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Palm Pre 2 Photos leak out 363

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 12 Oct 2010 2:27 pm EDT


French carrier SFR may have given us the goods on the specs and an official image of the Palm Pre 2, but French site MobiFrance  has just come through with hands-on photos.

What we see here is exactly what we have been expecting: A Palm Pre with an improved ridge around the face of a now-flat front that should both reduce the amount of cracking we've seen and removed that fiddly charger door. It's running webOS 2.0 and unless we're mis-seeing things, it looks as though the screen resolution is the same 320x480 we have on the Pre and Pre Plus.

We've got confirmation that it's running at 1GHz with 512mb of RAM. We're thinking these refreshed Pre and Pixi phones can't be long away - MobiFrance suggests early November. Hit the source links for plenty more shots.

Source: MobiFrance; via @PepezGeek; thanks DCForever!



Me likey.

This is going to be a disaster. Unfortunately nobody cares outside of this community.

+1. An uninspired follow up to the Pre.

Agreed it's a little uninspired, but it's is a perfectly nice followup to the Pre, especially if its got a nicer camera and webOS 2 on there. What it isn't is a high end phone, but that's okay. There's a market for the middle ground.

As I've posted before elsewhere, all the evidence to date suggests that Palm-branded products will consist of five lines:

Three with keyboards
1) Pixie successors at the low end,
2) The Pre 2 and future Pres in the mid range, and
3) Whatever the Roadrunner HD is at the high end.

Two slate devices
4) The "Mansion" which is small and a phone, and
5) The PalmPad which is larger and is a netbook replacement.

All the other stuff (printers, toasters, etc.) will be released under the HP brand.

What this means is that we still have the higher end devices (Roadrunner HD, Mansion) to look forward to, as well as a likely Pixie 2 ("broadway"). If those come to market soon, then I am happy enough to wait it out. I definitely would not upgrade to this.

the problem is they are going release this "new" Pre2 this year and then 2-3 months later release a rumored superphone. Why would people break their contract to buy new phone 2-3 months later at full price?

Maybe this phone is targeted towards new Palm users who don't want or need a super-phone. Not everyone is a power user geek, some people just want a phone that works.

then they better price it as such

I agree. I think this phone is meant for new users as HP needs to grow the user base. Right now there is not a reasonable option for carriers to sell the current phones as they are somewhhat outdated (way outdated on sprint). This is a way to tide that over until the new round of phones come out.

This also seems to be why Mr. Sood was focusing on the entire roadmap when addressing the loyal fan base. I think he knew this is not a home run for the loyal user, but a way to maintain some relevancy in the market.

I'm gonna hold out for CES & hopefully the home run!

Why is everyone embarrassed of the Pre. It's a great phone. Had some problems and they are being addressed and fixed:

-very few apps - fixed
-no cut/paste - fixed
-no video recording - fixed
-cracking screen - fixed
-usb door aggravation - fixed
-screen scratches too easily - fixed
-too many cards - fixed
-slow ui - fixed
-no doc editing - fixed
-no flash - hopefully fixed
-oreo effect - hopefully fixed

This phone is gonna be awesome. Think about it:
-wireless charging even in your car
-slide out keyboard
-3D games
-cloud syncing
-fits in your pocket
-intuitive interface

thank you! People are being kind of stupid about this whole thing. I could easly see a strong pre 2 outing based simply on what you said

When the top end phones being sold are "still" 1GHz with 512MB of RAM, the only area that needs to be improved would be screen size. I have a Pre Plus that is overclocked to 1GHz, and I don't see that there is any disadvantage my phone has compared to other devices except the fairly small screen.

So, take this "Pre 2", which I think of more as a Pre Plus Plus, and give it a 3.9 inch screen. Suddenly it looks to the public like a better device than the iPhone 4, Samsung Captivate, or the other devices out there due to WebOS being better. This is what I hope to see released in early 2011. Until then, we now have a device to draw in those who ONLY look at the stock CPU speed when it comes to comparing devices.

The 1GHz stock speed may also be what HP/Palm is waiting for before approving Flash, though they really should have just released it NOW, rather than waiting.

