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Palm Pre PSA: Run Update, Get 1.02 11

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 06 Jun 2009 1:56 pm EDT

We know that a ton of you are playing with your new Palm Pre -- congratulations!!  While you're doing that, make sure you take a quick moment to head over to the Updates App - if our Pre Phones were any indication, the devices shipped out to Sprint don't have the latest firmware, version 1.02.  If you're not connected to WiFi, the Pre will give you a message letting you know that it will download the update in bits and pieces when your phone is "Idle."  If you do have WiFi enabled, it'll start sucking that sweet sweet ROM action down right away.  Be aware, installing the update requires a fairly lengthy reboot process.

As noted in the comments, some stores had the 1.02 firmware pre-loaded, so if you run Updates and don't get anything -- congrats, you're set!

We'll also take this opportunity to mention that the place to be right now is our very own Palm Pre Forums.  If you're visiting them form your Palm Pre, you might be interested in checking out the mobile version of the forums at We're still tweaking them a bit here and there to make them a bit more finger-friendly, but if you have suggestions, we're open to them.



Our store had the updates done on all of their 25 Pres already.

After DL it needs 30% batter to install... but.. I'm .... too... obsessed!

My Pre was on 1.0.2 when I got it.

I clicked update and it needed it. I do suggest connecting to your wifi, if you have one, as it's about 77MB. I'm not sure what it does but I *LOVE* that Palm is updating the Pre already! One of the Pre's we bought came with it loaded but mine didn't. Then again, I got the Touchstone charger so it all works out!

Overall, I am really enjoying the Pre! It is so much nicer than I imagined. It's elegant, it works quickly and the multitasking is very nice. Not having the directional wheel is a little odd coming from a Treo but... I will live!

I am using the demo verion of the CompanionLink software to decide if I am going to continue using outlook or just migrate to Google and bite the bullet. Overall, this is one sexy piece of equipment. Doesn't it feel great to be an early adopter sometimes?

The version number, according to Palm, is 1.0.2.

Calling it 1.02, while not technically wrong, is confusing.

me like pre but i dont want to take off the plastic coating haha but i will have to eventually...

i also had to download the update...damn u best

is anyone having problems downloading the update? my pre just keeps searching forever, but never finds the update. any ideas?

nevermind, figured it out. sorry.

I knew about the update and checked my Pre. It needed it, so I launched the Update App BEFORE reading any details about updating it.

So I'm updating OTA "over the air" vs by WiFi.

I have WiFi in the house, but didn't know that you could update using it until after I launched the Update app OTA.

My phone is updating as I'm typing this entry. Since I started the Update process OTA, I didn't want to try to get the WiFi going, so I'm just letting it do its thing.

I want to detail out the Update process using OTA.

1. Battery charged 100% - I charged it over night and started the Update process this morning.

2. Launched the Update App. Pre reports with message saying somthing about it will download bits and pieces of update and will let me know when Update is ready to be applied.

3. Screen goes dark. Downloading started.

4. @5 minutes, noticed later back of phone back of the phone is warmer than normal just below the Palm logo. I believe this is normal, maybe its where the CPU is located.

5. After about 10 minutes into it, the screen came alive with a HTC type digital clock on the screen and went dark again.

6. I slid the keyboard out to wake up the phone. Found message saying downloading is complete (77MB ??) and is ready to install with Install bar at bottom of screen. Message stated it would take approx 10 minutes. So I touched the Install bar.

7. Install started. Screen goes blank and the word Palm appears on screen. Below it blink motion dots appear to show activity.

8. About 10 minutes later screen goes blank and message appears reporting Update Installed. "The system update Palm webOS 1.0.2 was successfully installed. Your new software is available immediately." Done bar appear at bottom of screen. yeeHa!!!

9. Total download time about 10 minutes (in my area). Installation time after download took about 10 minutes. The whole process took about 20 minutes. I also want to report that the battery bar went down by one increment after the process.

Hope this helps for anyone updating over the air. Keep in mind that your downloading time may vary. I have excellent coverage in my area (Redmond, WA).

Maroot ;)

I am on Bell so I have been waiting for the 1.4 update and checking my Updates. Ususally when I do so, it comes back and tells me my phone is up todate. Since yesterday, everytime I launch the Update, the phone screen shows "...Checking for updates..." and keeps checking endlessly until I eventually shut if off. Can anyone help?