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Palm Pre Release Date: Sprint Reps Telling Everybody Feb 15 38

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 03 Feb 2009 4:53 pm EST

Let's start with the caveats: anything you hear from low-level, mid-level, and even high-level customer service representatives should be taken with the kind of grain of salt we've been recommending every since we started reporting on this February 15th release date rumor -- the "gigantic saltlick" kind.  Nevertheless, our Pre Forums are absolutely full with members who have started chat sessions with Sprint Reps and/or called in to ask about when the Palm Pre would be released.  The answer many of them are getting: February 15th, and no, we're not confusing it with the Treo Pro.

We definitely don't want to inundate either Sprint or Palm with these sorts of questions because the official line is still "first half of the year," because you can't really take these chat logs to the bank, and because, frankly, being a CS rep is hard and there's only so much they know.  Still and all, here we are again, saying that we think February 15th seems way unlikely despite all this evidence.

Perhaps the truth is that Feb 15 is when pre-sales will start, or when they'll announce the actual date.  We're thinking of putting that salt lick out on our front doorstep just in case -- because if the Pre is actually going to arrive in less than two weeks it'll probably be delivered by a unicorn, and we hear they like salt licks.

Thanks to everybody who wrote in!


We've licked so much salt that we are getting dehydrated. Palm, give us some water!!

A completely bogus report.
1: Almost all of the chats are being reported by people who joined Treo central in the last few days.
2: The rest are not confirming it is not the Pro and the CSR's can be expected ot be confused. They don't know anything about new phones and if they did there would be a thousand leaks from them directly.
3: Sprint advertising cycle for Feb is already set (check Adweek). There no less than 20 major media print adds for the Treo Pro (Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur) bought and coming out throughout February. Zero, zip, nada for the Palm Pre and it is too late.

Pro/PRe confusion among CSRs, bogus postings by non credible forum posters, out right hoax postings, and hope do not equal Feb 15.

I just got three magazines at home, two biweekly and one monthly with Sprint advertising for the Pro "Smartphone for Smart People." Nothing for the Pre.

When Pre launches they are going to create media events with lines at stores, contests, events, etc.

You are going to lick a lot of salt between now and May!

LOL, Syphon! Yeah, I want some Pre Water!

@ Dieter: I'd be happy to greet that unicorn to see a Pre soon

Wow, don't know why that wasn't in the post, added in the big list 'o links. Sorry barnette!

If its true, it better be a rock solid device. They cant afford to have major bug issues at this point.

Sooner its out on Sprint, sooner VZW get it (I hope).

hey, it's at least giving me something to hope for. 12 days?! i feel like a doomsday prophet waiting for The Rapture.

I just did the same chat thing with Sprint...

1:59:48 PM Customer Sprint Customer
Well I'm anxious to upgrade to a new phone and I'd like to get some information on the new Palm Pre. See, I've had a Treo 755p for over a year now, and before that I had a Treo 650. So I'd like to stay with Palm, and I was wondering when it comes out?

2:02:35 PM Agent Tina U
The Palm Pre is scheduled for release on 2/15/09.

She wouldn't give me a price, but at least she provided a date!

How could it possibly be Feb 15? If they want to build excitement a-la iPhone, shouldn't thay have had a Super Bowl ad - or any ad for that matter by now?

I recently had a chat with a CS Rep on, understanding full well that whatever information they provided may or may not be accurate. I asked the gentleman when the Palm Pre was expected to be released and after looking up what info there was he reported that he couldn't find an exact release date (as I expected) but that he knew from talking to execs and such that Sprint and Palm were trying to keep the details mum but he knew for a fact that the Pre was to be released no later than March. Whether or not that means 2/15 or spring break, I don't know. But Palm needs to do their best to get this thing out now.

I copied and pasted my chat logg, and it clearly states PRO comes out FEB 15, PRE Sometime later!

Erica Thank you for contacting Sprint web chat. My name is Erica. How may I assist you with your order today?
4:28:12 PM Customer Mike
4:28:28 PM Agent Erica
Thank you for chatting in today.
4:28:57 PM Customer

Mike Im thinking of buying a new phone...but debating on plans, and carrier
4:29:33 PM
Agent Erica Have you had a chance to view the phones and plans that are offered?
4:30:09 PM
Customer Mike Yes I have, but i want a smartphone...i heard alot about one coming soon, and im debating should i wait for it, or get an iphone
Agent Erica Great, how may I assist you today?
4:31:20 PM
Customer Mike Now, the Treo Pro, when does it come out? Because im interested in that one
4:31:53 PM
Agent Erica The estimated release date is February 15th. It is subject to change.
4:32:07 PM

Customer Mike ok, is that a windows Mobile phone?
4:32:23 PM

Agent Erica Yes it is.

