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Palm Pre Homebrew: 31 Apps. Official App Catalog: 30 31

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 10 Jul 2009 8:51 pm EDT

With the addition of elchileno's Tetris clone for the Palm Pre, our Homebrew App section for the Pre now has 31 apps -- 1 more than the official App Catalog.

Sure, there's a duplicate or two and, yes, we're counting the SimplyFlipFlops app even though it doesn't technically do anything but exist.  Whatever.  Homebrew on the Pre is generating some exciting stuff from the above-mentioned game to an app that aids in looking up felons in Kentucky (Hey, why not?).  Heck, if hacking and rooting is your thing, there's even a very nice Tethering App for the Pre.

In all, we're stunned and amazed at the speed with which these homebrew apps are coming.  Just shy of three weeks since the method for creating webOS application packages was worked out and we're up to 31 homebrew apps.  Bravo, developers, bravo.

Looking to learn how to install Homebrew apps? Windows Users check here and Mac users read the first link then see TheInvisibleMan's post here.



Linux users: You already know what to do.

I tried installing everything the way it said but the apps did not go onto my phone, help!

Never owned my own computer running Linux, but this is the best first comment for one of these things I've ever read.

Awesome! Way to go guys.

I can't wait to install Tetris, it's pretty. lol

total newb question, how easy is it to install these homebrew apps? And how do you go about doing it?

Did you bother looking at the links at the bottom of the article that were put there specifically to answer this question?

Sine we are always happy to help newbies, here is the link :)

We know that you may have just stumbled into the blog and not even known about the forums.

Just follow the instructions thread at the top of the forum and you will be downloading new apps in no time. And by the time this weekend is over, it may be a lot more... - Craig

Look under the forum. There is a sticky post that tells you how. its fairly easy, simple, just takes a little time.

Anyway we can clean up the Homebrew section?? I would love it if an admin took about 3 minutes to change the titles to exactly what app I am going to be looking at. Maybe I'm being picky, but it just looks messy to me!

All we need is for Palm to make these apps feel like part of the family... Jus label them unsupported apps or maybe even better independent...
We cud call them "indie apps" ... Basically as long as they don't jeopardize our security allow them to be downloaded fromm the app catolog...
The same way my ubuntu software depository has plenty of apps independent of ubuntu

Unfortunately you would have to be a registered dev to do this. Most likely you will have to pay a small fee. If you register as a dev there would be no need for a special category. Most apps will be seporate from palm.

I think the biggest issue is that palm hasnt quite finished up its plans on how to charge people. Also question for Dieter:

Dieter - Has the smartphone experts managed to get an early release dev kit from palm?

This really begs the question on what the hundreds of developers who were let in early have been doing with the SDK this whole time??? Are they all simply waiting till they can charge for their apps before they release them?? I'd have to think a lot of companies could have easily ported their older apps over to the webOS platform during all of this time.

You'd think if this were the case, they'd at least get out a 7day trial like Classic to begin building some hype for their app rather than just be MIA for months. Did Palm write Classic? That why they have the only purchasable App out on the catalog?

No, they had a 3rd party company create it. Too lazy to search for that company right now.

Anyway, I completely agree. If they're waiting to charge, they should at least release some demos. If that's not the case, then what the hell is taking so long? Obviously it doesn't take very long to get apps up and running on here.

dieter's been talking about this possibly happening since monday. :D

palm or sprint whomever is responsible is really screwing the pooch on this thing. Really bad PR. Makes management look inept. To quote the cinematic masterpiece that is Top Gun, "You need to be doing it better and cleaner then the other guy." Palm heed those words.

I think Dieter started the celebration early, but it doesn't matter now, because another new app was added shortly after Tetris was. So it's 31 webOS apps anyway you count it. Huzzah!

I'll take quality over quantity any day.

Not that some of the homebrews are not good quality. Many are still works in progress and some are just flat out thrown together little 10 minute apps.

I'm sure there are hundreds of well written commercial apps that are going to end up in the app catalog that we have not seen yet.

