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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 21 Jan 2010 9:36 pm EST


palm, can we please get a better door to cover our charger hole!? ugh.. i know three people (myself included) who no longer have doors.. and i baby my pre!

There's a tiny little tab inside the door that more or less holds the USB plug in place, and mine broke out a while ago. So the door just kinda hangs out now. So I feel your pain. It bugs me, cause if the plug isn't sitting just right, it won't charge. Or it keeps giving me the Charging notification over and over until it's sitting correctly.

Is the back cover somewhat textured on the Plus, versus the completely glossy one on the Pre? I can't keep ahold of mine to save my life, and it wasn't till after I beat the crap out of it that I thought I should get a cover for it. That would definitely be an improvement, if it is.

It's the Touchstone back, IIRC, which is matte instead of the shiny one that comes with the Sprint Pre.

That makes sense. I was looking at the Pixi Plus photos, and that one looks kind of textures, which is nice for grip. Certainly can't go wrong with it. At the right angle, my Pre can be hard to read because of all the scratches on the screen. Its been through hellfire and brimstone with me, but it still runs like a charm, and for that I love it.

I am really surprised to find that the phone has a powerful GPS capabilities. At first I only know that it has a strong gaming features. I use it to play game of champions online, really very well!

I think the Pre looks much better with the center button. It looks kind of unbalanced having that small frame around the display on the upper side (particularly with the silver bar at the speaker) compared to the big, just plain black gesture area. The keyboard looks better though.

I want my Pre Plus NOW Daddy ...
Who says I can't? (The man in the funny hat?)

I am all about making the touchstone a standard accessory with your phone...and selling inductive charging mini-holsters for car charging as an optional (but probably recommended) accessory. Reduce the number of times you need to open that door to situations where you need to tether the phone to the computer...or recess a usb jack into the bottom and spring it out when you need it. You just have to be real careful with that charging door...I think the fact I have no fingernails and have to struggle with opening it has prevented me from breaking it.

That said, I freaking love the button at the bottom of the phone. It's just a really nice, convenient way to minimize a notification, drop the current app into card view, or unlock the phone when I've got it sitting on the touchstone and wanted to check something out really quickly without touching the screen. I've never had the cracking at the bottom, mostly because I'm smart enough not to mash buttons like an overgrown kid would do. I'd miss that button if I were to upgrade to the plus. I know there's gestures to do that, but pushing a button will always be more intuitive.

I think you're right about the door, so recently after an insurance swap out at the sprint store - the first thing i did was pull out that door - leaving it 100% open - maybe now it wont crack right there?

time will tell

My only turn off (if you can even call it that) with the Plus is the lack of a button. It looks so odd without it, and I use mine so much, it would take me forever to adjust to not having it. It's a nice feature, I thought, and makes it actually look like a phone, rather than just a screen. When I have the slider open sitting on my desk, I just hit the button and on it goes. With next to zero effort I can see if I missed a notification or anything.

As for the charging door, I think that definitely needs improvement. The fact that a small chip of it broke off on mine says a fair amount. Plugging it into the charger in my car, it either won't charge or will keep giving me the charging notification, anytime the phone moves ever so slightly. As long as it sits perfectly still, the charger will stay seated correctly. And it doesn't take any effort for the plug to yank out of the slot and send the phone flying. I completely agree with the car induction charging idea. I've read some people use their Touchstones in their cars, which I don't have one yet anyways. But a holder type one, or something similar would be nice, cause the cord and plug deal gets on my nerves sometimes.