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Palm Pre 2 headed to Rogers Wireless & AT&T? 63

by Jason Robitaille Wed, 20 Oct 2010 10:28 am EDT

With all the commotion about Sprint and US carriers for the Palm Pre 2, it's easy to forget that Canada was also mentioned as a country that the smartphone will launch in.  The big question for us Canadians: which carrier will it be?

Well now, we may have an answer, or at least a hint. Buried deep within the source code of the Pre 2 page on the Palm Canada website, is this commented-out line:

Looks like a misprint of "Roger's", as in Roger's Wireless. An easy misprint to make, in what is clearly a line of code commented out for a reason.  Only reason that would come to mind, is that an official announcement hasn't been made yet.

The choice of Roger's Wireless marks a change from Palm previously choosing Bell to carry their webOS device. Certainly a change that many, such as myself, are welcoming with open arms. Given HP and Palm's connections with the other Canadian carriers, it wouldn't surprise me if the Palm Pre 2 comes to other carriers as well.

Of course this one line of commented-out code is hardly a definitive association. It does seems to be unique to the Canadian Pre 2 page though. Hopefully there will be something official soon, ending the mystery. In the meantime, it's an exciting idea that we may see a Roger's Wireless webOS device in the near future.

Perhaps just as interesting, Calvin also found a reference to AT&T in another piece of commented-out code:

We know that Palm is going to be selling unlocked Pre 2 devices to developers, but perhaps this means non-developers will be able to get in as well?

Thanks Calvin and @SimonLR!


I wish Sprint would grow a pair and get an updated version of the Palm Pre. #getonmylevel

So Sprint is only going to get a new phone when it has 4G? Which is covering almost none of the country. BRILLIANT!

Please stop posting, I'm gonna get Fired! haha

Ok... I appreciate and love this site. However... Really... We're trolling html for comments? Are we really looking at every page on every site for any mention of a cell phone carrier or the words Palm or WebOs? Are we checking the JavaScript and CSS as well?

Who has that much time? And how much are you paying?

Do you know what trolling means?

His use of 'trolling' is correct. 'Trolling' is also a method of fishing, in this case fishing for information. It's not typical usage for netspeak, but that doesn't make it incorrect.

Do you know what phishing means?

So people are randomly insulting html until they find the comment they want? Dude relex, some one had some free time, found this tidbit and send it to precentral. What is so bad about that?

So is this an example of Trolling?

A. I was using Trolling in the fishing context. I was unaware of the other context.

B. This was tongue in cheek. And meant to be humorous not serious.

C. Again, i still say people have way too much time on there hands (as apparently do i).... :(

If sprint don't have a new webos phone by Jan 7th I give up

Hey, That's my B-Day... I know just what I want! I want the first HP/Palm 4G We can call it the Palm Phorge! It will have a keyboard, run WebOs 2.1 and have 3.7 display, dual facing cameras, 768 RAM, 1.5GHz processor, 32GB Ram with an SD card expandable to 128. It's gonna run Bluetooth 3.0 and be USB 3.0 compatible... And it will be able to run ALL iPhone and Android Apps.... :D

Never going to happen.

Rogers wireless thats a funny name for a mobile phone network.

It was named after Ted Rogers Sr. who started Rogers Communications.,_Sr.

If it is a Rogers exclusive, lets hope its for a *very* limited period as Bell clears out their existing Pre- stock. A Pre 2 on the Bell/Telus HSPA+ network might make it worth the exorbitant rates we pay in Canada.

People keep talking about Palm "choosing" carriers, I'm pretty sure that it works the other way around. Palm would love for the Pre2 to be on every carrier.

I got an email from palm hp verizon saying the phone is coming soon to verizon wireless, i doubt they mean it's due out in " months" dm13 (dot) 260756

Would the AT&T version be able to use a PrePaid SIM Card?

If you want to use the unlocked developer Pre 2, yes, that should work fine with an AT&T SIM card. Obviously, since there's no word yet on an AT&T-branded one, that's another story... and some reps might not know that AT&T's ok with prepaid smartphones (as long as they don't have data plans specific to that phone--e.g. the iPhone or a BlackBerry). If you're getting a phone directly from the manufacturer, what type of plan you put on the line is up to you.

I'm speaking here as someone who used to have prepaid service, and who also used to work for an AT&T dealer.

I do not want to switch to Rogers for my next phone. Bell is my network of choice. Looks like I'll be using my Pre for a lot longer than expected.

The more I think about it, the more I applaud Sprint for not accepting the Pre 2. Think about it, they clearly are making a 4G push. Why would they make a major marketing push for a 3G phone with marginal updates at best? I will hold on to my Pre until I hear year 2 and need to reup my contract. If they don't have anything good then, good bye HPalm.

Blackberry Styles proves your theory wrong. Try again.