UI is great but definitely not intuitive - there is a lot to learn for first time user. Main paradigms are not as simple as iPhone style "hit that big icon". But I love and think its best UI on smartphone market ;)

just going on reactions of the community as well as my own, this phone release will not do well. I think it will be more than the phone's fault, because I'd upgrade my Pre to this. The Pre has sucked every time it was replaced (buttons fuck up within a week, and always a new button since I am sure to be very careful with not using it as much) Those include power and volume, because I can no longer turn down my volume!

All of this means I would jump on the Pre2 like a hungry carnivore.

But the sales may be weak even in our community because people will be holding out for an even better phone now that we have the rumors(promise?) of one... or two.

just going on reactions of the community as well as my own, this phone release will not do well. I think it will be more than the phone's fault, because I'd upgrade my Pre to this. The Pre has sucked every time it was replaced (buttons fuck up within a week, and always a new button since I am sure to be very careful with not using it as much) Those include power and volume, because I can no longer turn down my volume!

All of this means I would jump on the Pre2 like a hungry carnivore.

But the sales may be weak even in our community because people will be holding out for an even better phone now that we have the rumors(promise?) of one... or two.

shit, didn't know we can't delete comments after posting... Sorry for the double post (first time!) stupid mac...

same reasons people break contracts now and move to the next "cool" phone. There is a lot of phone hoping. My sister has had 4 phones in the past year. People want what they want and will pay for whatever is cool and new regardless of price

look at all that space near the gesture area i think they could of squeezed in a 3.5" screen anyway i just think this will have the same impact as the pre+. Current pre owners might take interest in it..

That space is reserved for that much bigger(3.2")screen for Palms superphone in Jan.

Yea, hopefully this is not their plan for the next year, and hopefully just a second revision that will fill as a stop-gap for lower grade phones until the end of the year or something.

There's NO WAY that this can be something they put significant media hype around. There's nothing there to want or keep it in competition with even the top 10 phones in the market right now.

Why is it going to be a disaster? If they release this phone in a few weeks, reveal a super-phone at CES, followed by a release in a month or two, it would be perfect.

If they release this phone in a few weeks does this also mean WebOS 2.0 for the rest of us loyal day 1 sprint users in a few weeks? That just may hold me over for the year.

Can you Sprint/Day 1/Loyal folks give it a rest already? Neither Sprint or Palm owe you anything before everybody else.

The point I was making is WebOS 2.0 is going to be avaliable for the Pre 2 and there is no reason why it wouldn't be avaliable for the rest of the Pre community.

Yep, getting hung up on hardware is very droid-ish. If it can run WebOS better, and even comes with 2.0, that's big improvement in the owner's experience. What most people have been looking for in the last 18 months is for WebOS to be more complete and for the hardware to be ready to run it fast. This should do it. Different form factors coming, but this is a good first step and might be a complete device finally.

double post somehow

First, where did you get that Sprint owners are demanding things before everyone else? I want the Pre II to launch everywhere at the same time. Even-Steven. But IF it does come out on another American network before Sprint, then, yeah, I will feel slighted, and understandably so.

The problem is that Sprint has to sign off on it before they will sell it. Palm could be READY for all carriers at the same time, but if Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T all act as stupid as they did with WebOS 1.4.5, we could see delays of six months or more from the time the phones are actually ready.

This is where AT&T and T-Mobile have an advantage. HP/Palm could release a GSM version that is NOT carrier locked globally, and this would let customers just pick it up and drop in a SIM card. Verizon and Sprint do not support this sort of thing, so you really are locked in.

Now, there are more things going on, including 4G deployments(LTE). This might mean that it would make sense for HP/Palm to delay the Verizon and Sprint versions so they can get the new phones approved as 4G devices, not just 3G. By this time next year, no one will want a phone that ONLY does 3G.

Next year hell, I won't waste an upgrade NOW unless the phone can do 4G. Sprint just turned it on in my area and I want to give it a try. But I'll bet the farm the Pre2 won't have 4G solely based on their slow to deliver track record.

This community has been invaluable as beta testers for the real Palm Pre which is now coming out. Thank you for your assistance.



If this left over comes out it better be for 100 $ or less whos the hell what's something old ??? Besides the r-tards that bought the pre when the evo was out

yahs dude all thos r-tards, the same ones whos spell correctly and forms sentences that make sense.

true dat! they can't release just that phone in the U.S. even in this community it's not impressing that much. This makes so little sense to me that i wouldn't be surprised if this was fake. It has to be fake. it doesn't make much sense, at least given what's coming out in the states. this will be met with apathy, scorn, and tons of meh reviews on the web and i think it will damage Palm phones.