Customer Mike Sweet, and what about the Palm Pre, when does that come out...because i heard it is like the iphone, so i may want to get that one as well
4:33:48 PM

Agent Erica There is no release date set for the Palm Pre at this time. It is said to be released within the first 6 months of this year.

4:34:20 PM

Customer Mike
Ahh, that might be too long for me..ok..thanks

Like the article was stating, I think they are planning to start taking orders or give the release date on the 15th. It's too early for them to do the actually release. Besides the forums and a ton of people calling Sprint to find out when it is coming, that's the only advertisement it had. If Palm and Sprint want it to be a success, this is not way to go about it.

Just posting what I was told, I was honestly just pissed that my 800w battery keeps draining and everyone wants to tell me to update it and I have and it still drains, but never the less, just sent in the information I was given, since this is after all a forum of sorts...

My contract is up 05-31-09. I was planning on leaving sprint until the Pre came about. Now I am ready to sign up for 2 more years just to get my hands on this phone.

if i were u i just go on a month to month.... wait for the the phone to come out then see what the phone is all about! then if u feel as if u wanna get it then call customer care and see if u can get it for a cheaper price! u have to find a way to juice the people that know u dying for something! hustle the hustler!

I doubt it is coming out the 15th. They were talking about giving this the phone the same advertising as the "instinct" and I haven't seen that start yet. Once I start seeing it everywhere and not just forums I will start getting excited.

I doubt it is coming out the 15th. They were talking about giving this the phone the same advertising as the "instinct" and I haven't seen that start yet. Once I start seeing it everywhere and not just forums I will start getting excited.

I doubt it is coming out the 15th. They were talking about giving this the phone the same advertising as the "instinct" and I haven't seen that start yet. Once I start seeing it everywhere and not just forums I will start getting excited.

I doubt it is coming out the 15th. They were talking about giving this the phone the same advertising as the "instinct" and I haven't seen that start yet. Once I start seeing it everywhere and not just forums I will start getting excited.


Do you doubt it's coming out on the 15th??

Sorry, couldn't help myself! :)

That is very interesting news to be honest but no advertising yet is very weird as well....

It seems like these "chats" with CS reps are really some form of automated system. I know they have been in use for a couple of years now with other companies and it wouldn't surprise me that sprint is using these things online now as well. I'm not always certain that when you are talking to a rep over the phone they aren't just typing into the same automated system, and the system auto corrects Pre to Pro.

If you read the replies to most of these conversations they seem to be a little "too" perfect, and most of the conversations sound alike.

Funny. I don't know if you are right or wrong on this, but I was thinking the same thing. Seems like some of answers I get when I'm talking to an IMBot.

Most techie companies that offer this type of online chat support have a drop down menu with all kinds of canned responses since most of the time you end up saying the same 20-30 responses to the majority of the customers. The rest can be manually typed and most reps are trained to use good grammar and spelling which can end up sounding robotic.

Oh man, I hope they don't announce their date on 2/15 which pushes it past June. I can't last that long!!!

I really doubt that it will be the 15th as well (although I would really like it to be); but you can't say that Sprint isn't advertising it-- there are ads for it on almost every site you hit up and am the only that has seen the TV commercial for it? So maybe, just maybe we will get a nice surprise and see it released in the not too distant future.

What does "am the only that has seen the TV commercial for it" mean?

Somebody over on found a website that apparently dug of Sprint's EOL (End of Life) list that has the target release dates for upcoming devices. The article itself puts the Palm Pre's launch in mid-May, but the target in stock date for Sprint warehouses is March 15. There's a lot of speculation regarding which date is intended to be the launch, and the guys who found the list claim that the in stock date means Palm wants to get as many of the Pre's made as possible and have them ready for purchase, as Apple apparently did with the iPhone at its release.

Only one website is claiming they "found" this list, so who knows if it's accurate. But May? I'm on a month-to-month deal with Sprint right now and have had a piece of junk phone for three years and my family is ready to upgrade, NOW. I want the Pre but waiting until May just sucks.

