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Palm Pre App Sales Slated for September 24th, 1.2 Next week 71

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 15 Sep 2009 12:19 pm EDT

Wondering when the new app catalog is coming? An anonymous tipster sends word: September 24th is definitely the date to watch, just as we suspected when we first published the images.

On that day, we should be able to purchase apps from the Catalog directly, after submitting credit card info to Palm. We're all sorts of pleased about this: assuming Palm is able to meet their deadline, they will be coming through on the "September" launch date we'd heard earlier. We're also all sorts of pleased that we can give our Credit Card info to Palm directly, which pretty much means that they kept the carriers out of the App Catalog process, as it should be.

We also reported last night during the Live PalmCast (after a tip from Kense in the chatroom) that we're currently expecting webOS 1.2 to hit sometime next week.

Our fingers are crossed for both rumors to be true. They're crossed again that DocsToGo with full document editing will be a go on the 24th. All these crossed fingers are making it hard to do gestures on the Pre.



Great News! I can't wait... fingers are crossed here as well!

Yay, looking forward to 1.2 and the out-of-beta app store.

AWESOME...waiting for WebOS 1.2 commencing now.

Any news on bring video to the pre? Is it even posible? Having not seen a patch for it I have almost lost hope, so far video is the only that brings the pre's rating down for me. My son just turned 6months old and I can't believe all of the vid moments I miss just b/c my smartphone is a tardphone in the multimedia catigory

Those moments are too precious to miss while waiting for recording capabilities to arrive on the Pre. With only 8GB (and much less than that if you've already got music and pictures on your Pre) you would have little room left for recording video anyway.

Go out and get a dedicated pocket still/video camera. They'll have way more storage than the Pre, better resolution, better low light handling, and some even have GPS chips for geotagging and/or WiFi built-in to transfer directly to your computer or Facebook.

Your son will thank you 20 years from now!

finally!!! ;)

Can't wait for the App Catalog to come out of beta and the new update!!!!

No, the App Catalog will still be in beta. This is a beta test of paid apps (one of the reasons why not everyone will be allowed in).

It'll be opened up shortly thereafter.

Anyone know if the app catalog finally going live will bring in lots of new apps? That's what I'm excited about the most!

If you think about it, there should be a very big influx of new apps. Think about all of the companies/developers out there who have slick new apps ready for the Pre but don't necessarily want to give them away for free. Almost a month ago now Palm said that they would be accepting new apps that are going to be "paid apps". Also, if people have the plans to make them paid apps and think people will actually pay for them, theoretically they should be pretty slick apps. I'm really excited both for the paid apps and version 1.2, love watching the phone we all know and love grow-up!

cool, then i can update itunes.


You're funny, Mr. Bohn.

Can apps in the palm catalog be viewed via a browser or only directly from the pre?

Whoa, Docs2Go on the 24th too? Can it be? Where did that one come from?

It only makes sense that DataViz would be waiting for a way to charge for Docs2Go and would have everything ready for the catalog once they can charge for it.

I expect a bunch of apps to show up from all those vendor logos that were displayed during the Pre's announcement back in January.

I think with this update something big is comming and i am not speaking about the app catalog,PALM GOT SOMTHING HIDING IN THE BUSHES.

Great news - would love to know which apps are being added.

I hope palm added some new stuff since the leaked copy.

me too I really want to be able to forward text messages, have voice command for dialing the phone while your driving. and to be able to have different tones for your text messages and email, but not going off while your on a call..........that is such a pain. I can't even hear the other person. I love the app that they have on here for text and email notification but it plays along with the regular tone and it's a mess..........grrrrrrrrrr

I TOTALLY agree with everything Ytalian said, especially about being able to forward text messages! My Blackberry forwarded texts unbelievably well and I miss being able to do that! I also miss the voice dialing feature and Google search functions (utilizing the voice command feature) that were on my Blackberry. PLEASE PALM, include all of these in your update -- if not now, then sometime in the very near future! Ytalian's other gripe about the tones "going off" while you're on a call IS a little irritating.

On a completely different note, do you think somebody will make a Photoswap app for the Palm Pre?

The tones going off while in a call have been fixed in 1.2, as reported elsewhere. They still go off, but the volume has been reduced significantly (as per a normal phone).

also looking forward to a better WebOs 1.2 than the leaked version...also haven't lost hope in video recording...since G1 shipped without it...then came cupcake...and presto video rec.

Greats news but has Palm explained how the devs will get paid and when? Lets not forget about their needs too!

video recording is just a matter of software on the PRE?