Its not impressive for hardcore geeks but with awfully low pricepoint, perfect marketing and worldwide sale it can be IMHO success (by Palm standards of course ;)). Im still on GSM Pre and maybe Ill buy this one if there is at least better camera, batterylife and no oreo effect. And for your information - even here in Europe there are countries (and power users) that never heard of Palm webOS (anyway I did my part for community - got one chick on board :D).

not sure if you're responding to me cause nothing you said seem to respond to my post. Not trying to diss. just saying. but i'm not remotely a hardcore geek. in fact if my pre satisfied me i'd probably never come to precentral. but i dont' think this impresses nongeeks like me.

Of course it's going to be a disaster.

I sincerely hope for the sake of palm/webos that this is a joke because if not, it's done.

You can't just take the same phone, change the material it's made from and update the hardware inside to what is considered "normal specs for a phone" and expect to sell them in this market.


I'm more impressed with the Windows 7 phones and I'm not impressed at all by them.

Very funny.

Because that's pretty much exactly what Apple has been doing with the IPhone for years now.

And they're about to be unseated from the second place of smartphones.

Moreover, Apple has had dev support and this following of people that love Apple for the name.

That's not something that Palm/HP/Webos can say to any means.

exactly what I was thinking.

Apple has kept the same style phone for 3 years because the iPhone has been an phenomenal success. Palm kept the same style phone that almost put it's company into bankruptcy.

Oh crap, that means we're going to experience dropped calls when holding the Pre2 a certain way! But why is the Pre format being copied by the likes of BB Torch and others. Someone must see the wisdom in it's design.

Some people might argue that disappointing sales had a lot to do with bad marketing, hardware issues and lack of resources to get more apps out fast and not much - if anything - with the style/design of the phone.

I agree they shouldn't, but doesn't mean they won't or can't.

Instead of Pre 2, I think they should call it the Preo 650...

I don't like apple and Palm is acting just like them in every aspect. at least apple made apps for their OS. smmfh only when they come out with new hardware and put synergy back to the forefront will I have respect for them again. Thinking this should be a free upgrade to existing owner, sprint that is, for all this bs we put up with

Your sprint guys are really freaking annoying. Yeah you didnt get the pre+... suck it up. You dont deserve anything more than any other webOS user. Either abandon ship and get a phone because you are "let down" or wait for the next phone and quit your whining about all your problems and BS.

I think you would be just as upset if you had bought a launch day pre- and had to deal with all of the build quality issues. Even though the pre+ has a lot of the same build quality problems, they are amplified in the first round of pre- phones that were made on sprint. Most pre- users on sprint just want a phone that isn't falling apart. I'm sorry if this annoys you.

not really a disaster but definetely not quite what we were hoping for. It's at least a step inthe right direction. Now lets get webOS2.0 & flash on these things.

not higly impressed, almost same face as pixi with a flat screen, stupid will not feel like it belongs in your "palm", i like pre not pixi, saddins me to see this, for me to upgrade, it needs sd slot, bigger storage, close the usb back, its lose its sleek elegant look i think, camera in front, updated camera in back, upgrade just cuz lil more ram an processor, no an heck no, I have 4 pre's, 6 touchstones, 10 extra palm batteries, on sprint now an due for 3 updates, heck even made a holder for my pre on my eletric chair, plus usb wired it in to charge, hp has the means now step up an hit this out of the park. DONT BE H-APPLE!

You REALLY need a USB door? Heres an idea- take the one from your OLD pre and put it on the new one.

Hey, at least if your new Pre breaks can you use your old Pre for spare parts.

not higly impressed, almost same face as pixi with a flat screen, stupid will not feel like it belongs in your "palm", i like pre not pixi, saddins me to see this, for me to upgrade, it needs sd slot, bigger storage, close the usb back, its lose its sleek elegant look i think, camera in front, updated camera in back, upgrade just cuz lil more ram an processor, no an heck no, I have 4 pre's, 6 touchstones, 10 extra palm batteries, on sprint now an due for 3 updates, heck even made a holder for my pre on my eletric chair, plus usb wired it in to charge, hp has the means now step up an hit this out of the park. DONT BE H-APPLE!


