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Palm Pre 2, webOS 2.0 Launches in France 24

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 22 Oct 2010 3:38 pm EDT


Today's the day, folks. the Palm Pre 2 has launched on the SFR network in France and since it's late in the evening there, presumably it's in the hands of webOS fanatics as we type this. The pricing is exactly what we saw when SFR briefly published the product page for the Pre 2 before it launched: running from € 99.90 on contract up to € 399.90 off-contract. (Oh, and SFR: suggesting that a microSD card is an appropriate 'compatible' accessory is, erm, wrong on a couple of levels.)

This is the P102UEU, which means it not only sports the AZERTY keyboard but also European 3G bands - so would-be importers are probably better off waiting for Palm to release those unlocked developer Pre 2 phones that will be compatible with US 3G bands and US thumbs used to QWERTY keyboards.

Anybody pick one up? Let us know in the comments in or in the Palm Pre 2 forums. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Check out our webOS 2.0 / Palm Pre 2 roundup!



show us those review videos of final hardware!!

Nice if a tech site from France could do a detailed review of the unit. Also wonder if one can port webOS 2.0 to existing devices. Plus do we know what kind of 1Gz processor it has?

what happened to the mock-up contest? I found those more exciting than the real thing.

Lucky French. 2.0 should be coming any day now.....hopefully.

Sacre Bleu!!!! Viva La Sprint

wonder if there is a webOS 2.0 doctor for it yet?

Has anyone seen this:

and at the end...HP Palm

wow, not bad it seems like first commercial that actually shows hat webOS can do... Angry birds ? Lol

that's a pretty good commercial!

What?!! - A commercial that shows off what webos can do and do better than the competition? Crazy concept.

I know right? Who woulda thunk that HP "Get's it".


could it be? An good Pre commercial? No way!!!

funny thing is, most of these features could have been shown at the Pre minus launch...

Thats real good commercial even better than the current hardware.

Precentral, where's the post on this guys?!

Does anyone know if the phone is locked to SFR's network in any way? Although I promised myself I wouldn't buy one until they extended app catalog access to Belgium...

Never mind, managed to answer my own question: "Mobile utilisable exclusivement sur les r

wow awesome commercial ...RELEASE my pre Verizon!

i can haz webOS 2.0?

Should have been given away for free.

Okay seriously, the US doesn't get 2.0 first? That must have been one helluva contract they signed with the frogs.

BTW, what happened to 1.5, 1.6,1.7, etc? Seems like 1.45 to 2.0 is a big jump (and should have been a beefier upgrade, too! COMPASS, anyone???)

a pdk app would be nice in the vid.

a pdk app would be nice in the vid.

I went into a relatively big SFR shop and they will not receive any device until end of next week.

Device was not available for most of the day yesterday and customer service line did not have access to it yet this morning ...

Maybe someone has been more lucky than me!!