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by Derek Kessler Sun, 15 Nov 2009 10:36 pm EST

Palm Pixi In many ways, the Pixi is to the Pre what the Centro was to the Treo. In some ways it’s the same phone, in others it’s a different beast. And a svelte beast this one is. Like the Pre, the Pixi features EVDO Rev. A, the touch sensitive gesture area, a full QWERTY keyboard, GPS, 3.5 mm headset jack, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, 8 GB of storage space (~7 GB user available), a MicroUSB port, proximity sensor, light sensor, accelerometer, ringer switch, the same 1150 mAh battery, and the same complement of Sprint services (NFL Mobile Live, NASCAR Sprint Cup, Sprint TV, Sprint Navigation, etc).

Where the Pixi most obviously differs is in layout. The phone is a slate-style device, featuring an exposed keyboard up front with an 18-bit color 320x400 pixel capacitive multi-touch display measuring 2.63 inches across. For comparison, the Pre’s screen is a 3.1 inch 320x480 screen, while the iPhone’s is 3.5 inches. The below-screen gesture area from the Pre carries over to the Pixi (we can likely expect it on all future webOS phones), though the card view button is not present - you now tap in the gesture area to pop up to the card view. Finally, the Pixi has a 2 megapixel camera with flash, compared to the Pre's 3 megapixel camera with flash. The Pixi also lacked the Pre's "extended depth of field" camera functionality.

The Pixi is also notably slimmer than most every other smartphone on the market. It is just 10.85 mm thin, less than the 12.3 mm iPhone 3Gs and the 16.95 mm Palm Pre. In fact, the Pixi is smaller in ever dimension than the iPhone and just a centimeter taller than a closed Pre. Complete dimensions are 10.85 mm deep, 111 mm tall, and 55 mm wide.

At 99.5 g (3.51 oz), the Pixi is also one of the lightest smartphones out there. For comparison, the iPhone 3Gs and Palm Pre both tip the scales at 135 g (4.8 oz).

Outward appearance isn’t the only place the Pixi differs from the Pre. The new phone sports Qualcomm’s new 'high-performance' MSM7627 chipset. In fact, it’s the first handset to launch with the new chipset, which Palm worked with Qualcomm to design. The Pixi also features and omission from the Pre, something that points to it slotting a lower-end status in Palm’s line-up: there’s no WiFi. While we don’t think that’s particularly cool, that and the smaller screen are two ways for Palm to easily differentiate the Pixi as a lower tier device than the Pre.

Changes aren’t just in the land of hardware, though. webOS will be seeing an update in the form of Yahoo! and LinkedIn joining Synergy. LinkedIn will bring full contact synchronization, even with details such as job titles. Yahoo sync will bring their contacts, calendar, and IM to the Pre. Both new additions will integrate with existing contacts to form the same unified contacts as webOS on the Pre, while Yahoo’s calendars will slot in with Google, Exchange, and Palm Profile and Yahoo IM will blend seamlessly with Google Talk, AIM, and SMS/MMS in the unified Messaging app. Oh, and support for Yahoo email will now be built in, with push!


With no center button, is the notification light gone as well? Or are there hidden ones in the gesture area?

there is a hidden LED light, the pre doesn't really need the center button, I never use it.


I'm only comment jacking so an editor can fix this. The first paragraph says

Like the Pre, the Pixi features EVDO Rev. A, the touch sensitive gesture area, a full QWERTY keyboard, GPS, 2 megapixel camera with flash...

The Pre has a 3 megapixel camera, not a 2 megapixel camera, yet you have it listed as if both the Pre and Pixi have a 2 megapixel camera. With all the comparison between the Pre and Pixi, I don't want people to think that this is a feature that's the same. In fact, it's another distinction between the two devices.

fixed. Feel free to email me if you see factual errors in any post!

I think it was the beginning of one of the posts earlier today/yesterday, but there's a soft "button"/LED embedded in the gesture area. Hit up the video links and check it out.

IMHO it looked pretty cool (a small, horizontal line). It disappeared until its functionality was available, then lit up. And when they swiped across it faded left to right, right to left. Neat!

All the buzz in smartphone land this month has me grateful I'm waiting till November for my 2 year on Sprint to come due. The Pixi form factor was well exectued, though that missing wifi is a sore point.

You can also tailor Palm Pixi to your interests with downloadable applications from the Palm Beta App Catalog, including the latest entertainment and social networking applications such as Local Concerts by iLike, and Yelp(TM).Find Jobs for 15 year olds.

thanks for the heads up

Sounds pretty exciting for palm. Hopefully all those new features in the pixi will be in 1.2 update (i.e. yahoo! etc.). Now all we need is a higher end phone (read larger screen and 16gb or more w/ better camera) and we have a full line. Tho I hope palm waits until next summer for that, when i'm eligible for a new upgrade.

