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Palm Pre Plus vs Palm Pre - Multitasking Mayhem 80

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 21 Jan 2010 2:40 pm EST

Above, we compare the multitasking prowess of the new Palm Pre Plus on Verizon to the original Palm Pre on Sprint. How much of a difference does that extra RAM make? Preliminary results are in and the difference is: a lot.

We can't tell if maybe Palm sent us a ringer for a review unit, but you can see above that, no fooling, it's 13 cards on the original Pre vs 50 on the Pre Plus.

Yes, the Pre Plus did slow down quite a bit when we started getting over 30(!) cards, but it kept on opening apps like a champ and never brought us the "Too Many Cards" error.

What do you think?


Thats amazing!

Hopefully Sprint gets something around June

what do i think? i think i want to cry. and then go get a pre plus for the interim until the newest sprint one comes out.

oh yeah, i'm poor. i guess i'll just cry.

well, since i loved my phone before the pre plus, i guess i'll just continue to enjoy it. and cry.

either way, the progress is impressive! what a difference the added RAM makes. i cannot wait to see what palm has in store down the road! :D

wow, i cant believe he got his pre to open up anything else while running need for speed. i always get the too many cards error. the extra ram is wonderful, but it needs to come to sprint already. at least give the sprint users some insight on our next pre handset iteration and release date

yeah i try to run monopoly without anything else running and i get a "too many cards" error. whats with that? perhaps the new monopoly update fixed that?

what webos vers is the pre+ running.. If it's 1.4 than it may be because of that

According to the review, it ships with so that is probably the version on this one.


again, can i send my pre back to palm for them to get in it and install RAM?!

I got to 17 open on my Sprint Pre but i don't have a game as advanced as Need for speed either. That being said i've rarely had more then 3 apps open at once and if it can do 4 or 5 w/o slow down i'm pretty much ok. Thus, it's an interesting comparison, but in reality one that's unlikely to have any bearing on my everyday use. Now a battery that last more then 3/4 daylight hours? Now that would be something to sneeze at.

Yes Dieter, what is the usefulness of having gazillion cards opened at the same time, when all you need are maybe 5. Shows us instead if the Plus takes less than 5 secs to open up the Calendar. Do some "moving" games run better? Does the new Plus comes also with the "tilt" sensor and shuts down when you slightly bang it and/or slightly drop it, or slip it in your pocket? More battery life? Video? Picture editing? No? Just more RAM so now one can flip more apps opened with one's finger? Is that it?

what webos vers is the pre+ running.. If it's 1.4 than it may be because of that

I think Dieter is too busy playing to respond to any of our questions, but I too would like to know what version of the OS it is running.

Dieter, can you put those Pluses down long enough to remember those of use stuck with underpowered Pres??

Heh, actually I'm crashing and burning. I didn't want to do the comparison with my regular Sprint Pre because it had overheated and therefore was slower than your average Pre, so I stayed up switching accounts, doctoring, and generally moving numbers around on our two Sprint lines until I didn't know which Palm Profile was on which phone, much less which phone number. It was a fiasco.

Both phones are running webOS :D

My Pre can have 20 apps open at once. I got the Too many cards error as i opened the 21st one. The Pre plus is clearly better than the Pre. It has to be, but not worth changing to Verizons more expensive plans.

Even though I have no intention of opening 50 cards, the speed with which the app opened up was amazing. Good job Palm. I hope sprint also gets this plus phone this year.
Yes as other user mentioned it is not worth to change to Verizon because of this. The data plan is expensive compared to Sprint. And very importantly the sprint navigation is free for sprint users... but for verizon they have to get the VZ navigator for 9.99 per month.

That is impressive... but who really uses more than about 3 or 4 cards at once? Is there any or benefit to having more RAM?

ehhh.... Still luv sprint

i love sprint and will stay with them because i make my choices with my wallet and with the newest thing

i do hate after 1.3.1 i get the too many cards error sometimes after 1 or no apps and i dont have the phone rooted or with patches, i only have some homebrew apps and it doesnt fail, after a day or two of of using the phone it craps out and doesnt let me open barely any apps.


What do I think? I think I want one...but not bad enough to switch carriers and pay more for it. For now, I will just sit here and drool and hope something new comes to Sprint in June.

vw is to much money I will stay with sprint..
gps free!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Free" is hardly the word I would use. "Included", perhaps, but not "free".

