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Palm Pre 2 and webOS 2.0 hitting SFR Oct 22nd 7

by Derek Kessler Tue, 19 Oct 2010 9:50 am EDT

SFR Pre 2 It’s a bit of a surprise to us, but the first carrier to have the new Palm Pre 2 will be none other than France’s SFR. Granted, they were the first to out the Pre 2, and SFR was on board with Palm for the launch of the Pre Plus. SFR’s executives have also indicated that the Pre Plus sold very well for them, so maybe there’s something to it. Regardless, October 22nd, French webOS lovers will be able to get their hands on the latest and greatest from Palm and HP: the Palm Pre 2 running HP webOS 2.0. Exact pricing (i.e. any pricing) was not revealed at press time, thanks to the leaky nature of SFR, we were able to find that out anyway: 99€ on contract and 449€ off contract. What we are less certain about is if the Pre 2 will make its way to other European carriers in the near future.

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UK O2, please pick this up quickly, I'm due an upgrade on the 22nd :)

HP can also use France as a test market for the Pre2 and WebOS 2.0. The Hero launched in Europe first as well so it's certainly not unprecedented.

I always think the form factor of the pre was awesome. Only wish all carriers will be getting it soon.(especially sprint) lol.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get Palm devices with a QWERTY keyboard in france? or are there only AZERTY keyboards there?

Just wait for Internals to update Meta Doctor to support 2.0, then you can easily switch it to QWERTY.

Besides you can order online from UK unlocked, it's QWERTY.

o2 UK PLEASE!!!!

France makes sense as a test market.

Any reviews will be in French, and unlikely to be picked up by the US press.

-- Rod