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Palm Pre 2 hacked onto Sprint 44

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 20 Nov 2010 4:43 pm EST

  Pre 2 on Sprint

See that above? That's a Pre 2 with a EVDO connection running on Sprint.

What now?! See, there was a serious Oprah moment here at Palm developer day - everybody at DevDay got a unlocked Palm Pre 2 in the "Raffle." Naturally, the first thing they did was get to hacking it. Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals took the radio / back portion of the Sprint Pre, married to the front of a Pre 2 (where the Processor, memory, screen, and keyboard live) to create the ultimate FrankenPre: a Palm Pre 2 running on Sprint.

Of course, such surgery requires some serious hacking - pulling the carrier tokens that uniquely identify the Sprint device and all the carrier-customizations from the Sprint 1.4.5 webOS Doctor, then mash them into webOS 2.0 using the MetaDoctor. It's magical, folks, but it also ain't easy or cheap - you'll be sacrificing two devices to make one Pre 2 on Sprint that is the furthest thing from warrantied possible.

So it can be done, it has been done - the unlocked GSM Palm Pre 2 can be ripped apart and married to a Sprint Pre to create a Palm Pre 2 running on the Sprint network. Kudos all around but we remind you: don't try this at home. You might wait and see if WebOS World is going to get in the game of breaking warranties and providing this service someday. In the meantime, check out the photo gallery of the whole sordid affair after the break!

By the way, WebOS Internals is currently holding a Telethon so that they can buy developer phones for all the fine folks working on their hacking team. If you haven't, it's time to go donate so that magical hackery like this can continue on webOS 2.0.

Update: we meant it when we said don't try this at home. Right now WebOS Internals can get it to work with a new Palm Profile, but it's still bugging out a bit with existing profiles. It's also not clear if it will work with future Palm webOS Over-The-Air updates. We also should say again: no more warranty. Developing (literally!), we'll update you when we hear more.


I hope to do this soon!


That Rod Whitby is amazing!






Like I tweeted Rod after he tweeted about doing this: It's time for me to get dressed up as "Bride of Franken-Pre." This is soooooo awesome!

Ok, yeah, we all kno that's awesome and crap, just tell us who can we pay to do this. (i know what I'm doin with my refund check this time!)

I bet you the next pre-doodle will be based on this!


Rod Whitby, wtf is wrong with you...mind blowing. That guy is out of control. Seriously, I wonder how many people are still using WebOS that wouldn't be if it wasn't for him. Palm, PLEASE GET THIS GUY SOME NEW HARDWARE to tinker with, and I don't just mean a Pre 2. Freakin WOW.

Taking a loan to get me a PRE 2 to put on my Sprint acct... YES!

I am ready, who do I pay!?





It is a beautiful thing. I will be ordering a Pre 2 some time in the next week from HP whether I hear back from them about a coupon or not!

Perhaps Palm or HP should hire him? lol

Think of what he could do with webOS with everything he needed

They should have a service like this on ebay, you send in both phones and they hack them for you for a fee. You pay the shipping there, they pay it on the way back. They could raise money for the webOS cause & make a lot of people happy. offers precisely that service for Plussing a Sprint Pre. Apparently 2ing your Pre is right around the corner!

I also offer the Plussing service for Sprint and will be ready for 2ing within a week. I could put it up on ebay if you prefer.

Are you doing a Pre2 sprint conversion at this time?

I hope Rod posts a tutorial on how to do this soon. Most Sprint Pre users are either already past their warranty or nearing the end anyway, so they have nothing to lose.

Well some may screw it up and have an unworking Sprint device, therefore requiring them to buy another one.

Imagine what would happen if Rod Whitby used his powers for evil instead of good. Actually, don't... the thought is too scary for a Saturday.

so does Rod Whitby now also have an unlocked GSM Pre- with a Sprint logo on it? That's a lot less sexy than a sprint pre2, but better than nothing.

I was there, it was amazing to see. Can't wait to get my Pre 2 working on Sprint.

One quick thing to note here: For this first pass, Rod was able to create the Franken-Pre, but he was not able to log back in to the original Palm Profile from the Sprint Device. The owner of this phone needed to create a new Palm Profile, which results in you losing all your contacts, calendar, memos, tasks, and App Purchases! So, more work still needs to be done

Yeah, I'll definitely take Dieters advice & wait until the guys over at webOS World start providing their service for the Pre2.

Since all those things are in the clouds, shouldnt he be able to just add the accounts? Google, yahoo, work servers, etc....what significant role does the Palm profile actually play since one cant control it?

The catch is the app catalog still filters both device and carrier so once it saw the Pre2 on Sprint, well there is there is no Pre2 on Sprint from Palm so the tokens would have to ghost the GSM to which that will walk the line there. Reset would need cooperation from Palm.

Looks like he just did a swap of boards and meta doctored it. Hawt...


It seems a bit odd to me that the Pre Plus hack keeps your software but this one doesn't. I am also wondering whether or not he got the full benefit of the camera. Either way, it sounds like the Plus is the better option.

2.0 or we go. Now we want the update.

I will gladly pay for this if some moder will do it

Hmm... could the trouble with the Palm Profile bode badly for us waiting to get the 2.0 upgrade? Either the software upgrade process includes some Profile migration details Rod missed, or it seems we might have some sticky points when we get the update.

Someone smarter care to comment?

Also, nice work, Rod! *chips in a lil of his beer money*

Awesome job by Rod.

I think this will be easier once the Sprint Pre gets WebOS 2.0. Then the OS differences will likely be taken out of the equation, and it will only be a hardware and token swap.

I have done the Sprint Franken Pixi Plus surgery twice and it worked like a charm.

I love you Rod Whitby! I'm literally tingling all over!!!

Paypal donation sent. Thank you!!

Any new info on this hack? I would like to do it but from what I read above it looks like I should wait at least till my current sprint pre is updated to 2.

See for the latest developments on this story.

-- Rod