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Palm Pre now available for free on O2 UK 25

by Derek Kessler Fri, 12 Mar 2010 5:17 pm EST

Palm Pre O2 Falling in line with the pricing available for other smartphones on other European networks, you can now get a Palm Pre for free on contract with O2 in the United Kingdom. In fact, so long as you’re willing to sign up for an 18 month contract for at least £30.00 a month, you can get a Palm Pre for free - and that £30.00 a month comes with unlimited data and texts (but just 100 minutes). Amusingly, O2 is also touting that the package comes with 3 free EA games, otherwise known as the games that are being given away for free in Europe anyway.



The touchstone is no longer free from them. I paid

The price is a little high, but why don't they offer plans like that in the U.S.?

I use about 50 minutes a month if it's a busy month. 10,000 + texts and a GB of data.

I guess we're getting a better deal though with Sprint.

$145 for 4 phones with unlimited data/text/anymobile,anytime/1500 minutes.

I just seems like a good deal to sell to younger people.

They don't offer plans like in the US because what they offer sells. It's just how the market works around here. We pay more for pretty much everything.

That said, you have to think about currency in context.

I rarely use my phone as a "phone" ;) and I have like 2000 minutes...

yeah..i use a few minutes a month because of anymobile anytime.
02 cant advertise free EA games for too long though..just for a couple weeks right?

Unless they start giving 3 away.

There's currently no mechanism to give away apps for webOS. The only way they could "come free" is if they were baked into the ROM.

To think i paid

You could always get it for free, at launch here the cheapest contract to get it for free was a 2year

Amusingly, O2 is also touting that the package comes with 3 free EA games, otherwise known as the games that are being given away for free in Europe anyway.

That's about as bad as the Nintendo Wii saying it came with 5 free games (mostly I recall seeing that on eBay)... when it was just 5 mini-games on a single game disc.

is the free games a trial until the end of the month? Or is it the full version you get for the rest of eternity, free before the 31st. Cause I thought once paid apps hit, that you all (europeans) have to pay for it if you wana keep it, and that march is just a sampler.

unless they will be baked in

I'd like to see a Pixi Plus on sale in uk. Perhaps it won't be long now?

i have never known the Pre to be anything other than free! Ive had mine over 6 months and it was free, i was shocked but pleasantly surprised. Why is this 'news'?

i agree with others that i really never use it as a 'phone'. The damned headphone problem is a main factor.

p.s Palm- the UK App Catalogue sucks monkey balls, probably my least used icon. Don't download, when i do, always dissapointed.

Got mine October last year for free with a 2 yr contract.

The free games are until 31st March. Got an email from o2 the other day and they said that the 3 free games were limited time only. It's also advertised on great big posters in the store... Anyway, I got mine the first day it came out and I haven't looked back. Although, 3 days ago I had to take mine back to be fixed because the power button wasn't working. I'm sure I found a fix for it a few months ago but I can't find the post on the forum anymore.

Anyway, I bought the Touchstone kit for

i got the pre free on the 18 month contract

Im paying

Just spoke with O2 UK. Apparently you can only downgrade your tariff after 9months on the contract. Once this period is up you can drop down one tariff set per month thereafter.

Being as it was only release in September there is still a few months to wait.

I guess this might be different for people on different length contracts.

i will be drastically reducing my calls/txt package. Im on the 600/600/free data package, and i could easily live with a 200/200/free data package. With the surely imminent arrival of skype across all smartphones, free minutes will be useless.

I'm and O2 palm owner and I bought mine in December. Obviously I am disappointed that I had to spend

The ofer is only available online, I took my wife to the local bricks and mortar store (Gt Western road, Glasgow)to buy one - its still

Hmmm ... I spoke to my local store in Didcot, Oxfordshire last week and they said it would be free in there as well!

I was thinking going in tomorrow to get one but now not sure if I can.

AFAIK the store doesn't carry the Touchstone/Back pack either, only seperately, so I would need to order them off the Internet anyway.

As a current iPhone owner, I'm a little reluctant to as I have a lot of music, etc 'iTune'd'.

Replies to my other posts though have said if I went Pre I wouldn't regret it :-)

- D

Don't expect any of those apps you have on your iPhone to turn up on the Pre. No Tube app, no trafic app, no sky news, no newspaper apps, no bloody nothing

The only thing I like about the iPhone is its smooth OS - just sliding through the launcher is amazing. When my Pre becomes as smooth, I will be very happy. I could never be bothered carrying around something so big with no physical keyboard. Not to mention how common they are - pure fashion accessory lol.

I just want to show my support for UK Palm Pre. I love the phone and OS. I think Palm should pay me, I do a better job of showing the phone off to my mates, than o2 do in their shops.

Just a minor point. I respect that a paid app catalogue takes a long time. But I have 1 request. A tube app. I'll pay good money for a tube app...seriously. Also can we have the amazon mp3 store. I know that was 2 requests, but we've been very patient in the UK.

Also, thank god for homebrew, and preware, and webos internals. I've given my donation! Without you UK pre wouldn't be half as good as it is.

Why would I want an iphone. They are as common as muck in the UK. The pre is so much more fun.