It's still a public release candidate and users who have delved into the testing feeds have been putting their Govnah settings and tweaks out there to maximize stability.

Anybody giving this overclock a shot? If so, the WebOS Internals team can always use donations, yo.


Sorely needed.

Updated the UberKernel yesterday and immediately turned to Govnah to overclock my little baby Pixi up to 806.4MHz. This is a 33% jump from the 600MHz I was accustomed to. Haven't had any issues so far. Great job Internalz!

I don't have one but my cousin does and I told her that I wanted to over clock it for her since she kinda complains about the phone. I told her not to worry that after I'm done it going to feel like a brand new phone ;)

Now my phone is a Pixi++. Now when will we get webOS 2?

had a pixi for a loaner phone for a bit. I can see the need. Now how do you get it a bigger screen? Lol

Hearing that a lot of developers left after receiving brand new Pre 2's with donations does not inspire me to donate more.

Nobody left WebOS Internals...

That link has nothing to do with webos-internals, let alone have anything to do with the money that was donated to them. Please think before you post again. WebOS-Internals does as much or more than xda-developers does for WinMo/Android. Please show some respect.

Could you please point us to the place where this is stated? I only see that some patch developers chose to leave WebOS behind, which has nothing to do with
a) receiving a Pre 2 (would be kinda silly, wouldn't it)
b) WebOS Internals, as most patch developers are/were independent from Internals.

So... why the unsubstanciated hate?

So, the guys that make software apps, got a free (unserviced) device. Therefore the guys that create hardware mods (for the lowly Pixi no less) for you to use for free and didn't get any ass-kissing event at all from Palm, dont deserve a five buck donation from you for their hard work?

I also agree with deesugar

Plenty of seats on the technology shortbus for tight wads.

Siddown, strap-in, hang on...

sounds good, I'll make sure to forward this to the ONLY pixi user I know.

Hey, I have a Pixi Plus!?!

806? Come on, people! If the can't 808 by the time my contract is up I'm jumping ship! Geesh!

hey guys, i am sort of -shall we say- technologically incompetent. Can someone please explain how i can get this sorely needed hack/patch/whateverit'scalled onto my pix+? thanks in advance.

also, different subject, but is anyone bothered by the fact that all the talk out of hpalm is about tablets, and almost nothing about phones? i am hoping this is not a bad sign...

Start in the forums with the thread called "Getting Started with Homebrew" to get Preware installed. Everything else gets installed from Preware.

Once you have Preware installed, Pixi overclocking is discussed here:


been using the testing kernel since november, loving it!

this is soooooooo fast omg the pixi is usually so slow but this makes the pixi an usable phone good job web os I've been waitin for an uberkernal and my prayers have been answered idc bout new phones bc now I got a fast pixi lol and thanks again web os developers

This is pretty sweet. I put off installing the uberkernel for awhile because I didnt see the point without any overclocking but I installed it today along with govnah and I gotta say the improvement is definitely noticeable for me.

for some reason the compache is stick on 24 and I cannot figure out how to change it, any help would be great. Thanks

Try turning it off '0' and apply settings then go back in and change the number then turn it back on '1' and apply settings again. Should fix it. I've been running full speed with compache turned off and so far the phone is very fast. Finally able to play NFS with almost no lag at all. This overclock is awsome!!

I installed the update of Uberkernel (the old version worked fine or weeks) today and after that my pixi + won´t start anymore. """ :-((. After a rebuild with webdoctor an instaliing the new Uberkernel once more, same thing angain.... But I like to have more speed, please help ....!!!

How do games play on the pixi now?

So far the pixi is my favorite phone. But is is a little slow (Sprint pixi). This overclock makes the pixi much more useable. My wife has my old pre overclocked. After giving her the pre I tried the EVO for 2 months. Missed WebOS too much. The pixi is an awsome form factor for an everyday use smartphone. I carry a BB Bold for work too. Pixi beats them all for my purposes. Looking forward to some kind of Pixi 2. Games play much better now. Not perfect but very good.

The phone runs so much better. Thanks guys.

Thanks for the much needed speed increase!

Anyone having problems with heat?

this overclock is amazing I literally hated my pixi no its awesome. Most of the lag (Not all) is gone amzing. I actually haven't had any heat problems. And my battery seems to be unaffected.

Stop sticking up for the pixi as if it has something on the Pre. The Pre is on 3 carriers as well. It ran its time and Sprint will pick up other devices.

of course the pixi has something over the pre... form factor... there have been nothing but problems with the slider etc... while there are relatively few complaints about the pixi. Those who opted for the pixi over the pre did so knowing they were trading down on the specs. The pixi is a great phone, stick w/ the form factor and beef up the specs.

I actually am having problems with heat. The overclock is rated for 806 Mhz. I run that in a ondemandtcl type profile with a minimum of 122 Mhz.

My problem is that the phone frequently gets to temps between 41°c - 52°c according to the Govnah app's temp readout. I've heard many times temperatures over 45°c can damage the CPU and the battery.

So my question to you guys is, is it safe to run that fast? What's the safest maximum temperature?

On to the actual speediness of the overclocked Pixi. It rocks! The phone no long glitches when running multiple apps and has quite a bit better quality when loading Java intensive websites. Sadly my phone is clocked back to 748 Mhz until the heat issue is solved.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Try using the msm7k governor. It bumps it up by a certain percent instead of all the way. 122MHz all the way to 806MHz the hottest I've gotten it was 48 degrees C.

should we hold off installing this till after it checks out w. webos 2.0???


I played around with it some last night and this morning and got the fully monte 806 Mhz with the msm7k like you suggested.

Holy crap why didn't Palm/HP release this themselves. The phone would have sold much better.

Now I'm having problems with Youtube. The audio is fine but the video lags. FML...

Maybe I should doctor my phone...

how to install govah? From where can I get it.. Plz help