Is this some kind of SICK JOKE?!!! I fold!

not totally new phone, but better than nothing =)

just went to o2 UK at the millenium dome the guy at the counter said palm reps are going to be in store on wednesday all day i have a feeling they will b showing off the pre 2 its open to the public.

didn't SFR just get the pre+ and pixi+ earlier this year? idk why anyone would get a new webOS phone before sprint? pre owners on sprint have been ready to upgrade for what seems like forever now.

HPalm... please use your common sense.... get a new webOS phone on sprint asap... we've been waiting the longest and from what i understand, sprint has sold the most webOS phones to this day.... MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Well, they dont have it yet. They may have leaked it first though. Might be getting something even better on Sprint. Wonder how soon Sprint will EOL the Pre. Could be soon.

I have a feeling Palm didn't stop Sprint from getting the Pre Plus. I think that for some reason Sprint decided to not carry the Pre Plus. Hmm, what could the reason be?

What a dissapointment. When this is released it will already be old specs wise. Way to be lazy Palm/HP then again, I wasn't expecting much.

When most high end phones at 1GHz with 512MB of RAM and 16 or 32GB of storage, these specs are not bad, but not cutting edge either. This feels like just re-tooling existing production lines with a new processor and possibly new comm boards(7.2mbps HSPA+ support perhaps?).

And probably Palm did just that- retooled its factories. When Palm was struggling for its survival and didn't have a buyer then it had to be conservative with its money. Bump the specs for cheap and try better marketing, an upgraded OS, and hope the cash flow improves. The original Pre was Palm's attempt at a homerun and it didn't get that. So this was a deliberate try for a single or double.
HP Palm doesn't have to think in short-term like Palm did so things will get more ambitious.

This was probably in the works when HP bought Palm; I guess the next phone will be the SUPER DEVICE!!!

I am buying the new Palm Pre 2!!! Can't wait :-)

agreed this has to be the phone they were working on before the buy out. why is everyone calling them lazy why would they scrap a phone they had in development this is probably the c40 that would of come out around the same time as the iphone 4if not for the merger. nice specs on par with everyone else. hoping the resolution is higher. other than that i like it.

I disagree if they had released this in June it would still have been behind the competition. Maybe the same CPU and RAM but lacking in everything else. No front facing camera, doesn't seem to have a higher res camera, no compass, etc. Besides Palm needs/needed to come out with a revolutionary hardware that recapture some market mind share. How is this Pre Plus Plus going to do that? If they release this and don't have a second super phone to follow within 2 weeks (they need to make an announcement at the release of the Pre II) they will lose the confidence of any tech writer and market analyst. If they say Palm is dead after this release then the self-fulfilling prophecy will come true.

I am a Palm fan-boy and I must say I am a little disappointed.

+1. Makes me not so sad that those hardware Palm VPs got the boot. Of course, will withhold final judgement until post-release.

+1 This was in the works before HP. Be realistic people...HP is working as fast as they can on new devices for EARLY NEXT YEAR. These are just band-aids.

HP might have scrapped Palms plans for the next generation of WebOS devices...They were working on these pre-merger but I'll say it again...BE REALISTIC PEOPLE!!!

if this is what they had in the works it just shows how short sighted palm was.

I still think HP looked at the plans and hit the reset button. This is a quick spec easy reconfigure. HP is the #1 pc maker with strong relationships with suppliers. Suppliers that Palm was probably not using in their next generation of devices. They redid the phones thus the delay to early 2011.

I know HP...if they can shave 2 cents off something, they will do it.

Disapointment indeed, considering one could have a Pre Plus (over clocked) and have similar processing power and a cleaner finish (open USB port?).

Assessing the current lineup from other vendors, they should have gone back to the drawing board to come up with something that is more different from the current Pre.

I like my current 1 GHz Pre, it is an extension of my mind.

I really don't get this belief, expressed over and over and over recently, that an overclocked processor will have the same processing power as a newer CPU running natively at the same clock rate. In the general case, this just isn't so and I can't imagine it will be true here. Add to this that we expect battery life at 1 GHz with the new device to be better than battery life on the older Pre at half that speed, and I just don't get the complaints here.