How is it not free ? You pay $69.99 on Sprint for Everything Data plan and Data, GPS, SprintTV, texting and pretty much all data services are unlimited and FREE and you get 450 mins to landlines... I say landlines coz you're not even paying to call any mobile on Sprint anymore. Try beating that!

It isn't 'free,' you're paying for it. -_-

What comes to my mind is this, why is Palm pulling a Microsoft?! I don't get it. Seems to me that this "new" device, the "Plus", is what they should have put out in the first place. Why would Palm basically "shaft", my opinion, those of us that have been devoted and have loved the Pre since before it came out. I don't know, this together with the issues that I have had with my Pre, some of the basic functionality that should have been there in ANY palm device, has caused me to start looking into Android phones. . . .Boy that was a long sentence!

Computers and Smartphones are outdated within a few months of release. That is the nature of the technical evolution at the moment. Do not expect any technology to be introduced to market in its final form, especially an open source device like the pre. Be thankful that your pre will continue to grow and be expanded until you upgrade to the next generation of hardware.

Comparing it to Microsoft is entirely unfair. I've worked with carriers, and I can tell you firsthand that it has nothing to do with shafting you. Bottom line, if you want to keep getting super cool updates for your phone, Palm has to keep making money. They're not a big player in the market. To do that, they need to get on the bigger carriers and have a shot at pitching their phone to a larger user base. From personal experience, Verizon is very demanding in regards to what phones they approve for their networks. Ever wonder why iPhones went to AT&T, and a lot of the Android phones went to T-Mobile? Because both of those providers, while obviously flawed, are easier to do business with. Verizon expects a lot of things, and most likely, they laid down the law with Palm and required more memory, tethering, and for Palm to address some of the concerns with build quality and the keyboard. That's basically all it is.

Remember how long Palm took to get the Pre out? They had to build an entirely new platform from the ground up with a company whose size Apple dwarfs, let alone MicroSoft. People complained to no end. Sure, they could have waited till 2010, heck, they could have kept developing it until 2011, but by then there stock would have been devalued to less than $1 and they would have no revenue from their aging Centro and Treo Pro. Palm produced an innovative phone that sure had problems, a lot of which could not have been forseen - some of which came because of continually enhanced versions. Remember also that memory keeps coming down in price, and so the Pre Plus might cost the same or perhaps even less to manufacture than the Pre did back last June. To think that Palm created a superior product for Verizon simply to "shaft" you and Sprint users, I think that's kind of delusions of grandeur. Palm wants to produce the best phone out there for whomever. The realities of how cell phone markets work in the US meant that Sprint got exclusivity for 6 months. That means YOU got to have the phone 6 months before any Verizon folks did. As a "reward" (albeit not an intentional one), Verizon got to offer a slightly improved version of the Pre. Sometime in the next 6-12 months, I'm sure Sprint will be offering another version of the phone. It could be an identical one that Verizon offers, or it could be something even better, who knows. The point is, this isn't Palm's fault, it's the US cellular marketplace and the fact that unlike GSM phones, you can't really unlock CDMA phones, at least not easily and with predictable results.

I will wait til later this year when the new 4g pre comes out. Which will be like a pre plus with some other small additions

Dieter, is the OS any snappier? I know you said in your video that you have patched and hacked it, but I would think that double the RAM would make WebOS maybe run twice as fast...?

hm, with the Pre Plus seeming faster, could it be a different CPU, or more likely a higher-clocked same-CPU?

Likely neither. Early on their speeds are pretty comparable. The small differences seen in this video can be chalked up to the Sprint Pre needing to do a bit more free memory management, which the Pre Plus wouldn't have as much of a need for right away.

As for what happens at the end of the video... Damn, that's a lot of memory for a phone.

as others have commented, i too still got love for sprint. Can't beat their pricing, and their coverage is comparable to vz in the nyc boroughs imo.

still props to palm, the extra ram makes for noticeable improvement in performance. Enjoy, future verizon pre plus owners!

I currently couldn't open more than 10 cards with NFS running on my Pre. Possibly the Plus's extra 8gigs of flash is being utilized as card cache? I'd think if it was just ram, 1st gen Pre would at least open half as much (~25).

Not necessarily. Depends how much RAM is left for programs after loading everything needed by webOS. IIRC, I thought Rod said the Sprint Pre has only some 40 MB (?) free on a clean boot. So Pre Plus probably has about 296 MB free.

So yeah. This actually makes sense. And also, holy @$.

Holy [expletive deleted], is that something. I don't think I've seen any smartphone pound like that.

I'm still happy with my Sprint Pre. It gets the job done just fine. But I'm sure as hell looking forward to my next webOS device now.

