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Palm Pre Launches in the UK 22

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 16 Oct 2009 10:26 am EDT

The Palm Pre has launched in the UK, at long last. It's only available with a contract, but depending on what monthly tariff you choose, you can pay anywhere from nil on up to £96.89 at the outset.  See the details at O2's Palm Pre page. All of the plans include Unlimited Data - a virtual necessity since webOS's Synergy system can gobble up data quite quickly.

Update: How's the launch feel out there, folks? Wirefresh is starting to wonder if maybe there's not as much promotion as we'd like.



Yey for the UK

the tarifs in uk appear very high to me.....

prices seem ok to me. At least your phone is free on the top 3 plans. One of which is only 2 dollars more a month then the sprint cheapest plan of $69.99 USD granted that plan has unlimited text but not as much minutes but you also have to factor in the $150 USD price of the phone and if you got it on release it was $200 USD. I am just sick of the pricing here in the states with very few options and Sprint is even one of the best prices in the states. I would love to see the US companies take on the choices offered by companies over seas.

Being in France, I was thinking the exact opposite... it seems quite free =/

600 minutes + 500 messages + unlimited WiFi + unlimited Web for

Got mine and lovin' it!!

They are very high considering you have to pay for the handset too. I'm gonna wait until xmas before having another look. Can't say I'm not tempted though!

You should feel lucky for 2 dollars more a month you get the phone for free then the cheapest plan on Sprint here in the US.

Loving mine too :-)

I live in Dublin and the Herald AM, which is a free morning paper that gets a pretty healthy distribution, had a full front and pack page advert for the Pre. I'm picking mine up tomorrow :)

...also, over here its

1st post on this site. Already have a phone on O2 via Carphone Warehouse who are their partner for upgrades. Tried to upgrade online via the O2 website which directed me to do do it via the telephone. Dialled the number and low and behold I'm on the phone to Carphone Warehouse who aren't supplying the phone apparently even though all of the communications from O2 say they are. Go figure.

Ordered a new one directly from the O2 website and will port my old number across instead......although I'm still waiting on email confirming my order!

For my take on the launch

Wow for your rates and pricing us over across the pond would love love love to have 18 month contracts vs 24 months

Picked mine up at opening time this morning - extremely pleased. Email + calendars all set up and it's sitting, Touchstoning on my desk as I write

Typing this out on my new pre..

Picked it up about half past 1 this afternoon despite playing with one of the demo ones for half an hour this morning. Guy called 'Andy' from Palm was there to help demo it and persuade people to buy. He even had a slightly heated discussion with a guy from the Apple Store (just a couple of minutes walk up the road)

I think he managed to get an iPhone 3G (no S) guy to convert too.. But he did remark to me that people were interested, just cautious.

Managed to get myself a free touchstone too!

Why was someone from the apple store in there causing problems?

I don't think he was causing problems, more a case of 'my device is better than yours'

Met a fellow precentral reader at the Plymouth, UK store! Staff were pretty friendly with Pre tshirts on etc. Played with the device for about an hour. Two people bought one when I was there.

But shop said only people in London get a free touchstone. What is it with london? Like that is the only city in england? wtf?

Anyway, like that phone a lot. Makes my treo pro feel pretty old school (and big!). I'd rather have it on 12 month deal though.

Wasn't just in London, Southampton had them as well

Got mine yesterday in Milton Keynes. 2 O2 shops within 2-300 metres of each other, only one had stock, the guy at the other one (in Centre:MK) was clueless. The one in Midsummer place had 23 in stock on thurs, by the time I got there on friday(3PM) they had sold 2. They had promo stuff up and all staff were wearing Pre tees and were really helpful! Everyone seemed to think major sales of them were going to start today.

Sad news when I rushed to my local O2 store after work (5pm) and I was the first person to buy a pre from that store! Only the second from an O2 store in my town apparently! I was annoyed the iPhone still held its center position within the store, where the pre should be positioned with it as its soo fantastic, I love the phone and am having great fun customizing it already. More media attention O2!!!

First one to buy the Pre in blackburn. A bit disappinted as i was the only one waiting at 8.50am. No awareness of the Pre at all tbh and the staff wernt too familiar with the device, (tough the ones which underwent training want one now!).

In the store they were putting on Palm Pre t-shirts, big Pre posters and display units up, So they are now pushing the device, afer creating little-no hype.

Love My Pre!!!

Have converted 2 of my iphone friends to the Pre sect =)