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Palm Pre 2 made official: 1GHz processor, 5MP camera, glass screen; Update: Official Specs 147

by Derek Kessler Tue, 19 Oct 2010 9:51 am EDT

Palm Pre 2

More of an evolutionary update to the Pre Plus than a revolution, the new Palm Pre 2 does a lot to bring the aging Pre line of smartphones up to modern standards. First up is the obvious physical change: the curved plastic screen has been replaced by a flatter and tougher glass screen surrounded by a new bezel design with an integrated and cover-free Micro USB port.

The Pre 2 also packs in a 1GHz processor and a new 5 megapixel camera. Apart from those updates, it’s largely the same phone as the current Pre Plus, even packing the same 512MB of RAM. To be fair, that’s been found to be plenty of RAM for the operating system and a few dozen running apps, which you'll be able to manage better with webOS 2.0. Most accessories, with the exception of form-fitted cases, should work just fine with the “streamlined” design of the Pre 2.

What might not work is your network. The Pre 2 is launching first on France’s SFR, and is doing so Friday at the rumored cost of 99€ on contract and 449€ off. Verizon is due to get the phone in “the coming months,” as is Canada. Any other carriers or countries were not discussed by HP. Same deal with pricing, though we do expect it to be reasonable give how the Pre 2 does lag behind in some features compared to other modern smartphones (though that extra processor oomph should help considerably).

Update: Palm has posted up the official specs, we got 'em after the break!

Read the Press Release


3.1-inch multitouch screen with a vibrant 24-bit color, 320x480 resolution HVGA display


Slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard


Microsoft® Exchange email with Microsoft
Direct Push Technology
POP3/IMAP (Yahoo!® Mail, Gmail™, AOL, Hotmail®, etc.)


Integrated IM, SMS, and MMS


Built-in GPS

Digital camera

5-megapixel camera with LED flash, extended depth of field, geotagging, and video capture


Accelerometer, ambient light, and proximity

Media formats supported

Audio formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV
Video formats: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264

Wireless connectivity5

Wi-Fi 802.11b/g with WPA, WPA2, WEP, 802.1X authentication;
Bluetooth® wireless technology 2.1+ EDR with A2DP stereo Bluetooth support;
Wi-Fi router functionality for up to five devices using Palm mobile hotspot.5


16GB (~15GB user available)6
USB mass storage support

Battery life

Verizon Wireless (CDMA)
Up to 5.5 hours talk time and 350 hours standby time
Unlocked (UMTS)
Up to 5 hours talk time and 350 hours standby time


Charger/microUSB connector with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed

Headphone jack

3.5mm stereo

HP Touchstone Charging Dock7

Palm Pre Touchstone Back Cover included


Width: 59.6mm (2.35 inches)
Height: 100.7mm (3.96 inches)
Thickness: 16.9mm (0.67 inches)


145 grams (5.1 ounces)


First I'd Like to say that I'm happy they came out with something but i'll be waiting till January to see what comes out.

Definitely made the right choice in not waiting but moving to the EVO, however I am looking forward to seeing the PalmPad. Why.. because thats something they had to make from scratch

No Voice Search, Voice Command, or hands free mentioned on this "Upgraded" device? Who are you benchmarking against? Fischer Price?

This is the phone Verizon Wireless should have gotten January 2010. Too little too late I'm afraid.


I hope us Sprint users get the Super Device that (hopefully) will be announced early 2011. You'll have to saw my Pre Minus out of my cold, dead, fingers as it is, but this really isn't sparking me enough to use my Premier 12 month discount on (whenever / if ever it hits Sprint).



Those specs lost my interest after "3.1 inch....."

Then I pulled my autofocus camera out of my drawer ad put it back in my pocket when they said "extended depth of field"...

I think I'll go with an Epic for a while to get a taste for 4G. I'm sure H|Palm will have something out for Sprint by the time my next upgrade comes along. Until then, c'ya!....

....Oh, Flash finally coming out?... Hmmmm. Craptacular!


I'm crying too. I've been holding out so I could get the new Palm phone. The only requirements I had were
Current gen processor (Snapdragon, Hummingbird or equivalent)
512 MB RAM
3.5"+ screen
800x480+ screen

for stuff I'd like: Front Facing Camera. 4G would be nice but also unnecessary since I don't think I need it enough for the $10 extra cost.

The part that saddens me is now that this has been announced there's less likelihood I'll get a Palm device with a 3.5"+ 800x480 screen. Which means I might have to make the hop over to Android too. Which I didn't want to do.

I'm mostly annoyed because HPalm took so damn long to NOT notice the freaking smart phone trends. HPalm just gave a big f**k you to the people who want a decent screen and... that's a lot of people (including me).

You guys are ridiculous. Uninstall your patches when this comes out, then sit down and USE both. To shed myself of much of the plastickyness of the original pre, I'd do something I never do, and break my contract to buy this thing. Seriously. I'm thankful it isn't a 6 inch dorkphone like these other phoneslabs on the market. On top of that, better power life + battery life is a big improvement. As for no front facing camera...awww. Well, it's not like the OS supports facetime or vid conferencing anyway, and it's an insane power drain.

I wasn't looking for a giant sub-tablet like many of you apparently were. You all seem so quick to forget that WebOS just rocks most everything else in multitasking and ease of use, and it looks like it's getting even better. There's always a lot of stuff Palm slips into each release that they do on the sly, too. I've been wanting flash a lot more lately too...especially because websites keep making really important controls into Flash based scores, logins, and maps...and it renders the site super crippled without Flash support.

