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Palm Pre to be a Best Buy Exclusive, Sprint to Throw Everything Behind It. 13

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 15 Jan 2009 10:39 am EST

Here's something we didn't really expect, fellow brand-new webOS/Pre-related site claims that they have it on good authority that Best Buy will be the exclusive retailer of the Palm Pre for the first 60 days.  Well, you'll be able to pick them up at Sprint Stores, too.

The site notes that Sprint made a similar deal during the release of the Samsung Instinct and we note that when we spoke with a Sprint representative at the Pre's launch, he said:

We have a saying at Sprint, we are going to "Instinct" it.

The idea being that every so often Sprint launches a phone on their network that they believe deserves the full media package because it could potentially draw their (second1) favorite kind of customer - the new one who signs up for the Simply Everything Plan.  In other words -- you know for awhile there all you saw were Instinct commercials on TV?  It'll be like that, only more so with the Pre.  A Huge Launch.

(1. Their most favorite kind of customers are the people who have been with them for years and years and still re-up to new phones relatively often.  They're not monsters.)


Yep... my source says the same thing... Pre, ala Instinct. I am not sure how this will be handled with Business Customers, again YMMV by CS Rep you get as well. Always loopholes... good luck to a lot of people ;)

Uh, Darth, this is refering to commercials that we should be seeing soon pushing the Pre, not what kind of plan you'll have to get.

Oops, my bad, just saw the "new customer" and "Simply Everything Plan" comment in the post. My apologies :-)

If they are going to "Instinct" it, that means us SERO customers are "Instincted".

Sprint is fighting to stay alive right now, they don't just need subscribers, they need revenue, so fair enough imo. And i'm a sero customer. Plenty of people can stay on sero, but people who want the best coolest phones have a choice, pay up or pay more to another carrier. Seems fair imo.

Oh god, I do NOT want to have to deal with Best Buy AT ALL, *especially* involving them in my cell phone plan or information. WTF was Sprint thinking?

Most of the Best Buys in my area are nothing more than "extended warranty" shyster salespeople, plus they violently accost you at the door after you buy anything. There's no way I'm letting these idiots have my address, phone or SS#!

Hopefully Sprint will have alternate places to buy for thinking people. At least their telesales ought to have a way to take your money.

The article says Sprint will sell it too.

Like I said, I know people who have gotten around the Instinct + SE plan requirement. It's all in who you know and who you... well, anyways. It can be done... more likely with Business Customers than with SERO ones.


Do you know someone that I should know...because I wouldn't mind having the Instinct on my old SERO500 F&F plan.....

Nope... most of those loop holes have been closed, specifically, CSR's have been instructed not to activate Instinct ESN's on SERO accounts or face possible termination.

Maybe my comment should have read, "It has been done..."

NOOOOOOO! Say it ain't so! I hate Best Buy! They're the biggest crooks on the planet. They wouldn't honor my extended warranty on another Sprint phone even though I had everything in writing. They just said tough, sue us.

This is great news for Best Buy, but I will be purchasing my Pre from a Sprint store.

Any news on when/where the Pre will be available in Canada?