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Palm Pixi Hardware Video Demo 28

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 09 Sep 2009 12:57 am EDT

[ youtube link ]

Palm took me on a 20 minute ride through the Pixi's features and functionality. I'll be adding the video in bits and chunks (focusing on the new features) as this exciting evening wears on. 

First up: a five minute hardware demo of the Palm Pixi.

What do you think? 



I still prefer the larger screen and slider style of the Pre, but I hope this does help WebOS spread like wildfire among Centro users, which will strengthen the platform and hopefully continue to encourage development for WebOS.

im just happy palm is bringing out all of these cool phones

I have no idea because I cannot watch the video on my Pre.

Agreed. Until the Pre gets Flash (which shouldn't be too far off), please post a YouTube link along with your embeded vids.


Plays fine on my Pre... The YouTube app somehow knew to load it.

Finally, a demo guy who doesn't have disgustingly distracting fingernails. What a relief!

he said at this point we do not have wifi for the pixi.. what does that mean. by chance it has wifi built in but disabled?

I love how he said early on in the video(the demo guy) they couldnt share ram and something else but then the precentral guy at the end said "about the hardware what is the ram" good try :D

Thought I Might Of Been The Only One To Catch That

That pixi is one sexy device. I love the candybar style. To give up the Pre or not to...that is the question until release day. Actually nah, but I wanna play with one :D Ohhhh love the choices of back covers I want that Snake skin one and say it was from the diablos :D

Edit: I love the gesture line light. It looks nice, I was about to say since I didn't see the Pre light button, how they were going to notice any visible notifications alert, I see now :D.

My wife might give up her purple lg lotus and come back to palm for this one.

Hey isnt this the guy who used to pick up my calls at Dell call center in India and always claimed that he was in MINNISOTTTA?? lolzzz no seriously he sound lot like OM Malik of GigaOM :P

Did anyone else see that Facebook logo on the screen? Pause the video at :41.

ya i noticed it

Kinda looks like they just took the web page bookmark and added it to the launcher.

They didn't - check the Engadget videos out.

This device is better than the Pre !(I love the Pre)
I think the slider is problamatic.....
This looks like it feels better in the hand...bit more weighty ?
Needs Wifi and 16gb.... Good work Palm ! We love you !

how big is the screen? the pre already has one of the smaller side touch screens out there right now on the market


"The phone is a slate-style device, featuring an exposed keyboard up front with an 18-bit color 320x400 pixel capacitive multi-touch display measuring 2.63 inches across."

To me, that smaller screen screams "better battery life" with the same battery.

It also screams "where are my glasses?"

That browser had better get better quickly. Zooming without re-wrapping could be far more problematic on a smaller screen like the Pixie's. I can't remember the size of my 755p's screen. Is the Pixie's larger?

I like the look, but am glad I don't own a phone called "Pixie."

EDIT: the video link opened the app and showed the still, but didn't play.

This is the successor to the Centro so its a lower-range device with a cheaper pricetag so naturally it will not be identical to the Pre.

Very sexy indeed. But no Wifi? Ugh. Luckily Sprint's network is pretty fast.

In the video, he mentioned "charging." Will the Pixie be Touchstone compatible or will there be a product like the Touchstone for the Pixie, or are the Pixie users out of luck when it comes to a Touchstone charging device?

Ah, I watched the video again and my question was answered. I missed it the first time around...stupid me.

I am really liking this. They JUST opened the Pre for employees last month and I am wondering if I should have waited? the slide up for the Pre makes texting on the first row slightly difficult as I have nails. . . Plus it randomly dials ppl back. I dont want to have to constantly monitor where or how my hand may graze the phone. But no WiFi?? What about camcorder? did i miss that? that's another drawback to the Pre.

With the name and style I feel that this is geared more toward the female gender. Nice phone

they shoulda included wifi and made the data subscription optional. They'd have sold a million to the high school kiddies and cut into motorola territory.