I bet you wear a T-shirt that says "Bring Back the 8-Track!!!"

An improvement?? Well so is a Caprice Classic with a super-charger. But I bet I could still run faster.

Chill Bruh-Man. Many of us love the form factor and small size of the Pre. I rather keep the 3.1" screen than go into a 4.3" slab I'd have to carry in a man-purse. The Pre did many things well and I'm fine with just "improving" some others.

its coming friday (22nd), not tomorrow.

Pixi 2? sadface.

I agree with you, I'm extremely unimpressed by moving away from the smooth, rounded design. Funnily enough I've heard the words "sleeker" and "more streamlined" used to describe the Pre 2 on this site, it makes me think they've never even seen an original Pre.

So much for the river stone design. To be truthful I always enjoyed showing my Pre off and describing what a great experience it is just to handle. Curved face and back, no sharp corners, feels natural in the hand, etc.

This new design with the flat face and raised bevel is definitely a step away from that. Perhaps the glass will be more responsive. Personally I haven't experienced that problem.

Nice to show off, until you start to get cracks from the curved opening around the USB port.

So just like that brittle iPhone-like glass screen? Nice to show off until it cracks after the 1st drop?

HP webOS 2.0.

Turns out, HP didn't just abandon smartphones.

Looking forward to the new stuff.

WTF! Sprint better be in talks to get new HPalm phones.

seriously!!! Even if they are coming out with another phone in early 2011. I want the new one now! Just cuz, and I'm willind to shell out for a new phone in 2011. Verizon can kiss my ass, why would HPalm not launch on all networks, and sadly to the network that loves their beloved droids. Wack!

From the looks of it I would probably say Sprint didn't want to carry the phone, not that Palm didn't want it on Sprint. Check out

i'm just pretty stoked about flash... no i can sleep in peace "covers pulled up to neck and an exhale" Night night :-)

Please bring this to Sprint. All I want is a Palm Pre that has decent battery life and no Oreo twist. This looks like it would do just fine. I don't need a giant slab phone like the EVO.


Agreed. With all the available patches I've got on my current Pre, this pretty much offers me the only things I was personally missing. (Flash notwithstanding.)

Let's just see what happens...
(I can't DO anything until next year anyway. :) )

Ok now, what about GPS. With all these changes is it possible to get the GPS fixed out of the box.

Depends whether or not the carrier (Verizon) decides to hobble it again. Hopefully HP can flex its muscle and prevent that from happening, but I doubt Verizon would really care being that they're pretty deep in Googleware.

I really liked the orange buttons on the keyboard. I hope they use them when the new phone lands on sprint

THANK YOU Derek!!!! Finally I know now what I will be doing, pre minus+epic=??????? Well we'll see ;)

lol. +1

Oh boy.

I hope this does come to Sprint I could use a new one. Mine all scratched up but works fine. I do not want to go to Verizon and pay more than what I would on Sprint for the same service. Sprint works just fine for places I go so don't tell me about the better coverage. If I don't use the better coverage I don't want to pay for it. I NEED better battery life though.

Too little, too late. I'm moving on after my contract is up in July.

Wow, you've got to be a troll. Otherwise what kind of retard complains 'too little too late' about a phone released 8-9 months before his end of contract?

A troll hates Palm. We don't hate Palm, we just want a bigger screen,Autofocus camera, better keyboard, a Sprint release.......

Maybe this is too much to ask for after a year and a half of nothing, but give us a break.

We know new phones are coming,probably to Sprint also, but who wants to be locked into contract with anyone? This is why we hold off and get disappointed after a long wait.

stop calling disappointed fans trolls. Do you call the guy at the Giants game,dressed out completely in orange and black,but booing the Giants pitcher cause of a homer he let go a troll?

Shut your mouth and go home.

I'm not a troll by any means and if anything, have been pushing my phone harder and longer than most on here. Just because I don't post often doesn't mean I hate my phone.

It's not enough of an refresh/update to merit getting the new hardware. It sucks too because I have yet to find a phone OS I like as much as WebOS, iPhone and Android included. Their notification system sucks, Android is no more open than the iPhone.

The original Palm could have been SO much more had they used better marketing, pushed harder, lowered the price sooner, and gotten improvements out faster. It's been almost a year since they promised Flash support, dropped the ball on that didn't they?

Even if they had simply made the screen bigger, that alone would have been reason enough for me to get the new handset.

Even if they had simply made the screen bigger, that alone would have been reason enough for me to get the new handset.
Exactly my thoughts. This screen was ACCEPTABLE (well, at best OK) two years ago, when they've announced the original Pre. It was definitely insufficient at the time of Pre Plus. It is woefully inadequate today.

And I am not swallowing Jobs's BS, it is just reality - I've compared text readability/reading comfort (be it eBooks, documents, SMS, email or Web) of my Pre with current sub-4" phones (be it Android or WinMo 6.5), and the difference is night and day.

Talk about releasing the hounds!! I'm not even on Verizon and I am excited... That just means the Sprint device will be all that Super! Can't wait!! :D

I will never go to Verison so if Palm doesn't have a new super phone by February for Sprint I'm jumping ship and going to Android! The Pre2 is a great improvement and the 5mp camera is a good jump as I use my camera almost daily.

And Sprint gets shafted. We have the oldest model I really do hope we get it right along with Verizon.

"5 mp enhanced Depth of Field: Means no auto focus. That means no or limited bar-code readers.
Verizon in the US. I'm not paying twice as much per month to go to Verizon just to have this.Besides, they hate everything not droid, so I don't see them selling tons of these.
Same low res screen. Seriously?

