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The Palm Pre ...Minus (Knockoffs) 63

by Derek Kessler Tue, 05 Jan 2010 1:52 pm EST

Cool K07

Over what the Palm Pre has right now, this sucker’s got a front-facing camera in addition to the one with flash on the back, dual SIM card slots, Java functions, a full QWERT keyboard, FM radio with recording, analog TV, eBook support, handwriting input, and a 3800 mAh battery.

And that’s just the stuff we’ve heard of before, it also comes with revolutionary technology like a gravity inducer, something amazing called “Magic Voice,” a TransFlash card slot supporting up to 8 GB, handshaking function (to avoid H1N1 transmission, we presume), a ‘spotwatch,’ and four common games. That last bit has our minds thoroughly blown: we always put four common games at the top of our must-have list. Strangely, Touchstone support seems to be missing, as is webOS; it must be some sort of marketing mix-up (like a Sprint Pixi with Wi-Fi)

We know, you're sincerely hoping that this is what Jon Rubinstein is going to pull out of his pocket on stage come Thursday. Want one now? The Cool K07 can be yours for a cool $128, with bulk pricing available if you want to buy one for all your cool friends too.

[via: Engadget]



is it just me or does it also look like it can support 2 carriers? I see 2 cell signals in the top left. LOL

Well it did say that it took 2 sim cards... lol What a little fighting machine..

its a great phone, check out this videoreview

I know it is a knock off and I would never get one, but that phone has some sweet features. If you read all the specs, It basically point out all the features that the Pre is missing Mass Messaging, Flash Card Reader,Dual Cameras, Schedule power on/off, Voice recorder, ect... Maybe the Palm needs to takes some notes. Although the Pre is much sexier.

And Java J2ME support. How come a dumb phone can have Java apps yet a smartphone has that very feature sorely missing?

Yeah - what he said!!

J2ME isn't as great as you think it is. This comes from a mobile's not real Java no matter how you slice it. Just because a device supports a language doesn't make that device better. There's a good reason why J2ME never caught on as much as people thought it would, even though tons of phones shoehorned it into their platform. Why do you think so many people prefer to write mobile apps in C++ and sometimes even C, rather than deal with J2ME?

To the consumer it doesn't matter. Then why do you think Google has a Java version of all their apps? Because it gives the largest market penetration, everything on the market supports it.

...and a battery life of, what, 10-15 mins.?

cool a cheap palm pre lol

"Cheap Palm Pre"? The joke is that they kept what was basically the biggest minus of the whole Pre thing...the hardware...and removed the biggest plus of the Pre, which was webOS. You'd think the least they could do would have been to shoehorn a linux kernel in...there's several OSS linux mobile builds around...but no, they slammed in a hacked up version of the OS of a 5 year old Motorola Edge and called it good. Oh yeah, and "Magic Voice".

Agh. I worked in a Chinese-dominated company for several months about 7 years ago. I know the typical thinking that went into this traffic accident of a phone. They probably thought they were making something so much better, and they were doing it all way faster, and that they were way smarter than those "stupid" Palm people, when all they did was take a perfectly good phone and make it ridiculous and fuglier.

Losing WebOS makes the whole thing a non-starter, for certain, but it does look like they made significant improvements to the hardware. From the photos, it appears they flattened the banana-slider, so it should be quite a bit more sturdy, and have an easier to use keyboard (that's not encased in a bowl). The front-camera is a very useful, if somewhat unattractive, feature. And I would think any of us would love a memory expansion slot if it were available.

People have been saying for months that the software is what makes the WebOS experience so brilliant, while making quite legitimate complaints about the hardware. This phone, while completely missing the boat on the OS, seems to demonstrate how Palm could have done the hardware just a little different and overcome a lot of those complaints.

I think Palm could, in fact, take a few notes here.

Funny. If you goto their website the front page pics of the phone are actually a pre. Also funny when you goto the pics of the phone to see the analog antenna. Now that is sexy.

Analog TV huh? Not for US use... unless you can figure a way to can connect one of those big analog to digital converter boxes to it. Maybe in a "Fanny pack" like bag? lol

IDK Palm should buy this company if they can afford it....I smell super Pre lets go! chop chop

Seriously, Derek? YOU are going to point out typos? (Spotwatch). I don't think you've ever published a story without one. Just sayin....

It seems he posted it on the article as a joke, because of the Engrish used on the original site...

Uh, yeah, I get it. People in glass houses...

... shouldn't throw trolls.

Or stones. Or stone trolls (that would be a garden gnome, right?)

If anything I should be quite adept at finding typos by now...

a front-facing camera in addition to the one with flash on the back, dual SIM card slots, Java functions, FM radio with recording, analog TV, eBook support, handwriting input, and a 3800 mAh battery.

these things sound pretty good. especially that battery. I hope palm is taking notes...

Feature #4
2 cameras/2.0 Mega pixel camera for Picture & Video capability

When can I haz video?!!?

my question is could that battery fit a regular palm pre and pixi

my question is could that battery fit a regular palm pre and pixi

holy crap at the specs...

palm does need to take note.
video rec, java, voice rec, 3800 mah battery, wtf.............
I want this...

