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Palm posts webOS 1.4.5 Changelog for Sprint Pre, webOS 1.4.5 itself still MIA 93

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 28 Jun 2010 1:15 pm EDT

  webos 1.4.5 sprint pre

Palm has posted (at least as of this writing) the webOS 1.4.5 changelog, citing a release date of June 24th. Since that's four days ago we're going to officially go ahead and call this release delayed - perhaps by that small change a single carrier requested. We're still expecting AT&T to take a flier on releasing 1.4.5 along with the other carriers.

The improvements are along the lines of what we've been saying for some time now:


  • This release includes minor fixes and enhancements to support the public release of the webOS PDK.


  • If a user enters text in a field on certain websites, the screen focus now remains on the text being entered.
  • This release fixes a rare problem so that podcasts now download correctly.


  • This release addresses several security issues with the Palm webOS software.

We hope it lands soon so we can start agitating for that big fall update, don't you?

Update: doesn't look like this is actually imminent. Feel free to quit tapping the update button on your Palm Pre.

Source: Palm Support. Thanks to muchtall for the tip!



Nice. #1.

1st troll - go back under your bridge and eat babies

This portlet is unavailable...?

I think they took it down.

Nvm, it's back.

It's completely gone now at 11:17am. 1.45 has been removed from the site and only shows again.

Change log is not looking that exciting

Are you kidding?!?

I've been waiting since I got the phone in late October for this one "feature" (aka: bug fix)....


If a user enters text in a field on certain websites, the screen focus now remains on the text being entered."

I'm not sure how they made it past the 1-yr mark without fixing that.

That bug was new to on of the 1.4 versions - I know because I could reproduce it, every time I tried to log on to There's at least one other site that does it consistently, but I can't remember which one.

I hope flash is mentioned.

It is highly likely they are adding the code to support flash and deploy that since it was just sent to them last week.

This could mean that we may get a 1.4.6 instead, now including flash. I am not even sure if that would be needed to deploy flash for us. Most likely though they will need to enable the hardware support for it or add in some additional resources for the system.

yeah but dont quote me on this...

Flash support was already put in place a few updates back...around 1.4.3 (not sure on the exact release but it is documented).

True, but I would wager there have been more changes since then,

Flash may not come till GUI accelerated UI comes.

...on the brink of audio input api (something other feature-phones now get) and you're still trying to have sex with the flash chick. grow up u fail bastard.

Time to hit the update app every ten minutes now?

Yeah, with all due respect, almost 5 months for this??

No fix for mail mis-formatting in the text/plain part. Boo.

One of our longest waits, and, well, not a whole lot achieved there in that changelog.

Perhaps they are busy getting UI acceleration working.

The screen following the text is what I want to see! Finally

This a pathetic update. So when does 1.5 come out?


Here is how it works.

Here is a checklist of what HAS to be completed for the deliverable of a project. Now, they have had these fixes for some time now, and their projected release date for this update had arrived, and here is 1.4.5.

The checklist for 1.5 is not completed. It will not be released until the prioritized items have been developed and approved.

This isn't magic. This is business. Believe it or not, there isn't 500 developers working on this.

1.5? Ha! 2.0 should have been out at the 1 year anniversary mark. I still can't believe Palm let the 1 year anniversary just pass by like a fart in the wind.

Maybe we'll see 2.0 at year 2, though I wouldn't hold my breath.

good, because that would mean that you held ur breath for a fcking year.... just dont comment for a year how about that? ... idiot

One of my podcast feeds suffers from the "rare" download problem. Glad to have it fixed!

Same here, I'm really looking forward to this patch. It will fix my biggest issue with the phone right now (Which is to say, my biggest issue is really small)

Same here as well. I'm looking forward to being able to listen to my favorite podcast again.

Standard procedure for upgrading? remove themes, kernel's, patches, and wondering if MHS is going to break???

you havent had to remove patches for a long time.. and i believe kernels ( such as uberkernel) are in the aupt format as well.. so only thing that needs to be removed is themes

I thought Flash is ready? Isn't the ball in Palm's court now? Why wouldn't they include it in the next update?

They have said all along Flash would be in the app catalog and not pushed out in an update. There are people that don't want it.

ugh, this is pretty lackluster unless they roll out a whole bunch of useful PDK apps.

and maybe fix the app catalog so we can sorta filter new apps (i'm tired of seeing a list of books dominate new apps).