I am saddened and disappointed. To quote Dieter "I loves me some WebOS" but I may have to go get an Epic or a wp7 pro when it's released.

Haven't you learned anything Palm? Release your devices on all carriers as close together as possible.

I was thinking the same thing re: enhanced DoF ...we need autofocus!

Low res screen? You're an idiot. The screen is fine. You only think it's Low Res because you swallowed the bullshit Jobs has been feeding everyone.

The higher resolution screens like those on the Droid, Evo, and iPhone 4 do a better job of displaying non-optimized web pages, which in turn adds to the utility of the phone-- you don't have to pull out a laptop just because that one page you needed to look at is illegible at 320x480.

We Sprint users can always hope they use the same radio board and do a swap just like with the pre plus perhaps... Unlikely but perhaps.

So you would need to buy an unlocked Pre2 for what 500 something bucks and then take it apart? No thanks.

Great news! I am looking forward to your full review. Can you post more pictures of the phone and screen shots from webOS 2?

its nice palm is finally releasing something, even though us pre users in the UK are not getting the Pre2 yet. I am still holding out for the super phone come jan 2011. Skype beter be available when webos 2.0 arrives in the UK

My Pre Minus is now 2 iterations behind. lol

So the battery life is not all that much improved according to a tech spec comparison, unless Palm has updated all of their Pre specs to account for running WebOS 2.0.

I was hoping that I'd be wrong that this was a Verizon exclusive. Please bring the Pre 2 to Sprint!

They probably just wanted this on Verizon before the Iphone hits - Sprint isn't too important.

Excellent point about getting this out before the iPhone hits. I didn't think it would actually happen, but it looks real now and I can admit I was wrong.

Hopefully VZW doesn't screw them on the launch like they did the first time. I wouldn't bet money on it though. HP will need to push a really aggressive employee education program and offer some good sales bonuses. Invest the sellers in the device and they'll push it harder.

HP will need to do most of the advertising on their own. I wouldn't let the Verizon people do any advertizing for it after the 'Mom Phone' gaffe.

I actually was thinking the same thing. Last time, the Droid was released, which was heavily pushed and marketed by Verizon so that when the pre was released, it was largely ignored by Verizon reps, mostly due to their ignorance, I'm sure, but also incentives to push it harder from Verizon, since they own the Droid brand.

If/when the iphone release for Verizon, as rumored, all other phones will probably take a backseat to it, so this will hopefully help them get customers before that happens on Big V.

Possibly, Sprint customers will be rewarded with newer hardware afterwards since we've been running an older hardware version of the pre compared to other carriers. This might be our reward for our patience. We shall see.

It has no noise canceling mic???? I'm sorry, but after using a device with noise canceling, it's a wonder as to why it doesn't exist in every phone.. cbf.

I was about to yell what about sprint ..but then I thougt....what if sprints not gettin this one?...they don't seem to be releasin phones w/o 4g....they didn't say pre2 has 4g.....hopefully they release webos 2.0 soon so I can play with that for the rest of the year and see what happens at ces edit: that's a nice move by verizon to get skype hope that don't last too long but I don't think their the only ones doin video messaging now-a-days

Sprint better get this, but if not, we should get the Pre 2 Plus that has 32 gigs and a doubled resolution screen. And throw in a compass and gyroscope for good measure.

No compass? And no mention of when webOS will be release to us pre/plus owners.

A compass WILL NOT WORK with a magnet in the back for the touchstone. That's really, really basic science.

No it's not. It's rather complicated and in-depth, you need at least four semesters of university to fully understand it. Took me eight (I'm specializing in theory of electromagnetic fields).

Before you balk, please note I wrote "fully understand".
"Understand" is *not* "observe".

uh,i heard the Pre only has metal plates that react to the magnetic properties in the touchstone. The Pre, itself,has no magnets in the backplate, so a compass is totally feasible, as long as you don't have the phone on a toucstone.

You are right, no magnets in the touchstone back, just 4 metal discs. You only wouldn't be able to use a compass when it's on the touchstone.

so.... Maybe Brendilon needs to do some '"really, really" basic research before shooting down a comment of someone elses. :-)

1. Camera NEEDS auto-focus

2. WTF, no Sprint?

3. My current speaker is blown and I need a new phone... well before "Early next year"

I love WebOS, but damnit.. I need a phone that works at 100%, 100% of the time and I need it now. I was trying to hold out for this Pre 2, but I simply can't afford to wait that long, and i'm surely not getting locked back into a contract with the Pre- again.

No chance of me moving to VZW for ANY phone. But as long as WebOS 2.0 comes to my Pre Classic I'll be a happy camper. Enjoy the Pre2 SFR and VZW customers, it looks to be a solid upgrade (though more storage would have been nice).

A little surprised, and pleased, to see no whinging about lack of a 'retina' display. Maybe fewer folks bought into Jobs' b.s. than I thought.

is it just me, or does the picture with the slide-out keyboard show the power button on the top part of the screen? It should be on the base part of the slider.

Huh? its always been on the top....

No, it hasn't.

It's possible they moved it to the front slider half to make it easier to press when the slider is open, or it could just be a render of the front closed view that is composited over a render of the keyboard (probably from a Pre Plus render)

A lot of people probably don't realize that you can press any key to wake the phone up if the screen turns off with the slider open instead of having to press the power button.

I'm not sure if it would be logical to put it on the screen slider, it seems like it's too thin for it. I was guessing it was just a render of the closed view put on top of the keyboard, that's how I created my entry for the contest. I wasn't sure if they just forgot to edit it out.

