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Palm Pre Default Ringtone Leaks Out 53

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 28 May 2009 10:34 am EDT

Want to hear the Palm Pre's default ringtone?  Heck, want to download it to use now?  Here you go, courtesy of an anonymous tipster:

Download it directly with this link

For those that are curious, the ringtone was composed by Roger Bourland for Palm and apparently Palm asked Bourland to do more than just provide some ringtones:

Bourland praised Matias Duarte for having the vision to commission “micro-compositions; not just phone emulations, or paid-for chunks of pre-existing songs.” Each ringtone is roughly 24 seconds long before it kicks into the message service. [...] Bourland is in negotiations with Palm to make available, the remaining 170 ringtones that were made at the same time, through the Palm application site.

Sounds good to us (yes, literally).

Thanks, anonymous!



The ring tone sucks!!!

I actually like it

It's not bad. Although my phone hasn't had a ring tone (beyond vibrating the surface it's touching) since 2004. If most of my friends heard this sound coming out of my phone, they'd be like, "WT...FFF??".

Pretty annoying. lol. Could work as an alarm.

Is there a more bass version? This sounds like it'd be great for the "Pixie", but it's a bit light for the new Palm/Sprint flagship.

Sounds like it should be played around Xmas time. I'm not to crazy about it.

they could have done something more iconic

It's beautiful! I love it! I'm the first here to think so?!

I second that sounds better than those horse shit ringtones in that so called iphone wait did i said iphone cause that a gaming device for kids.

Let's keep this the Pre web site and not the other-phone-hate web site as much as possible. I'm sure we can all see the benefits of that.

I hope we can download a new ringer!

Well, according to D94 in the forums, you can easily choose from the built-in ringers or choose you own .mp3 file as ringer

Thank god! That thing is unlistenable.

According to the User Guide you can use any song you put on the Pre.

I make my own ringtones from songs that I like using free online ringtone tools like the one at

A ringtone needs to be high-pitched, otherwise I won't hear it in the car or in crowds. I love the Treo's default as well.

I thought you could only use the 1st 30 sec of whichever mp3 you have loaded onto the phone.

This is just a little weird. Maybe on an episode of the Twilight Zone it would sound cool, but on the NEW PRE???

I hated the first treo ringtones...I feel the same way about this one...ugh...

It's kind of neat. Very different.

According to the article, Mr. Bourland was commissioned to provide eight ringtones for Palm Pre... so perhaps this isn't our only option initially.

They paid him for that crap!

That is obnoxious. First task after getting Pre... download new ringtone.

I'm going to wait to get the Crazy Frog remix of this. I can hardly wait! can me haazz remix now!

Why can't we have a ring tone that gets more intense until the final 5 seconds, at which time a voice counts down "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

That way we can really know when voice mail is about to pick-up.

I've never been a fan of these composed ringtones, nor am I a fan of music ringtones. I'm hoping for a ringtone that sounds like ... a phone. ...Not an old school phone, but a professional, digital office phone.

I'm sure there will be more than one ringtone on the phone guys, cool your jets. there hasn't been a phone since the "The Brick" that hasn't had multiple ringtones already available on a device. It's not the only one on there. It's just the default one.

It sounds like bells by the way...but most likely a xilaphone...hope I spelled that right.


You know I have found a program that you can use to edit MP3s as you want and just load them on the phone as a MP3 still. WavePad. I been using it for two years and I always used it on my Mogul phone. You can cut what part of a song you want, edit it with effects, and when you done before saving it you can change the bitrate to adjust to the phone.

I use Goldwave--you can decode/encode all sorts of audio formats. You can flange/apply effects/crop/add/speed-change/change almost anything. I suppose there are various apps out there that do similar things.

yeah i use to use that in the old Wav. days. All that get the job done works for me.

I've been using Audacity on my Mac to clip and adjust (mostly upping the volume) of clips for my Treo's ringtones.

Of course, then I have to use minitones to convert the MP3 into a WAV and add it to the phones ringtone database...

I love it!

I like it. I'll probably use it for a while.

I hope they didn't pay too much for this amazing "composition".

I think it's appropriate for the design goals of the phone. The phone was designed with inspiration from nature: river stones, very organic design, etc. The Ring Tone is reminiscent of Zen and Budhist tubular bells.

I like it enough, but I'll probably put Dr. Horrible back as my main ringtone.

I like it too. Sounds good on my Bleackberry 8830.

Although I really like my current ringtone the best:

The theme from Arrested Development.

Ha! I used to have that as mine.

That is, until I found the Futurama theme. :D

Well, not as bad as most of the obnoxious musical ring tones I've had inflicted on me in public places. I guess.

Call me a luddite, but when a device wants my attention, I want a short, audible-but-not-distracting beep or tone or ring sound.

I'll be porting over my .mp3 of an old telephone ringer. Does the job, and the sound is iconic so that I think "phone" as opposed to any of the 20-odd other beeping things in my lab.

Before you realize it, it sticks in your head. A real work of art.

That has got to be one of the worst ringtones I've ever heard.

Yo yo yo listen up Dude. You know I've been a fan since day one. The song choice for me for you is aiight and it was a little pitchy there at the beginning, but could sing the phone book. I was like whaaaat?! You can really sing! America we've got a hot one right here! Good lookin' out, Dawg.

P.S. Seriously, I do like it and I would have no problem using it. It's not for everyone, but then again that's why ringtones are a huge industry.

You know what amazes me? The fact that Palm/Sprint (and all their contractors) kept this device an absolute secret until the rollout in January. We were all shocked about the development of such a ground-breaking Palm product.

Now we have the default ringtone?

I have a feeling we're just strings in the fiddle being played by the corporate spin machine.

C'mon already!

I have, and always will, used the Cisco ringer they use on the show '24'.

Sounds professional, yet, people who know the sound always comment on it, so it's a bit fun.

Like the ringer. Don't know about the keyboard.Starting to think I've been waiting all this time for this phone and,the keyboard is gonna kill it for me.

This is not likely to be my choice for a ringtone, but I am glad some people seem to like it. I believe it would be difficult to hear in a noisy environment, but possibly soothing in a quiet (shall I say Zen-like) environment. I am hoping one of the 8 rumored ringtones will suit my needs.

Of course, all of this presumes I will be able to get my hands on a Pre.

i own the phone & all the ringtones are annoying x.X

sounds pretty well, downloaded for my motorola=)


This ring tone is generic-the quality of the ring tone is basic and has minimal skills as to having a smart phone with a candy cane kid ring to it is very sad.

If only the developers would take more time to develop a ring tone page that was able to be purchased on a client base would be better then my mixer
all the garbage.

I thought i was buying a smart phone not a i-pod-

Thank you

WORST ring tone ever! Its like giving Stevie Wonder a paint brush and asking him to paint-- no offense Stevie, I LOVE YOU!

I got one? how can i get the full ringtone to play on text messages