Your comment was the first I have heard about the BB Styles and I am a primere memeber who is supposed to get all latest info on Sprints up and coming "big time" phones. Also the Styles isn't exactly BB's flagship phone. The Pre is HPalms baby. If they expect to compete with the zillion of Android based phones out there they need something. Sprint knows that the Pre 2 is a waste of time so they said give us something better and we will take it. I guarantee a much better phone designed by HP will hit Sprint later and will be worth the money to upgrade. Not a glorified Pre+.

I honestly don't think HP will leave the Pre 2 as flagship for very long.

As I've said it a dozen times, there's nothing wrong for the Pre (minus/Plus/2) to be a mid-range smartphone to compete with the Curve line.

Because it is NOT a marginal update over the Sprint Pre, It's huge! Just because it's the same form factor doesn't mean this phone should be dismissed outright. I want the PRE2, not a bigger phone and the new specs are a big advantage over the original Pre.

Sprint should be carrying it because they skipped the Pre plus and because they crippled the Pixi by removing the wifi. And I do not want 4G nor do I want to pay $10 for a service that is not available in my area.

The BB Styles is anything but a top-tier phone; just check out the specs on it.

The Pre 2, however happy/unhappy people may feel about it, has specs that are right in line with the Evo and Epic (processor, memory, etc...), particularly for its size. That makes it a top-of-the-line phone (Sprint has only 2 other 1 Ghz phones: Evo & Epic), and clearly Sprint wants its top phones to be 4G (again, Evo, Epic), because... Well, 4G means an extra $10 a month per phone; for every 1 million 4G phones they sell, that's an extra $10 million/MONTH. For 10 million phones, that's $1.2 billion/year extra revenue. Incidentally, for 4G which many people pay for but do not actually get (yes, I know, it's technically to uncap the "unlimited" 5 GB internet; which most of us never come close to using).

While I do tend to agree that Sprint is likely waiting for a 4G phone from Palm (HP), I do not applaud them for it. This 4G charge is merely an alternative to tiered data plans; with everybody paying.

Personally, I'd rather buy a 3G Pre 2 now, and wait to buy a 4G phone and pay my extra $10 when I can actually GET 4G.

Leave it to the techy webOS fans to find this stuff. I really do hope you Sprint users get the new device. I feel for you guys who have had your original pres for over a year. Complaining wont help though. Especially not towards HP/Palm. Complain to Sprint.

I have complained loudly to both. As it is both their faults. Palm, (since they are the ones who had this phone planned since before the HP purchase) and Sprint for not giving us anything in terms what the future holds for us day 1 adopters. I mean we have the mysterious Palm HD thing, but that can't be confirmed or anything. I think most of us just want to hear them say, "Relax, we are working on something with HP and when it comes out you will love it!" That would be enough for me. Instead I stand here holding my Pre wondering what the next 12 wills hold if it will hold anything at all.

I am on Bell with a corporate plan that gives me a free phone upgrade every year. I am already one month past my free upgrade. I love WebOS but this is disheartening. I was planning on getting the Pre2 with this upgrade, and then the super device come next year. Looks like I might be stuck either getting an iPhone/Android, or using my Pre Minus forever. Sad Face.

I have another Bell Pre Plus available. ;)

how much you want for it?

Bell Pre Plus? Hardware homebrew??

I agree with the comments that sprint is waiting for the next device that runs webos,and is 4g,,makes perfect sense.

Why does it make perfect sense? A majority of their customers won't see 4G any time soon.

I'm not sure of what Sprint's intentions are. HP/Palm told the user community to talk to Sprint about a new device which leads me to believe that there may be an issue with their relationship. I hope this is not the case because I don't want to move from Sprint.

HPalm with the 'new' Pre2 are using this phone to reach carriers and people they missed on the initial launch. There were some markets that were missed when the Pre came out that were good supporters of Palm. I said it before...the Pre2 is nothing but a re-launch of WebOS. With HP's money lets hope this launch will make a bigger splash than Palm's money strapped attempt. WebOS is going global for a global company like HP with there new 'stay connected to all devices' vision.

this could be only a marketing strategy and survey from HP. They want to see what kind of commotion they can stir up with the release of the Pre2. The purpose of releasing this phone is simply to say that HP's Pre is still alive and kicking. They are doing this because too many of "us" are bitching and complaining about new hardware, hence developer phone. Look @what they are doing to the Android Nexus. It's only a developer phone.

salt on a open, festering wound...

hello sprint. are you there?

Well, the more and more we read some of these articles showing the carriers that will be getting the pre2, one could get really mad. But if you stop and think about it Sprint and maybe even Bell Canada (since we were the first two to get the pre) might be getting something even better. I was thinking that us Sprint users might be getting something like the Palm Pre 2 4G? And what would also make sense is that it is pushed out a little to allow enough time to pass for those who got the pre at its inception. What I mean is there might not be as many people that would upgrade to the new phone unless they got that $150 rebate after 22 months. So if they launch the new phone too early they might not see the sales as high as they would like. I know, I know... most of you pre junkies wouldn't care but you have to think about it from Sprint's perspective.