Wow. No news yesterday. Go to bed. Wake up this morning and log on. BOOM!!! Geeze, now I have a ton of reading to do. Sorry work.

WTF no Sprint????? This is bull. I need a new phone NOW!

"In the coming months" is pretty ridiculous. This phone should have been released months ago. In the "coming months" there will be better, faster phones out. It's like they don't want this to sell.

Let's see if we have the 3 fail factors in place:

1- Release on only one carrier in the US
2- Don't have an exact release date
3- Don't have any pricing details

I know this phone was in the works before HP took over but still, at least get it on all the carriers and do it FAST. That's the only way a phone like this has any chance in selling.

Sad, but true.

And those wanting to wait to January for the superphone are kidding themselves. HP just said that the Palm Pre 2 isn't coming for a few months in the states.

......hmmmm, lets see, .... November..... December....

Oh, maybe it'll be out by christmas! So that must surely mean HP will put out the superphone a MONTH later to canibalize the sales of the Pre 2 that short into the release of a new phone.

Expect a kickass phone announced at CES, PalmPad announced at CES, but don't expect to have said devices in hand until March or April of next year..... And even THAT is wishful thinking.

I'm on AT & T and Verizon isn't available where I'm at. I was really hoping HP would do right by all of us and have a simultaneous multi-carrier release. The specs are just fine for me as I'm not currently a smartphone user. I hope HP and the rest of the carriers can work something out soon so this latest WebOS goodie can get out to as many people as possible as soon as possible.

This Palm Pre 2 looks like the Palm Pre and Pre Plus if you squint...

I hope that HP/Palm is planning to release the Pre 2 4g special edition on Sprint. I'm still an original Pre user on Sprint. I love WebOS. I hope the new Flash 10.1 integration works good and isn't a major battery hog! This is an exciting day for sure, as HP is pushing out new hardware and software officially... However Sprint users need some love too!

Of course flash will be a major battery hog.
That much is a given.

not on sprint, no autofocus, low (comparatively) res screen, small (comparatively) screen, no microUSB slot, no current mention of APIs such as microphone released, still no document editing support, same lame battery = this phone falling flat on carriers in the US, except for SPRINT, which holds your most loyal fan base. This phone would have been cool 1 year ago. I know the difficulties of the merger and hardware development, blah blah blah, but come on HP! This is not going to get you back in the game.

I, for one, will not be switching to another phone, because WebOS is for me. But how many people feel the same way I do? If you keep playing catch up, you are going to always be behind from the get go. I saw someone on Engadget wrote "DOA", or Dead on Arrival, at mention of this phone. I have to agree. People want the latest and greatest technology that they can brag about to their friends. You have the best software (lacking some key features, but we'll play along for a little while longer there), but some of the worst hardware (not willing to play along for much longer).

Let me reiterate what everyone else has been saying - Don't Do Extended Carrier Releases! You have to hit the market all at once so that everyone can see the phone, uhh and aww over it, and then go get it on their respective carriers. Not, see the phone, be impressed by WebOS, oh wait, I can't get it on my carrier until March?, skip that, going with Android who has like 9000 devices out with some of the most cutting edge features.

Finally, by all things holy, if you do not release WebOS 2.0 to Sprint customers who are stuck with the original Palm Pre/Pixi because you aren't seeing fit to get this phone on Sprint, you are going to piss off a lot of people who are betting on WebOS and helping keep this system alive.

My two cents, but my dollars follow my cents.


I will not leave sprint or webos. I will just have to make a sprint frankenpre2 if they dont have anything new for sprint in the next 6months.

Here ya and agree completely! I've love to a FrankenPre 2 for Sprint and a Palm Pad early next year. Now that's a combination! Sorli...

haha so many stories up and only an 8 hour workday... however will i :-0

Well at least with webos 2.0 coming out it should hit the pre minus soon as well. That looks to be a very nice update for our old phones.

This is exciting!!! New devices is fantastic news. Some may consider this a bump, but the only bump I see is not having this available for all carriers. Some may also have noticed the Notify Me link and reference to your present carrier (Sprint in my case) and desire for more information.

I'd love an upgrade, but I'm not planning on switching carriers even with the Pre 2 looking So Sexy! Wow I love that Glass Screen, webOS 2.0, 512mb RAM, and native Flash support...what's not to like???

Sure we could all use more and most of us will wait, but I can also imagine many of us with failing units that could use a replacement in hardware. Thankfully, my original Palm Pre is still cranking. Sorli...

Here's to hoping Sprint will get the Roadrunner HD (4G). What about AT&T, they're being left in the lurch here too. Man, that would be a kick in the shorts if they neglected to release anything new on Sprint. WebOS 2.0 should be amazing enough to keep us occupied until new Sprint stuff comes out.

On a side note, WTF releasing on VZW with an iPhone launch imminent? HP must have some kind of plan or understanding with VZW to push their phones, or this makes terrible business sense. Hell, I bet once the iPhone makes its way to Big Red, even the Droid Army starts taking casualties. One phone to rule them all...

Well my Sprint premier upgrade was up in June of 2010. Its hard to keep waiting. I do not want a plus or this new Pre, not enough change to get me to get one. (I'm already running 1Ghz). I want the totally new device. I will wait a little while longer until February which is 8 months past my upgrade date. Then I will look around and see what is out there. My WebOs loyalty is getting weaker by the day.

Glad I bought a Pre Plus last week. I don't like the flat screen of the Pre 2. And it is really disappointing to just do another (really minor) update, Palm. Oh, and why for crying out loud do you have to advertise the Pre 2 with Angry Birds on the screen?

