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Palm Pre Release Date Revealed by Sprint EOL List? March 15th? 53

by Jennifer Chappell Wed, 04 Feb 2009 12:38 pm EST

Update:  BGR has updated their article to clear up a bit of confusion on the target launch date of the Pre.  Sprint wants to move their stock of Treo 755Ps (EOL targeted date in late May) before they get to the Pre.  So that probably moves the Pre release closer to May/Early June than Mid-March.

The Boy Genius Report has scooped up some juicy stuff this morning. Seems that there is a Sprint EOL list that reveals the Palm Pre's "target" launch date.

Yep, BGR couldn't post the actual list but one of their ninjas got them an internal document that shows some good stuff. Some EOL devices are listed, but so are some replacements that we've been anxiously waiting for, specifically the Palm Pre.

The document shows that the Palm 755p (blue) will be replaced by the Palm Pre. The target in-stock date of the Pre is March 15th.

Let's hope that this target date is for real so we can stop all the guessing.

Also listed in the Sprint EOL document is the Palm 800w to go EOL in April and to be replaced by the Treo Pro. Hmmm, the Treo Pro's target in-stock date is 2/15, but we already knew that, plus we now know that there were problems that caused those "in stock" Pros to go back for some repairs.

Anyway, let's hope that this 3/15 target date for the Palm Pre is for real so we can stop all the guessing.

Head over to BGR to see more EOL listings.

Thanks to Scot for the tip!



Lets hope this information is accurate. I think everyone is getting sick and tired of guessing and just need closure on when it's coming out. I'm still hoping it will come out sooner. March 15th is still more than a month away and I'm getting anxious. Maybe the beginning of March would be good. What's even better, for the Sprint Premier Members to get it on February 15th. Of course, that's very unlikely.

I was actually in Sprint a few days ago and the woman told me that the launch date was going to be the 12th of this month (Feb), so hopefully she wasnt blowing smoke up my ass?!

Did you also notice that the Sprint Centro time is almost up. EOL in June\July.

Thanks Miles, my peabrain totally missed that Centro bit! I was so excited to see the 3/15 target date for the Pre.

Did you also notice that the Diamond time is up in July!! Hopefully Sprint's version of the Touch HD will be out than!!!!

what is EOL?

EOL = End of life, aka the phase-out of a particular retail product

ok ... everyone start buying 755P. Once they are all sold out we can get the Pre.

It think Palm mention by the end of the first half of 2009 for a reason. They need more time to get it finished. There's a big difference between mid 1st quarter to by end of June. Lets hope its late May early June time frame.

beware the ides of march! Wasn't there a Treo that was going to be released on march 15th way back when?

So May is the proposed release month since they just updated it saying that.

If it's true that Sprint is only trying to move their left over stock of Treo 755P before they sell the Pre, that would be a very UNWISE decision on their part. The one and only phone that every single person is looking forward to is the Pre (this includes current iPhone users). Sprint holding it back will only ANGER the current subscribers and future ones. I, and many others, would accept a June release, if and only if, they are still working on solving any problems on webOS or on the Pre itself. People will start looking for other phones if the release date is targeted for April, May, or June. And hate to say this, but Apple is probably scramming to bring out the next version of the iPhone or at least the next full software upgrade. When that happens, it WILL serve a big blow to the sale of Pre. The iPhone has a large following and is stable in the eyes of consumers, while the Pre is still new and needs to be tested. Whatever the case, I will be getting one once it comes out, but I can assure if the next iPhone comes out people will be running there first and if they take the bait they won't be running to Sprint like I would.

I doubt iPhone users will go for Pre. People get an affinity and used to an interface and it takes a huge amount to push them off. Generic music plyers are all better deals, can often do a lot more and better but the iPod rules. iPhone buyers are not value driven -- that is exactly why they are such a good catch for ATT. They are status and brand driven. Sprint and Palm, no matter what the value and specs, have a very hard battle against iPhone for those reasons.
Sprint needs to stop it hemorrhage of the very customers it needs to keep, those graduating from dumb phones to smart phones and data plans. For Sprint, that ongoing phenomena is worse that gross loss of customers, it is like losing a spouse who you supported through school, just as they get that six figure job, while you get stuck with the out-of-work kids.
The Pre and follow on products give both Palm and Sprint a chance, and for that I am glad, but they need to stop all the iPhone comparisons, they don't fly.

