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Palm Pre and Touchstone Continue To Rake In Awards 26

by Robert Werlinger Sat, 08 May 2010 3:20 pm EDT


2009 may be over, but that hasn't stopped the Pre smartphone and the Touchstone charging dock from continuing to win some major design awards.  The official Palm Blog points us to two organizations that are dolling out some rather prestigious awards. The first is the Red Dot Online award, with the Red Dot organization set to display the two products at the red dot design museum at the Zollverien World Cultural Heritage site in Germany. The second is the Good Design award, one that has been recognizing good design for over 50 years.

It's great to see these products get the recognition that they deserve, and hopefully Palm has some fresh hardware on tap for us this year to rake in some design awards for 2010.


Can I apply for this award? lol j/k

Sorry, you're disqualified due to your website *requiring* Flash... ;)

Darn, well I guess I can blame Adobe then :P

that doesn't qualify for good design, but it qualifies for great creativity and fine motor skills.

now if you'd just put some flash video on your site, it might win some awards for website design... oh wait.

Hopefully Palm will win some awards for great marketing and advertising now that they have HP creativity and money behind them...

the pre is a work of art.
we just the pre to be on the front cover of Time magazine, and then we are good to go!

Got two docks for 19 each from shack!!

me too. now I am tempted to frame them and put them on craig's list as fine art.

Palm should come out with a touchstone designer series that are painted to look like Faberge' eggs...

Just picked up my second one for $20!! I'm thinkin about putting it in the car this time.

The touchstone charger is only $19.99 at radio shack

HP keep this in mind. Don't put your logo, complicated hardware design, or swirly graphics on any palm product.

+1 However on the back of the next Pre, the swirly graphics could be a nice touch! ;) and yes KEEP the Palm branding on the back. please and thank you.


The Pre's hardware haters suddenly get very silent every time the design wins awards.

Sorry Robert, you misspelled Zollverein ;)

you can also get the the charging dock and cover for 20.00 at sams club

Made me look at my touchstone and smile big.

I just bought three Touchstones at The Shack and the Palm brand car chargers ($12) which fit the Touchstone perfectly. I have them mounted in both my cars now. Sweet!

The Touchstone combined with stereo Bluetooth is a killer combination - in and out of the car without messing with wires at all. If more people knew about this, Palm would have more popular phones...


wires are a thing of the past

Seems incredible that Palm has never well advertised the touchstone!!!
Palm's marketing should win an award as the worst of the decade!!! :-(

I still plug my Pre in...may need to give a touchstone a try.


So, Radio Shack is getting rid of their touchstone stock cheap? I'll definitely take advantage of that to put them in more places where I am regularly. And I've loved the "form factor" of the Pre Plus since I first laid eyes on it and had a hard time waiting 'til I could get it. Never have understood the criticism of some who didn't appreciate its qualities as Palm so perfectly balanced form and function. Yes, it would be fine for there to be another choice for those who want a bigger screen, but I'd choose the Pre no matter what else was available with webOS.

You guy's are so lucky in the US, here's another reason why the Pre has and will continue to fall behind all other Smartphone's in the UK...

Just picked my TSCharger at Radio Shack. When they were $70 I swore I'd never buy one. But for $20 I regret not buying both of the 2 they had in stock. The only other accessory they had were the pre cut screen protectors.

I had to call around a few stores, but I got a touchstone for my car for only $20! I also bought screen protectors for 3 for 5 bucks on serious discount!

Now, I need to figure out how I'm going to cleanly mount it in there with perhaps a 2nd 12v socket so it's nice and purdy!

Just yesterday I went to a few Radioshacks and I bought all of their accessories. haha I got a pixi touchstone cover, 2 touchstones, 2 touchstone and cover combos, and a car charger all for $60!