Ok, im confused. How the hell is skype gonna work without a forward facing camera?

I thought that was dumb to push also. No front facing cam means pointless Skype calling.

I'm sure it's in prep for the PalmPad, as that will most likely be released on Verizon as well.

They had to push Skype as a cool feature even though it's useless on Verizon. Sprint will always have Quik (or whatever it's called).

....geez, as I type this I don't see any good from announcing skype. How worthless. Can anybody give a good reason for Verizon to be excited about a skype feature on WebOS without the PalmPad?

Sprint will probably get a 4G WebOS phone. It's their thing right now - they had the first 4G phone and will probably push to get a bigger line-up of 4G phones next year.

I'm very disapointed I can't get the Pre 2 update. Come on Sprint and HPalm! Hurry up with it!

So like yesterday I bought 2 touchstone's at Radio Shack and now I see Sprint isn't in the lineup as of today for the Pre 2. I was looking forward to my first Palm Pre device. C'est la vie

man verizon really dropped the ball last time for their love affair with android. Why do they get it before anyone else? If the superphone does ever emerge from hiding it had better and rightfully should go to SPRINT!!

I hope that HP/Palm is planning to release the Pre 2 4g special edition on Sprint. I'm still an original Pre user on Sprint. I love WebOS. I hope the new Flash 10.1 integration works good and isn't a major battery hog! This is an exciting day for sure, as HP is pushing out new hardware and software officially... However Sprint users need some love too!

just received a dm on twitter from the german O2 business team - last word they received is that O2 isn't going to offer the pre2 at all. and no ETA for webOS 2.0 so far.

sure, this can still change, but would somehow be in line with the las couple of month where they abandoned the palm phones in favour of other brands. as my contract is running for another 12 months, I have some time now to see who will be the new carrier (vodafone? :( ) and what the next-gen palm will be like.

wow! That hurts. But honestly, I am not very much surprised. Minor hardware spec bump, to a minor spec bumped hardware (Pre+), to the original Pre - which has not been exactly a market hit, was it?

What the hell they are thinking, that they have a hit like an original iPhone, so they can reheat & serve it over & over again?

What is in there for Pre+ owners, who have overclocked to 1GHz months ago (or even funnier, to 1.2GHz), apart from WebOS v2, which in all probability will be rolled OTA onto older phones (and it better be rolled out to the older phones, if not, than my Pre will become a true river stone, in no time)


Oh ya. If they don't roll out WebOS 2.0 on my Pre Plus in a timely manner, I'll be looking at "an alternative Smartphone" on my next upgrade....

5MP Camera and no auto focus.
What the ...

Only 16BG of storage? I've spent so much time defending the "spec bump" Pre2, and now I see that they haven't bothered to "bump" this most basic of specs. I have to admit I'm disappointed.

I need at least 32GB's to store my complete music collection on my phone! Now I need to keep carrying a Pre and a separate mp3 player, or constantly rotate the music stored on my phone. That sucks.

I hope HPalm isn't trying to force its users into relying on their "cloud" music service. If so, that's a particularly low and nasty move to make against their users.

It's funny. I would have been ecstatic with just a little more camera resolution and more storage (plus some calendar improvements). Stacking cards? Great, I guess... But I'm interested in basic functionality, not bells and whistles.

Now, I'm really on the fence about getting this phone, especially when I see that the Blackberry Torch can meet all my requirements, and it may be coming to Sprint soon.

I just don't think I can go another year lugging around an mp3 player everywhere I go.

Sorry Palm.

I wouldn't want to pay an extra $10 to have the Pre2 on Sprint. Sorry. 3g and wifi is currently fast enough for me in terms of the small Pre screen. I will however fork over $10 per month for a Pre 3 if it has a bigger screen, say 3.5 to 3.7 inch screen. Not interested in a 4 inch screen. Sprint needs to get off this Android fever for a moment and focus on webOs... with the way things are going now, not sure if Sprint is open minded enough to do that.

Where the hell is the Palm Pre 2 on SPRINT???

It's hanging out at Verizon.

I'm disappointed in the specs.

I overclock to 1.2 ghz. This will be a step back.
Don't relegate yourselves to a wimpy screen resolution. This isn't fisher price..
Camera is ho-hum.
No front camera??


"I overclock to 1.2 ghz. This will be a step back."


That's beautiful, so how will you compete with Pre2's Uberkernel @ 1.8~2ghz??? Hmmm...seems like a step *forwards* to me. Near double the speed, and twice the efficiency.


...assuming Pre 2's processor is overclockable, and assuming it is overclockable to the same (incredible) degree, as Pre's. Two big assumptions here.

And honestly - I personally think that even original Pre (Minus) @1GHz is fast & snappy enough throughout (well, apart from boot times, but WebOS 2.0 seems to be the cure here).

In contrast, screen upgrade to sub-4 incher (3.5"-3.7"), with significant resolution increase (preferably, 640x960) is something that would make a huge difference in user experience - in text legibility & amount of information available on screen.

But what I know, I am just a stupid user, not HPalm exec - I must have forgotten about the wonderful (and non-existing) "connected infrastructure of different devices and services". What are they smoking up there? Do they think people will buy to the CEOs waffle, instead of REAL kick-ass devices, REAL kick-ass applications/services (that will only FOLLOW kick-ass devices)? Do they think they will fool and win over professional developers with such a waffle, and releasing a disappointing hardware after a disappointing hardware?

I think it is enough bitching for me, time to get life, time to switch to something that has a future.