An iphone user who is more interested in media/gaming 'may' not jump on the Pre, but your typical business user will surely make the switch. I have numerous clients and colleagues who are very eager to dump their iphone(s). The Pre has excellent business functionality, that is due to Synergy. I am willing to go out on a limb and say Palm will cut into at least 5% of Apples market share.

There's truth in what you wrote, but many including myself use Blackberry when it comes to business. Even Apple still has not got a handle on that and probably won't. Palm, on the other hand, plays their cards right (marketing wise and if the Pre does everything it says it will do and does it well), it can take some of the market share away from Blackberry. If everything goes well with the Pre, my prediction is that it would take at least 15 to 30 percent of Apple's market share and maybe even 10 to 15 percent of Blackberry's market share as well.

Whether people (or even Palm) like to admit it or not, the Pre is going after current and prospective iPhone users on top of non-smart phone users. If the Pre does everything it says it will do and does it well, it will definitely take some current iPhone users. Furthermore, every media and consumers has and will compare the two. The iPhone is the standard for all touchscreen phones and for the first time the Pre is a real competitor to it. Now, in my opinion, the iPhone is probably the best multimedia phone in the market with iTunes to back it up. From what I saw so far, the Pre has a decent multimedia function, but it doesn't look like it would match up with the iPhone (pretty close though). Of course, I have reserve my final judgement when it comes out. I currently have the iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Storm and I WILL get the Pre when it comes out (hopefully soon, because like I stated there are other competitor that will try to bring it down before it can reach its potential - Palm and Sprint will need it to be successful or it will sign the downfall of both companies), but not too many will do or have the capabilities as I do. Most only have one phone, so there will be a battle and a good one at that.

The one thing that the Pre has that no one is talking about is the partnership with Facebook. Everything is all about facebook now days. I really feel thats the Pre's secret weapon against the Iphone

@gil, This means what, other than you don't know what all iPhone users know?

Yeah, Facebook on a mobile device. revolutionary.


I kind of get where you're going with this, Facebook can be the primary means of message communication on the Pre, Synergy allows you to see who's on line in real time, in contacts a green dot means someone is on a red dot means that person is not online. Also, many Companies are dropping IM clients such as Jabber and are opting for services like Facebook for their Business communications. Facebook is fast becoming to tool for Corporate Social Networking. The Facebook application for the Palm Pre will be more advanced than the typical mobile Facebook application many are used to. Mainly because webOS acts like a desktop OS. One thing you will notice from Palm is that they will not call the Pre a smartphone.

Whatever the case, they need to bring the PRE out ASAP or at least Sprint, Palm, or both needs to give a release date. If they keep delaying, at least on the release date, it will make people go elsewhere. If Sprint or Palm are planning to bring it out on April, May, or June then they should have introduced the Pre in March and not make people wait for it so long. One thing people are forgetting, this is ultimately a phone and there are a ton of new phones coming out from now till June and unless you are a Pre freak (as I am) you will go for the lesser one than wait on this to come out.

They need to get it right. They don't need to give a date. The more hard info before release, including the date, the more and better their competitors, which are legion and cash fat, can respond.

So if I go out and buy 15 Treo 755ps, and I convince everyone to buy 5 extra 755s, then the Pre should theoretically come out sooner, right?

Hell, from the anticipated battery life, lack of expandable flash and compatibility with legacy apps reported on the Pre, I'm tempted to stock up on EOL Treo 755s myself.

Might be a better investment than Palm stock.

