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Palm posting jobs galore 47

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 28 Dec 2010 8:34 pm EST

When Jon Rubinstein told AllThingsD recently that Palm was hiring, he apparently meant it: In the past few weeks, Palm, HP and recruiters have posted many new positions on sites like SimplyHired and LinkedIn as well as on Palm's own job page.

Among the positions to be filled are Linux, drivers and tools development jobs, a senior software engineer for email sync, a senior manager for the company's information and product security and compliance, and (perhaps most promising) someone to encourage "top strategic developers to deliver compelling solutions and applications for the webOS ecosystem." The Enyo Framework Team (responsible for the brand-new development environment previewed at last month's Developer Day in New York City is also looking for a few good, um, engineers.

Given that Palm has in the past hired from within the webOS community (such as Juancarlos Camargo, developer of the NaNplayer homebrew music app, who joined Palm in October), we would love to see other familiar faces head to Sunnyvale. Much success to Palm in finding great people and to any of you who are applying for these jobs.



Is Palm a start-up, again? Aren't they about to release several world-beating products in just a couple of weeks?

To clarify, I expect Palm to be hiring. At this stage in the game, I expect those jobs to be customer service and sales type jobs, not software engineers for key, OS features.

I would imagine the hiring will continue, as more of their people abandon the sinking ship.

In a couple of weeks? Probably not. In the coming months, certainly.

And just because they post new jobs, doesn't mean there aren't already people in those positions. Maybe they are just adding more to each function. Growth is good. Let's assume this isn't a last-minute idea.

You beat me to it.
Obviously these Job postings don't mean that nobody works at these positions at all yet.
But pessimists will even interpret signs or growth in a negative way. ;-)

Hey DanPLC, get yourself over there and make some big waves!

I would consider it if I could work from where I'm living now. My wife's family is here so I wouldn't move across the country.

Must be ready to deliver projects by CES 2011. LOL.

I applied for the job of 'booth babe' at CES 2011...they said thanks, but no thanks. :( I was about to be insulted, but then I realized they have a room and not a booth. ego is still intact!

LOL, thanks for that.

"HP is seeking a talented and experienced Business Development Manager to successfully recruit and manage partnerships with top strategic developers to deliver compelling solutions and applications for the webOS ecosystem." Positive: They recognize the need for this. Negative: So don't expect a sudden leap in big name apps just yet?

Better late than never, but how does a nascent OS let this position stay empty for a few hours much less months? Microsoft had a TEAM devoted to this position for the entirety of the time between Windows Phone 7's announcement and its launch.

I guess that paid off because the huge retailer I work for is making a WP7 app after we finish our Android app (we already have an iOS app). We're actually an HP customer, and we haven't been approached about WebOS yet.

Agreed. It just seems like people believe that as soon as new webOS devices launch, there will be an app explosion (even though all the other app floodgate opening events of the past [app catalog coming out of beta, paid apps, international app catalog, etc.] have failed to make any waves). These job postings "suggest" that a fully manned team is not even in place yet. I wonder if it will be in place before the next wave of "varrrrrious devices" that J. R. keeps referring to.

You are working with the faulty assumption that these job postings mean that nobody works at these jobs yet.

MS had a failing phone os with clunky UI. They needed to reboot and had lots of money to throw at a strategic problem.

Palm was running out of money and wasn't close to being as influential as MS - so simply didn't have as many resources to throw at the problem.
And it's only a few months since HP took over Palm. That the CEO needed replacing didn't help.

If HPalm fails to wow at CES - then you'll have a point. Until then we'll all work with too little real information and too much silly unfounded assumptions and speculation.

Give it a year. That's how long it took Android.

Android also didn't have a Gingerbread and better year ahead as competition. Android didn't have a new Windows Platform either. Most of the developers have their plates full and WebOS at this point is hardly a reason to gamble resources. WebOS needed to be strong like Android was (in evolution) over the last 18 months and wasn't. This is typical of Palm's history. They could have ruled the world and simped it away. They've had plenty of their own Woz's, but never a real Jobs. Isn't this typical of many businesses with good products that fail?

This would have been more encouraging to see six months to a year ago.

What, so the HP acquisition six months ago wasn't encouraging enough?

palm is HP now and they have access to all that sales force + what they had. Just because there is a job posting doesn't mean someone isn't currently in that position or the job is going undone.

this looks good they are bulking up development side even more. This is good news.

This could be an opportunity for some of our friends at webOS internals and the homebrew community.

If they were still a small company I would apply. From my experiences at big companies it's difficult to accomplish your own ideas because of politics.

From what Rubi said, Palm is still very independent within HP, so you could have the best of both worlds: creativity and freedom of a small company, with the perks and benefits of a big company.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm......

Its starting to look like when Ruby said he had nothing (no new phones) to talk about at this time at allthingD he really meant it.

To be fair, and I was corrected on this as well, he said there is nothing new that he "can" talk about. Suggesting there are new things but that he was not allowed (or was not ready) to talk about them at that point in time. I don't think they'd be looking for actors for commercials for products that they don't, or won't, have.

So you really don't think they have a single new phone in the roadmap?


Countdown to CES 2011!

Hi all,

In the musical "South Pacific", there is a song named, "Cockeyed Optimist". That is how I look at EVERYTHING". This is a good thing if it happened now or 6 months ago.

My feeling is to say "WAY TO GO PALM/HP".