WebOS has a future - sadly, in a museum of brilliant tech, beat to dust by pathetic marketing and management decisions. Not the firs, and not the last tech that will end up there.


No love for UK market?

While this is an nice update is want a bigger screen 3.1 is just way to small give me a pre2 with a 3.7 inch screen ill switch back from Android

Guys, Palm just posted on their Facebook page that it was not Palms reason for Sprint not getting the Pre2...Sprint didnt want it!!!

Heres the post

"Hi Jason, Nick, Frank and others. Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it. Carriers in the United States determine which phones they offer their subscribers. If you'd like Sprint to carry a new Palm webOS phone, let them know. They... have a contact page on their corporate website, and a fan page here on Facebook:

So get on it, bug sprint!

1. Finallyyyy...
2. I need the following things from my new phone, to upgrade from my current GSM Pre Minus:
better than pathetic battery life
bigger than 3.1 screen
more resolution
better slider mechanism
...and that's it, on hardware front (way more than this on software front, but it is slowly getting there, if you don't mind homebrew patching).

The last one (robust slider) is to be seen, but the other three... not there. Shame :(.

My Pre Minus currently runs happily @1GHz, so what's there for me, to waste upgrade/money? Glass screen? No, thanks, I'd rather had rounded plastic (but the one that is not falling apart/cracking).

People are waffling about the oh-so-wonderful quoted battery life. Well, get real. My Pre is rated at 5hrs talk, 300hrs standby. What, when in airplane mode, they meant? Nowhere near the real world figures, you will be lucky to get one full day standby, and I haven't checked precisely, but no way you'll get more than 1-1.5hr talk time.

This is only changed to 350hrs standby now, 1/6 or roughly 17.5% increase, talk time unchanged. We'll see, but not holding my breath. I presume that a software upgrades alone could result in this kind of energy savings.

Bottom line - thanks, but no, thanks, HPalm. If that's all you have, regarding the "pipeline of new, exciting devices", and "the new hardware that everyone will want to have, when released", well, you are deluded, and done. You are merely playing catch-up (and loosing) on hardware front.

And given that all the rumors seem to suggest that the "Superphone of the early 2011" will be a slab, without the physical keyboard... I will be done with WebOS, if it comes to true...

Yet again, absolutely brilliant WebOS v2 is let down by a mediocre hardware. It needs a bigger screen, it needs a higher resolution (preferably 960x640, to scale up easily from current), it needs more powerful processor - to make it shine, to make a real splash and big waves it needs, to get a proper traction. Mediocre will not get you anywhere in current mobile OS market.

With regards,
(in sour-sweet mood)

PAAALMMMMMM!!!! Your time is up, I can't wait any longer!!!

Any news for Spain? O2 and Movistar users were first adopters in Europe ! We have been advocating since the beginning WebOS.

They couldn't make that new camera one with autofocus? Zoom?

I'm sure others have said it, but I will too: as an upgrade, I can't see Pre+ users bothering with the Pre 2. WebOS 2.0 + Uberkernal gets a Pre+ user most of what the Pre 2 offers (and even without the kernal, what's really missing? a little speed?). It's a little more compelling for original Pre users though, particularly those that don't partake of the modded kernels to help with memory management and thus still have to put up with the "Too Many Cards" message all the time.

To me the biggest miss with the Pre 2 is the same old screen. All the other phones have gone to high-res displays, and Palm is still at HVGA.

I have to agree. Half of the people here repeat the same thing over and over again (meself included): we want bigger screen, we want higher resolution, we want robust slider in the same form factor.

HPalm listens. To themselves. And delivers. Not what their customers want/ask for.

Let me think where it will get them, hmm...

Yawn. Won't help me on AT&T. Quick Office Viewer while Android and iPhone get Quick Office Connect Suite that edits? Well, at least it has Flash (browser viewer, not apps).

Is this Gorilla Glass?

no front facing camera, no autofocus, same screen resolution.

What the hell? Its no better than any Pre/Pre+ with uberkernel.

Whats in your brain? palm/hp?

I waited til July 09 to buy my Pre, because I didn't want to switch to Sprint, with its horrible rep. After 15 months, I'm a lot more impressed with Sprint's quality than the Pre's. This looks like something Palm already developed before the buyout. Do we know if HP built it, or is it more of the same low budget crap as the original Pre? Give Sprint a break, they've already been burned with hundreds of thousands of man hours of service to a crappy phone. I don't blame them for jumping on the more of the same bandwagon.

You know what... I never even considered that, but I bet you're absolutely right! This smells of re-gifting. There is really nothing new at all. It's like finding an 4 yr old pair of jeans with the tags still on it in your closet.

Hmmmm.... shame on everybody!!

Least-researched, most biased article on a webOS phone ever?

Head to to read for yourself.

It starts with the headline and gets worse from there. David Goldman ( needs to go back to j-school.

We all need to comment on his article.

How about commenting on the one here first:

".....the Pre 2 does lag behind in some features compared to other modern smartphones....."

Why is that... when you've had so much time to make it better than other modern smartphones

once my Pre dies, I will switch to whatever good on sprint that has 4G, and front facing camera.