Also, I see a great deal of complaints but few of the folks complaining say what they would like to see different. You want something "more different" than the current Pre, but what do you need to be more different? Those few that *do* complain and give a specific complaint mostly complain about the form factor -- they want a bigger screen or a side-slider. I expect we'll see bigger changes in the up-coming devices that will be announced next year.

Please stop being rational.

Being rational is too much to ask for nowadays from members.

if there are a great deal of complaints hear at precentral that's a shot across the bow not that unbiased people will complain in even greater numbers.

what i want

-slab with virtual keyboard
-all black
-Not made of plastic
-dedicated hold button like an mp3 player has
-64 GB internal storage
-Front facing camera
-3.5 -4 inch display
-326 pixels per inch resolution
-glass screen.
-Screen needs to be much more responsive then current screen which often ignores finger touches.
-CPU (less of a concern to me but i'd have gone to 1.2ghz)
-battery improvement. however they do it the battery needs to last more then a day.
-fix lag, maybe more memory helps. i don't know i don't know these things.
-1080p video recording (but i'd settle for 720p, 30fps)
-video chat compatible with skype and facetime standards.
-Gapless audio playback
-improved music player with podcasting integrated.
-avi, xvid, mkv, mp4 codec and container support with expanded compatibility for weird audio video combinations.
-fully featured desktop sync system to replace itunes, have that be default for itunes podast links so people can replace itunes. that can buy apps thru, amazon mp3s, podcasts, manage media, sync,
-hdmi out
-am/fm radio
-tv tuner (unlikely in the U.S. but you asked)
-8MP camera with carl ziess lens and dual flash so i can actually take picture in a dark room, zoom, autofocus
-digital compass
-802.11n Wi-Fi
-improve the youtube app so it intergrates with accounts
-improve the email app

That's what i want. That's how i think. Big. And then i'd release a very similar spec'd phone as a horizontal slider for all of you, physical keyboard fans. Put my phone against this current phone and i bet i'd win.

Announce, Shazam, ESPN Sportcenter, cnn, msnbc, cable companies, etc, Yes i'd go out and get those apps made. i wouldn't wait and hope. i'd go after them like i did launch apps. i'd pay the money for some 100 major apps to boost my app catalog. I'd try and hit the major names in the app request thread. 4000 apps mean nothing if you can't get what you want and most people don't want 4000 scientific calculators public domain books. because what's coming out now only impresses people that just want to like pre no matter what.

If i ran Palm that would be at least one of the phones i'd release. i think you present what i've said as a package and you've got something. That's improvements to hardware, software, and sync solutions. Think it's coming next year? Personally i think it's too late next year. should have happened this past summer. The competition already passed them. by next year there will be more comp with iphone on verizon probably and possibly sprint too. Wait till next year? I think you already risk aggravating may of the loyal users.

you left out the glucose monitor and the tractor beam

I believe we can get an app for that.

There is an app for that! ...and a device.... but for the iphone:


maybe Palm can get these guys to do something similar... oh wait. Palm doesn't have a dock port. Maybe usb?

interesting. cause i thought the guy was joking but i guess it illustrate the gulf in class of apps. i googled iphone glucose meter and got more then one app. so now they are getting medical device apps. That's some support there.

but they guy asked what people want. that's my response. no i could be flexible on some of the details like the level of hd camera, wifi, including stuff like a tv tuner, and you know stuff like that. But my real point is that's a wow device. i described. And it's aimed at some real sore points for webos like apps, sync, playing media (something most consumers want to do in a consumer phone). and what i detailed didn't really even address a business centric moves i'd consider. But that's what i'm looking for. i think that's what a whole lot of people are looking for. Like just 10 minutes ago i was at staples (had skullcandy earbuds on sale) and i saw the g2. i gotta admit it's impressive. the camera is really good and it's probably not up to the iphone camera which is real good. blows away my pre camera. people need to be wowed these days and my plan wouldn't be for stop gaps. I'd go after the big players. i honestly wouldn't be trying to impress precentral users. i'd be trying to impress the billions that aren't impressed with pre so far.

I love the laundry list of features and then throw in battery improvement to last more than a day. Take your pick...the technology is not there yet. HP labs is working on battery improvement technology for their notebooks...they will put it in their mobile devices when the next generation is available.