Take care,


Hey Palm, please let me work in your marketing department. I'll do it for FREE. You need me to protect you from ideas like "Faster, Better, and Tons of Fun" or "Celebrating Mobile Expressionists"... which will fail as bad as creepy girls/busy moms did.

I'll work for free, Palm. I can save you from coming up with more really stupid slogans or ad campaigns. I may not be able to come up with a winner, but I guarantee that I can spot the losers you are no doubt considering as I type this.

Please, Palm. Help me help you.

Wow, I see that this front page article has brought out all of our self appointed business and marketing wizards out from under the woodwork. So how many of you guys have been running muti-billion dollar corporations lately? Just what I thought, lol.

My thought exactly.

A 6th grade reading level is all that is needed to read up on Palm well documented history and make assumptions based on comparing their current patterns. Stop pretending you need to be a rocket scientist in order to have an opinion on this stuff.

agreed. i think most of us here on p/c have a better idea than most commoners and can safely come to the conclusion that palm's marketing is, well, crappy. we know when we see something good. for instance wp7 commercials. i thought their ad campaign was awesome. the whole "really" thing is great. palm's marketing approuch just isn't as clever

Yeah couldn't agree more. I've been in small companies and large companies and I can't believe how pesimistic people are about HP and Palm. There are new devices coming. You all are so sad about your pre's that you can't see the forrest through the trees. There are good devices coming, everyone has heard as much, you just ignore it. Lighten up and be excited for once.

This hiring just means they are beginning to build a larger team than was currently at Palm. Palm was trying to go up against companies 100 times their size (apple, google, microsoft). It makes sense that they might add some employees from outside of the company now that they have the resources and are comitted to building a competing OS. Why are you all so negative? This is very much a good thing.

yes siiir... to expand on this it was a good thing for hp to buy palm. palm lacked what these other smartphone companies had, which is they were in other markets. palm onnnly makes smart phones. these other companies have many other products. hp, made jackluster smartphones and is many markets. palm made good smart phones. waahhh lah. good combo

You don't have to have run a good product into the ground in order to have a little CSFT on this subject. The real question is why anyone would defend those who clearly didn't have any.

I haven't been "running one" but I've spent enough years working and managing in the sales and marketing departments of technology companies large and small - and two of them are in the same size range as HP.
So yes, I think there are at least a few P|C members that might have the experience needed to form a credible opinion.

Of course I also said clearly that I am better at recognizing a bad marketing strategy than knowing what the best one would be, but apparently you missed that.

And opinions are worth about what they cost - and I'm offering mine to Palm at no charge...

Stories like this one are, at best, mildly interesting. A report on HP's e-print printers and webOS toasters also would be mildly interesting. But this stuff isn't important. The only IMPORTANT news will be what we hear ... or don't hear ... at CES.

My patched-up Pre has better functionality than any other phone on the market (although it is a bit slow compared to newer phones). The hardware? Well, it's got an oreo body and double-press keys. So, like many others, I'm holding on, hoping to hear that new phones will be out before my Pre falls apart.

In case you didn't see the articles and rumors, dont' get your hopes up about CES. It is very unlikely that they'll launch a product there. I sure hope they don't.

There are too many distractions. They'll have their own event hopefully.

Google hired the webOS UI architect, Matias Duarte, in May 2010. The first hints of his influence are in Gingerbread seven months later. More influence will be seen in Honeycomb this spring. Duarte's real influence will not be seen until Ice Cream at least 18 months after he was recruited.

It takes time to see results from a new-hire even if they are absolutely gifted.

What is your point? I mean that seriously. Are you saying this is a good thing and we should be patient or are you saying that this is pointless and we're not going to see anything for a long time?

They are hiring new people. How is that bad? Should they have done it sooner? Maybe, but if there was no budget for the staff, how could they. It's not likely the budget was even discussed until after the merger was finalized. If they hire 20 professionals, it is nearly a 2 million dollar a year commitment. If I hire 2 million dollars worth of people before a budget is approved I'll lose my job. Calm down everyone.

If Palm (HP) gave out bags of gold, some of you would complain because they were too heavy to carry. Give the negativity a rest on this one!

True. However if Palm handed out bags of cow dung, some of you would praise them as being green. Works both ways. :-)

LOL!!! That is probably true for some, but how is HP/Palm hiring more help a bad thing? Especially when some still claim that they have no intent to sell another webOS based phone?
..... it's only bad news if one doesn't want them to see them rebound.

I like to keep things short and sweet. You assumed that HP acquiring Palm was going to bring more technology, better hardware and phones, and stronger marketing..... And it would happen without hiring any extra people? I see a serious lack of edjamacation and people who dropped out of highschool and got a GAD instead lol.

I only got as far in the comments where somebody made a snide remark about the businessmen coming out of the woodwork and had to stop.

because, you see, palm isn't a multi billion dollar company.

AND - if I am wrong, and they are - then the "negative" comments are justified - because palm ran their multi billion dollar project it into the ground at an incredible rate of speed.

funny thing. . . all of the shadow businessmen that visit this site saw it coming for moonths & months - and the real businessmen completely ignored the signs.

AND - they desperately need these shadow businessmen.

Hiring = investment.

Investment means serious plans for the future.

I therefore suspect webOS will survive; and may well assert itself as a superior product after all.

Let's not forget, the Palm influence has been felt on every major smartphone - iPhone included.

HP giving Palm a green light to hire would seem to indicate they feel webOS can compete.

I'm eager to see a mega processor, better battery, gorilla glass, high res screen, running webOS 2, then 3, then 4, etc.

I suspect I will.