This is so unbelievably stupid, PALM/HP is putting 2 year old tech together and expecting people to buy it? You can't compete with apple/google for fanboys!

as i've said before very disappointing, i've stuck with palm phonee for 7yrs an now a company has bought it out an rebranded its products to hp. i havent been buying hp smartphones an do not want to. hp has now lost a customer an i only see more of this happening to lil to late, this pre 2 should have been a iphone4 or evo4g spec or something, seriously almost 2yrs an this is it. think i'll take my 3 palm pre sprint accounts in july an upgrade to god know what now accessiores an my wallet for sum what 400 apps i've puchased passed yrs or more an move on, only thing has a loyalty to its products or sticking or upgrade seems to be apple now everyones ohhh i'm stickin to hp cause webos, they didnt wont it for smartphone they wanted it for printers an tablets thats where its going an headed, not smartphones they stuck at it..

".....they didnt wont it for smartphone they wanted it for printers an tablets thats where its going an headed, not smartphones......"

If there was such thing calling "dibs" on this thought way way back, I'd be rich right now. Sorry to say, but I think you're right. Did PALM Honestly think PALM to ANDROID defectors would be banging the Ark door to get in on this Pre 2? If they honestly did, then there is nothing else to be said. They're done.. (in the smartphone dept. that is) Disappointing. Because I've been really waiting for an excuse to come back.

Damn you, Frenchies!!!

*shakes fist*

So, no (micro) sd card support, thus no local backups, thus complete reliance on the cloud (which is sometimes gone).


I really can't complain, but as a first time smart phone user who bought a pre plus this past August I was really looking forward to a bigger screen (I can upgrade early next June on AT&T). The "mobile web" just doesn't make for the best experience on a 3.1 inch screen. I really feel for you sprint folks, guinea pigs to the end LOL.

Im thinking the Pre 2 is intended mostly for new webOS users. The general consensus here seems to be that while the new specs are nice, they aren't good enough for current Pre users to switch, especially for Pre+ users that overclocked their device. WebOS 2.0 will eventually be released to current users anyway, so we'll have virtually the same device minus the glass screen and 5mp camera.

I am sorry for breaking the news, but the specs aren't nice. They are barely acceptable, as a low- to medium-end contemporary smartphone. And for that end price, you must be barking mad, or die-hard WebOS lover (but beware, system without any real traction within software industry will only get you so far), to choose it over the Android/iOS/Win7/BB competition.

I am very sad and disappointed to say this, but I don't think their constant mistakes and misjudgments bode well for WebOS future.

3.1-inch multitouch screen with a vibrant 24-bit color, 320x480 resolution HVGA display


luckily i'm not desperate for a new phone just yet.
i'll tough it out with my pre plus and wait for webOS 2.0 and see what comes up in a year.

Here's hoping that the hardware build on this one is somewhat better than the complete fail that was the Pre 1.

4 of those phones I went through before I dumped the platform...

Argh! I SO don't want to switch to Android, but Palm/HP. . .you're making my decision very difficult.

I'll join the bandwagon - where's my Sprint Pre2? The specs are fine for me - 1ghz and half a gig of RAM is nice. I can only imagine what this baby will do with a little overclocking. But for the love of all that is good and holy, where's my Sprint 4G Pre2? If there's no news of this development when my contract is up with Sprint (in May), I'll be forced to consider my Android options. . .

just what i wanted...Still small...looks like someone pimped out my old pre....can't wait for it....all i wanted was more speed.. storage and a better camera....the pre itself was a hit back before all the updates and cool apps....this is a big Plus.....i Love the WebOS and just want a more bug free Pre....thanks HP and Palm...your the bomb!!!

Sprint i'm still waiting for you to call me with the news...i know you have my number :)

So I would say as a general consensus, most people think this new phone is not helping PALM at all. To interpret otherwise would be a stretch.

still no zoom for the camera (very bad) :-( :-( :-(
still "small HD"
still no card slot for disk space expansion.

FYI, for those who don't know, there was a posting on Precentral from about a month ago claiming Sprint rejected this phone.

this is bull shit the palm pre 2 will come out to verizon

Not to mention sprint rejected the phone

fuck u sprint i wnated that phone and now i cant have it because i have sprint


everything BADDD..well, no everything, but almost. I really want a Pre2, Im Mexican and I have a US-PrePlus, from AT&T, I crak it to use with my local cellphone company (Telcel) because they only sell a Pre(no plus)...well, I was expecting something new from HPalm (jejeje) but..

cool...nice specs

Are you serious !?!?!?!? Does HP really expect these paltry specs to stand up to BB, iPhone and Android?????
Everyone here needs a dose of reality, The minute Palm abandoned the Treo Phone they put the last nail in their coffin. I moved to the EVO after suffering with the crippled Pre for a year and haven't looked back. Finally, I own a "smart" smartphone that actually works right out of the box. Face it the Pre 2 is nothing more than a patched up Pre with all the same old issues and faults that lacks all the bells and whistles ALL the other phones have. BTW, Palm added 1 app on Friday??? REALLY One App???? LOL what a freakin joke...Apple and Google add hundreds a week.....LOL,,, FREAKIN ONE!!!!!!! Enjoy your HP Palm devices folks LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL......

I can only assume that so many palm users on sprint that there is something possible better coming for us. From all the review I've seen H|Palm seems to have a consistent, no comment but wait response and I'm really looking forward to early 2011 to see what's up. I'm not up for an upgrade till March, so I'm hoping that will be about opportune time to snatch up a new device, whether its Pre2 or better.

As for the Pre2, I'm excited. My husband has had an iphone for the past few years, recently spilled water on his and then joined me on sprint with the EVO. Both phones are great, but awful. I hate using them because every time you start "multi-tasking" you're just throwing applications into the background that can't be easily accessed. With phones becoming as powerful as they are why is it that WebOS has the only efficient system of organization. With the faults that Palm devices may have I can't switch to any other platform because I spend so much time being angry that I can't do what I could in WebOS. And all those "amazing" things that you can do are useless in comparison. But that's just my opinion. I'm not the type that wants to push a button to tell my phone what to do when I could have just pushed another button and done it myself. Yeah the tech is neat, but I don't need it, and I don't care to video chat. I mean how many of you who switched to different devices use your video chat regularly, not just as a ooo look what I can do.