If you want all that, get ready for your HTC EVO that lasts until 2:30... If you want the Five Hour Energy phone without the 2:30 feeling, then rethink a few of those mandatory things.

That would indeed be a wow phone, but it would also come with a wow price. I can't imagine a device with that full set of capabilities going for under $600 US without contract, perhaps $150 less with a contract. While I understand that folks exist who will pay that much (see the original iPhone purchasers for examples), I wouldn't.

How much of a hit this phone currently being discussed will be depends critically on its price. Priced low enough, I think it'll be a hit. Priced too high, and we all know what will happen. Of course, this all depends on this leak being accurate and the phone actually being released. :-) Otherwise it's much ado about nothing.

I agree with parts of your list and couldn't care less about other parts, which is why HP and Palm ultimately need to release a suite of phones, some with physical keyboard and some without, some bigger and some smaller. It sounds like this is what will happen.

first i'm not concerned about anything off contract cause i'm in the states and i'm not paying the premium, but that's me. I think the. You say $600 but according to yahoo the iphone 4 is $600 without a contract. So that's right in the ball park.

as for $150 on contract. i paid more then that for my pre on contract.

on the current phone. i'll put it this way. it's not for me. But even if it remotely peaked my interest i don't think i'd waste an upgrade on it.

as for the price of the parts. If you take a critical look maybe a few things would be price like the camera lens and maybe adding a tv tuner but honestly i said the tuner was a long shot and in the u.s. i'm not sure how useful it is. But one tuners are already common in japan. but that's not really important to me so i'll move along. the wifi n standard i think is in phone like the evo already, iphone has an improved lens for it's camera, evo has dual flash, 4g, most of the codecs i suggested i think wouldn't cost anything to add support. That i'm not positive about cause i don't understand whetehr you have to pay for xvid and to support mkv containers and stuff. I've read that 1080p is already in the pipeline for phones. but i'd guess, maybe more memory would add some to the cost.

i think you can take two approaches just try and keep up with competition or beat them. my way beats them. i think the others is just trying to keep up. And honestly i don't think when you're damn near last in market share just trying to keep up is good enough. My two cents. i think they need to come much stronger.

If the core is exactly the same but clocked at a higher rate from factory, then yes, an overclocked Pre Plus would run identically to this.

However, I dont expect that to be the case. I assume a new TI core possibly handling more instructions per clock, along with a wider bus to handle the increase in data traffic, so yes, clock for clock, I expect this to be faster than an overclocked Pre Plus.

I also expect the battery to get larger for this device than the 1150 stock. Perhaps they can match the 1350 provided by Amzer and Mugen, but actually provide you 1350mAh?


Yes, when it is released next month it will be outdated...

...just like the 10 WP7 phones that ALL launched yesterday! (in case you were sleeping, they have 1GHz cpu's, 512MB RAM, and 8-16GB of storage)

Yep, Pre2's not competitive at all...


Palm said their phones would be launched in 2011 Q1, not 2010 Q4, dunno where you got last month.

I dont care if its just a spec bump. I want one.

This better be on Sprint soon. I don't really need more than this. I just need a little more speed, more RAM, webOS 2.0 and most importantly durability.

I'm with you on this one. I'm up for an upgrade with Sprint; I just cannot imagine carrying a brick with me but I was hopping for a slightly larger screen. No worries, I love webOS!!!

luckily, I'm still locked into that June 6th 2 year contract. I have extra incentive to wait for that larger screen.

I also got it on day one - technically, you can already upgrade if you want. I'll probably just hold out until a newer device since my day one pre is still kicking...albeit a lot bigger than most (2600 battery)

This will be on Sprint soon after it comes out. At least on my line and my wife's, that is. =)

There will be no Pre 2 on Sprint. Mark my words!

Sprint is probably getting the Roadrunner HD, the "mansion", or both, but not this.

Ironic given that they could use it the most.

honestly I think this is probably true. Sprint seems to be doing good with promoting higher and mid-high end devices. While this pre may be competetive (and even better) to it's other phones, when looking at it's perception they know palm isn't perceived as well and won't want a device that is not media worthy. Give it a retina display, better amera maybe bigger? And they will be willing to take it. Is it even possible that this german model is only for europe and the roadrunner hd is american wit more features?