A conversation I just had with a Sprint Rep:

The released date is for 2/15/09.
Sprint Customer:
Is that for both phones?
They are the same phone.
Sprint Customer:
Actually, the Palm Treo Pro is different from the Palm Pre.
The only information that I have is for the palm pre/
Sprint Customer:
Just the Pre, not the Treo Pro?
I appreciate your patience. I am still researching that information for you.
Sprint Customer:
Not a problem, I appreciate you looking into it for me. Take your time.
The Palm Treo Pro is a sleek, full-function Smartphone that offers customers the ease of use and robust features they demand. The full national launch in all sales channels is 2/15/09.
Sprint Customer:
Okay, so the Palm Treo Pro is being released on 2/15/09. Do you know the release date of the Palm Pre?
There is no released date for the palm pre at this time.
Sprint Customer:
Okay, thank you very much for your help, Shaye.
You are quite welcome.

I have know idea if this is worth anything but this is what i
was able to get. CSRs have not been the best sources

13:53:43 System
Judy has joined this session!
13:53:43 System
Connected with Judy
13:53:48 Judy
Thank you for choosing Sprint web chat. My name is Judy. How may I assist you with your order today?
13:54:27 Ronny
Any Palm PRE info. Price or release date.
13:54:53 Judy
I will be more than happy to answer your questions today.
13:55:23 Judy
I apologize, I do not have a release date or pricing for the Palm Pro.
13:55:52 Ronny
Im looking for the Pre not the Pro.
13:56:43 Judy
I apologize, you may go to the following website: now/ for information on the pre phone.
13:57:28 Judy
I have a tentative data of Feb. 15th as a release date.
13:57:42 Judy
I do not currently have any pricing information.
13:57:48 Ronny
for the "pre" not the "pro"
13:57:58 Judy
Yes for the Pre.
13:58:53 Ronny
k, Thanks. Hope thats pretty close cause Im about ready to get an Iphone if sprint does not get some better phones. The pre could be the phone to keep me from switching.
13:59:04 Ronny
thanks for your time and info
13:59:14 Ronny
have a great day
13:59:38 Judy
Thank you for using Sprint Web Chat. Sprint Web Chat is available Monday - Friday from 9AM - 11 PM EST and Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM - 7 PM EST. Have a great day.
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So, to sum up most of the chats with the reps online... Almost every one of them don't know the difference between prE and prO, even when the person asking the question states very clearly of which one they're looking for info on. So how is this even remotely credible?

Like my post stated clearly.

"I have know idea if this is worth anything but this is what i
was able to get. CSRs have not been the best sources"

All though this rep stated the difference between the pre and pro being that they do know the pro release and the price. I think we are all fishing for anything.

I've chatted twice so far (once last night with my actual name and account info and once today with fake info) and have received ZERO information about the Palm Pre pricing and/or release date. The responses I rec'd were:

"We hear it will come out in t he "first few months of 2009"
Please keep checking and chatting in too."


"I do apologize, however, I do not have the date and cannot confirm any date."

and after i kept asking...

"I do apologize, I just do not have any information at this time"

Heres the thing, if there are Sprint reps who say (or act like) they do not know anything about the Pre, either that rep needs to be shown the door or the department supervisor does. I cannot believe at this point in time that ANYONE at Sprint would not have heard about the Pre. Now I have heard stories of reps being told to play dumb or give June as a release date just to get rid of the customer, if that is the case the department heads who are telling the reps that should be axed as well. I have a staff of employees under my watch, I expect them to be proactive, I always keep them in the loop I would never tell them to give misleading information, I am big on ethics. A Sprint rep or any rep that is involved in this type of industry should be proactive and always in-the-know!

Apparently, they changed the release date. :(

With any cell phone carrier they may always have specific release dates but can always be pushed back, just depending on if things are approved or standards are met. So if the reps are told it may be released in Feb, they are probably told not to discuss it b/c it's not a guarantee. Although instead of giving wrong information, as we have noticed in several online conversations, they should tell customers that we don't have that information at the time. And to keep checking the Sprint/Palm website for updates and releases. I work for a Cell Phone company and it depends on if the Phone meets Sprint standards...but it could be still going through the testing phase. Who knows. But I am on the list to be contacted once the Pre is released.

Can't wait b/c the battery life for my 800w is horrible!

this is fake i asked someone who works at sprint and they said that they do not know any of tht information that you have to call sprints service line

New York Times biffed it up when they were discussing Palm's recent SEC filed earnings. They mentioned something to the effect of "Palm needing to raise cash by the release of its much anticipated Pre device by June". The Treo Pro is available with a contract for $199. I assume the Pre would be around the same price range +/- $50. Common sense would lead me to believe they'd release sometime in the middle of second quarter so second-third week of June seems pretty reliable. Unless of course they can't come up with the capital needed for the release which I wouldn't doubt. I am still looking very much forward to it.