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Palm Pre Experience goes up in Glendale, looks all cool and modern 15

by Derek Kessler Wed, 19 Aug 2009 7:14 pm EDT

Palm Pre Experience

Architectural buffs rejoice, the “sea of umbrellas” metaphor used to describe the Palm Pre Experience centers to be put in at The Grove and The Americana at Brand shopping centers in Los Angeles looks to have been a bit of an exaggeration. There are umbrellas, to be sure, and they’re large and orange, and sure to attract attention. But the main space of the Palm Pre Experience is a 240 square foot version of the itHouse, designed by Taalman Koch.

The simple design allowed for modular off-site fabrication and the whole thing was assembled in less than twelve hours in the middle of The Americana at Brand. A few details of the structure: the floors are made of redwood and the roof was constructed of galvanized steel with super-efficient R19 insulation. So, it looks cool, and thermally is probably quite cool, but is it ‘cool’? If any of you happen to be in the Glendale area and swing over to the Palm Pre Experience, feel free to drop us a note!

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Thanks to Phillipe for the tip!

A couple more shots after the break

UPDATE: Palm has posted more pictures of the Palm Pre Experience on their official blog.

Palm Pre Experience

Palm Pre Experience


Awesome, Looking forward to one coming up to Northern Cali.

As long as creepy girl from the ads doesn't show....

Oh, I see. It's a metaphor for WebOS code - everyone can look in and see what you are doing. It looks like a good place to get some take-out sushi. Can I get my picture taken with the Borg Queen?

Put it up quickly, take it down quickly, move it somewhere else. Anyone know how long this is supposed to remain in place?

Don't mean to nit pick...but at the top you said The American...not Americana :)

The American... as in... at the North American continent. Yeah...


I checked out the "Palm Pre experience" at Americana and I saw it yesterday at The Grove when they were setting up. I hate to say it, but when I went to Americana, I was the only person in the Experience (although it was a weekday around 3 pm). Totally dead. The display was nice, and they were giving away $150 Palm gift cards (2 per day). Didn't win, but still love my Palm Pre!

You were the only person and you didn't win? lol, you must have some baaaaad luck :p.

Yeah, no kidding! I thought I would win for sure, but no dice. The Experience at the Grove will definitely get a ton more visitors than at Americana. Maybe I'll try again anyways...

Seems like this sea of umbrellas needs a link to this...

The one in Glendale (at the Americana) closed on Sunday, so don't go looking for it now! They moved the installation to The Grove.

Here's how the "Experience" goes. They have "brand representatives" around the Mall inviting people over; the $150 giveaway is the main draw (requires short survey).

Inside the house, and on the side patio, are 10 or 12 Pres on touchstones available for demo (with plenty of staff to show them).

Currently, they're offering a free car charger if you buy a Pre there. They also have a few Palm branded accessories for sale.

Once you step out of the house, you're invited to take a short survey. It's pretty cool how they're doing this, actually. You take the survey on a Pre handset, which allows you to interact with the device more naturally. (The survey handsets aren't attached with a wire to a table, like the demo units. But the brand rep stands close while you take it!)

The survey is 8 questions, about the "Experience" and about your impressions of the Pre. (It seems okay to take the survey if you already own a Pre... that was one of the choices when I took it.) Most are multiple choice, two require you to type something in.

Last question lets you add your name and email or phone, if you want to enter the contest. I was told they notify the winners the next day.

Overall: whether or not they sell a lot of phones, it definitely makes a big impression. They've had huge banners all over the Grove for weeks, and that mall gets TONS of traffic in LA (local and tourist.) I think it's impossible to pass through there this month without becoming aware of the Pre. I believe they'll be there until Aug 30.

Looks a bit like a temple...

I went in there... they were very shy... no one approached me... but its a nice setup... plenty of pre phones to play with... I showed them my pre with a whole bunch of home brew apps and they were amazed... LOL... My pre was better than everyone else's

Proof that more apps in the app catalog is a good thing...


"I showed them my pre with a whole bunch of home brew apps and they were amazed... LOL... My pre was better than everyone else's"

Thats awesome... conversion by demonstration is always the best tactic!! Nice one.