The WebOS future is very very bright.

i get your point but nobody people report the numbers of apps not the quality so i'd take quantity and quality. i don't think fewer apps means better apps. I'd take 30 apps and 70 crappy ones too. you still have the same 30 apps but your store looks like it's growning and providing promise. i don't see that much promise yet.

It's really sad that we, the users, have to homebrew the development of additional apps because Palm has a brick wall with the Pre! I have my own laundry list for them- 1) sync my tasks, memos and other "stuff" from my Pre somewhere, 2) beam a contact, task, appt from on Pre to another, 3) more apps ('nuff said?), 4) enable savings of attachments to the phone like music files or pictures

That's it. Less than 5. I think that's doable. Who cares about fixing security holes? Maybe Sprint does but I think fixing the real issues that the growing user base has is what is going to drive additional sales-- Word of Mouth Palm. It's what MADE the iPhone!

I think the whole homebrew apps has very little to do with them not getting out apps fast enough. If anything homebrew app show what you can do with the Pre. There are a few that are already in there where people have created apps to help them with their daily work. That is huge when you think about it. It could open a whole new market on a business and personal level for custom apps.

I'm also disappointed in the lack of bluetooth options and not sure why there is no option to beam info. I use two phones, my Pre and a WM and I need to share info from time to time.

As far the downloading of files, I'm not sure what the deal is. Maybe it is involved in the flash development along with better copy and paste.

Pick a bone? I got a few:

1) change that icky sounding text message sound
2) How hard is it to simply add one more option:"Screen turn off = Never" (((Anyone try to use google maps while docked in your car? its a pain in the ass to press the SPACEBAR to refresh it.
3) REMOVE web pages in your launcher: I was dumb enough to add YAHOO! and now I cant get rid of it. Not to mention I dont want nascar on my launcher.
4) Cell Phone Camera DELAY TIMER!!!!! wtf, what kind of bad a$$ camera doesnt have a delay function?

The rest of my bones I know are coming soon: IE: video recording, and flash support (see Adobe's FAQ due out by end of 2009).

Surely Im not the only one with these complaints :p, gorgeous device otherwise. And yes, I know this isnt the right forum. But I was never one to sign up and post in the actual forums.


NurseN, here are your links...
1) change that icky sounding text message sound - DONE

2) "Screen turn off = Never"
**They already have found this in the dev forums and have shown Palm the code to fix. If Palm does nto do it in ht enext week, expect the developers here to fix it for them.

3) REMOVE web pages in your launcher.
**You can remove page launcher items you have added. This and 250 other tips are in the Tips and Tricks:

4) Cell Phone Camera DELAY TIMER!!!!!

There are 120 other requests being tracked here:

- Craig

I appreciate the time you took to copy those links for me. But im not going to ROOT my phone. Although im DOS/Win literate... Id be too afraid of bricking my phone in linux.

1) The functionality exists, but Palm hasn't exposed it yet. It's on it's way, I'm sure.
2) It's an option that programmers can apparently take advantage of. Sprint Navigation works this way. Why Google Maps does not isn't a palm issue, it's a Google issue.

3) Simply hold down the orange button and tap on the app/bookmark you wish to remove. NASCAR is a sprint issue and not a Palm one. Sprint made that part of the package, and there's no easy way to get rid of it (without rooting the phone).

4) I have never even heard of this feature on a camera phone. The camera app is still pretty beta, but it does alright for taking a quick picture or two.

Does anyone know if "Skype" would work on the palm pre?

Shoouldnt be any reason it wouldn't... Maybe not video chat just yet because there is no front facing camera.... But who knows.

I'm on my way to trade the pre for a blackberry tour. That phone is alot more complete out the box. Thanks for the homebrew apps, but palm dropped the ball. SDK should have been ready by the release day. This phone was so hyped and awaited. When and if they get on the ball, ill be back (in terminator voice).

I'm on my way to trade the pre for a blackberry tour. That phone is alot more complete out the box. Thanks for the homebrew apps, but palm dropped the ball. SDK should have been ready by the release day. This phone was so hyped and awaited. When and if they get on the ball, ill be back (in terminator voice).

Does anyone know where the app is thats for the camera self timer?? I've been looking all night and have seen the youtube video of the app but cant find it at all! help???