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The Palm Pre Lines have Started. 45

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 01 Jun 2009 1:33 pm EDT

Truly, this Monday is dedicated to the hardcore Pre fanatics. First, a Palm Pre Tattoo, now this: tinycomb brings the photo of an unnamed man in an unnamed place waiting, five days early, for the Palm Pre.  Hey -- as they note, somebody had to put professional line-sitter Greg Packer in his place.

Sir - whoever you are, wherever you are, we hope word gets out to you that respects your moxy!

Thanks to Tess for the tip!



alright i was going to camp out friday night but monday? somebody doesnt have alife

He better hope that store is a Preferred retailer.... If not than this guy is SOL.... Only Corporate retail and Preferred retail locations are going to have the device and of course the 5 that BB and RS are getting... I have 2 Exclusive stores and we most likely won't be selling them for at least the first few weeks. Hopefully shorter but I am thinking July... Good luck buddy

What a dump. Is that the front door or the back door?


Yes! I luv it. Hey Buddy save my spot right behind you. Thanks in advance Luvbug

Really? Already? Thats how u feel? Well thats whats up then. Wont be me though, the phone is dope but it aint that serious!!

Is this guy serious? He doesn't even have any food what is he going to do? Does he even have a job? Mommy gonna bring him food? :D Oh sorry this is just sad, it's a phone get up at 6AM go to the sprint store it's not life or death. Wonder how he plans to pay for the service plan, or maybe he took a week off from work. Hahahaha too funny.

Maybe sitting in for his employer ??? Or someone is paying him? Or maybe paid by Palm viral compain? Who knows, either way CRAZY !!!

I'm pretty sure that's a homeless guy.

Below the belt, but funny ;P

No, really, that's just a homeless guy sitting in front of a building.

That's what I was thinking too..

He even has a 'begging sign'...

I would pay a homless guy $50 to take his place in line--assuming there was a line.

Guy is genius. If he has nothing else to do, that is.

What would a homeless guy do with a sign saying "First"? ;)

..b..b.bbbuut...this is too early! My plan of 2 hours early is going to backfire if lines are staring this early in the week! o_O! Might not be getting a Pre afterall ;_;

I'm going to cut in line in front of him.

watch them not even get one in. how bad would he feel?

He doesnt need food. he still has his old treo 700p, and google maps, he can order chinese, pizza, drinks, companionship, :) ... he can stream Sprint TV, is that an open window to the left? Might even be able to get an extension cord for his charger! Sleeping bag, lawn chair, crazy thing is, i think he's going to be alone until Friday June 5th. (Except for the tv crews, of which i'm sure is 90% of why he's there so early).

I'm calling this out as bogus. I think tinyComb got one of his friends to sit in front of the store, took the photo, and then they both went home. I mean, TinyComb doesn't HAVE any readers!

Nice publicity stunt, it seems to have worked.

Hah, yeah that occurred to me too. It's just a picture, easy to stage.

respect to who ever this man is .

This has got to be a homeless person or he's just plain crazy.

He's going to be alone for a long time if this is for real.

Besides Bestbuy and Radioshack, are other 3rd parties even selling the Pre on Sat?

I'm with Jakerome, this is bogus.

Wait, shouldn't this guy WIN a free one? This is easily as worthy as a tatoo! :)

now this is hardcore !!! too bad i can't get mine t'l july 1rst : (

Is the store the guy is waiting in front of even going to sell the Pre? I thought only Sprint corporate stores were going to have the device on day one?


Dude, if this is for real that's just pathetic...

No you are...

I also have to say, he certainly could have picked a nicer store! I mean, isn't there a Sprint store nearby with a little grass, maybe a tree or something? This place looks like it's in an alley in the low rent district.

well he may have a better chance getting it in a dinky store

like i said before..... they prob arent going to get one in. that would make me laugh

I'm showing up an hour early and I am gonna get one no problem. The fact is that the Pre Fanatics are all on this website, and there are what 3000 of us. 10,000 of us, and 54000 Pre's to go around.

He's just waiting there to get his billing errors corrected.

Is that Dieter sitting there in line?!?!?!

wow u serious monday

Instead of starting a line this early like this guy is doing, i have toured a few stores nearby and asked when they are going to be open and how much stock.

The first Sprint corp. store i went to said friday was cancelled (which we know already) because of inventory concerns. And they will be open at 8am but will not/or not allowed to tell me how many are on hand to sell. They said just be there when they open. The second store said the same thing.

So i went to Best Buy which is across the street, and they are opening at 9am on saturday (one hour early) but can not tell me how many are available for one reason or another.

So if i can not snag one at the corp store, i can just go across the street and wait till 9am.

My third option is a 3rd party store that is also opening up at 10am (they are normally closed on saturday) and they have me on a list. they wanted to verify that i was not a sprint employee trying to get one at that store so they took down my ESN, that is how you can get on the list.

this isn't cool. i hope it doesn't cause a pre-panic and have people lining up way too early and thus lowering my chances of not getting one. good home mange!!!

He beat me! :)

LOL I don't believe this. I bet its just some prank that some folk thought others might find funny. It IS funny by the way. :)
And the comment "Thats Dieter Bohn" was amusing. LOL

WOW that....that...looks like.....Steve Jobs

My local sprint store just let me put a deposit down on a pre. I filled out a contract for a non-refundable deposit to get on a waiting list for the Palm Pre to guarantee I would recieve one of the units included in their first shipment. They also told me that they were getting 10 units in with the first weeks shipment. They will call me when they receive the phone and I have 48 hours to pick it up or i forfeit my deposit. No longer have to think about waiting in line. Seeing as how my puppy just dumped my centro into his water dish this weekend, I am feeling pretty lucky to be on any kind of list at the moment! F-in A Cotton.

When my friend was unemployed, she used to get paid to wait in line for new release stuff....
I just called the Sprint store in the Castro and SF, and they said they do not have inventory yet, and it's first come, first serve....