The joys of being a Sprint Premier customer...I will be lined up for WebOS 2.0 come summer time

Is it so hard to put a dedicated phone/answer button and hang-up button? this software/screen-based crap is killing me.

I have to agree. The lack of hard phone buttons coupled with the Pre's sluggish on-screen button is about the only persistent irritant after 3 months of use.

Agreed. It gets me *every* time. The first tap to pick up delays long enough that I tap again just in time to hang up.

Add me to the agreed list too. After using my Treo 650p for 4 years (it did it's job well), that's one of the few things I sincerely miss from my old tank of a phone.

Agreed. One of the key reasons I can't see myself of WebOS yet... =( I really wanted this phone to be the answer but it's not.

-Candy bar
-Imporoved keyboard

- No microSD slot & 8GB limit (I'm maxing out 8GB on Centro w/ pTunes) =((
- No WiFi
- Slow processor

I would probably buy a candybar Pre-level device. I thought I'd waited long enough...

from the video it looked like it "technically" still has the center button just not a physical button if that makes sense to YA!!

I thought I seen him tap the center(area on pre where button is) and a white light came on...could be my mistake so phuck off if I'm wrong ;) damn I am liking the pixi, the cover plates kinda cool kinda corny but the option is there I'd like to see some customization on the PRe!!

wonder what the "NEW TREO" will look like??

Yes, but are the fancy-dancy covers Touchstone-enabled?

EDIT: Oops, next article says they are.

my ONE COMPLAINT WITH PRe hardware is the SIZE I'd have PRefered a device the total size of the treo pro the screen being the size of the treo's screen and keyboard area and the keyboard being slide down behind the device

3rd device name ME


like a premature pixi kid idk its late and Im trying to laff

So about how fast is this new processor?

What I really hope is that the updates will not be device specific.

A universal WebOS update for all of the named features above would also be available for the pre.

Besides that, what advantages does the Pre have over the pixi?

Known so far anyways:

-Wifi Connectivity(not for certain yet)
-Bit bigger screen
-Form factor?

The processor itself can't really be judged until it's benchmarked.

I kind of PRE-fer(knee slapper) a Treo form factor, anyone else annoyed by this coming so soon after the pre?

Sorry but the CPU can definitely be judged. It won't be as fast as that of the Pre. We don't know how much slower, but it's going to be slower.

It also sounds like the Pixi will have less RAM but they didn't comment on that apparently.

400-pixel tall screen ... ? It's likely to affect several apps.

Only in that there's more scrolling. Except for a few games, it most likely won't be an issue. It's the same as when you get a notification, the screen dynamically shrinks for that to fit in, well the same will just be done for the Pixi.

Exactly... I can definitely see games being affected by the differing screen sizes... For most apps you would probably be fine with just some extra scrolling, just like any web page you visit may have more or less scrolling depending on your screen resolution.

But for games you tend to need to define the "play area" pretty specifically and, for most games, have that area always visible. It may well be that game devs either (a) have to have some branching logic to deal with differing screen sizes, or (b) design their games to the lowest common denominator. That could be a bit of a b***h for us devs, but not a whole lot different than multi-platform game development in general anyway.

I agree with this being problematic for game developers. I've been designing my game to the 480 spec and planning to use that area as efficiently as possible. Notifications aren't an issue; I can sacrifice 20 pixels to low priority interface details -- its ok if they get covered when notices pop up minimized (as they do by default now), as these can be promptly dismissed; but losing 80 pixels permanently means our whole interface is back to the drawing board. Not only that, but scaling is a whole new issue to deal with.

That said, having an "entry level" device in the WebOS line now is an obvious boon to the platform; so while I wish they'd found a less invasive solution, I guess we devs are just going to have to get more creative now.

Maybe it CAN just shrink the whole screen with small black bars down the sides?

400-pixel tall screen ... ? It's likely to affect several apps.

If this phone had WiFi I would go for it. I don't understand the lack of this feature. Maybe the hardware is there but it's just not activated like the bluetooth on the 2nd Gen iPod Touch.

I really don't like the slider and would much prefer the form factor of the Pixi or something like the iPhone with no keyboard physical keyboard and the ability to connect a bluetooth keyboard.

I am still tempted to spring for this phone if I can get someone to buy my pre.

They wouldn't waste the money to include a Wifi chip and not activate it for what is clearly meant to be their low-end device.

I would guess that considering the form factor, the battery life would have also been taken into account with the Wifi decision.