The only thing I would like to see is a return to an SD card if they're not gonna up storage to at least 32gb, and throw in a front facing camera.

I am enjoying that the screen is flat, that's one thing that I previously liked more about the pixi, the bubble screen while smooth is kind of a hazard and makes my pocket look funny when I slip the phone in.

But mostly...what is SPRINT gonna get, cause we better be getting something.

Am I the only one who's sick of coming to see the latest WebOS news and seeing nothing but flak toward HPalm down below the article text?

I feel like a lot of you want specs like people want big trucks - as big and badass looking as possible, but only so that your buddy's isn't bigger and more badass when the weekly pissing contest comes around. Usually these types of people will never get close to using the full performance capabilities of what they sank so much money into.
Most users, myself included, won't be doing much that the first Pre+ couldn't handle just fine. And I say this as a 21 year old college student with an unlimited data plan and a love for the many patches and 3D games available on WebOS.

One more thing: I think a lot of people have stopped appreciating just how awesome WebOS itself is. The fact that I can get stuff done on my ATT Palm Pre Plus twice as fast as an Android with twice my specs inside is saying something (it's happened). But even in my relatively short time as a computer engineering major in college, I know why. Because when an OS is programmed well, it can get the same amount done just as quickly with less hardware. A WebOS phone, a Blackberry, an Android, and an iPhone, given all the same specs and running the same task, with all do it differently, with varying speed and efficiency. It's the nature of programming. And it's my opinion that WebOS would be the fastest in that test, especially if that test involved multiple tasks simultaneously (which in this day and age, it should).

You guys know there are tons of easy-to-install patches to solve most of the stuff you say the Pre "FAIL"-ed at, right?

Focus on these words.

Ok I need some advice. I've had a pre since the month it came out on Sprint. I'm only on my 2nd, which means the warranty is gone from Palm and the phone is starting to give me trouble. This is completely understandable due to the phone's age, but that leaves me with 4 options:

1. Pay $150 through the insurance on my phone to get a Pre from Sprint that is severely outdated.

2. Use my "upgrade" on the same phone, confining myself to a 3-4 year old phone when I can finally truly upgrade (clearly not choosing this one).

3. Move carriers to one with the Pre2. The Pre2 sounds better, but nowhere near enough of a jump to justify paying far more per month elsewhere than the awesome deal I have at Sprint for data, etc. If it were a jump for Palm like the Evo was for Droid maybe, but let's face it that's not what's happening here.

4. Give up and go with a 4G Droid phone. I really don't want to do this, but I'm leaning on this option as the others seem worse to me.

Oops, double posted.

Super jamming Ram & Rom is great, glass case nice. The whole Pre idea is classic and I love it. I feel the same way for different reasons about my old Centro OS5, and the OS systems that inspired it. Why oh why can't Palm, oops, sorry...HP learn to integrate the two. Put a Pre and a Centro on a nice couples cruise and give me the pick of the litter PLEASE.

When the Pre and the future Pre II is out of 3g range or worse out of service completely it's time to pull out the Rand Mcnally map book if you still have it anymore. Only a few basic on board programs work independent of the server. My centro in similar situations would still function fully independently except for phone and web. The Centro's programs (like it's basic map program, contacts, spreadsheets boosted by a mini sd card would work fine.

Why can't they find room for a mini sd card and have more of the programs operate on the phone independent of server. Sprint & Verizon have the best coverage, but still have blind spots and always will until satellite phones are a reality.

and for gods sake let me video record with audio like the centro please....end of rant....thank you

I haven't tried an I-Phone or any Windows phones.
One of the things I liked about my first Pre was integration with goggle mail, docs, calendar, etc, etc... so I Tried Androids...their a bitch of a mind bend to get used to after using Palm stuff since 1997. I gave up and returned to try Pre again.

STILL NO SALE PALM/HP! Most people these days just don't know what they are missing in a PDA phone. I'm a techie, power user, and old school Palm OS user. My 2002 Handspring (Sprint add-on) outperformed every PDA currently made! It did what I needed it to, easily, efficiently, FULLY synced with Outlook (non-exchange), and I only needed to buy ONE app (Pocket Quicken). It seems like every year a new phones comes out it has one less feature than I had in 2002.

Here is what today's PDA's don't have that I once had:

- graffiti blows away any keyboard, swype, is more natural, and no sore thumbs. Just imagine how much more accurate it could be with a larger writing/input area
- battery life of over 3 weeks with lite phone use
- LED light for vmail you could actually see from any angle and while clipped to your belt
- SNOOZE just like outlook
- full scientific calendar included
- detailed call log that displayed more than 5 previous calls (seriously Pre?)
- much easier to group your apps and you could label the pages

I did think the Pre Plus had the best camera I've seen yet, but no flash and video at the time. FAIL

Sure I tried the retro Palm emulator but that was completely useless.

I'm sticking with my HTC Droid Incredible even though the camera is useless and Google's calendar system is the worst implementation I've ever seen. I've tried every third party syncing app out there and none of them handle recurring appointments.

MAYBE the Microsoft phone will fully sync and snooze with Outlook 2003, but I won't hold my breath as they are likely to only support 2010 or higher.