Also something else funny, was the email response back from Sprint about requesting the pre2. It sounded like someone that doesn't speak english very well that sent the response. You would think that a big company like Sprint would have a canned message for request like this, but that is what you get when you outsource all of your customer service to India.

This isn't an improvement for Canadians at all! The oligopoly is maintained by device exclusivity with Rogers, Bell, Telus, and their subsidiaries (Fido, Solo, Virgin, Koodo), which results in Canada's mobile rates being amongst the highest in the entire world.

The only positive outcome Canada can hope for is for unlocked, contract-free devices to be made available so they can be used on any carrier (particularly independents like Wind, Public, Mobilicity, Chat-r, etc.), creating real competition in the Canadian mobile space.

You do know that Chat-r is no less independent than Rogers right?

Yikes, wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the info.

No, not 'among the highest in the world', they are THE HIGHEST IN THE WORLD!!

You got this right. I think the Palm Pre 2 SHOULD be released on WIND. Both of them would benefit from it: WebOS would be released on a fairly fast growing independent provider, and finally there would be a good smartphone choice on WIND. People would gobble it up as a more afforable iphone alternative given good marketing (which WIND seems to be good at)

Troops!! Do not recede your attack!! Continue to hammer,, & without mercy! We will *legally* DDoS their servers with our cries of outrage!



sprint launching the pre was a bad business decision. They got stuck w/ high return rates and falling subscriptions and watched as competitors got better phone versions. Now we're up at arms because sprint doesn't have faith in Palm? We should be mad because Palm isn't interested in regaining Sprints trust. I want to upgrade my pre minus as much as the next guy. But I don't blame sprint for being hesistent. I'm sure their market researchers are telling them that more customers will upgrade to a 4G android than those who will jump ship to stay w/ palm.

Really weird..

Only the US won't have a UTMS(GSM) version of the phone available by carrier.

I'm certainly not going to buy it on Rogers if I can get it unlocked in the US and run it on any network in Canada..

Yeah, Jason, that IS a spelling error - the correct spelling is 'Robber's'


C'mon, there's no way that HPalm went to all the trouble and expense of creating a domestic GSM version of the Pre 2 if AT&T wasn't planning to pick it up. Who else would it be for? Robber's?? A handful of developers only??

BTW, wouldn't an AT&T GSM version also work on Bell's new network?

So will the Rogers Pre2's.

Great, now I either have to switch to ATT or Verizon. Everyone I know with an ATT phone bitches about ATT and Verizon is bloody expensive.
Fabulous choice.

RE: Sprint waiting for a 4G version. I don't need a 4g phone. Not available in my area and almost all my web and other heavy use is done while connected to I don't need the extra battery drain and extra $10month for a service I won't be able to use maybe for a couple of years.

I like Sprint and don't want to switch, but if they don't have the Pre2 and don't announce by December plans for an upcoming Palm device on Sprint, I will be leaving.

I'm an long-time Palm/Handspring guy, and I first signed up with Sprint when I in effect combined my organizer (a Treo 90 at the time) with my phone and got a Treo 300. I've got apps and data that I still run on Classic on my Palm Pre.

My contract is up with Sprint, and I've been waiting on an updated WebOS phone. If Sprint doesn't update to the Pre 2, I will be very disappointed, and expect I'll be going to Verizon. I'm obviously not the only one who will go, and it seems pretty short-sighted to Sprint to ignore what I expect is a pretty sizable number of long-term customers.

I really would appreciate it if Sprint bashers would quit talking about their 4G network not being worth much. Hey, I live in Atlanta (one of the first Sprint 4G rollouts) and it has worked just fine. I've used it all through Florida and in Chicago among other places.

Calm down.

That is all.

That's great for you. But not a reason to kill the Pre2.

I bet the Rogers phones will get their ways into Bell Network somehow. If not, well... Android, here I come. It sucks if Bell will drop the ball on Pre 2, I have a great plan that is not available anymore, so I don't want to switch.

Bell you better bring the Pre 2 to your network other wise adios. I'm only with Bell for the phone. So if this is true and Bell wont be getting the Pre 2, Rogers here I come!!

Guys does hewlet packard make several different styles of printers and computers and calculators? some how I would doubt they would only make one form factor phone for all of their potential customers to use. Am kind of suprised several different items didn't come out at the same time. Just relax a bit, of course i can say that as i used my upgrade this passed july so I am not going to be phone switching for another several months. I am soooooo glad webos will have flash etc so that we too can now ( hopefully ) view web sites on our phones like justin tv. i know i for one do not toss out a computer every year for the latest and greatest :-)

So canadians can have Rodgers on their Palms? (snicker)

So canadians can have Rodgers on their Palms? (snicker)


I have nothing more to comment about Sprint getting the pre2. They Suck!