I think it's pretty obvious that video recording is a software problem. I look at the camera application, the the physical camera is clearly able to capture motion. There's just no software available to encode that motion and store it.

That said, it may be an issue at the OS level, not the application level. Video capture may require WebOS level APIs, and I'm guessing that those don't exist yet. So a video app seems unlikely to come out of homebrew.


Don't know much about this stuff, but could it be a concern that the video files will eat up too much of the already limited memory? Maybe they just want an ace up their sleeves when the 2nd Gen gets released in the future?

They need to create a driver for that functionality on the Pre. That remains to be seen...

This makes total sense because every thursday the last 4 weeks Palm has introduced new apps in the catalog. So 24th is a thursday, I know update + paid apps are coming the same day. I also have a feeling the Pixi will be launched with WebOS 1.3


I would like to see visual voice mail, is that anywhere in the future?

I'm not altogether stoked to give up the free apps for paid apps, but I know the idea is they'll be better apps. Thank god for homebrews!! I'm also hopeful that Palm has paid attention the the cheers/jeers 1.2 got in the commuity and has added some new features. I love this phone!!

I really wish palm would drop the whole itunes thing and spend their time getting yahoo + facebook into synergy.

Facebook is in Synergy...

And Yahoo is coming as shown in the Pixi.

about time.

interestingly Palm reports earnings on thursday. The app catalog will please those who already have the phone but if earnings come in below expectations i can see any sentiment for Palm getting demolished. And possibly overshadowing the app catalog release. I could see people saying yeah but the sales are down and nobody is buying them so the app store is no big deal. Here's hoping it's the opposite. That Thursday they report better then expected sales, and then the release of the app catalog just piles good news on top of that. and the stock goes up and up. Palm get's even more investment and can hire people and dedicate more resources to supporting WebOS.

Has anyone opined on how much these apps are going to cost? Sprint missed the boat a long time ago on application pricing, and I hope Palm keeping control will make apps more sensible. If you ask me, the success of the iPhone is largely based on the number of free and/or 0.99 apps out there.

I love apps as much as the next guy, but if every developer out there expects to get $10-15 per app, it's going to kill this phone.

I think that devs know what can and will work based on pricing from the Apple app store.

It all depends on the app in question though. I will gladly pay $10-15 for a quality app.

Agreed, however for that price point I would expect a much more polished app as well as adding functionality.

there are very few apps i'd pay more then two bucks for.

I have no problem paying 20 bucks for an app if it adds major functionality (eg ampache mobile or or something in the vein) but if it's just some cute game or something I wouldn't buy it.

Couldn't agree more. I'm not a "power user", just an average person. I'd love to have a bunch of cool little programs on the phone but not if they cost $10-$15 (unless they're REALLY cool).

I wonder if all the pre homebrew will help or hurt thier paid app store launch. Granted, I think many average users probably will want to stay in the offical app store.

I doubt most people even look at homebrew as a solution, and I doubt that it will impact the app catalog that much. As simple as it is, most people would think it is too Techy.

Also, it looks like alot of the homebrewers are using forums like these as beta test grounds (as they should be)to get their apps ready for the big $how.

Program sales, like everything else, will be dictated by what the market will bear. If people can make money selling a $10 app, then they will do that. If the market becomes saturated (like the iPhone marketplace has) then they will have to try for other methods of getting attention.

$.99 seems to get alot of people's attention, but even that will only make sense if a developer can make money by selling lots and lots of copies. We may be able to see if that model will be viable after the 17th when Palm earnings comes in and we have a better idea of how many Pres have been sold.


i disagree to an extent. I came over from Motorola Q, and then the Q9c. The biggest whip to me was seeing my iphone buddy whip out his phone with all the crazy apps, and then I'd load the sprint store and see a couple of interesting apps, none of which were under $10 (okay, some were 8.99 or whatever, but you get my point).

By releasing cheap and free apps by the boatload, iPhone had people eager to show their phone to other people, and it grew the base of users. The buzz that was created helped Apple garnish a lion's share of the market in no time, and then the developers could make their money based on the number of times it was copied, rather than charging a lot in the beginning.

What I fear is the developer that prices their app to make money quick, but that fails to see the aggregate impact that behavior would have on user base growth.

For webOS, these developers are in the boat together with other developers and Palm itself.