Federal Bail-out money finally could help me, SPRINT and PALM afterall!!

well anonymous it means if smart phones gain as much of a market share as people are forecasting - facebook can be used to steer people towards palm instead of apple.
Mind you i don't work at any of the involved companies but if you really look at what Palm has been publicly saying- that they don't want to crush the iphone and take their customers-that there is room in this market for competition-that their going after the people who don't have a smart phone. Thats where facebook comes in handy. Again I don't work at these companies but if Palm is really actively looking for people new to smart phones -why not start with Facebook backing the Pre?

oh-the pronciation is bad because I'm typing on my 755

A sprint employee that, among other clients, has some local best buy stores in her area said over the phone this morning "Pre? It's going to be a while."

The employee is my co-worker's sister-in-law.

I made her an offer: I told her that if she got her hands on 2 Pres, then I would pay for both of them and she could keep one. She didn't sound like the release date was anytime soon.

To an extent, Palm is in a difficult position. On one hand, they want to entice customers to buy their new device. On the other hand, the do not want to give too much away until the device is ready.

I would not be surprised if Apple and Android developers are already working to imitate the known features of webOS, Synergy, and the Pre UI.

ONce again I'll say: I heard from a SPRINT REP whose suppose to be a Pre ADVOCATE that hes not getting it until April, and its not comin out until May. Stop torturing yourselves.

Wow, I can't believe Sprint thinks it's a good idea to wait on the Pre till they can get rid of their 755 stock! First of all, what makes them think anyone would buy that over a Centro? I know if I was going to buy a POS phone now it would be a Centro before the 755! To top it off, the 755 isn't the most attractive brick-of-a-phone either and doesn't come close to competing with most phones out now.

Secondly, the 755 and Pre are shooting for different parts of the market. Outside of the manufacture's name, I don't see much of a similarity here!

Finally, I would think they would want to release it ASAP as the market is ripe for it just now. If they wait till May/June or even March, they risk having it overrun by the new iPhone's coming around June (and who knows what new Android devices!)! I would think they'd want to get as many people and, more importantly, developers on to the Pre bandwagon before then.

No wonder Sprint is going down the tubes - they keep pushing old tech instead of their new tech. Then, by the time they feel like getting the new tech out, someone else beats them to the punch! Hope some Sprint Exec's greed is worth the risk on this one! Then again, it's thanks to a few exec's greed that our economy is in the state it is today...

Here's a reason on why Palm and Sprint needs to release the Pre as soon as possible:

I saw that a few days ago, the problem about that is ATT does not have a 4G network they most likely will not have 4G until 2012, at the earliest. ATT is still stumbling with their 3G network, that photo is pure speculation and is meant to draw interest. There is info out there which talks about a so-called duo-core CPU, that is pure speculation as well. Many folks forget, Apple gave hints of their 3rd generation iphone last year, right after the release of the 2nd iphone there was information of the 3rd iphone. It had gone into pre-production after the iphone 3G launched.

Even though, this is speculation the 3rd generation iPhone is on the way. I will be getting it just as I will with the Pre. I know without a doubt that the Pre will be a hit, but having to compete with the 3rd iPhone is something that it shouldn't have to deal with in it's infancy. Remember, the iPhone didn't have any competition when it came out two years ago. Imagine if it did. I doubt it would be as sucessful and popular as it is now.

Furthermore, with any speculations, it would make people think twice. They might wait till the introduction of the 3rd iPhone before making a choice. And if that happens, the Pre might be overlooked.

Here is the issue Apple may have, it is very apparent that lately Apple has been focusing more on the media/gaming functionality of the iphone as opposed to the business/phone/messaging functions. The iphone is now being compared to portable gaming devices. You have the issues I've just mentioned coupled with a lot of early adopters of the iphone who have been waiting for the functions afforded to Winmo and Blackberry devices. The 2nd Gen iphone did not bring that much of a change from the 1st one, I highly doubt (as do many others) the 3rd Gen of the iphone will be all that much different.

With the Pre you have Palm officials saying "yes it will be MSExchange compatible, yes it will have advanced business functions, yes it will have MMS, copy and paste, multi tasking, " etc. When folks hear that along with seeing that the Pre is a cool device they are pretty much locked in.

I'm in total agreement with you.

Great!!! Now if only my significant other will do the same. LOL!

Hee hee, everybody becomes a mareting expert.....