I really hope they make some big announcements post buyout. That is no doubt what is holding up any news of anything it seems other than the folks jumping ship.

I agree, we almost need a book store now and can those crap apps from the catalog. If its a book app it should be found in the bookstore, not the app catalog. Book catalog per say?

It's just a 0.0.5

Sorry, wont make pizza or or turn the Pre into a phaser.

Bigger news is coming very soon. Only three more days until the merge. This is simply to get the PDK functional so they can start to "inflate" the app numbers with app ports from iPhone. Good for the average mouthbreather, not such a big help for real users.

That was probably my bigger point, the lack of any news whatsoever since the initial "this is what 1.4.5 will have, and we're shooting for June-ish (I think they said 1H10)"

I would have expected more, but I can only speculate they are tight lipped because of the buy out. A lack of any phone announcement by the end of July, however, will not bode well for Palm trying to get more customers.

Ideally, they surprise us w/ a fall lineup.. that will hit all 3 carriers at once.

Oh yeah I swear people is never happy with an update! Always want more. Wait til webos 2.0

I'll be bitterly disappointed if they haven't fixed the browser auto-refreshing when you move away from the card. And I don't care if there's a patch for that, I want Palm to fix it. Some things shouldn't require a patch and this is one of those things.

The issue you are describing is when the Pre has low memory and it causes it to reclaim some of the memory used in a browser window. Are you experiencing this issue with only one card open?

I always experience this issue even with only one card open.

"rare" problem with podcasts? Not in my experience. Glad it will be (finally) fixed!

Nothing here yet.

I've only had the Pre for a month now.

Wondering if we still need to remove patches before an OTA update or if that issue has been solved.

Wow, we all got so exciting for nothing. Months for literally nothing, unless they did MAJOR back end work for future stuff. Update has nothing to do except make me reinstall my Preware updates.

I second pchrist's question. We still have to remove patches and all that, yes???

patches no.... themes, kernels and modified patches, yes

What is everyone bitching about? We knew this update was only for sandboxing PDK apps.

Palm did not promise us anything else.

Correct, people need to chill. Everyone knew this was going to be minimal.

I am excited to see what the PDK-SDK brings to webOS

patches dont have to be removed. Themes, yes. You have not had to remove patches for a few updates

As a reminder for those who have Themes and/or Patches:

1- Remove any themes before you update.
2- Due to AUPT (Auto Update Patch Technology) AUPT: Auto Update Patch Technology You can leave your patches in.
Just remember they won't be working right after the update.
3- Load Preware and update your patches. Those that aren't modified for 1.4.5 will get place holders until they are modified and will be available to update later.

Enjoy! The new update!

Thanks for the info!

... Is there a patch other than the webOS internals way to stop updates? I sure would like to wait 20 days before updating....???

I have a feeling the update for sprint will come out this Friday or Saturday night!

Kudos to Precentral for reporting the correct release date (ie. delayed)

WebOS roundup decided to make a claim that it will be out today. Although it very well might be, there is no reason to believe this and the title is horribly misleading and disappointing. Bad journalism.

UPDATE: WebOS Roundup fixed title, thanks to them for noticing and owning up to the error.

Who cares about flash? When will they enable Bluetooth file transfer. Yes we got email and yes we got MMS but transfering data and contacts between 2 phones is much more easier with BT transfer.

That's true, many of the basic Samsung dumbphones have BT transfer.
It's instantenious, fast & simple, wish Palm would add it.

Use the cloud.

why is the use of bluetooth for contact transfer?? We live in a webby world...

Why would you want to go all the way out to the 'net when the two devices are right in front of you?

The cloud is good till it starts raining. Shall I remind you the profile issue we had with Palm last December (losing contacts etc)? Also what if you are in an area where there is no wifi and no 3G network? All phones had BT transfer for ages now. It is like saying we don't need a floppy cause we got a CD/DVD drive. I would like to see you loading SATA drivers on windows.

Sorry, the cloud doesn't work with older devices or when you want to have a local copy

I really hope that we will get an oficial way to get our data out of the device

My son just got his first phone. (No. Not a Palm Pre. He got a conventional (feature) phone. No stuff like web access / data plans, eating up all his pocket money.)
However, just to exchange some ring tones, pictures, etc. Bluetooth is just great for that.
However: Palm Pre + is missing BT file transfer.
What a pitty.

PALM: Please add that a.s.a.p.


do I have to remove compcache F102 (not the 102A)? My guess is, yes

When in doubt: Just Do It.