Hey Palm, no love for us GSM users again?

keyboard in a straight line, and not a curved "smile"

"capacitive multi-touch display measuring 2.63 inches across."

there was an article on engadget yesterday claiming a 2.8" screen is too small for a capacitive interface to be accurate. we'll see how that play out.

Engadget is pretty ignorant so my guess is that they are wrong. In fact, if palm already is producing this device with that size screen and havnt yet noticed that it "doesnt work", then i gurantee Engadget is wrong.

Internet "Journalists" post the worst kind of tripe and people just eat it up as fact.

No, Engadget didn't say that 2.8 inches is too small for capacitive. HTC said that, and Engadget reported on that being a load of crap - perhaps because they'd already played with the Pixi.

what are the physical dimensions (width & length)?

no WIFI is a mistake, particularly for the market Palm is apparently aiming. that market loves WIFI.

what happened to sprint and verizon mandating wifi on all new smartphones?


Reasons: battery life and market segmentation. I hate both issues.

In the gallery pics it appeared to have an infrared port? Am I incorrect?

why didnt they add a compass?

no wifi is a killer, because now i cant tether!!!

now we need one with a 3.7" screen, 320x540 resolution, and a virtual keyboard!!!

make it 360x540

I'm guessing that's the next device, all touch. Which makes me sad because I want a high end candy bar, I'm gonna have to wait.

There is a virtual keyboard on for the pre

LOVE my Palm Pre but I HATE THESE SMALL KEYBOARDS!!!!..... personally i think they should make a Pixie 2 with a larger screen and a TOUCH SCREEN KEYBOARD(for summer of next yr)
this would really upset Apple and show who the boss is

Full-touch will be the next webOS device I reckon.

No WiFi, no deal.

I prefer my pre. But they should offer this phone free with contract. It would really increase the WebOS user base if they did. This would mean more app support.

That's probably where its headed. It won't sell at 99

How much does this cost?

What i'm wondering is if I can download Classic to the Pixi? I want to buy a Pixi for my wife sometime during the holidays but we need to run Skyscape Medical software through Classic. Would be nice if it could so she could also experience WebOs instead of me having to buy the HTC TP2 for her. Not fond of Windows Mobile and I sure as hell am Not buying an iphone or ipod touch.

I think that the Pixi is a great idea. Think of all the Centro's Palm sold. Those are the people that the Pixi are targeted at, plus people who want a Smartphone, but want an easy to use on.

Palm really needs to get both the Pre and Pixi on other networks soon. That will help sales tremendously.

What I don't get, is that Palm announces a new phone, and their stock drops?! What's up with that?

No wifi? No big deal. This is a low end product and I don't think the average consumer much cares if there is wifi available or not. In 12 months ask me again or ask your friends who are average users. But for the current market, I really think that those demanding wifi are a very small niche.

Nope. McDonalds are offering free Wifi, it is a big deal(for me-itching to upgrade from my Centro 8GB). I want a friggen high end Pixi w/ 16GB or microSD slot, better processor and Wifi. Don't care if it's not SUPER thin.

wow...good looks for everyone with Sprint!!

GPS? Compass?

One major convenience item it looks like is missing from the Pixi is the ringer switch at the top. This is a great feature of prior Treos and the Pre, but looks like it was left off the Pixi. Why? Great feature IMO.

I'm still not liking the keyboards of the Pre or the Pixi (assuming the Pixi is slightly better than Pre) compared to the Treo 800w keyboard (best ever IMO).


the switch is on it's side now...

i've been patiently waiting for this device, cause I bought a Pre to my wife and it didn't convinced me, I really really wanted to get my hands on a GREAT Palm webOS device but now their just pushing me over to AT&T, less megapixel camera & no video, nothing said about live messenger as if it wasn't on their plans and same for visual voicemail, you do have a lot of good stuff on your phone but unfortunately not the ones I'm really looking for, the ones I'm looking for aren't even on your plans... ? well obviously a less quality camera can't be updated LOL just with that your throwing me outta the store...

...just now the processor got in my mind, your telling me I have to wait more than the Pre for stuff I open to come up

I still like the pre better muauauauuau

I have the Pixi after getting 2 broken Pres in 24 hours. I honestly don't care about the WiFi. I'm with Sprint and I get full internet anyways on the Everything Data plan. I like the keyboard better on the Pixi and so far, I'm doing just fine with it ^^

I'm still not liking the keyboards of the Pre or the Pixi (assuming the Pixi is slightly better than Pre) compared to the Treo 800w keyboard (best ever IMO).Custom Logo Design rel="follow" animated logos Website logo design Stationery Logo Design brochure logo design