Also, be interested to see how that extra RAM impacts battery life...

shortly after restarting luna, I am using 44mb of swap with 176mb of active memory, 50.5mb of cache and a little free. The extra ram should definitely help. :)

does anyone tweak vm.swappiness on their pre?

shortly after restarting luna, I am using 44mb of swap with 176mb of active memory, 50.5mb of cache and a little free. The extra ram should definitely help. :)

does anyone tweak vm.swappiness on their pre?

I can't help but feel bitter over the fact that I cannot get my Palm Pre to open anything beyond having Need for Speed Underground open. Hell even after closing the game I still get the "too many cards open" error...

And yet the Palm Pre Plus just keeps going on and on and on....


I would never load 50 apps at the same time anyway. I use at most 3-4 apps on my Pre at any time but avoid most of the time to save battery life however I can.

That said, I'll probably upgrade to the Pre Plus if it comes out in the UK. It does seem a fair bit faster too. Has there has been any confirmation on whether or not the Pre Plus has a faster processor ??

I was down right pissed about the Palm Pre+ going to VW but after thinking about it I'm happy this happened. With more support from other carriers buying WebOS phones we might have seen the end of Palm. They were in the dirt as of late in the stock markets. All though I would have liked Sprint to be the holder or a first and newer version of the Pre I chalk this up to a good business deal. Some who like to be first in the new gadget realm will be upset. As for first smartphone and I'm happy....really happy with Sprint Pre. Just keep the updates coming!!! I'll stay with Sprint...they did right by Palm and think Palm won't forget that!

Let's just say props to Dieter for counting all the way to 50 just to prove a point. And for being incredibly awesome, obviously.

And for clarification, I'm not being sarcastic. I really liked this and the Pre Plus explanation video. Thanks for the info!

I'm going to expand on this and say there should be a Derek and Dieter fan club.

+1 - I agree

nice review...i loaded 22 cards but i only need 5 tops.. nothing about the pre plus makes me want it nor upsets me. its not that much better. yes its a lil more faster but not by much. im good with my sprint pre. some of us need to stop complaining and be happy u got a pre. being greedy isnt always good. most of us dont even need 10 cards open tops. wat u need 50 cards for? speed could be better thats where cards come into play.. stop opening unnecessary cards and putting unnecessary tweaks and apps on it.

I'm inclined to agree. I love my Sprint Pre. It could use a tweak here and there, but overall it's great. And the tweaks will come for us Sprinters. I'm in no rush. I want to be able to afford the next Sprint Pre when it comes out :P

No word exist to describe what I'm feeling. Wow..just wow I guess. Thats just craaaaazy multi-tasking behemoth!

Just watched the video. Fifty!? I'm... speechless.... I have no idea how that's even possible. The best part was that you went back to playing NFSU with all those apps and it played like it was the only thing running.

my pre has gotten up to 23 cards before. Most of the time, though, I get around 15-19. :)

EDIT: just got 28 open. A new record :D

how can you even question is the added ram any help. I sometimes have trouble running a few apps and than answering a call

The Pre Plus is running at 800mhz. That's why it's faster. Just look at the difference!

That would be pretty amazing considering the chip is rated at 600mhz and due to overheating issues during testing Palm throttled it back to 500mhz before the Pre was launched.

That post is just wishful thinking.

Who figured out it's running at 800mhz? Is that verified?

Just opened 25 cards on mine. I'm happy with half.
Like everyone else said, 3-4 is average.
But I was *very* impressed when I saw the Pre Plus just keep going.
And the fact that the phone didn't give up, the reviewer did.
I wonder how many cards it can actually handle.

While I don't foresee opening more than 5-10 cards at once, it would be nice to know that I have all of that power there to keep me from getting an error with only 5 cards.

my pre had 32 apps open. Woop woop. I thought i was gona break it lol

How come I have an square NFS Underground Icon and not a round icon?

There is an update from EA for its games, mostly it seem to have changed the icon. -_-', not really needed but oh well.

Does anyone else who switched to Sprint based on the fact that it was the only carrier with Palm feel pwn'd right now?

There were rumors from even before the release of the Pre that Verizon was going to get the Pre in 2010.

How on Earth can someone feel slighted by Palm for releasing an upgraded phone to VZ?

I am just flabergasted at the lack of understanding of the most basic economic drivers and tech upgrade paths that by now even the least savvy consumer knows from personal experience buying Computers, TVs, DVDs, Cars etc.