*"Just Do It." is a

Any Kernels applied through preware are OTA safe, the device will automatically go back to the default palm kernel.

I said "F102" not F102A. The original F102 compcache kernel from unixpsycho was ipk installed via webosqi. F102A was the preware release for the masses, and yes should be OTA safe, but may be better to be safe and remove kernel than risk it, I guess

This is sad. After a year, the feature set for WebOS continues to fall further and further behind. They've been working on this update for months and months, and it adds nothing but a couple of minor bug fixes. WebOS is the best UI in the business, but there's nothing behind the UI. The emperor has no clothes....

Possible scenario:

Number of programmers working on webOS 2.0 is greater than the number working on the 1.4.5 update.

Since Palm is no longer in danger of dying on the vine because of the HP acquisiton, they are leap frogging development to 2.0 because they aren't going to run out of cash. 1.4.5 fixes a few things, get's the PDK/SDK out the door for people to use, but I'd bet they are hitting the 2.0 branch hot and heavy.

I'm completely fine with that scenario.

that would be nice and sounds reasonable...

Remove kernels and patchs? for what !!?? an update?? i dont understand... please reply.. what update? is it comming out today? omg...

It's still showing up for Bell with a release date of June 23rd:

what a shit update. there's nothing here. how about improving the apps they got like music player, youtube, email. And is gonna fix the too many cards crap i get with one card open? Of course not.

"The screen focus remains on the text." Well holy shit! I've been waiting for that one! Let's pop the champagne and hit the strip club and celebrate!

If you go into preware and install govnah and uberkernel (you don't even need to overclock your phone) and then turn on compcache... you will never get the too many cards error ever again

our waiting is done.. Flash media player has been released to palm pre app store... now available great!!

What are you talking about I don't see Flash released in the app store.... provide a link, because i dont see it


I was looking at the 1.45 change log on Palm's support site, then it went NULL. Now at 11:17 PST, the 1.45 change log is gone and only shows I wonder what is up.

Palm webOS 1.4.1 Update Available....
Riiight...not this again...

I understand this update is a bag of fixes, but if this doesn't fix GPS I'm gone (I'm on VZ). I don't care which side of the coin the problem originates with, Palm sold me a phone and promised GPS and I expect it.

I have to agree with you on this, I have a pre plus and the GPS is slow and unreliable. Multitasking is a nicety, but having GPS on a smartphone is a bare necessity. I might go to the moto X and just pay the difference, Palm needs to fix the current issues and announce some large software updates, 2.0 can't be early next year or wtf has Palm been doing this whole time?

I just hope it fixes the unstability 1.4.0 brought along with the new features (i.e. random Luna restarts)

Wifi issues 1.4.0. Brought along. I hope thay fixed that.

While Pre owners don't get many direct new features, I think it is big because the WebOS user base for PDK applications potentially doubles (Pixi users). So now game developers (and other useful, cool, iPhonish application makers) will see their potential customer base jump in size.

Yes, the market is still much smaller than the iPhone universe, but so is the competition, and Palm is now pitching in to make things half-price.

So the short-term focus/goal seems to be increasing the size of the PDK market, rapidly, and encourage the porting/writing of applications. Long term, they are probably going all-out on WebOS 2.0.

I do not believe flash will happen for palm.

You people who are complaining about this update do realize that the PDK stuff is huge, right?

I mean, right now, they're hand-picking PDK apps to go into the Catalog, and with 1.4.5 there will be proper support.

Not to mention that it's my understanding (of course, based on rumor and conjecture, no inside knowledge) that PDK apps will actually be properly sandboxed in 1.4.5, instead of being able to basically do anything they want to your phone the way they can now.

Yeah, the app store should get ALOT more apps after this update, and at half off!!


I can wait for more apps (more books, farts and anti-Obama crap). Just give me a damn calendar that works as well as the Centro's!

For that matter, just give me a calendar that works!

wake me up when flash comes

I have a Pre for Sprint andi have not seen any update 1.4.5?.... No such thing on my device

Well, I read so much about "trash update" and what ever, but I think, security and stability first.
Then we can talk about "Themes" or profiles or what ever...

Well, I read so much about "trash update" and what ever, but I think, security and stability first.
Then we can talk about "Themes" or profiles or what ever...

What about fixing the display of repeating calendar events during daylight saving time? I still have repeating events showing one hour off right now, but if I look before March they are at the correct time.