I think this is true also. I believe Sprint was hurt too much by the original palm pre and that form factor will only make previous pre owners shriek when they see it. I think Sprint's smart in waiting for a new form factor so customers will know it's got better hardware and better visibility.

Unfortunately, Sprint is really pushing 4G, even when it isn't available in many areas. It's wrong to charge a customer $10 per month for a "feature" on a phone if it isn't available in your area, or you choose not to use it. I will not buy any phone from Sprint that will have an additional $10 monthly charge tagged on to it. It should be an opt-in feature. Paying $200 for a phone and then $240 more over the duration of the contract is ridiculous.

If the Pre 2 has the same type of set up as the Pre and the Plus, it's just another nice conversion away from being on our lines. Can't wait.

THIS. I'm in the same boat. I have an oveclocked Sprint Pre, all tweaked out with Homebrew software which I like very much. But it still has an Oreo problem, it still gets the "Too Many Cards" error, it's still getting older, and it still has a cracked screen. So for me, this phone can't arrive fast enough.

The only way this isn't a disaster for Palm if they release on Sprint is if they release two phones one of which is a super phone. Secondly,if they let anyone who has the original pre for more than 8 months swap their phones for a very minimal charge and not re-up their contract.

No blinking notifications is semi-OK with me. Nice to see it flashing when I've missed something, but no big loss. I love the matte finish, much cleaner. My usb cover broke off about 2 weeks ago, so it's good that I won't have to worry about that.

Where does it say that it doesn't have blinking notifications? I think it will be like the Pixi/Pre Plus where it's a light slit. I believe the slit blinks on the Plus/Pixi just like the button on the original Pre.

who said there was no blink notifications?

On the Pre Plus the LED Notification area lights up solid white when the screen is turned on. If that were to remain true then one can presume that the LED notification was removed based on the pictures. You can also presume that the LED's don't light up until there is a new notification on the Pre 2. I actually like the notification area and would be sad to see it go...

Not true. If you open the slider when nothing is open, like in the picture, there is no light. I think it only lights up when there is the option to hold the gesture area and tap the screen. For example, copy and paste.

I stand corrected. The LED turns on when you're in an app regardless of slider. It goes away when you're in card view so in the pictures of the Pre 2 the LED should have turned off because none of the pictures had an actual app open.

What the hell are you talking about? The Pre and Pre Plus have the same exact notification lights. Only difference is that the center button is gone, so the center light is under the bezel like the side lights, as opposed to in a button. The behavior is identical otherwise.

Looks good to me!

I like it. If the keyboard works, I'm in.

If my google translation is correct the site says IT SHOULD BE OUT WITHIN DAYS ONLINE, then early November in stores.

Thats in France though. Im wondering if this is even going to be a U.S. phone. Maybe we're getting something better. Why would they release it over there and not in the U.S.?

I'm wondering about that too. Why does France get all of Palm's love? Maybe SFR is more committed to Palm than the US carriers.

I want something on Sprint soon.

I have an odd feeling that this is not going to be a U.S. thing and we are still in line for something bigger (not literally).

I don't care if it's this thing or something better, I just want something on Sprint soon.

Days, like 30 or so...
I'll be a year older in 320 days or so... That's just "days" away.
Anyway, I can't upgrade yet, so I'll be happy with my Pre that I've hacked and whatnot. I can upgrade around this time next year.


Looks like they are rolling out Pre 2 in Europe, Pre 3 for the US only in 1Q2011?

This really can't be all after 18 months of work.

Maybe early next year, in the U.S., they come out w/a couple phones. The Pre 2 for those that like the form factor & the bump that is good enough while another phone also comes out or is announced at the same time...maybe even announced w/the Palm Pad.

As this is GSM, I bet we never see it here stateside. At least not on Sprint and not soon.

As you suggest, the US is getting the Roadrunner HD, which I strongly suspect will be "ideologically" similar to the Pre 2, but way up-spec'd. And the PalmPad.

Where the mansion ends up is anyone's guess, but I bet (sadly) that Sprint is only getting one of these higher-end devices.

Im All For It!

Perhaps someone with more knowledge than me can explain something about screen size. Do you need to keep a length/width ratio or could they have just made the screen bigger by making it longer, without making it wider?