The only guaranteed way to avoid feeling buyer's remorse when the next model is introduced is to never buy a product in the first place.

Agree. But that does not stopping me from wanting more. I am willing to pay again for the new stuff, but please make that available.

with need for speed running i have gotten over 21 apps running. maybe sprint has sent u a ringer

Not only does it run many times the apps, it appeared that none of the cards on the Pre Plus had gone into conserve mode (where the page/app needs to be reloaded when you go back to it), but at least some of the Pre ones had. That would be a huge difference for me (I hate it when I load a few web pages, and then have to wait for some of the them to reload, and especially when it happens to Google Maps).

Hopefully the Pre Plus comes out to Sprint by June or so, and then I can take advantage of my yearly upgrade. :)

why does the pre does not recognize the orientation auf the device after pausing NFS?

I remember someone did a test before on Pre and was able to open 20+ cards. Of course, that's without NFS. So I think NFS alone counts for 7 non-PDK based apps.

Honestly, in real use, I only comfortable with 4 - 6 cards opened at the same time. But web browser typically is the killer, that I had to kill all other cards, when I want to surf many non-mobile pages for a long time. So Pre Plus for me probably means I can keep my other apps open and surf the web at the same time comfortably.

The bottom line is that I want more RAM. Can't wait to see what's coming to Sprint, because I would not be able to tolerate Verizon rates.

I don't know why, but lately my Sprint Pre has been slower than usual, and draining the battery faster. I've checked and nothing is running in the background. I've also gotten the "Too Many Cards" error with ONE card open.

I'm REALLY hoping 1.4 will fix some of this nonsense. I'm also hoping Sprint will reward early adopters and/or Premier customers with a very inexpensive upgrade path when the next Sprint WebOS device comes out.

first off yes more ram means more cards in the case of a webos device. though I myself have opened up 40 cards, and 22 cards with nfs, and sprint nav. As noted most of us use 5 or 6 cards only anyways. Also the pre plus is using the same chip as the original so no its not clocked at 800mhz. To all the sprint customers who for some odd reason are jealous of the pre plus, think about it more money for palm, more updates, and better hardware in the future. Remember without sprint taking on the pre that was pretty much as a beta product and letting people get to know a Web os device, they wouldnt be where they are right now and palm knows that. That being said there are already rumors of a next generation device heading for sprint late summer early fall, and by then Web Os will be polished and ready for a super device to run it on. Stay tuned Sprint customers and everyone else we will soon see a fully operational Web os device with prob a 1ghz processor, and a big screen.

I don't understand... I can ONLY run Need for Speed Underground. I have to close all other cards, or I will get the too many cards prompt.

How is this possible?

Anyone else have the same issue?

13 cards... I wish I could get past 4. I think I ran up to 7 one time. Is my device defective, or is there a trick that I haven't learned.

aww, you gave up at 50. i want to see the limit! :)

Would love to see how Classic compares.

If there are many apps installed in Classic, it can be pretty slowed down. Palm Pre Plus is probably making a difference.

Palm Pre Plus is Beast Skeet Skeet Skeet. Cant wait for the next version on Sprint.

Very impressive however totally unnecessary.

This is all great for how much Palm has improved their memory usage but realistically speaking, who uses more than 10 apps at the same time anyway ? I probably only have 10-15 decent useful apps installed to begin with, and surely I won't ever need to use all of those at the same time. So yea, I'm sticking with Sprint. Considering Palm's good history with Sprint I'm pretty sure we'll get an even better Pre in summer for all those SIP customers who can change their phone after 1 year.

That is absolutely awesome.. but it's kinda' like having a Porsche Cyanne GTS...
It's good to know you have the ridiculous HP if you need it...
But you never will.
Still... all that RAM would make using the phone considerably better to use... I get the "too many cards" error with the damn EMAIL app open. haha

REALLY?! 13 cards on pre?! I'm at 22 cards and counting!

REALLY?! 13 cards on pre?! I'm at 22 cards and counting!

i L0ve my sPrinT pre =] by Time PaLm c0mes out with a new pre iM suRe iLL be reaDy f0r My uPgraDe-- i aGree wiTh a lot 0f ppL n0t suCh a MAJOR differeNce --- PleaSe d0nt c0mPlaiN sPrinTers =] its really n0T that bad.

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I have the Palm Pre Plus with Verizon. And I absolutely LOVE it, it really is an amazing phone.

well it just make sense for this outcome. Sprint's network messes up all the time. When you have just hung up a call and try to make a new one the phone gets stuck and doesn't make the call
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