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HP Pre3 shows up on The Following 33

by Derek Kessler Tue, 05 Feb 2013 10:23 pm EST

Palm Pre 2 shows up on The Following

Somehow I never thought I'd be doing another Palm sighting post. The hero shot of the HP Pre3 using the actual webOS Camera app on The Following (a most excellent criminal thriller on Fox, if you haven't been watching) has me reevaluating everything I thought I knew about life. Except how to actually use webOS smartphones to record a crazy guy in a bad Edgar Allen Poe mask - to do that you actually have to switch to video recording using that little button with a camcorder icon on it. While we're at it, why do we use such an analog reference like a camcorder to signal how to switch to video recording? It's like using a floppy disk icon to signify savi… oh, wait, we do that too.

Edit: As Gunderson pointed out in the comments - that's a Pre3, not a Pre 2 as we previously stated. Color us even more surprised - never thought that one would pop up in a show. Except for, you know, Dr. Dre.

Update: totoro80 chimed in in the comments, giving us a little insight into how the Pre3 ended up getting a close-up like that on The Following - it's his: "Yes that is my Pre3 on this week's episode of the following - I was an extra in that episode and during the scene they asked if anyone had a cellphone that had video capability that they could record recording the performance. Enter my trusty Pre3! I happily volunteered my services and the rest as they say, is history!"

Source: Fox.com; Thanks to jcnagyjr on Twitter for the tip!



Looks like a Pre 3, Derek.(narrow earpiece grille and gesture light, no visible power button)

Aaannnddd wwweee aaarrreee...back in the game!!! Little left behind though...

Yeah, I'd definitely correct that Derek, it's a Pre 3! Screen is way too tall for the tiny Pre 2 anyway.

And on that note...why a tv show would be using a Pre 3 is another question! It technically was never released in the US...

Because the design is just right. The talk here usually is about webOS and the software, but we forget that the Palm products (Pre3 being the last one) were also nicely packaged. Tungsten, LifeDrive, Pre: they all have great looks. Not 'overdesigned', but subtle, and still different from the rest.
Even if webOS carries on, we won't expect to see that again...

actually Pre phones could be perfect on TV; no pesky trademark worries. HP never defends Palm patents, or does anything else to encourage the platform!

maybe thats why they used one, because people wont know what it is, beats using the same phone everyone recognises right off the bat.

I saw a pre 2 I think and several BlackBerry phones in the 1st episode of a show called Sherlock. Modern day Sherlock Holmes. Was quite good.

If I remember correctly, it was an original Pre, actually.

Isn't she loooovely... Isn't she beauuutiful....

It can't be a pre 3... The camera worked! Lol jk

any update on the webos port?

Is it Monday yet? How about now? Now? NOW? :)

Derek, A while back I saw a Palm Pre on NBC's Grimm. You should add that to Palm Spotting.

Interesting thing is it looks like an iPhone screen. It was only on that episode; from there on, he used an iPhone.

Engadget actually wrote an article about it:

I'm not going to write an article about a 15-month-old episode of a mediocre TV show!

I love my Pre 3, and I love seeing it in the wild, lol. 

I THOUGHT that was what I saw the other night. It only flashed for a second or two but I knew something about it looked familiar. Maybe one of the extras just happened to be a webOS fan? I dont see why HP would continue to market this phone. They never have before.

I have seen a Palm Pre in Castle season 3 by Kate Beckett in the episode they were trapped in a freezer container.

icons are fine relax

I was on Covert Affairs for three episodes last season, and I always used my Pre 3. I've never seen the episodes, so I have no idea how prominent they were, but I always use my Pre 3 if I can. Sometimes they hand you a phone, and sometimes you can just use your own.

In a situation like The Following, the props person is probably a Palm fan, and was hoping it would get noticed. And it also means the show doesn't have a product placement deal with Apple.

But I've sworn to use my Pre 3 in everything I do, until they pry it out of my cold dead hands.

maybe you could next appear as a dead person with someone attempting and failing to pry it from your hands :D

Cold water theory: was this episode filmed before the HP hammer fell and not broadcast until now?

As best as I've been able to determine, filming for The Following began about four months ago.

Is very exciting to see any Pre on TV, the first time was really Great I Love so much my Pre2.

Long Live WebOS.

If only 'ol Mark had been able to keep it zipped up, we would have had the Pre3 actually launched alog with the TP Go and Windsor Not. Be a different ball game because the apps we accelerating by that time.

I'm on a GNex as my daily driver, but rock the TouchPad every day. Yes it has CM9 on it, but only for the games. To this day when people ask "Which tablet is that?" and I demo webOS, they are STILL blown away by the OS. Several have asked where to buy one to which I must sadly reply "It has been discontinued."

Damn you Leo Apothefail!!

Movie and TV shows don't like to use recognizable cellphones or other mobile devices because it instantly dates the content in the eyes of the viewer. Ever watch a show and see them pull out some mobile device from the 80's or 90's or a CRT computer monitor? It automatically makes the show look dated So, they pick a device that isn't recognizable to the average viewer.

Hi all;

Yes that is my Pre3 on this week's episode of the following - I was an extra in that episode and during the scene they asked if anyone had a cellphone that had video capability that they could record recording the performance. Enter my trusty Pre3! I happily volunteered my services and the rest as they say, is history!

Glad to see that they kept that part of the scene in the show:) In case anyone is wondering, I was the guy in the grey hoodie watching the performance as well as one of the horrified onlookers after that poor dude was lit on fire.

Good times; great show!

and that episode was filmed during the summer

So nice to see a show using something other than an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, even if it is only in one scene. You don't see that very much.

Ill try to get my little Veer some airtime next!

I have been on the set of the Following several times. BG myself and there is only ONE other BG with a Pre in the sea of iphones on set. Perhaps it is you and I have talked about how great our pre is on set.

Really wonderfull ...
Even if little group has the privilege,
we are yet here !!!
Long life for WebOS !!!