I also think that the gesture area looks ridiculously large. I know that only the original Pre had the button on it, but it at least broke up some of that space, IMO it makes the Pre look a little cheap.

When it comes to applications, you want a consistent ratio on the screen dimensions. Yes, web browsing may not mean much, but for those 3D games, it makes it easier to code for a set resolution or at least proportions. Also, when watching video content(movies and such), the aspect ratio is a big factor when it comes to playback.

It would look kinda weird if they changed the aspect ration but kept the number of pixels the same. If they did that the pixels wouldn't be square and everything would look stretched out. When they made the Pixi they chopped off 80 pixels to make the screen shorter. To make it longer they would have to add pixels, which wouldn't be too much of a problem as webOS scales just fine. It would only be an issue for games ported from the iPhone, but that could easily be solved by padding them with black bars.

Looks like a good progression of an already decent phone that just needed some refinements. I expect to see a SUPRER-DUPER phone next year too, in my opinion.

Hmmm. Either this cat has small hands or this phone is bigger...

hmmmm. you're right. (I have to admit i held my pre up to compare LOL)

Uhmm... i did too. he's either 12yo or that Pre is bigger.

He actually says so in his article: "The most visible difference is that the screen is bigger". So, it is likely a slightly bigger phone. No mention of changes on resolution though...

You are correct, he said"The screen is bigger and less rounded"

I agree, i need a landscape slider?

Same screen resolution? No thanks..

This is pathetic...

Bye then... Are you still here??

I need to get my laughs somewhere. Seriously though, why the low res? I guess low res appeals to you?

I want one for sprint. Right

i hope that comes to Sprint. i'm don't care if it's just a "spec bump." some of you won't be happy until it has an electron microscope.

LOL!!! good one! GottalovewebOS

lol electron microscope... I'm expecting to hear from hp/palm within the next 48hrs. My hope is that this device comes to sprint. Also that eventually, instead of them (sprint/hp/palm) wasting money on refurbs, they simply upgrade us to the pre 2 the next time our phones are replaced. That way I can save my upgrade for next year!

The picture looks like the phone is running webOS 2.0 cause you can see the Just Type function on top.

Yes, it was mention on SFR site yesterday that it would run webOS 2.0. Cant wait to see how useful Just Type is.

"removed that fiddly battery door" I think you mean micro-usb door.

Indeed I did. Fixed. thanks!

How much on board memory does this thing have?

I want one for sprint. Right

terrible wow!

The picture looks like the phone is running webOS 2.0 cause you can see the Just Type function on top.

I can wait on the phone but it seems like 2.0 is ready to go, so where is my update?

Disappointing... Don't get me wrong I like the spec bump and if the hardware quality is improved then that is a big deal. However this is not an exciting new device, just a evolutionary iteration. Not very exciting and definitely not something that will get Palm greater mindshare. I hope the rumored "mansion" device is more interesting...

The overall phone and keyboard looks less tapered and more rectangular than then pre, or maybe it's just an illusion.

Same screen resolution is pretty disappointing.

I really don't mind that the design isn't that different from the Pre. iPhone didn't change much between generations until the most recent variant.

I'll pick one up to replace my launch day pre.

Screen res disappointing? I can understand folks pining for larger screens, but I've never heard anyone have vause to complain about the resolution. The 'retina display' that Jobs is crowing about is nothing more than a gimmick.

I'm also disappointed in the "same resolution," and I'm (generally speaking) fine with a processor/memory bump. Increased resolution is not just a gimmick. Even if I could only use it for Photos zooming, it would still be worthwhile.

Just like HDTV adoption has been a total failure - everyone is satisfied with their 4:3 480p low-res signal. You're right... 720p/1080i/1080p is garbage.

The term "retina display" is totally a marketing gimmick, but the 2x resolution improvement blows everything else away no matter what it's called.

There is a huge difference with the better screen resolution. When I compared my pre- to a friends iphone4 streaming the same football game the pre- looked like garbage. The iphone4 looked incredible and I hate everything about apple. HPalm needs to increase the screen res and possibly add a small bump in size to 3.5".

Absolutely agree. Careful though when you say "HPalm needs to..." Lots of people here that get offended by Pre 2 criticism.