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Palm points the way to the webOS 101 developer wiki 13

by Derek Kessler Wed, 01 Sep 2010 2:49 pm EDT

webOS 101 wiki

Palm has gone to great lengths to make developing for webOS as easy as possible, what with Mojo apps based on web technologies and the PDK making it easy as pie to bring C/C+ apps to webOS. The Palm Developer Relations team has also made great strides in improving the documentation for webOS development, but sometimes there are tips and tricks that only a seasoned developer can provide.

That’s where the webOS 101 wiki comes into play. Palm launched pointed the way to the webOS 101 yesterday. WebOS 101 is a community effort launched by Roy Sutton, laying the foundation for the webOS developer community to build a set of developer documents that makes sense for them. The focus of the wiki is broad: they wants to see documents built for programming tools and languages, concepts, and best practices for both Mojo SDK and PDK development. To get the ball rolling there's a list of 147 pages they’d like to see written by the community, though we’re sure there are plenty of other articles developers have their eyes on composing.

As the Just Type and Synergy plug-ins Palm unveiled for webOS 2.0 put the onus on developers to make the chat and search they want to see happen, webOS 101 is encouraging developers to build the better documentation that they keep asking for. Who’s in?

CORRECTION: Palm has chimed in to let us know that webOS 101 actually is not a Palm creation. But it's still something that they thought highly enough to give prominent position on the Palm Developer Center community page, alongside Palm's own developer forums. So really, we guess it's even cooler that it's a community effort - we like that kind of stuff here!

Source: webOS 101; Via: webOSdev on Twitter



KEEP IT COMING PALM! Eventually you'll run out of stuff to release and have to slip up the new hardware!


LOL ... let's hope that's sooner than later

Like with the Just Type plug-ins Palm unveiled for webOS 2.0, Palm is putting the onus on developers to take the initiative make happen when they

im learning now html css java to know how to develop games for palm long road..

As someone who is learning how to develop, this is just awesome... Way to go Palm!

Can I get my money back for that horrible first edition O'Reilly book I bought?

OMFG that screenshot is from a MAC. YOU USE AN IPHONE DONT YOU

Nothing wrong with Macs or iPhones. It's the snobs and fanboys that use them who thinks they are above all... that's the main problem.

I don't think I'm a snob, but I really am above all. It's science.

This is not Palm's site. It's Roy Sutton's site (@Pre101 on twitter)

...a little late with the post, but Palm really gets it. their willingest and/or attempt to stay... "connected with the people" (and of course WebOS) is one of the main reason's I continue to be a fan of Palm and struggle to complete my first WebOS app.