I don't know. my wife has a blackberry and i was looking at their apps, and blackberry charges alot. They have some free apps but after that the cheapest ones i saw were like 3.99 and i saw a couple as much as 30 so i'm hoping the pricing is more like apple then blackberry

The target audience for Blackberry and iPhone are different. iPhone is the masses. Blackberry is primarily business users, although that may be changing now. The Pre market, at least at first, will probably resemble iPhone early adopters.

THANK you for saying this mw03! I could not have stated it any better!

One big thing I wish Palm would fix that is rarely discussed is:

The limited number of apps you can have on the phone.

I have to be very selective now about what is important enough to keep on my phone. I now have to drop a program to try/use a different one.

I don't know if this is merely a "storage/app" size limitation Palm has imposed or if it is something more. If I want to use the remaining space for programs rather than music/video... that should be my option.

I imagine it would/will be an easy fix, but perhaps there is some partitioning or some such that would need to be done.

Either way I am excited for what 1.2 will bring and Palm is doing a great job at working on updates to bring this 1.0 device up to par with the 3.0 device in only a couple of months.

I agree 100%. More apps are great, but if you cant have them on your phone they do me no good.

Another good thing from this news. I can stop checking to see if I'm up to date for a few days :)

I have no intention of paying for any apps. I use my Pre for work and will be very happy with homebrews.

True, unless they have a way to remove the homebrew versions developers may wind up with a bunch of users who would rather run beta code for free rather than pay money for an app. I may be over estimating how many users will be into homebrew once a reasonable number of apps are available from the official store.

About the 8gb space limitation, I was talking to a Palm Pre Rep at a Sprint store before I bought my Pre and this is what he said, and was partially why I bought the Pre to begin with...
There is an 8gb mem card, but it is soldered in. They will be increasing this size and should be an upgrade the Sprint Store can do (by training them on how to un-solder and re-solder in the larger memory). I asked how much this might cost and his reply was it would be part of an upgrade at should not be a cost.
I don't believe this for a minute. If anything, they would make a new model that has a larger memory. My desire is to have removable memory that is upgradable like most of the previous Palm Phones have.
If someone has something to add regarding possible future mem upgrades, I would like to hear.

Thats a load of crap. They could have focused on using mircoSD from the get go,they wouldn't have this problem. unsolder and solder a new one one. ya right they wouldn't be doing that at all.

sounds crazy. it would be immensly stupid to try to train average employees to solder onto currently activated phones. They'd inevitably screw up tons of phones even if trained. dripping solder and stuff.

This sounds highly unlikely. But if this is true, then you'll hear about enthusiasts doing this themselves, and you'll be able to pay someone to upgrade your phone to a larger amount of memory.

The 8gb memory chip doesn't look to accessible to me:

I do not know the real cost of a webOS update, but IMHO Palm should be pushing smaller, more frequent updates. There are FAR TOO MANY missing features in webOS to force users to wait weeks to months for any relief.


why is everyone so excited about the pay apps? Have you seen any apps so far that you would want to pay for?

Im ready for some updates to make the phone perform better for sure!

Thats the point. Being able to pay for apps, dev's will release the apps they didn't want to give away for free


And if we "buy" an app- how will we own it?

Can we reinstall it if we accidentally delete it?
Do we have to re-buy it if our phone fails and is replaced?
Do we have to re-buy it if we upgrade to a different webos phone?
Can we give it away to someone else if we don't want it anymore?
If a new version comes out, do we have to buy that too?
Who controls the licensing if the developer disappears?

Seems to me there are a lot of important questions that people should be asking about "buying" applications.

I'm excited to see Dataviz coming forward. Hopefully they have "Splash" too. Having been a Palm and POS Treo user for years, I have been missing the quality business grade apps. I do hope they're cheaper tho. The Docs to Go upgrade for my Treo was like $40. I spent over $200 in software over the years. Cheap apps like the istore would be nice, but something has to be said for good quality, full fleged apps that do everything.

I just want facebook as an APP. That's all I want.

Yea...Facebook and possibly a Myspace app would suit me just fine.

I want more memory space for apps, no limit on size or number of installed apps.
I also want Bluetooth usage for something other than PC to Phone syncs etc without having to use the micro usb cable.

Unless they fix the amount of apps you can put on the phone i don't see paying for any unless it is a real special one like maybe sling.

So where is this 1.2.0 update??

The Docs to Go upgrade for my Treo was like $40. I spent over $200 in software over the years. Cheap apps like the istore would be nice, but something has to be said for good quality, full fleged apps that do everything.hotel management degree | human resource management degree

Cheap apps like the istore would be nice, but something has to be said for good quality, full fleged apps that do everything.human resource degree | security management degree | security management degree