The reason for video and voice recording is that they're using a hacked up, janky OS. You can get all those features in a much nicer Chinese knockoff phone, maybe a slimmer one. As for Java, it's not. It's J2ME, which is OLD and has been shoehorned into the crappiest phones for the past 10 years. The only phone to really make something of it, BlackBerry, is giving up on it. And BBs weren't popular because they ran J2ME. They were popular because the hardware was easy to use at the time, built in keyboard and all that, and the push email worked well and hooked enough people at a time when there weren't a lot of options out there that could do that.

But I'm sure anyone would love such a phone when they find out that when you can't download apps directly to the phone OTA, but the tethering cable you use to install apps comes with weird sync software that doesn't install properly on your computer...but instead, comes prepackaged with "Magic Voiceware" that installs "Helpful applications" that "Change your browser's home page to a Better page". And wait till you try out some gestures with that multitouch. Support? Really? Are you kidding me?

I love the features on this phone! I cannot wait for more phones to come out like this one in the US. Although I would take out the FM radio. Click the link to the Cool K07 above and check out those pics of the antenna that slides out... Eewwuu! This phone might actually give you brain cancer too. :)

I almost want one just to fiddle around with and then when I'm satisfied I'll give it to my dog...

Ooh, I bet it's missing one other Palm Pre feature as well... the Oreo Effect!

Sincerest form of flattery.

Engadget knows that KIRFing a phone is pretty good proof of it's popularity.

holy crap at the specs...

palm does need to take note.
video rec, java, voice rec, 3800 mah battery, wtf.............
I want this...

NONE OF YOU HAVE TALKED ABOUT THE ONE THING THAT MATTERS ON THIS NEW REVOLUTIONARY PHONE!!! THE GRAVITY INDUCER!!! Wow Im buying 5!!! I hope it has a slot for an energy crystal so that I can use it as a Phaser as well!!! ( phasers use energy crystals??? energy crystals even exist?)

I obviously sense the sarcasm... but what the hell is a "gravity inducer" and how does a phone use such a device?

Perhaps the better question is... why does gravity need to be induced? How is gravity regulated by the phone which requires induction? .. seriously though... what is that?

Maybe it's another Engrish typo - they meant "gravity reducer"

Damn, now I REALLY want one!!

I know once I knocked my Pre off the table. Believe me, gravity did not need to be induced!

LMAO!!! +1

Yes, the specs are somewhat impressive, but I'm sure that 3800mAh battery is not as good as advertised and will probably overheat a ton.

Also, knockoffs like these usually have bugs that NEVER get fixed.

what the heck ia gravity inducer!?


It plugs into the flux capacitor.

Ive spoke to a few people who have bought knock of iphones, they tend to break after a few months. But still im sure not all of them are like that. The only thing which has stopped me from every buying something like this to play with it is the lack of gps

oh oh oh and the HANDSHAKING FUNCTION!!! HOLY Cellphones!!!! This thing is amazing!!! We can stop the spread of disease just by using this phone!!! What a concept!!!! Im beyond impressed!!!

I would NEVER buy a knock off...ever. But I have been hoping and praying with all this Google talk that Palm has something up their sleeves. A much more up graded Pre and a Tablet. That is my birthday wish...

Now, THIS is a feature I had not thought of before:

"support incoming call with big head"

Don't worry about this phone, it's just an Avatar being controlled by a race of different phones (hence the 2nd radio signal) with the sole purpose of blending in with other Pre's to learn more about their multi-tasking webOS ways. I'm betting that this phone will eventually lose sight of it's mission, fall in love with a female pre, and turn its back on its superiors - eventually joining the Pre tribe.

I wonder if you could swap the cases with a real Pre?

of course you couldn't swap cases- the phones look similar, but not identical.

of course you couldn't swap cases- the phones look similar, but not identical.

But can it OREO as good as the Pre? ;-)

But will it blend?


Perfect example of "just because you can, doesnt mean you should"

Ive had experience with chinese lithium batts (phone batteries are typically LiIon). Their capacity is typically over-reported, and at worse are dangerous. Keep that fire extinguisher handy, lithium fires are no fun ;) of course, without all the hardware needed to run WebOS (processors, memory, well-designed antennas), that 3800mah battery probably fits a lot easier! I doubt its the same thickness as a real Pre, though.

Also worthy of note, is that the more 'accessories' a phone has (sim slots, sd slots, etc) the more support (most people are stupid, especially with technology!), more spent to build, test, document, certify, etc. It also means fewer warranty claims from folks who screwed up and destroyed that SD slot, back cover, etc.

The palm Pre is a mercedes, whereas this thing is a chryco cordoba.. wonder if they make a corinthian leather case for the chicom version?

Yeah...more like a Mercedes with out cup holders, power windows, or Air conditioning

In my reality, its only missing cup holders. If anything, the other 'missing features' are akin to a pinstripe package and power antenna :P but thats just me.

I guess the name PR3 was taken.

Hey, if you don't like the Pre...go buy a Ciphone C6 and bee happy!
(complete with WinMo 6.1 lol)

this is a really good phone, i have high hope for it.
its cheap with most common features, i orderd my yesterdy, in around 1 week ull see a video review of it,

solomobi want $128
i got my from fastcardtech, its only $104
you can get yours here:

hah! This guy sounds like he was on the "Dev team" over at Cool K07 Labs...

no i just see the true nature of things,
this is cellphone, and a great one, check the videoreview

The Cool K07 is actually for sale at Full details are there too.

Won't someone buy one, at least for the blender test?

It's even a GSM phone with full QWERTY. But some reports say it is NOT a smartphone.