Pre doesn't have to "beat" the iPhone, it just has to sell to save Palm and Sprint. The need to build a base and create loyalty.

Stealing iPhone users is probably expensive. Sucking in new smartphone users is easier pickings. The Centro started this, so if Centro users graduate and Facebookers drink the Koolaid, Pre should fund new products and help Palm and Sprint grow.

Pre will be a nice compromise between multimedia Iphone and sterile serious Blackberry. But the key right now is Pre simply has to sell to keep cashflow for R+D and start to build a customer base.

I'm sure Sprint wants this ASAP, but Sprints not making the phones, they're Palm's customer. There is no "strategy", they have to certify the phones, then Palm has to make them. Sprints not trying to stretchout the 755 or delay the Pre until they run out of Treos. They already have the 800 and the Pro is coming.

They're holding back info now, simply because they have little control over the situation.

I don't think that March 15th is too much of a stretch. There are rumors that the next gen iPhone might be released summer of 2009.

Let's use recent memory. The Instinct had a TON of hype going for it before it came out. Sprint put 100 million dollars into marketing that phone. They kept pushing back the release date...and then June 9th 2008 comes around, and what is announced? The iPhone 3G. Apple announced that it would come out on July 11th, just a mere 3 weeks after the Instinct's now slated June 20th release date. Almost all the hype for the Instinct just fell off the planet. Sure Sprint loyalists were following it and got their hands on it, but anyone who was looking to start up a contract flocked to AT&T for the iPhone 3G.

Therefore, it is in Sprint and Palm's best interest to get the hype on this thing going, and then release it.

Just my two cents.

I know this is far fetched, but I got word that the Pre will be released within couple (not few) weeks. Meaning it will come out this month. I have sources that work in both Palm and Sprint. They couldn't give an accurate date, but they both matched on saying a couple of weeks. They were both told to keep quiet by their companies, so that just tells me that they might be pulling my chain. Who knows though...

alot of people are going to be real upset and might back out of getting the palm pre if they dont release it on feb 15th.. because sprint reps are saying feb 15th it will be coming out..and alot of people will feel like they been stood up and let down..
on the sprint website at the top they have a button to click that will email you when the pre comes into stores..meaning that its real soon. not next month or summer time..

with the treo pro their is nothing about it on the sprint site meaning its not coming anytime too soon..

palm dont let us down by not having the pre released feb 15th 2009..we have our money in our hands ready to head to the sprint store as soon as they open up to get this phone.

Feb. 15 came and went no PRE

Chatting online with Sprint rep right now. She confirmed a 3/15 release date...

11:38:24 PM Kelly Salisbury Hello. Can you tell me the release date for the Palm Pre? I've read several sources posting a 3/15 release date.
11:39:05 PM Lauren C That is a great question, I would be happy to research that information for you. One moment please.
11:40:50 PM Lauren C I appreciate your patience. I am showing that the expected release date is 3/15/09.

u sure she didnt mis understand the pre for the pro with that date? you shouldve asked about both phones but i do hope she was right

Here we go again ........

There seems to be a lot of speculating as to the price and release date of the new Pre. If anyone would like upto date information, you can join my newsletter and I can get you up to date details as they are released. If you are interested, please contact me at and i will add you to my list.

I heard the the pre wont be ready to launch till tis holiday season starts. and there is speculation that if u realy want it they will be hiding it in secret captin crunch cereal boxes! serious shit...

i was in a sprint store two days ago and the salesman i was talking to told me his cousin works for palm and it the release date was pushed back to June 15th... i dont completely believe him

Looks like it will be delayed. I would expect to see a large marketing campaign hitting the airwaves just before and they're not going to start it a few days before the 15th.

A manager on site at a Sprint store here in Chicago told me that the release day for both phones (pre as well as pro) will be this Sunday, the 15th of March...

So where is the Pre I cannot verify with any sprint rep that it came out today. Only that the pro was released today.

no pre for this month sprint said sometime june/ july
i saw the pro sat in sprint didnt care for it too much

Im so glad that sprint in finally coming out with a new phone i have had my instinct for a year and im soooo ready for the palm pre