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Palm Pre Browser Video Review and iPhone 3G, G1 Showdown 18

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 03 Jun 2009 11:30 pm EDT

It's a smartphone, which means web browsing. Let's compare the Pre's new browser to those on the G1 and iPhone and see who is tops. Be sure to check out our comprehensive Palm Pre review here on PreCentral.



you have been one busy guy! Great job!

Magnificent...all the other sites should just give up and link to us! ;-)

(I noticed the multitouch attempt on the G1 browser!!! Oops.)

Not only does this video compare PRE speed vs iPhone (which i care about most in comparing my choice of new phone) but it shows SCREEN SIZE comparisons in a more realistic physical setting. That iPhone screen is big, and nice, and will be awesome for movies or shows or pictures. For that specific purpose (if you need those things) the larger screen is nice. for webpages, however, the PRE provides enough size in its smaller scale, and obviously because the pixels are more tightly packed, the resolution looks sharper. very interesting, and VERY NEEDED AND APPRECIATED comparison. tks!

WOW! That was one of my biggest questions with the Pre, and one I was almost too scared to find the answer to: switching browser tabs and reloading the content.

I HATE the way the iPhone does this. It's even worse if you turn off the display, then go back into the browser, because your "back button" is now not lit up, so you can't navigate the hierarchy that got you to the page in the first place. Truly- it's almost nonsensical the way the iPhone handles web browsing: what's the use of multiple cards (ahem, tabs), if they're not live/saved in the memory? They're really more akin to big bookmarks.

This is all way, way too cool. However, on the edge of civilization with a couple bars EvDO, my old HTC Touch Pro pulls these pages in Opera faster than the 5 seconds in the video. OK, 4 to 4.5 sec, but faster... If I didn't take the HTC to the barn and get it bumped and dirty, who knows what speed I might see? Mark me down as "wants Pre but lasts out the contract on WM6.1 AND is Faster than You!" And I'm so far out I was disconnecting on every call before the Samsung femtocell thingie...

Actually, this video is a bit misleading. The iPhone only unloads tabs in response to low memory notifications. For example, I just loaded the NYT, Apple and WSJ sites without the tabs unloading. I'll be interested to a rematch with the next generation iPhone, which is expected to be released next week, which includes 256MB of RAM (up from 128MB in the test above) and 1.5x increase in processor speed.

Only 3 more days left to shine! The iphone 3Gs will be loading pages twice as fast.
Damn Apple... always making the others look silly.

get off apples nuts already, its Pre's Time 2 Shine!!!!!!

Yea i will admit that apple might come out with something cooler but, in a matter of months, i hope palm will have an update to match or even surpass apple's new iphone, suck on dat apple!!!!

Can anyone tell me if you can download ringtones to the pre. Also, I dont like the fact that I cant choose different sounds for text messaging. I can hardly hear the preset sound. What a disappointment!!!!

for free ringtones and much much more go to hope this was helpful

It is so easy to get new ringtones.
Just load your favorite music and then go into the phone app and assign the music you like to be Phone Tones. You can then select specific songs/tones for each person that normally calls you. When my wife calls, the phone starts playing the Stones "Satisfaction".

Congratulations on finally making a phone that can load a webpage faster than the iphone. (the iphone that came out 2 years ago) Live it up now! You only have a couple of days left to gloat. Cause the page loading on the iphone 3Gs will blow the pre away!

Always entertaining to visit these sites. Better get back to the drawing board. Apple is light years ahead.

Apple light years ahead ?? I think not, I have owned the iphone and it is far short of the pre , biggest problem with the iphone is ATT and there lousy network and ultra slow 3G if you can actually find it . Iphone is a good phone , but falls well short of what the pre and its Linux operating system can handle. The fact you are coming to these sites shows the iphone lacks something, if it was the perfect phone there would be no need to check out other devices . the pre is far and away the better phone, and it will get even better yet very soon with the updates Palm will be issuing to make this great phone even better, keep dreaming , My Iphone 3g ( NOT ) is now 4 sale

Excellent review!

@ LightYrsAhead

Hey idiot, my old ass HTC Touch was out running my cousins 3g iPhone in web browsing. It was crap-tastically slow. CDMA is where its at. I almost want to compare it to CDMA=A/C > GSM=D/C. Oh, brush up on your news because Sprint is about to whip out 4g.

I love the iPhone as much as the next guy but holy crap batman AT&T's network god awful.

* An un-biased smart phone user.

Open letter to Palm Pre product manager:

I have been a palm user since its inception.

I think you did a huge mistake by not including
Palm Desktop and local sync. for Palm Pre.

As a hardcore fan I suggest changing your plan and commit to support
a desktop sync. mechanism for Pre (ideally with Palm Desktop).

Then publicly announce the plan and quickly allocation resources
to get that done as soon as possible.

It will cost you losing the battle to rivals if you don